Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 14 Signal Park Lane; from Joshua and Stephanie Cornelius to Claudia Gompers; $60,000.
  • 502 West Cleveland Avenue; from Carol A. Waeth to Amy Forbeck; $74,000.
  • 127 Huntleigh Drive; from Richard H. Santanell and Brenda S. Santanell to Patricia M. Schomber; $129,000.
  • 4500 Liberty Mine Road; from Timothy W. Hagarty to Bret Rasch & Doug Sax; $40,000.
  • 404 Garden Blvd.; from James J. Mueller to Wayne Gibson and Jessica Gibson; $7,500.
  • Lot No. 1 of “Renner’s Subdivision being a subdivision of part of Section 19 and 20, Township 1 North, Range 7 West, and part of Survey 762 St. Clair County, Illinois”; 1996+/- Acres Carlyle avenue / Kaskaskia River; from Knobeloch-Heylemon Family L.P. to JRL Reality LLC – Undivided ½ interest - - By National Safe harbor Exchanges, Inc., and Thomas H renner, Jr. as Trustee of the Thomas H. Renner, Jr. Declaration of Trust Dated March 29, 1994 – Undivided ½ interest; $1,449,000.
  • 300 S Missouri Avenue; from Steven M. Roemmel and Kathy A. Roemmel to Wayne Ault; $220,000.
  • 412 Southgate Drive; from Donna M. Glazebrook to Amy R. Dehler; $82,000.
  • 605 Oak Hill Drive; from Robert Scott Moore and Michelle A. Moore to Craig Thacker and Kathleen Thacker; $295,000.
  • 1509 North Belt West; from Kelly G. & Barbara Remley Martin to Northwest St. Clair Fire Protection District; $0.
  • 320 South Virginia Avenue; $163,500.
  • 1419 Vicksburg Drive; from Larry Ball to Brennan Holdings; $57,000.
  • 1405 Cumberland Court; from Steven & Jennifer Graham to Marshall Miller & Carol Turner; $156,000.
  • 124 North Missouri Avenue; from Kelly J. Niederkorn and Lisa A. Niederkorn to Mark Lehman, Jr.; $65,000.
  • 400 South 15th Street; from Randi Senciboy to Kenneth O. Degner; $95,000.
  • 2931 Spruce Hill Terrace; from B&D Home Renovations, Inc to Joshua Hammontree & Xiomara Mammontree; $183,000.
  • 28 Dover Drive; from Linda K. Gravlin By POA Harry F. Gravlin, Jr. to Carolyn L. Riddle; $110,000.
  • 620 East Garfield; from Enka Moses to Linda F. Weisenstein; $21,500.
  • 2053 Celebration Park Circle; from Daniel J. Eisenberg and Tamara J. Eisenberg to Todd Phillips; $80,000.
  • 2032 Cedarwood Trail; from Sean S. Palmer and Kaily H. Palmer to Robert Cardona II and Jessica Cardona; $295,000.
  • 60 Windsor Drive; from TRC Management Services, Inc. to Jeffrey Robertson; $119,000.
  • 3817 South Park Drive; from Jo Ann M. Bertelsman to Matthew Gaston; $74,500.
  • 28 Coral Drive; from Kinsey Nicole Bryant to Gary D. Leonard; $120,500.
  • 253 W Taft St.; from Robin D. Ellis to Erin K. Tullis; $33,500.
  • 2207, 204b 2913 & 2917 W Boulevard; from Jeffrey J. Thomas and Jacquline A. Thomas to Bouse Properties, LLC; $1,040,000.
  • 1338 Orchard Lakes Circle; from Steven Goldenberg to McGolden, Inc; 39,500.
  • 136 Lucinda Avenue; from Modern Rentals LLC to Tammy Marie Senter; $55,000.
  • 208 Cameron Drive; from Clinton Dunlap to Samantha Roberts; $112,000.
  • 2742 Cloverleaf School Road; from Robert A. Schmierbach to Jared C. Schmierbach; $125,000.
  • 128 Huntleigh Drive; from Brittney Sue Kerr Odle to Timothy W. Allgire; $137,500.
  • 1024 North Douglas Avenue; from Mark A. Tissier & Cathy A. Tissier to Gabriel J. Kimme; $127,000.
  • 109 Marmont Court; from Lillian E. Cole to Cathy & Joseph Moreno; $129,000.
  • 106 Hazel Avenue; from William Dahlmann and Jeanne Dahlmann to Karen J. Baker; $57,000.
  • 4115 W Main Street; from Drinco Properties, Inc. to Riverside Property Invest, LLC; $30,000.
  • 2901 18th Fairway Drive; from Duane Lambert and Suzette Lambert to Roamn Wells and Gloria A. Wells; $338,000.


