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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 244 Brookmont Drive; from Denise Michelle Dillon to Samuel R. Talley; $116,000.
  • 4305 Mahogany Lane; from Kevin R. Ferguson & Tekeda F. Ferguson to Joseph Wellinghoff & Patricia L. Wellinghoff; $254,000.
  • 2727 Frank Scott Parkway West; from Homefront Properties and JCS Acquisitions to JC Rentals; $41,500.
  • 224 N. 45th Street; from JCS Acquisitions LLC & Homefront Properties L to JC Rentals; $19,000.
  • 309 Longview Drive; from Eric R. Muckensturm to Jennifer L. Laquet; $86,000.
  • 186 St. Sabre Drive; from Jirawan Poor to Daniel Ryan Defore and Kaytene Marie Savatino; $167,000.
  • 2249 Arnold Palmer Drive; from Charles Luraschi and Michells Luraschi to Aaron J. Prince and Heather L. Prince; $282,000.
  • 1416 Vicksburg Dr.; from Dwayne A. Turner and Kristin M. Nolan-Turner to Marc Hempen and Shaka Hempen; $121,000.
  • 2209 Monterey Drive; from Israel Flores to Anthony and Sharon Mays; $137,500.
  • 2328 Fourlakes Drive; from Gary V. Horsley, II to Ronald L. Hensarling and Keri B. Hensarling; $234,500.
  • 7201 Carr Drive; from Wells Fargo bank, NA to Janet Babinsky; $37,500.
  • 6101 Warren; from Diplomat Property Manager Fay Servicing to Gary W. Murray; $40,000.
  • 2928 Rentchler Road; from Julie David to Kurtis L. Scheich; $178,000.
  • 37 Mars Drive; from Richard Ping & Margie R. Ping to Mark Sidney; $89,00.
  • 2401 Fairway Drive; from Aaron K. Stanley and Deanna Stanley to Alicia M. Lifrak; $328,000.
  • 14 N 15th Street; fromDonna L’Hote to Christopher Hoolihan and Gary Hoolihan; $8,000.
  • 1005 Blue Ridge Drive; from Carol E. Richey n/k/a Carol E. Miller and Nathan Miller to Misty Blanchard; $86,000.
  • 36 Westhaven Meadows Drive; from Michele J. Garcia to Jason M. Brown and Tiffany L. Brown; $145,000.
  • 416 South Tenth Street; from Dwain A. Bank by Carol A. Banks his Attorney-in-fact & Carol Banks to Three Ring Properties, LLC and Illinois Limited; $32,000.
  • 1220 Express Drive; from Ronald and Donita Dobbelare to Kimly Burris; $121,000.
  • 3305 Saratoga Drive; from RDS Development Corporation to Destinee & Nicholas Penigar; $138,000.
  • 5 Charlotte Court; from Charlotte Property Partners, LLC to Michele Garcia; $85,000.
  • 3041 Wye Oak Drive; from Lance R. Isenhour and Melissa L. Isenhour to Dennis Crain and Melissa Crain; $175,000.
  • 5 Dahlia Lane; from Bradlee R. Rea and Sarah Rea to South Illinois Trust; $125,000.
  • 508 Springwood Drive; from James F. Schrader and Cindy A. Schrader to Christopher Odle and Brittney Odle; $230,000.
  • 1709 Jay Street; from Lois E. Ryan to Anthony Thompson; $50,000.
  • 221 Sheraton Davis; from Jacquelyn Fisaga and Erik Fisaga to Denetria Y. McDaniels; $116,000.
  • XXX Frank Scott Parkway West; from Foley Park Farms Land Trust W-367 by David M. Threlkeld to Timothy B. Lerch and Helen M. Matous; $42,500.
  • 504 Bluebird Ln.; from Pat Lay to William J. Fish and Karen D. Fish; $160,000.
  • 27 Carr Park Road; from Andrea Kosydor to Rebecca WIlliams; $195,000.
  • 222 E Garfield St.; from Richard J. Daubach and Janice M. Daubach to Jordan Bolin; $212,000.
  • 632 South Missouri Avenue; from Matthew & Catherine Berry, NKA Catherine Frazier to Rachael Wurth; $100,000.
  • 223 N 13th St.; from Homefront Properties LLC to Crystal Dixon; $29,000.
  • 1135 Bel Aire Dr.; from JCS Acquisitions LLC & Homefront Properties LLC to Jerry J. Trent, Jr.; $21,500.
  • 210 S Missouri Ave.; from US Bank National Association to Jillian Pye and Owen Pye; $92,000


