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Manners still hold at the ballgame

By Diane Isbell

Fred Bird would want good manners at the stadium.
Fred Bird would want good manners at the stadium.

Q. My husband and I go to a lot of ball games and we are often irritated with a couple of things that maybe some people who go to ball games don't know they shouldn't do. If you agree with us, we're hoping you might have room to put these in one of your columns so people get the word!

1. Please do not get up from your seat to go to the snack bar or restroom when a batter is about to bat.

Why? Because we are likely to miss seeing the batter hit a ball or strike out.

2. Please don't try to get to your seat in the middle of the aisle when a batter is about to bat.

Same reason as above.

3. If you have an aisle seat, be prepared to stand up to allow those in the middle of the aisle to get to their seat.

We don't want to step on your toes or wind up in your lap because we can't get past you.

4. Don't use bad language.

It is unacceptable and obnoxious and because there are kids at the game.

5. Don't boo the umpires or players or yell demeaning comments.

It's unsportsmanlike and sends the wrong message to kids who are attending the game.

6. Don't let your kids put their feet on the back of my seat and push it or put dirt on the back of my shirt.

They shouldn't do it and it ruins my enjoyment of being at the game.

7. Don't jump out of your seat and climb over other people to try to catch a foul ball.

You could really hurt someone. Besides, if you catch a ball that comes to you in your seat, it's yours. If you climb over someone else to catch a ball, it should belong to that person, not you.

8. Come to the game to watch the game and not talk a blue streak to your friend.

It's distracting and besides, those sitting below you and next to you don't want to hear all about what your wedding plans or what Sally said to Jane about the dress you wore last night.

A. Thank you for taking the time to provide your baseball game observations and irritations. These are great reminders regarding proper manners when attending a ballgame so everyone attending can enjoy it.

Q. I was always taught to respect those older than me and more important than me. That doesn't always seem to be the case these days. I don't know if this is not being taught in schools anymore, but one of the things I have noticed that I think is very improper is hearing children and educated adults saying things such as: "Me and my mom are going ..." or "Me and my pastor talked about ..."

Aren't you supposed to mention the most important or more senior first, just like when you make introductions?

A. Yes, you are correct. Following proper etiquette, as well as proper grammar, the phrase should be: “My mom and I” and “My pastor and I.”

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