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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 800 Shabin Drive; from Sylvester L. Harris and Dona M. Harris to Deborah W. McCoy; $145,000.
  • 41 Three Wood Drive; from Eric R. Wolfmeier and Elizabeth R. Wolfmeier to Heather Medsker and Douglas Blas; $190,000.
  • 505 South 14th Street; from Lance R. Phelps & Elana Phelps to Daphne L. Edwards; $70,000.
  • 1638 Lasalle Street; from Stanley G. Dulle and Judith A. Dulle; $33,000.
  • 2004 Stevens Street; from Marjorie A. Sawicki; Ted Williams & Neela Williams; $83,500.
  • 150 Cresthaven Drive; from Joseph C. Jarvis to Katie Jarvis; $105,000.
  • 703 Hampton Court; from Karen L. Goebel to Michael and Deborah Cerkoski; $40,000.
  • 3425 Langford Lane; from Shawn M. Montague and Katherine A. Montague to Aaron Connor and Marquette Connor; $248,000.
  • 2417 Heather Hill Court; from Matthew P. Gardner and Rachel M. Gardner to Lars Lifrak; $186,000.
  • 2436 Heather Hill Court; from Michael V. Marascia and Yvette A. Marascia to Breanna L. Gawrys; $215,000.


  • 1408 Richard Drive; from Impala, LLC to SDT Abundant Florence, LLC; $17,500.
  • 3420 Barber Street; from Woodrow Beasley and Maxine Beasley to Christopher Beasley and Ammie Beasley; $15,000.


  • 7965 Donner Ridge; from JLP Homes LLC; Paul H. Cladwell and LaTosha Caldwell; $319,500.


  • 10 Oak Drive; from Venancio Rodriguez and Lauren Rodriguez to Nicole Reese and John Reese; $146,000.
  • 211 Debra Drive; from Richard W. Shupp and Marilyn L. Shupp to Chad M. Turnbull, Amanda M. Meggison, Robert H. Meggison; $128,000.


  • 8419 River King Dr.; from Western Seven, LLC to Nick and Pamela Fonti; $105,000.


  • 1136 Lear Lane; from Straqr Properties LLC to New Tradition Homes LLC; $29,000.
  • 1149 Gulfstream Way; from Michael Maldonado and Winnie Maldonado to Caitlin McClintock; $182,000.
  • 833 Tanzanite Lane; from Carolyn Stumpf, ET AL to CNR, Inc; $37,500.
  • 837 Tanzanite Lane; from Carolyn L. Stumpf, ET AL to CNR Inc; $37,500.


  • 205 Benham Drive; from Jeanette Saak to James E. Bailey and Cheryl J. Bailey; $185,000.
  • 208 South Kossuth Street; from A&M Property Holdings, LLC to GAHC4 Millstadt IL SH, LLC; $3,964,500.


  • 322 West Deer Creek Road; from Chad Cisewski and Katherine Cisewski to Koerrea Kerin Bailey; $263,000.
  • 205 Willow Drive; from Jaclyn Brewer to Matthew Steely; $102,000.
  • 182 Forest Oaks Drive; from Christopher A. Howard & Christina M. Howard to Joshua J. White & Tammy J. White; $325,000.
  • 407 Vancroft Place; from Barnes Properties, Inc. to Dean E. Sweet and Judith A. Sweet; $258,000.
  • 116 Jacks Bend; from Bethel Ridge Farms LLC to Preston G. Foehrkalb and Claire A. Foehkalb; $217,500.
  • 902 North Smiley; from Klopper Living Trust to Gary M. Parker and Tracy L. Parker; $162,000.
  • 6806 Cabot Court; from Patterson Homes, Inc. to Tyler Pankey & Amanda Pankey; $262,500.
  • 326 Bethel Road; from Jeffry White and Chelsey White to Brad Meinkoth and Sharon Meinkoth; $200,000.


  • 2654 Welsch Drive; from TTW, LLC to Adam L. Weber and Emily M. Weber; $281,500.
  • 203 Beauregard Drive; from TTW, LLC to CNR Inc; $38,000.
  • 2654 London Lane; from TTW, LLC to CNR, LLC; $48,000.
  • 2719 London Lane; from TTW, LLC to CNR Inc; $35,000.


  • 4854 Rockledge Trail; from Michael Kreher and Dena Kreher to Dana L. Rife, Jr. and Raquel Rife; $270,000.


  • 710 Westbrook Court; form William J. Buss and Laura E. Buss to James W. Achenbach and Patricia L. Achenbach; $101,000.
  • 508 Leawood Drive; from Justin R. Maynard and Andrea Maynard to Cody Richard Lehnen; $125,000.

Madison County


  • 2911 Utah Place; from David W. Miles, Diane L. Miles to Betty J. Williams; $120,000.
  • 2132 Wyckoff St.; from Sally I. Nolte to James C. Egner, Irene Egner; $115,000.