  • 3705 Mississippi Ave.; from Deborah Cover on Behalf of Dolores Holliday Estate to Russell Services Inc, Russell Walster, President; $8,000.
  • 1130 St Margaret Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to C&R Properties and Investments, LLC; $45,000.
  • 109 Saint Paul Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to C&R Properties and Investments, LLC; $45,000.
  • 532 St Leo; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Zunguka, LLC; $49,000.
  • 23 St Gregory Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Gory, LLC; $39,000.
  • 136 St Robert; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Rob Roy, LLC; $45,500.
  • 140 St Paul Dr.; from Saint Louis, Investments, LLC to Point Tone, LLC; $44,500.
  • 1613 Mullens Ave.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Pink Lady, LLC; $45,500.
  • 1517 Andrews Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments, LLC to Father Andrew, LLC; $45,500.
  • 807 Mildred Ave.; from Al’s Tax Liens Tax Deeds Recovery, LLC to Mark A. Dagg; $15,000.
  • 244 St John Drive; from Money Train Properties, LLC to Wilma, LLC; $9,500.
  • 812 Preston Lane; from James Lee Jones, Jr. and Karen A. Jones to SDT Abundant State, LLC; $20,000.
  • 321 Garden Street; from Table Top Homes, LLC by Rob Lewis to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Tamara Dillon IRA; $17,000.
  • 1307 St Raphael Street; from Crystal Dixon to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $32,000.
  • 100 Elm Street; from Jose M. Duran, By Charles A. Duran, Attorney in Fact, and Graciela R. Duran to Carolyn Mason; $57,000.
  • 309 Green Street; from Ryan Todd to Michael D. Martz and Monica F. Martz; $30,000.


  • 7950 Sonora Ridge; from Forest Lakes Acquisition, LLC to CA Jones Inc.; $38,500.
  • 410 North Main Street; from Joel A. Gesink and Mary A. Gesink to August Thompson; $51,500.
  • 905 Thornridge Ct.; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois, LLC to Brett L. Hutcherson and Stephanie L. Simpson; $327,000.
  • 1108 Far Oaks Dr.; from James E. Anderson and Loellen Anderson to Michael Howenstein and Christy Howenstein; $535,000.
  • 520 Rich Street; from Leonard Black and Doris A. Black to Town & Country Property Acquisitions, LLC; $20,000.


  • 25 Woodland Drive; from Robert W. Croft, III and Stephanie M. Croft to Makenna Walters and Tamara Brown; $116,000.
  • 234 Keeneland Ct.; from Barbara K. Rieder to Lorrie F. Cook; $236,500.
  • 602 Hoecker Drive; from Michael Watt to JoAnn Anthony; $107,000.


  • 502 N 81st Street; from Samysha D. Williams to Elncko Mosley and Judy C. Mosley; $23,000.
  • Rock Springs Road, 6670 Bunkum Rd.; from Ralph Stanley to Caseyville Transfer Station, LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company; $108,500.
  • 8201 Boul Street; from Level Field Spread LLC to Daryn M. Foster; $8,000.
  • 2922 Trendley; from Joyce Harris / Ameca Morgan to Terrence / Leslie Burrell; $23,000.


  • 13 Monticello Place; from Michael Ashton & Elizabeth Ashton to Chad Barfield & Stephanie Barfield; $107,000.
  • 5417 DePaul; from Sean D. Kimmle and Lisa M. Kimmle to Shawn M. Geppert; $202,000.
  • 11 Estelle Lane; from Merrill J. “Jack” Glillum and Helen M. Glilum Trust to Justin T. Rule; $112,000.
  • 801 Old Dominion Court; from Thomas and Jean Docter to Matthew and Carrie Rahl; $225,000.
  • 125 Corel Lane; from Mark Buckley and Daniel Campbell to Steven Ranks and Krystyna Ranks; $162,000.
  • 712 Terra Springs Way; from Phyllis J. Bailey to Anthony Schneider and Phyllis Schneider; $194,000.
  • 934 Northwestern Avenue; from Tracie D. Pendell to Lindsay A. Stuart and Cameron M. Stuart; $160,000.
  • 4 Meckfessel Drive; from Ethel M. Shipley, by Roger Jilek, her Attorney-in-Fact to Timothy G. Taylor; $70,000.
  • 7341 Wolfrun Trail; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Fralana Latham; $218,500.
  • 9624 Ridge Heights Road; from Karen M. Ray to Clyde E. Williams and Amanda Williams; $141,000.


