Public Records


St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

  • Rebecca and Able Schrader, Swansea, a boy, Nov. 4
  • Shannon and Christopher Baskerville, SAFB, a girl, Nov. 4
  • Jennylyn and Justin Ackerman, Fairview Heights, a boy, Nov. 5
  • Ashley H. and Kevin S. Malcolm, Belleville, a girl, Nov. 7
  • Michelle Bilek and William Kemper Sr., Belleville, a boy, Nov. 7
  • Courtney A. and Rafael C. Nickens, SAFB, a girl, Nov. 7
  • Anna and Tyson Long, O’Fallon, a girl, Nov. 11
  • Nichole and Nathan Boner, Belleville, a boy, Nov. 11
  • Kathryn and Keith Shepherd, O’Fallon, a girl, Nov. 11
  • Kayla and Nic Young, O’Fallon, a girl, Nov. 12
  • Brittany Smith, East St Louis, a girl, Nov. 13
  • Jocelyn Owens and O’Dell Jordan, O’Fallon, a boy, Nov. 15
  • Ashley and Nicholas Reeves, Troy, a boy, Nov. 16
  • Ashley and Nick Mansker, Lebanon, a girl, Nov. 16
  • Erica and Eric Brueggemann, New Athens, a girl, Nov. 17
  • Bria Slaughter, East St Louis, a boy, Nov. 19
  • Melanie Vadnal-Stewart and Chad Stewart, O’Fallon, a boy, Nov. 20
  • Shawna and Christopher Craig, Belleville, a boy, Nov. 20
  • Jazmn Walla and Chandler Arpin, Red Bud, a girl, Nov. 21
  • Lamonica Ramsey, Cahokia, a girl, Nov. 21
  • Andrea Doss and Dartalian Richardson, East St Louis, a girl, Nov. 21
  • McKenzie Hines and Claude Davis, Belleville, a boy, Nov. 22
  • Jekllah Dean and Kala Minor, Madison, a boy, Nov. 22
  • Emily Joiner and Eric Hines, Marissa, a boy, Nov. 23
  • Tracy Warren Lenzburg, a boy, Nov. 23

Memorial Hospital East

  • Gabrielle and David Berger, Freeburg, a boy, Oct. 3
  • Moli and Ryan Crouse, New Baden, a girl, Oct. 3
  • Heather and Patrick Wilson, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 3
  • Jessica and Clifton Bell, Trenton, a boy, Oct. 3
  • Remy and Richard Johnson, Swansea, a boy, Oct. 3
  • Emily and Nick Fensom, O’Fallon, a girl, Oct. 5
  • Katherine and Adam Schweitzer, O’Fallon, a boy, Oct. 5

Memorial Hospital

  • Korneshia Rogers, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 3
  • Terisha Wallace, O’Fallon, a girl, Oct. 3
  • Verneshia Paige and Robert Perry, Jr., East St. Louis, a girl, Oct. 4
  • Emily and Mitchell Matecki, Millstadt, a boy, Oct. 4