  • 1508 W Main St.; from Richard J. Gartland, Marie Gartland to Rachel Campbell; $90,000.
  • 102 Mesa Sr.; from Linda R. Rayho, Susan K. Landing to Wesley C. Woodell, Airiel Chiffon Woodell; $164,500.
  • 801 E Clay St.; from First Collinsville Bank to Doug Weiss, Judy Weiss, Sarah Weiss, Joshua Rogers; $57,500.
  • 22 Somerset Place; from Lawrence M. Flora Jr., Karin L. Flora to Rebecca W. Ehler, James J. Ehler; $200,500.
  • 924 Alco Dr.; from Bryan E. Sloan, Bryon E. Sloan to Andrew P. Griffing; $139,000.


  • 7258 Renken Rd.; from Kevin A. Patterson to Michael J. Heinemeir Jr.; $56,000.


  • 133 Reno Ave.; from Laverene Elizabeth Wilkinson, Robert Lee Wilkinson to Leo C. Pride; $125,000.
  • 239 Lincoln Ave.; from Dane B. Freeman to Megan E. O’Daniel, Megan E. O’Daniell; $74,000.
  • 183 W Airline Dr.; from Denise Jaye Reynolds, Dallas Jean Meyer, Dean Edward Neunaber, Vina M. Neunaber, Cecil E. Neuaber, Corey J. Nita, Kelsey Nitka; $120,000.


  • 6727 W Liberty Prairie Ln.; from William A. Pierson, Chelsey L. Pierson to Christopher Challandes, Karen Challandes; $44,000.
  • 1906 Butler Blvd.; from Kenneth G. Noll, Michelle A. Noll to Tadd M. Simmons; $293,000.
  • 7011 Stoney Creek Dr.; from Jeffery A. Griggs, Lazomdra R. Griggs to Lisa Nguyen; $160,000.
  • 918 Klein Ave.; from Kenneth D. Shaw, Joy R. Shaw to Samantha Shaw; $11,330.


  • 7057 Richmond Dr.; from Innovation Construction Services LLC to Cheryl Portell; $193,500.
  • 2047 Glenlake Dr.; from Eriberto Guzman, Ana Guzman to William to William M. Kolling, Michael Kolling; $140,500.


  • 6404 Godfrey Rd.; from Stephen L. Harrison, Sharon K. Harrison to Terry L. Ford; $120,000.


  • 2309 Cardinal Ave.; from Christopher Mouldon to Kylin R. James; $62,000.
  • 1613 Venice Ave.; from April M. Renfrow, April M. Dudley, Robert O. Dudley II to Vicki L. Boubacar; $86,000.
  • 3371 Fehling Rd.; from Mark A. Unnerstall to Farmland Auto Glass Inc; $280,000.
  • 2401 Hodges Ave.; from Phil Holaway to Tasha Smiley; $67,000.
  • 5132 Old Alton Rd.; from Phillip S. Hilmes to Michael Nelson; $82,500.
  • 2829 Washington Ave.; from U.S. Dept Housing Urban Development to Samel Tamayo Ontiveros, Damuel Tamayo, Tamayo Ontiveros; $5,330.


  • 0 Belm Rd.; from REJ Holdings LLC to Grabdview Farm LP; $470,000.
  • 100 Sunflower Dr.; from Deborah A. Keeven, Diane R. Zobrist to Dean R. Korte, $124,000.
  • 95 Augusta Dr.; from Remington Properties LLC to John R. Taylor, Noel C. Taylor; $279,500.
  • 14176 Iberg Rd.; from GCS Credit Union to House Turners LLC; $110,000.
  • 15 Woodland Ct.; from Nathan Hatley Vilar, Melissa D. Hatley to Michael W. Huffines; $170,000.
  • 1412 Lemon St.; from James Kasmarzik, Audrey Kasmarzik to James Kasmarzik, Audrey Kasmarzik; $11,330.


  • 109 S Lange; from Haskell E. Cooper to Kathleen McCammack, Ashtin Diekemper; $108,000.
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  • 6445 Black Rail Dr.; from Aaron A. Fiorino, Regon A. Fiorino to Josuha J. Elam, Tanda M. Ridenhour; $278,000.


  • 8940 Indian Creek; from WCE LLC to Donald W. Gallia Jr., Tara Stepzinski; $72,000.
  • 206 Powell St.; from Luke Kreamaleyer, Corrine Kreamaleyer to Sarah Jordan; $163,000.
  • 308 Staunton Rd.; from Lauren Switala, Lauren Weider, Kevin Switala to Kelly R. Ivie; $90,000.
  • 225 Harbor Mill Dr.; from Rick L. McDaniel, Rosalie McDaniel to Joseph L. Johns; $292,000.
  • 18 Lake Dr.; from John F. Paulus, Ana M. Paulus to Bradley Kessinger, Sloan Kessinger; $145,000.


  • 1164 E Lorena Ave.; from Anglia C. Bailey to Andrew B. McFain, Kathryn M. Davenport; $58,000.
  • 975 Cedar Dr.; from Patrick O. Brown to Melissa Gust; $136,000.
  • 349 Grand Ave.; from Frank Wiseman, Pegeen Wiseman to Mark Cazadd, Dawn Cazadd; $23,500.


  • 112 Henry St.; from Derek R. Baugh, Jennifer L. Baugh to Regina Castillo; $78,500.