  • 120 Tall Maple Court; from CNR Inc. to Dane Brueggemann and Shannon Brueggemann; $567,000.
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  • 72 Circle Drive; from JCS Acquisitions LLC & Homefront Properties L to R3 Development, NFP; $45,000.


  • 11259 Spring Meadow Trail; from Kenneth J. Eisele to Michael and Melissa Kimbrell; $98,000.
  • 112 North Herman Street, 202 N Herman St.; from Robert Rowan to Edgar N. Floyd Jr; $25,000.
  • 319 East St Louis Street; from Robert Rowan Jr. to Edgar N. Floyd Jr.; $93,000.


  • 305 East Spring Street; from Richard Sutter to Manlyn D. Sullivan; $35,000.
  • 707 North Borders Ave.; from U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., As Trustee for LSF9 MA to Rodney Rednour; $60,500.
  • 616 State Route 13; from Andrew & Kelli Canning to James R. Canning Jr. & Lavon Canning; $85,000.
  • 625 State Route 13; from James R. Canning Jr. & Lavon Canning to Andrew Canning & Kelli Canning; $130,000.


  • 617 East Main Street; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to JC Wilson Jr; $54,000.
  • 1170 Larkspur Drive; from Chacwick S. Keffer to Robert Dodson and Stacy Dodson; $290,000.
  • 1029 West Harnett Street; from Misty R. Hardman, Attorney-in-fact for Jason R. Hardman under Power of Attorney dated March 7, 2017, and Misty S. Hardman, husband and wife to Deborah J. Wellman; $135,000.
  • 552 Falling Leaf Way; from Travis L. McManus and Arielle N. McManus to Sharon Hosler; $181,500.
  • 1144 Beechcraft Boulevard; from Brett L. Hottenrott and Kristal L. Hottenrott to Carol J. Cronin Revocable Trust; $184,000.
  • 1123 Lear Lane; from New Tradition Homes, LLC to Wesley V. Amerson and Kelly S. Amerson; $200,000.


  • Beil Road; from Ambrosia Land Investments LLC to Robert Phillips and Karen Phillips; $190,000.
  • 414 West Harrison St.; from Kim Moeckel to Kurt J. Muskopf; $75,000.
  • 5959 Floraville Road; from GSC One, LLC to MAC Medical, LLC; $687,500.


  • 915 S Mill Street; from Carol Nadler to Dylan S. Smith; $63,000.


