Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 1701 Cneterville Ave.; from Steve Weinstroer and Margaret Weinstroer to Casey L. Bivens; $60,000.
  • 409 South 47th Street; from Jeanie D. Ray and David Ray to Idania Lopez and Cristian Javier Rivas Pacheco; $95,000.
  • 118 South Charles Street; from David S. Brannon and Janet K. Brannon to Thomas Haniszewski and Paula Hainszewski; $170,000.
  • 300 S 19th St.; from Timothy R. Barts, Thomas M. Barts, Teri L. Waghorn and Todd A. Barts to Todd A. Barts and Lisa Olsen; $78,000.
  • 100 Wyndrose Estates Drive; from Mary Catherine Littlejohn to Jacqueline Tewell; $200,000.
  • 901 West D. Street; from Anthony T. Quinn, Dianne E. Rodriguez; $55,000.
  • 34 Kenn Drive; from Brandon Dougherty and Jenna Dougherty to Cassandra Jett; $80,000.
  • 405 Chula Vista Drive; from Larry & Betty Webb to Michael & Amber Brown; $127,000.


  • 88 W Adams Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Property Solutions, LLC; $44,000.
  • 607 St Monica Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Summit Real Estate Investments, LLC; $43,500.
  • 1319 Saint Zita Ln.; from St. Louis Investments LLC to Pacifichope, LLC; $44,500.
  • 436 Mildred Avenue; from Mark Stephen Braun III to Thomas S. Saito and Jami Saito; $7,000.
  • 111 St. Justin Drive; from Crystal Dixon to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $29,500.
  • 713 St. Barbara Lane; from Crystal Dixon to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $30,000.


  • 425 S Third St.; from Thomas I. Slaven and Valerie Slaven to Lucas Sweitzer $71,000.
  • 321 Forest Oaks Drive; from Demetrios A. Katsikas and Amy L. Katsikas to Donald Gene Riessenberg and Margaret Ann Riesenberg; $125,000.


  • 521 Western Avenue; from Helen Teresa Merwin to Richard Wooley and Dawn Wooley; $154,500.
  • 116 Echo Ridge; from Patricia H. Hufford to Harry W. Steingrubey and Susan G. Steingrubey; $176,000.


  • 410 South Euclid Street; from Christopher Baker to Debra E. Heggemeier and Kevin D. Heggemeier $16,000.


  • 833 N 80th Street; from Leticia Curry to CLJ Services, LLC; $12,000.
  • 833 N 80th Street; from CLJ Services, LLC to Topstone INV CAH 1 LLC; $18,000.


  • 6828 Pelham Manor Dr.; from Patricia D. Timko to Michael S. Welling & Tracy L. Welling; $256,000.
  • 1126 Stonewolf Trail; from Roland F. Geilfus and Jean Geilfuss to Daniel A. Harms and Kristen E. Saettele; $245,000.
  • 29 Stacy Drive; from Estate of Viola Sarah Rogers to JCBC Properties, LLC; $86,000.
  • 6809 Dunhull; from Marryann M. Ramirez and Daniel Ramirez to Elisa Matthews; $232,000.


  • 325 Glenrock Lane; from Mark Moerchen to Jeremy & Stacy Dahm; $243,500.
  • 212 S Pitts Street; from Joel Brickey to Jacob Grau; $115,000.


  • 11347 Treveer Road; from William & Mary Bauer to Derek & Michelle Sandheinrich; $266,000.


  • Silver Creek Bottoms; from C.M. Parker and Jack S. Parker to Steven P. Couture; $9,000.
  • 621 Moorland Circle; from Jacob & Crystal Books to Adalberto & Jessica Rodriguez; $219,000.
  • 1512 Timberbrook Drive; from Richard & Dawn Lancaster to Anthony Gomez; $177,000.
  • 205 North Jackson Street; from Gregory A. Hoskins and Linda M. Hoskins to Roy T. Galloway and Christy Galloway; $166,000.


  • 740 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from William Albert Fritz and Marihelen S. Fritz to Susan K. Roberts and Craig E. Roberts; $310,000.


  • 6970 State Route 156; from Loraine J. Neff and Helen E. Neff to Alex Nickens; $150,000.
  • 400 South East Street; from Jacob B. Harbaugh to Petrowich Joint Trust dated March 26, 2015; $114,500.
  • 609 South Johnson Street; from Jeffrey Myers to Joanna Ivester & Bryan Munro; $75,000.


  • 1205 Loblly Court; from Carl and Dolores Pouncy to Vanessa L. Neal; $180,000.
  • 605 South Augusta Street; from Catherine Beykirch Hurst to Kevin Piotrowski; $119,000.
  • 103 Easton Ave.; from Betty D. Williamson to Mark Shendan Wood $67,500.
  • 201 Willow Drive; from Bradshaw Property Group, LLC to David Hartmire and Judith Hartmire; $95,000.
  • 268 Peona Lane; from Fulford Homes, LLC to Michael Kim and Summer Kim; $312,000.
  • 161 Tetherwood Court; from Deborah A. Belshem to Camela D. Perkins; $490,000.
  • 111 East Third Street; from Sanman Properties LTD to Encka Stein; $133,500.
  • 120 Belt Avenue; from Ronald J. Warhoover and Chen E. Warhoover to Rachel A. Perkins; $75,000.
  • 26 Brandonwood Drive; from Brady B. Buckley to Charles R. Fields & Rachel E Wright; $190,000.


