Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 4007 Memorial Drive; from Ben Gass to Taryn Ancheta; $72,000.
  • 1425 Look Creek Court; from Teresa A. McGregor to Kenneth W. Green and Emily R. Irwin-Green; $148,000.
  • 3410 and 3404 South Belt West; from Douglas L. Dinkins and Rebecca A. Dinkins to Michael L. Dunnigan and Verna A. Dunnigan; $27,000.
  • 30 South 87th Street; from James A. Black to Rennie & Undre Stoker; $147.75.
  • 125 North 38th Street; from David J. Winters Jr. and Tracy L. Winters to Morgan D. Hobbs; $88,500.
  • 5 Berrywood Drive; from Henrietta McCoy to Ella M. Williams; $115,000.
  • 2069 Celebration Park Circle; from Christina L. Diecker to David W. Samuels; $83,000.
  • 3303 South Belt West; from Estate of Hattie E. Sheeley to Vivian Bishop; $90,000.
  • 2 Red Fox Road; from Randy Wells to Erica & Kari Donnell-Ragsdale; $317,000.
  • 333 W H Street; from Liberty Belle Quirk and Michael Joe Quirk to Hickory Haven Properties Inc; $20,000.
  • 116 Kansas Ave.; from Justine Peterson Housing & Reinvestment Corporation to Lavor D. White Sr.; $90,000.
  • 524 Vicksburg Drive; from Raymond J. Frost & Cathleen A. Frost to Heather L. Coates; $68,000.
  • 1817 Centerville Avenue; from Wilson Investments, LLC to Trudy M. Walthes; $85,000.
  • 2313 Slammer Drive; from Andrew Sipka and Sann A. Sipka to Doyle W. Bradon and Jana Brandon; $240,000.
  • 2007 East Belle Avenue; from Sky Blue Development, Inc. to Samantha Marie Reed; $89,500.
  • 1834 Raab Ave.; from John L. and Mary M. Barger to Susie Harris; 448,000.
  • 1 Mildred Drive; from Jennifer & Dale Henshaw to Wendall Payton; $78,000.
  • 9325 Circle Drive; from Clave, LLC to Phase II Inc; $18,500.
  • 4415 West Washington Street; from Clave, LLC to Phase II Inc; $18,500.


  • 7914 Laurel Flats Drive; from Metro Homes, LLC to Avery Grinston; $180,000.
  • 410 South 2nd Street; from Marvin Howard McIntyre, Sr. to Richard W. Borthick Jr.; $70,000.


  • 7709 Orient Point Court; from JLP Homes LLC to Bradley Long and Jocely Long; $314,500.


  • 2426 Old State Route 3; from Adam Biffar to Elizbeth L. Thackery; $65,000.


  • 417 Missouri Avenue; from Environment Operation, Inc. to Spires Building Partners LLC; $500.
  • 3128 Market Ave.; from Delores Leonard to Darryl Little; $9,000.


  • 10 Ludwig Dr.; from Bob Evans Farms, LLC to B&R Real Estate Investments LLC; $2,000,000.
  • 736 Willow Spring Hill Drive; from Joseph Witt and Cristina Ishida-Witt to Kendall L. Woodliff; $220,000.
  • 9708 Old Lincoln Trail; from Charles A. Kohler and Sharon K. Kohler to Hayden Amons; $95,000.
  • 105 North Ruby Lane; from Clave, LLC to Phase II Inc; $18,500.


  • 622 North Meyer Street; from Frank Iskra and Stephanie Iskra to Bruce Gillissie; $68,000.
  • 13 St Joseph Drive; from Sarah J. Daniels Schultz to Debra A. Gordon-Smith; $193,000.
  • 116 North Madison; from John Seely and Jennifer Seely to Terri Jean Harms and John William Harms; $50,000.


  • Hillstown Road; from Thomas Reid III to Dirk Downen and Angela Downen; $417,000.