  • 307 Sweetwater Lane; from Fred H. Simmons, Jr. and Tara J. Simmons to Matthew S. Kusch and Hailey A. Kush; $154,500.
  • 420 Flagstone Pass Drive (Lot 28 RTR-2A); from Huntington Chase homes Corporation to Michael J. Triplett and April Triplett; $449,000.
  • 833 Deer Creek Road; from Michael and Michelle Devine to Stephen and Susan Diehl; $215,000.
  • 909 Jenna Lee Lane; from Torry C. Murray and Crystal Jayne Murray to Eric Lassman; $156,000.
  • 703 E. State St.; from Homefront Properties and JCS Acquisitions to Holtgrave Investments, LLC; $40,000.
  • 5 Brandonwood; from John J. Bollwerk, Jr. and Barbara J. Bollwerk to Stephen Booth and Jennifer Rizzoli; $550,000.
  • 405 Flagstone Pass Drive (Lot 22 RTR - 2A); from Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Salvatore J. Urbano and Allyson E. Urbano; $620,500.
  • 2130 Streamview Court; from Amanda Jo Reardon to Cory A. Bratcher; $185,000.
  • 7057 Millbrook Lane; from Max J. Johnson and Mandy R. Johnson to Donna M. Shaw; $245,000.
  • 504 E Washington; from Micah Denckson and Jennifer Denckson to Kristopher Hunter; $82,500.
  • 702 South Cherry Street; from Rapid Property Solutions to Steven J. Shirley and Ashley E. Shirley, husband and wife; $135,000.
  • 737 Erics Run; from Elizabeth A. Johnston to Andrew C. Venne; $235,000.
  • 303 Edward Street; from Mark A. Keller to Frank Foster Mussemann; $119,500.
  • 1008 Richard Park Dr.; from McBride Stone Bridge, LLC to Bonjiovanna Bonner and Elinor Bonner; $265,000.
  • 206 Chamberlains Crossing; from PHB Capital, LLC to Jeff & Kira Hessler; $229,000.
  • 1201 Usher Drive; from Christopher W. Meinhart & Keenalyn Meinhart to Erica Kniepkamp & Jared Kniepkamp; $255,000.
  • 1088 Richland Park Drive, #18B; from Stone Bridge Villas, LLC to Warren & Dolores Hampton; $284,000.
  • 309 Benedictine Court; from Jerry L. Leonard and Rebecca J. Leonard to Darren J. Fults and Amy C. Fults; $268,000.
  • 548 Glen Oak Drive; from Charles B. Hotchkiss and Elizabeth D. Hotchkiss to David Stawarski; $262,000.
  • 13 Vanderbilt Place; from Megan A. Slack and Jason A. Slack to Jason Boone; $150,500.
  • 1108 Danzig Drive; from John Amenn to Carla & Joseph Redmond; $228,000.
  • 412 Vancroft Place; from Barnes Properties, INC to Joanne M. Dukeshire and Guy B. Potucek; $225,000.
  • 153 Picketts Run; from Stephen Heinrich & Ingrid Heinrich to David Christy, Jr. & Kelly Christy; $235,000.
  • 928 Silverlink Drive; from Jeffrey M. Lind and Beth Lind, Husband and wife to Jonathan Durham; $217,000.
  • 1214 Bossler Lane; from William A. Roewe and Wanda F. Roewe to Johnathan West and Amy West; $227,500.
  • 1125 Creekside Court; from Seaborn Jones Whatley, III and April E. Whatley to Robert D. Miller; $205,000.
  • 1000 Alexandria Court; from Brandon M. Solberg and Steffanie Solberg to Wynton Hodges and Susan Hodges; $350,000.
  • 816 Bridgeway Drive; from Kristen A. Reineke-Piper and Jared Piper to Thania Triska; $272,000.
  • 203 Knollhaven Trail; from Kevin M. Causey and Doris A. Causey to Phillip Merrill and Amy Merrill; $360,000.


  • 2345 Coniferous Drive; from Emma L. Steel to Delores M. Reed; $102,000.
  • 22 Raven Oak Drive; from Leova F. Pelc, by Daryl G. Pelc & Brad G. Pelc, her Attys-in-Fact to James F. Schrader and Cindy A. Schrader; $290,000.
  • 2621 Lauren Lake Drive; from Stimson Construction, Incorporated to William E. Brewer and Carol A. Brewer; $38,000.


  • 204 Sunset Drive; from Kai K. Nickel to Andrew & Ashley Pfeil: $160,500.
  • 4400 Wildhorse Road; from Debra M. Bohm to Paris Rosenberg; $180,000.
  • 816 Lunch Road; from William E. Lowe and Anita Mae Lowe to Kelly A. Foster; $115,000.


  • 844 Sparta Street; from Donna K. Sommer Johnson to Joseph O. Johnson Jr.; $139,000.


  • 1408 Merganser Boulevard; from Jean E. Philipp to Kevin Thouvenot and Teshni L. Thouvenot and Jirawan Poor; $335,000.
  • 29 Village Drive; from Shawn M. Geppert to Richard Anthony Bislich; $118,000.
  • 1781 and 1785 Old Park Lane; from Cobblestone Park, LLC to CA Jones, Inc; $46,000.
  • 1604 North Illinois Street ETAL; from Klemme Capital Investments LLC Series VI; $375,000.
  • 3316 Whistling Cove; from Michael Ball to Carl McDowell; $375,000.
  • 4164 Biverton Drive; from CPR Properties, LLC to Greg Bayus and Marilee Bayus; $290,000.
  • 6 Clinton Hill Drive; from Dominic Santomassimo to Jonathan L. Robinson; $83,000.
  • 1803 North 15th Street; from Patricia S. Wesemann & Weaver Family TR to Alyson L. Krajewski; $80,000.

