Public Records



  • Tori and Jeff Koleff, Granite City, a girl, Aug. 24
  • Andrea Dee and Drew Small, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 24
  • Pebbles Lyons and Dee Ellis Day, Jr., O’Fallon, a boy, Aug. 25
  • Lauren and Steve Koepke, Jr., Addieville, a girl, Aug. 25
  • Sara and Rhett Simpson, Evansville, a boy, Aug. 26
  • Nichole Alvey, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 26
  • Amanda and Tyler Pankey, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 27
  • Katherine and Aaron Hampton, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 28
  • Kristin and Terry Jordan, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 28
  • Diana and Jonathan White, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 29
  • Trisha and Aaron McKerracher, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 29
  • Amanda and Brian Thomasson, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 29
  • Alison and Daniel Carraway, Scott AFB, a boy, Aug. 30
  • Samantha Warner and Kody Shaw, Red Bud, a girl, Aug. 30
  • Rachel Reinheimer and Zachary Self, Collinsville, a boy, Aug. 30
  • R’Vesha Birge and Gerald Franklin, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 30
  • Jillian Humphreys and Nick Mohr, Fairview Heights, a boy, Aug. 31
  • Jessica and Jerry Flowers, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 31
  • Corrie and Josh Wiegmann, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 31
  • Breanne Lauer and Nathan Frischkorn, Waterloo, a girl, Aug. 31
  • Christine and Beau Barkau, Okawville, a boy, Aug. 31
  • Elizabeth and Luke Nicholson, O’Fallon, a boy, Sept. 1


  • Nicole and James Hughes, Belleville, a girl, Aug. 25
  • Elisabeth Tuttle and Matthew Smith, Greenville, a boy, Aug. 26
  • Ashley and Richard Duncan, Cahokia, a girl, Aug. 29
  • Rachel and Corey Price, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 29
  • Tiffany Counts, Fieldon, a girl, Aug. 30