  • 4890 Granite Drive; from Taryn Ancheta to Louis R. Smith & JoAnn C. Smith; $177,000.


  • 113-115 Derbyshire Drive; from Dale R. Fredeking and Robert C. Fredeking to Tiffany Hafertepe and Remy Hafertepe; $145,000.

Madison County


  • 4 Hickerson Place; from Shirley J. Farmer, Douglas G. Farmer to Steven Winson, Jennifer; $31,500.
  • 2529 Randolph St.; from Aaron S. Fry, Jill E. Fry to Barton R. Olney, Amy J. Olney; $55,000.
  • 2422 Edwards St.; from Fannie Mae, Federal Natl Mtg to Jaden E. Perez; $85,000.


  • 310 Timberwood Dr.; from Jeanie I. Stephens, Alexander H. Stephens, Sean I. Stephens, Lydia C. Stephens, Robert S. Stephens to Richard K. Tanksley, Lucinda J. Tanksley; $132,000.
  • 411 David St.; from Mary A. Myer to Hared Burns; $87,000.


  • 6018 Sunrise Dr.; from Bill Huster, Diana Gruber Huster, Diana Gruber, Diana Huster to Brianna Hayes; $175,000.
  • 1316 Lexington Dr.; from Michael T. Rench, Michelle E. Rench to Samantha Danuser; $138,000.
  • 3 Rickhaven Dr.; from Gary W. Rugh, Cathy L. Rugh to Nichilas A. Mason; $135,500.
  • 809 Victory Dr.; from Otto H. Deach to Joshua Jenkins, Jane Farrington; $60,000.
  • 163 Pine Hollow Ln.; from Thomas K. Egan, Kimberly Dawn Egan to Terrell L. Johnson, Ana L. Johnson; $152,000.
  • 125 Rolling Oaks Dr.; from Douglas Thomas, Susan Thomas to Frances M. McCormick; $147,000.
  • 6016 Sunrise Dr.; from Michael Obenhaus to Jason N. Bartok; $190,000.


  • 493 Plainview; from Cara Renne Hoskins, Melinda Louise Page, Ernest B. Parrish, Beverly Lynn Turner to Greg A. McClintock, Cindy M. Roberson; $87,000.


  • 616 Montclaire Ave.; from HECM Acquisition Trust, Wilmington Savings fund Society to Andrew Wallace; $95,000.
  • 5957 Old Alton, Edwardsville Rd.; from Nathan Allen Horton, Anastasia Marie Horton, Anastasia Hayes to The Key Keeper LLC; $123,500.
  • 6990 Alston Ct.; from Lincoln Properties LLC to Purnima Modi; $445,000.
  • 1702 Cloverdale Dr.; from Jason P. Warner, Sarah E. Warner, Richard R. Robinson I, Amy N. MCevoy; $225,500.
  • 3914 Shale Dr.; from MTGLQ Investors LP to Yu Duck Lee; $484,000.


  • 120 Oakshire Dr. W; from Chad Burns, Amie Burns to Brad Cunningham, Michelle Cunningham; $339,330.
  • 3135 Alexandria Dr.; from Brett Hentze to Tara Wiebusch Kuchar, John Luscher; $230,000.
  • 37 Julie Dr.; from Kevin E. Jones, Melissa M. Castelli Jones, Melissa M. Castelli, Melissa M. Jones to Jenni Lein, Christopher Lein; $185,000.
  • 104 Somerset Dr.; from Donna Thomason, Michael Jon Thomason to Michael A. Odell, Brianna L. Odell, Michael A. O’Dell, Brianna L. O’Dell; $277,500.
  • 169 Somerset Dr.; from Ben Beyers, Camee Williams Beyer, Camee Williams, Camee Beyers to Jason P. Warner, Sarah E. Warner; $310,000.
  • 4537 Maryville Rd.; from Khamphanh, KHammanivong, Tammy R. Khammanivong to David Cole; $52,000.


  • 7517 Mars Dr.; from Cheri Kim Carrol to David Groves, Rachel Groves; $130,000.
  • 5219 Elmwood Dr.; from Anthony Henkhaus, Jennifer Wedding, Jennifer Henkhaus to Amanda Lott, Paul Lott; $113,000.
  • 1307 Duval Dr.; from Secretary Housing Urban Development, SEC Housing Urban Development, US Dept Housing Urban Development to Robert Doerr, Judith Doerr; $5,330.


