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Terry Mackin: January has special qualities ... doesn’t it?

Be thankful for that good scraper in the backseat.
Be thankful for that good scraper in the backseat. Lexington Herald

I’m not a January fan.

It’s a tough transition. We leave December and the warm (but wet) holiday season. Hugs and kisses. We end up stuck here in January, the coldest, darkest, boring month. Frowns and flu shots.

January is gray skies, ice on the windshield, and oh my, it’s 8 p.m. — time for bed already?

I’ve written many times about October because of its harvest moons, foliage and the start of hockey season.

I’ve written about April, and the start of baseball season.

I enjoy July, my birthday month, and March because of St Patrick’s Day and the return of daylight-saving time.

I like August because it marks the start of football season.

Other months all seem to have special sentiments or milestones about them as well.



Ho-hum. But 2016 offers a fresh start and new perspective. January is half over (who’s counting the days?) Here are some reasons why January is a so-so month:

More naps acceptable. You can take a nap any time, day or night, this month and not feel guilty or miss anything.

No sunglasses needed. It’s cold and dark every morning when I leave for work. And it’s cold and dark every evening when I get home from work. I don’t need sunglasses much. Therefore, I can’t lose or break them, right?

No tread loss on my bike tires. The bike stays on its rack in January. Saves good tread for spring.

Play little golf; save money. The key is to stay away from the golf shops, though. I have bought more new “perfect” putters in January than other months.

A warm smile goes further in January. New year resolutions are fresh. That means more people are moody and irritable because they’re hungry and sore from new diets and workouts. Smile at them. Hope they don’t slug you.

Good exercise by scraping ice from your car windows. In January you are reminded how good that ice scraper in your car’s backseat works, especially at night with a chilling wind numbing your nose and ears.

Wear a hat, any hat, in January. It doesn’t matter what your hat looks like as long as it keeps your head and ears warm.

Style doesn’t matter as much in January. Besides your hat, wear any sweater, coat, shoes or pants you want, as well. It’s January. Everyone is looking down. No one is paying attention.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The only notable holiday in January is the third Monday on which we honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Other celebrations? Some famous people were born in January, including Elvis Presley, George Foreman, Jack Nicklaus, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Neil Diamond. All January babies. None worthy of federal holiday status, although I could make a case for Jackie Robinson. Other reasons to celebrate in January? National Careers in Cosmetology Month. National Eye Health Care Month. National Fiber Focus Month. National Hobby Month. I need a one-month hobby. One I can do indoors during January when it’s cold and there’s nothing much else to do.

National Fiber Focus Month? Only in January.

NFL playoffs on TV. I have hope that our team in St. Louis will be playing in the playoffs again. My gut is that team will not be owned by Stan Kroenke.

Blues hockey. Saturday nights in winter were made for Blues hockey. I wish I could figure this team out, though. Blues win! I’m ready for a Cup. Blues lose. I’m ready to trade everyone.

National Prune Breakfast Month? Yep. It’s January. Not much else to do.