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14-year-old is looking for a caring home

Dionce, 14, has a naturally gentle nature and does well with younger siblings.
Dionce, 14, has a naturally gentle nature and does well with younger siblings. Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition

Fourteen-year-old Dionce is hoping to share his life with a forever family.

He is a sweet, caring young man, according to Holly Kieu, a foster and adoptive home recruiter with the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition. With a naturally gentle nature, he does well with younger siblings. He likes being the older “protective” brother and wants to be a positive role model to younger children.

Dionce can be a little reserved with new people. However, he quickly warms up, letting his personality shine. Others describe Dionce as loyal, kind, friendly, and genuinely concerned about the well-being of others. He is also a natural leader and often sticks up for others.

Dionce likes basketball, baseball, football and soccer. He is a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. When playing sports, his favorite is basketball. He dreams of being on a high school basketball team.

Dionce works hard to maintain good grades and keep up his grade point average. He plans to attend college and major in the field of business or law.

More foster homes are needed for children like Dionce, according to the coalition. Foster families care for the child temporarily until he can return safely to his birth family. The length of stay in care varies depending upon the family situation. If children cannot be safely returned to their parents, they may become free for adoption and their foster parents may apply to adopt. Social workers are seeking an adoptive home for Dionce. He will do best in a loving, therapeutic and nurturing environment.

If you are interested in learning more about Dionce or about becoming a foster parent, call Holly or Jan at the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, 1-800-367-8373.