Madison County


  • 2321 Brown St.; from Keith Bryan, Marla M. Bryan to Sean Bechtold; $50,000.
  • 2717 Bostwick St.; from Arnold A. Taube, Martha V. Taube, Erik V. Taube to Angela Johnson; $97,500.


  • 405 Arizona St.; from Nickolas R. Odell, Nickolas R. O Dell, Tabitha J. O Dell, Tabitha J. Odell to Jacob J. Watters, Megan L. Watters; $181,000.


  • 1306 Olive St.; from Jeremy M. Hearn, Jennifer Hearn to Jason J. Holloway, Tia A. Johnson; $146,500.
  • 315 Bill Lou Dr., from Kristina Dawn Winkelman, Robert K. Gschwind, Marcella F. Gschwind, Robert K. Gschwind Marcelline F. Gschwind Revocable Joint Living Trust to Bryan Kneinfeldt; $135,000.
  • 605 N combs Ave.; from Julie M. Mayfield to Anne Kenna, Erik Kenna; $84,500.
  • 1396 Alice St.; from Mitchell T. Sanderson, Geri J. Sanderson to Austin T. Bruncic, Amanda K. Schaeffer; $97,000.


  • 5832 Renken Rd.; from Terry Joe Cooper, Linda L. Cooper to Tami Hayden, Chris Hayden; $155,000.


  • 405 Valley View Dr.; from Joan Luenemann, Richard Luenemann to Daniel W. Bennet; $321,000.
  • 7 Martin Ct.; from Michael Jordon to Jackie Becker, Allen Becker; $290,000.
  • 1202 Lindenwood Ave.; from Megan A. Wedkind, Megan A. Mulcahy, Ryan Wedekind to Leonard J. Hernandez; $150,000.
  • 616 Sherman Ave.; from Corey A. Akers to Bruce Williams Jr., Melissa Williams; $71,000.
  • 130 Cottage Dr.; from Lawrence M. Ahrens, Vielka C. Ahrens to Larry D. Brown, Mary Kay Brown; $365,000.
  • 882 Malibu Way; from Kathryn L. Whitworth to James Whetsone; $225,500.
  • 307 S Kansas St.; from James L. Hellrung, Linda J. Fourt, Linda L. Hellrung to Deborah L. Geary; $171,000.


  • 21 Hillsborough Ave.; from Steven J. Schaefer, Charles J. Schaefer, Mary F. Schaefer to Charles J. Schaefer, Mary F. Schaefer; $11,330.


  • 5303 Englewood; from Kurtis Emhousen, Dawn Emhousen to Tanner Bryant; $109,000.
  • 5310 Godfrey Rd.; from Paul Larivier III, Paul Lariviere III to SJ Jones Investment LLC, SJ Investments LLC; $51,000.


  • 2220 Bern Ave.; from Darion E. King to Adam P. Crader; $11,330.
  • 2645 E 27 St.; from Michael C. Jones to Geri Jean Anderson, Mitchell R. Anderson; $82,000.
  • 2002 River Aire Ct.; from Stephen R. Losievsky to James R. Dabbs Jr., Nicole R. Dabbs; $195,000.


  • 1501 Paradise; from Community Bank of Trenton to Eric Hempen & Chelsea Schlautmann; $100,000.
  • 1634 Main St.; from Community Bank of Trenton to Ashley Schrage; $90,000.
  • 301 E. Pocahontas Rd.; from Joshua Minney, Maegan to William Seth Penn, Desirea Irene Penn; $143.000.


  • 905 Andra Dr.; from Travis R. Stephenson to CPT 58 Homes LLC, CPT Fifty Eight Homes LLC; $110,000.


  • 53 Westbrooke; from Brian Dotzert, Amanda L. Dotzert to Joseph Julius, Sherri C. Gray; $190,000.
  • 131 Reagan Dr.; from Vivksburg Development Inc to Askew Builders LLC; $50,500.


  • 3411 Maple Ridge Dr.; from First Mid Illinois Bank Trust, First Clover Leaf Bank to Fulford Homes RHT LLC; $20,000.
  • 3430 Maple Ridge Dr.; from First Mid Illinois Bank Trust to Fulford Homes; $20,000.
  • 3419 Maple Ridge Dr.; from Fulford Homes RHT LLC to Andrew Hoedebecke; $249,000.