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Adopt Frank: The Labrador-Shepherd mix makes the ideal family dog

BND’s Pet of the Week is Frank, a 2-year-old male Labrador-Shepherd mix. Frank ended up at the Metro East Humane Society after his original owner was unable to care for him.

“Frank has been with us for a couple of months, and we really don’t know why,” adoption coordinator Kathy Bouse said. “In my opinion, he really is just a great dog. He is everything that you would want in a dog.”

Frank fulfills the stereotypical household dog perfectly. He loves belly rubs, is an absolute treat when on his leash and knows just enough adorable tricks to invest in a big bowl of treats. He only barks when he gets really excited to go on walks, or visit some of his doggy friends.

Frank is great with adults and kids a little bit older than 10. Small children make him skittish, but he has never been aggressive.

He does hold one odd quirk. Frank is a little shy with his feet. Bouse has no idea where that came from, but Frank has been known to nip and lick at any hands that might wander that way.

“He just gets along with everybody,” Bouse said. “You can do just about anything with him too. He really is just a great dog.”

Frank is housebroken and loves hanging out with other animals. He is the kind of dog that wants to run up and make friends with anyone he sees.

The shelter recommends hard toys because he loves to rip apart smaller, softer toys. Frank also loves to play catch, and like most dogs, is still working on letting the ball go once he is near you.

Frank strikes the perfect balance between having a dog who just wants to be near his owner and a dog that wants constant attention with a big appetite for play time.

“He is wonderful on the leash, he is very mild mannered,” Bouse said. “He is everything to me, that you would want in a dog.”

For more information on Frank, visit him at the Metro East Humane Society or call them at 618-656-4405.

Pet of the Week is a weekly feature highlighting metro-east animals with a story to tell. It includes pets at every stage of their journey — from shelter to forever home. If you would like to nominate a pet, contact Patrick McCarthy at or 618-239-2513.

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