  • 2701 Cemetery Road; from Charles W. Mulvaney & Olga R. Mulvaney to Mike Kohlbrecher; $230,000 .
  • 44 Falling Leaf Way; from Jared N. Stultz and Jeannette S. Stultz; Ryan K. Belleau and Christine J. Hutchins; $163,000.
  • 6933 State Route 4; from Brad A. Wellman and Deborah J. Wellman to Joseph Bauman and Mindy Bauman; $160,000.
  • 833 Moorland Circle; from Michelle Medvick to Stephen Michael Progovich and Allyson L. Pragovich; $217,000.
  • 1632 Landmark Dr.; from Robert Martin to Mary E. Schmidt; $99,000.
  • 9633 Teal Court; from Roger R. Vrooman and Tass T. Vrooman; Russell O. Davis and Michelle S. Davis; $345,000.
  • 9675 Winchester Street; from Doyle Brandon and Jana Brandon to Linsdey R. Stroot and Steven D. Strot; $265,500.


  • 709 West Washington Street; from Jeffery L. Yeryar to Kamron T. Morgan; $86,000.
  • 1345 Stone Creek; from Paul L. Van Otegem and Rhonda L. Van Oteghem to Christopher M. Novak and Tara Feilmeier-Novak; $268,000.
  • 402 East Fourth Street; from Reginald Sorrels to William & Amy Dryden; $50,000.
  • 628 Shamrock Drive; from Sandra Call to Sharon Jameson; $153,000.
  • 1232 Merriam Parkway; from D&F Contracting, Inc. to Innovation Construction Services, LLC; $40,000.
  • 203 Augusta Street; from Jerry A. Mouser; Logan M. Domina; $127,500.
  • 1000 Sunny Ridge Ct.; from Mcbride Stone Bridge LLC; Timothy E. Swain and Kathryn S. Swain; $313.50.
  • 799 Allenbrook Avenue; from H&L Builders LLC to Scott Davis & Alyssa Davis; $342,000.
  • 604 Shamrock Drive; from Richard E. Gray and Ingrid H. Gray to Paul R. Fraker and Patricia G. Fraker; $199,000.
  • 722 Donna Drive; from Joey Griffith and Sherri Griffith to Derek Huffaker and Lamai Huffaker; $225,000.


  • 856 Bluff Ridge Lane; from Fulford Homes, LLC to Jeffery A. Huot and Tracy L. Huot; $251,000.
  • 37 Ramona Drive; from Judy Knarian to Brenda Bishop; $73,000.
  • 2220 Rachels Way; from Jason & Natalie Peters to Charles Kohler; $247,000.


  • 4808 Lone Rock Lane; from Smithton Construction Inc. to Jeffrey T. Sandheinrich and Jennifer L. Sandheinrich; $252,000.


  • 708 St Libory Street; from Jeffery T. Sandheinrich and Jennifer L. Sandheinrich to Lucas Litteken and Kaylan Kitteken; $233,000.


  • Cantwell Lane and Old Collinsville; from Dan L. Sheils, LLC to Swansea Applegate Apartments, LLC; $8,300,000.
  • 3601 Steinberg Farm Road; from Anthony & Jennifer Balester to Jason & Natalie Peters; $398,000.

Madison County


  • 215 Patterson Place; from US Bank to Gale Mathis, Kathryn Zellich; $47,000.
  • 1106 Danforth St.; from Joseph F. Steckel, Jodi Stekel to Isaiah NHouck, Anna E Massalone; $94,000.
  • 6564 Alpha Fr.; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg to Harry W. Roe; $80,000.


  • 302 Timberwood Dr.; from Terry Sanders, Kathy Sanders to Wallace W. Peal Jr, Jessica Peal; $151,000.


  • 718 Henry St.; from US Bank Trust, LS59 Master Participation Trust to Daniel A. Verbois Jr; $48,000.
  • 406 Meadow Ln.; from Randolph J. Bagent Jr, Brooke L. Bagent to Derrek A. Bararotto; $113,000.
  • 68 Carnation Dr.; from Tricia L. McGee to Timothy M. Rick; $133,000.
  • 800 Lasalle St.; from Mark Coffman to William G. Mitchell, Tammy J. Mitchell; $50,000.
  • 228 S Chestnut St.; from Secretary Housing Urban Development, SEC Housing Urban Development, US Dept Urban Development to Kathleen M Wiegand; $5,330.


