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Edwardsville Field Hockey tries to stump you with trivia

Fact lovers got a little trip in time for their entry fee at the recent Edwardsville High School Field Hockey trivia night at the Edwardsville Moose Lodge.

Organizers took contestants back 30 years for a 1980s-style night complete with period table decorations, prizes and plenty of questions about the era’s movies, sports and music. There was even a dance-off for the two teams that tied for the championship, allowing players to show off their best moonwalk or lambada.

The Edwardsville squad certainly merited all the support it was given. Last fall, the team compiled an 18-6-2 record and advanced to the semifinals of the season-ending Midwest Tournament before falling to MICDS 2-0. If you’d like to help, send a check to the Edwardsville High School Field Hockey Booster Club, 1571 Maplewood Court, Edwardsville, IL 62025. Now, see if you can keep these from getting past you:

1. In “The Breakfast Club,” what did Ally Sheedy use to decorate her picture?

2. What actress played Goose’s wife in “Top Gun”?

3. What was the first color film to win the Academy Award for best picture?

4. How many bicycles flew in the air during the chase scene in “E.T.”?

5. In what town did amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher live on the CBS mystery series “Murder, She Wrote”?

6. Who was the first person to trademark the name “granola” as a commercial breakfast cereal?

7. What is the primary ingredient in hummus?

8. In what year was the final piece of the Gateway Arch installed?

9. On what soap opera did musician-actor Rick Springfield once appear?

10 Name either of two TV shows in which a young Leonardo DiCaprio appeared.

11. Who occupied the center square on “Hollywood Squares” from 1968 to 1981?

12. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Name the rock band.

13. Geddy Lee was the lead singer in what rock band?

14. Darius Rucker was the lead singer in what rock band?

15. Name the three St. Louis Rams who were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

16. Name the city that had a pro baseball team but never hosted a World Series.

17. Who was the last former member of the St. Louis Blues to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

18. Who was the only St. Louis Cardinal to pitch a no-hitter at the previous Busch Stadium?

19. Who was Alex Keaton’s political idol on “Family Ties”?

20. The Fox show “Cops” is often considered to be the first reality TV show. In what year did it debut?

— compiled by Roger Schlueter


1. Her dandruff turned a pencil sketch into a winter wonderland. (Good thing she didn’t use Head and Shoulders.)

2. Meg Ryan played Anthony Edwards’ wife, Carole Bradshaw.

3. “Gone With the Wind” won best picture and seven other Oscars.

4. Five

5. Jessica outfoxed the killers from Cabot Cove (Maine)

6. John Harvey Kellogg. He originally named it granula, but changed it because Dr. James Caleb Jackson was already using the name.

7. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

8. Vice President Hubert Humphrey watched in a helicopter as the Arch was topped out on Oct. 28, 1965, with its 142nd and final section. Visitors went to the top for the first time on July 24, 1967.

9. Springfield appeared in 73 episodes of “General Hospital” starting in 1981.

10. A 16-year-old DiCaprio starred as Garry Buckman on 12 episodes of “Parenthood” from 1990-1991 followed by 24 episodes as Luke Brower on “Growing Pains” from 1991-1992.

11. Paul Lynde

12. Led Zeppelin

13. Rush

14. He helped found Hootie and the Blowfish in 1986 at the University of Southern California.

15. Aeneas Williams (2014), Marshall Faulk (2011), Jackie Slater (2001)

16. Seattle

17. Brendan Shanahan (2013)

18. On April 16, 1978, Bob Forsch overpowered Philadelphia, 5-0, in what was the earliest no-hitter ever in a Cardinal season. Five years later, he no-hit Montreal, 3-0, on Sept. 26, 1983.

19. Richard Nixon.

20. 1989