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When Dirty Harry met Sally?

A raunchier rip-off of “When Harry Met Sally ...,” the thoroughly modern romantic comedy “Sleeping with Other People” brims with dialogue and characters that ring false.

Writer-director Lesley Headland (“Bachelorette”) has thrown together two commitment-phobic people with a tenuous connection from their past, and set them on a platonic path to explore love and friendship, 2ist American style.

That means a plethora of swear words, graphic sex talk and quirky characters.

For every funny insight, there is off-putting behavior by two very immature — and borderline unlikable — characters.

However, Jason Sudeikis (“Horrible Bosses”) is so agile with snappy dialogue that you almost forget how insufferable the guy is.

And Alison Brie (“Community”), who is described as an “unhinged hottie” in the beginning, barely redeems herself by the end.

A kindergarten teacher, she arrives at a youngster’s birthday party high on Ectasy and proceeds to teach the kids a dance, but first takes off her shirt. Yeah ...

The fun couple must learn about how to love, and that’s admirable, but it’s hard to stick with this pair. And the sappy cliches by the finale soften the made-for-each-other duo, but remind everyone of what they don’t like about rom-coms.

However, the supporting duo of Jason Mantzoukas as best friend Xander and Andrea Savage as his wife Naomi practically steal the film with their end-credit roll-tape sequence.

2 stars out of 4

  • Director: Lesley Headland
  • Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Allison Brie, Amanda Peet, Jason Mantzoukas, Andrea Savage, Adam Scott and Adam Brody.
  • Rated: R for strong sexual content, language including sexual references, and some drug use.
  • Length: 1:35