  • 3657 Nameoki Rd.; from Greenberg Blatt Management LP to M M UDA Trust; $2,500,000.
  • 2967 Washington Ave.; from Ronald L. Stewart, Sheryl F. Stewart to Shanieka Farrar; $71,000.
  • 2133 Cleveland Blvd.; from Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Certificateholders of Polupar ABS Inc, MTG Pass Through Certificates to David Moussette; $37,000.
  • 3225 Rodger Ave.; from Tessie S. Abbott to Dennis R. Wells; $53,000.
  • 2908 Wayne Ave.; from Secretary Housing Urban Development; SEC Housing Urban Development; US Dept Housing Urban Development to Marty Bub, Kevin Cadagin; $5,330.
  • 2412 Grand Ave.; from Alpha O. Barnhart, Dennis L. Barnhart, Jennifer L. Barnhart, Joshua Barnhart to Homeinvestors LLC; $78,500.


  • 489 School St.; from Robert Chulka to Kristopher S. Ishum; $130,000.


  • 6749 Manchester Dr.; from John L. Zumwalt to Noel L. Vanek, Tamara J. McIntyre; $285,000.
  • 737 Copper Line Rd.; from Vicki Worthen to R. Stanley Clark; $11,330.


  • 710 Park St.; from Keith Pontow to Kelsey Garret; $75,000.


  • 700 W 5th St.; from Lindow Contraction Inc to Chester W. Bienkowski, Catherine D. Bienkowski; $230,000.


  • 428 Btair Creek Rd.; from Donald P. Osborn, Joeseph E. Osborn to Lindow Contracting; $43,500.
  • 1440 Dale Dr.; from Nicholas B. Jones Jr., Melanie L. Jones to Nathan A. Horton, Anastasia M. Horton; $236,000.
  • 18 Lake Terrace Ct.; from Robert L. Wiggington, Suzanne Wiggington to Laura J. Khoury; $330,000.


  • 760 George St.; from Burrows Investments LLC to Kendra Stevens; $69,000.
  • 3413 Maples Ridge Dr.; from Fulford Homes RHT LLC to Christopher R. Conder; $220,000.


  • 224 W Kell St.; from Thomas R. Stoecker to Thomas R. Syoecker, Shardon D. McCormick; $11,330.

Monroe County


  • 224 W Kunz Street; from Christine R. & Frederick R. Weisenborn to Daniel L. & Garnet Ball; $140,000.
  • 122 Forest View Drive; from Angela Bollman to April & John Shrader; $200,000.
  • 1114 Marien Drive; from Monroe Homes INC to Gregory Jacob & Shannon Degener; $274,000.
  • 402 W Bottom Avenue; from Jamie & Nicholas Doerr to Jaime Erb & Lainie Kay Ungerer; $123,000.
  • 206 E Temple Street; from Matthew J. & Stephanie M. Osborne to Adrienne E. Hill & Scott R. Kish Jr; $190,000.


  • 1232 Main Street; from Susan L. Barker to Clinton K. & Sarah L. Davis; $142,000.


  • 100 N Cedar Bluff Drive; from Carmen A. & Gregory R. Goforth to Julie Roy-Rusterberg & Arthur Rusterberg; $125,000.


  • 7148 Fountain Creek Ridge Lane; from Eric S. & Kelly Osterhage to Jesse S. & Wendy L. Stevens; $320,000.
  • 22 Country Lakes Lane; from Charles R. Holmen to Groves Investments Co; $164,000.
  • 7230 Covered Bridge Drive; from Billie S. & Michael K. Klucker to Cassandra B. & Gordon M. Doty; $295,000.
  • 823 Victorian Avenue; from CA Jones Inc to John E. Harper Sr.; $219,500.
  • 25 Victor Street; from Chad W. & Dawn M. Mueller to Christian T. Unser; $152,500.
  • 714 Pheasant Run; from JLP Homes LLC to Chad W. & Dawn M. Mueller; $234,000.
  • 3030 Trout Camp Road; from Ramona A. & Steven R. Eschmann to Jaime L. & Nicholas R. Doerr; $228,000.
  • 120 Waters Edge Drive; from Vogt Builders Inc to Donald J. III & Lindsay J. Kaiping; $312,000.
  • 1106 Pinewood Lane; from Frank R. III & Lauren M. Weber to Zachary A. Buettner & Hillary N. Hausmann; $190,000.
  • 4552 Fountain Brook Drive; from Kevin D. & Suzanne C. Sweet to Frank R. III & Lauren M. Weber; $275,000.
  • 5544 N Ronnie Drive; from Travis Niermann to Kevin D. Sweet; $64,000.
  • 206 Columbia Avenue; from Linda L. Matt to Johnathan G. & Stacy M. Schmieg; $117,000.
  • 913 James; from Ernst H. & Nyla A. Bartels to Lonnis D. & Sally A. Cook; $221,000.
  • KK Road; from Joann M. Meier to Infinity Homes Inc; $45,000.