  • 565 N Kansas St.; from Douglas Wayne Byrd, Angelique Marie Byrd to Nicholas Wolosyn; $146,000.
  • 627 N Kansas St.; from Sheila Woods, Kimberly Young Woods, Kimberly Woods to Rashelle Laraby; $129,000.
  • 306 Buena Vista; from Hope B. Krieger, Ronald Krieger to Mary Elizabeth Mahoney; $135,500.
  • 249 Woodland Dr.; from Afton Bailey to Michael W. Court; $128,500.
  • 3305 Drysdale Ct.; from Bryan Kresak, Renee E. Kresak to Saffad Hasan Taqvi; $425,000.
  • 709 Thomas St.; from Safija Perotti, Anthony Perotti to Brandon D. Yates, Andrea L. Yates; $62,000.
  • 890 Vasser Dr.; from Annette K. Barlow, William Barlow to Jacqueline Burton, Derek Burton; $270,000.


  • 12 Crabapple Ln.; from MSO Properties LLC, MSO LLC to Lucas Kramer; $183,500.
  • 2901 Bristol Way; from Jpseph C. Wallace, Mindy Wallace to Tyler Ostmann, Toni Ostmann; $422,000.
  • 45 Red Bus Ln.; from Cheryl Landgreder to Gina Mistoler; $174,000.
  • 2 Arbor Ln.; from Norma F. Born, Raplh D. Born to Louis W. Frick Jr, Shirely J. Frick; $150.000.
  • 152 Oakshire Dr. E; from Elite Development LLC to Spencer Homes LLC; $145,000.


  • 3400 Whitecliff Ln.; from Kenneth R. Miller, Sherry S. Miller to Jeffery Dale Hagen, Judy Jo Dubetz, Judy Jo Dubetz, Judy Jo Hagen; $222,500.


  • 5152 Whitsell Way; from Kimberly R. Freese to Aaron Johnson; $140,000.
  • 2553 Westmoreland Dr.; from Wise Choice Properties Inc to Billy Kuehnel; $142,000.


  • 123 Williams St.; from Dorothy M. Kovaly; Nicholas F. Kovaly to Jarrod W. Bass; $82,000.


  • 205 E Linden St.; from Lowell H. Mills, Annette M. Mills to Richard W. Horner; $109,000.


  • 7403 Stonebridge Gold Dr.; from Maryville Real Estate LLC to Cordayle, Katrina Coffman; $217,500.
  • 2504 Liberty Dr.; from Erik G. Sanders, Jessica J. Sanders, Jessica J.Frier to Jennifer K. Diskin, Brian E. Diskin; $231,000.
  • 1912 Arlington Ct.; from Kelly Bauer, David Bauer Jr. to Lindow Properties LLC; $119,500.


  • 417 Chanberlain Dr.; from Carrington Homes LLC to Brett Hentze, Kerri Pauley; $325,000.


  • 585 Mildred Ave.; from Johnnie J. Brock Jr, Rich D. McNealy, Nena Y. McNealy to Adam M. Geringn; $85,000.
  • 215 Shawnee; from Brady A. Greene, Angela L. Greene to Travis L. Shaw, Misty R. Shaw; $200,000.
  • 818 E Ferguson Ave.; from Patriot Investment Group LLC to Nathan Wilson; $68,500.


  • 358 N Lincoln Ct.; from Thomas E. Orscheln, Cindy L. Orscheln to Adam C. Orscheln; $80,000.

Monroe County


  • 611 Giffhorn Street; from Lee E. Thompson to Joseph M. Buechler; $150,000.
  • 2619 Brookfield Court; from Sky Blue Development INC to Laura E. Kleffner; $200,000.
  • 207 Kenrick Drive; from Lance C. Wolff to Angela & Michael Sewell; $212,000.
  • Lot 307 of Weilbacher’s Park View Manor 3rd Addition; $135,000.


  • 2468 Carr Road; from Jess B. & Theresa M. Traiteur to Joseph A. Dinning & Ann M. Myerscough; $155,000.


  • 109 Big Tree Lane; from Craig S. & Mary J. Althoff to Kyle L. Duffy; $34,500.


  • 6512 Woodpecker Lane; from Robin M. Miller to Jason R. & Jennifer R. Jones; $360,000.
  • 5274 Sportsman Road; from Arthur H. & Cherie L. Horschman; $145,000.