Public Records


St. Elizabeth Hospital

  • Heather and Jeff Hinson, Fairview Heights, a boy, Feb. 7.
  • Heather McCabe and Christopher Oveall Sr., Columbia, a boy, Feb. 7.
  • Adrienne Pierce and Matthew Sauer, Waterloo, a girl, Feb. 8.
  • Kristen and Edward Bowdern, Aviston, a boy, Feb. 9.
  • Chastity Chester, East St. Louis, a girl, Feb. 9.
  • Jessaca and Ryan Petrunich, Fairview Heights, a boy, Feb. 13.
  • Jessica Dascotte and Nathan Voelkel, O’Fallon, a boy, Feb. 13.
  • Mercedes Reeves and Willy Payne, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 13.
  • Semekia Nauden and Manuel Armstrong, East St. Louis, a girl, Feb. 14.
  • Katherine and Brian Sims, St. Louis, twin girls, Feb. 15.
  • Ami Whiteside and Edward Amburgey, Troy, a girl, Feb. 15.
  • Leah and Tom Nachtweih, St. Louis, a boy, Feb. 16.
  • Linda and Michael Wright, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 17.
  • Heather Martin and Doug Brown, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 18.
  • Amy Buck Cotter and John Cotter, Swansea, a girl, Feb. 18.
  • Chelsea and Benjamin Franco, SAFB, a boy, Feb. 20.
  • Ciara and Colby Mercil, SAFB, a boy, Feb. 22.
  • Kara Swan and Kurtis Scheich, Troy, a boy, Feb. 22.
  • Amber Schaffner and Cody Ingram, Swansea, a girl, Feb. 26.
  • Breatta Walker and Javiaz Edwards, East St. Louis, a boy, Feb. 26.
  • Jonique and Freddie Young, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 27.
  • Victoria and Caleb Zang, Walsh, a girl, Feb. 27.
  • Paula Matos and Anthony Coppola, SAFB, a girl, Feb. 28.
  • Tanielle Johnson, Swansea, a boy, Feb. 28.
  • Regina McGuire and Phillip Carter, O’Fallon, a boy, March 1.
  • Keirria Wilbert and Javon Sinclair, East St. Louis, a girl, March 3.
  • Jacqueline Harris, Belleville, a girl, March 4.
  • Raekelle Lewis and Reginald Davis, Belleville, a boy, March 4.
  • Jennifer and Nicholas Williams, Belleville, a boy, March 4.

Memorial Hospital

  • Macee Jones and Cortez Bolden, Belleville, a boy, March 3.

Memorial Hospital East

  • Kristan and Christopher Sonnenberg, Millstadt, a boy, March 3.
  • Janna and Joshua Owens, Belleville, a girl, March 5.
  • Chelsea and Jason Eschman, Belleville, a girl, March 6.
  • Joann and Daniel Coke, Coulterville, a girl, March 6.
  • Tynika McKinzie, Belleville, a girl, March 6.
  • Dana and Aaron Goodman, SAFB, a boy, March 6.
  • Talicia Graves and Xavier Seals-Freemon, Belleville, a boy, March 7.
  • Kristen Perry and Justin Mondina, O’Fallon, a girl, March 7.
  • Kristle and Derek Cabell, Belleville, a girl, March 8.