  • 732 St Norbert Drive; from Delia E. Hardy fka Nichols to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $15,000.
  • 721 St Barbara Lane; from Latoya Holloway to SDT Abundant Florence, LLC; $23,500.


  • 308 Forest Oaks Court; from John & Mary Davis to Chad & Angela Vaninger; $90,000.
  • 1104 Lucca Court; from MAR-KELL Group Inc. to Innovation Construction Services, LLC; $32,500.
  • 682 Prato Court; from MAR-KELL Group, Inc. to Innovation COnstruction Services, LLC; $32,500.
  • 7931 N Illinois St.; $32,000.
  • 9 Winter Drive; from Bette A. Ellet, Jody O. Ellet and Connie C. McCoy to Brian Ostendorf and Eleanor Ostendorf; $12,000.
  • 415 S 5th St.; from Jerry C. Simons to Daniel Descher and Kayla Descher; $52,000.
  • 116 Buckington Ct.; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois, LLC to Frank Weber; $289,500.


  • 405 Greenwood Place; from Steven S. Juda to Michael David Randall; $48,500.
  • 105 Highland Place; from Bryan J. Fricke and Kathrine Diane Fricke to Andrea T. Freeman; $88,500.
  • 605 Western Ave.; from Brian A. Griffin and Heena Shah to Daivd A. Granger and Monika Granger; $180,000.
  • 106 Davis Place; from Edward Engelbrecht and Susan Engelbrecht to Carrie Aitchison; $163,500.


  • 46 Kassing Drive; from Mark & Barbara Nicholson to Derek Durbin; $116,000.
  • 4 Londonderry; from Edward Seifert and Shannon Seifert to Robert Lewis Poindexter Jr. and Jennifer Doindexter; $144,500.
  • 6804 Pelham Manor Drive; from Sloan Joshua Kalina to Robert D. Lallish and Nanette K. Lallish; $278,000.
  • 866 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Angela Barnes to Amel Hassan; $209,000.
  • 980 Millikin Drive; from Eric & Karen Reyes to Hollie Thole; $203,000.
  • 9442 Marbarry Drive; from Brent Epplin to Adam K. Delp and Amanda M. Delp; $194,000.
  • 1132 East O’Fallon Drive / Laketop; from Seth M. Lorimer, a/k/a, Seth Morrison Lorimer II and Sarah Stone to Rachael Hanak; $275,000.
  • 24 Roselawn Ave.; from Keith Schwinn to Cassandra Schwinn; $45,000.
  • 310 Marabeth Drive; from Christopher Ulrich to Daniel R. Fuller; $72,500.


  • 1091 Fallowfield Drive; from Robert A. Hill to Diane T. Kampwerth; $185,000.
  • 10921 Upland Terrace Drive; from Jason Ward & Amelia R. Ward to Gary Stevens & Debra Stevens; $127,500.
  • 10961 Fallowfield Drive; from Michelle Prather to Karl W. Gregory & Nacy L. Gregory; $211,500.
  • 412 Bloomfield Court; from CNR Inc. to Jared H. Lamm and Jessica R. Lamm; $196,000.
  • 10965 Sylvan Vista Drive; from CNR Inc. to Jennifer M. Naumann; $208,000.


  • 407 Turquoise Court; from Luke Leslie Williams and Kimdung Thi Williams to Jeremy Reeves and Rachel Reeves; $285,000.
  • 782 Wild Meadow Lane; from Adam M. Braatz & Kathryn L. Braatz to Brett L. Hottenrott & Kristal L. Hottenrott; $225,000.
  • 420 North Lebanon Street; from Robert Brand & Karolyn S. Brand to Cheryl Pence; $85,000.


  • 115 East Washington St.; Jerry W. Sugg and Shirley D. Sugg; $65,000.
  • 420 W Harrison Street; from Anthony K. Jarvis and Jennifer M. Eader to Lawrence L. O’Dell; $129,500.
  • 408 W Harrison Street; from Catherine B. Grandcolas to Carrie M. Friederich; $122,500.


  • 206 Molly Court; from Stephen R. Frisch and Patricia Ann S. Frisch to Eric Van Hook and Laura L. Van Hook; $379,000.
  • 113 Dean Avenue; from Cheryl Gruberman to John Kassly; $45,000.
  • 1101 Edgewood Drive; from Michael H. Mayo and Brianna C. Mayo to David R. Sizemore and Nicole Sizemore; $230,000.
  • 1229 Illini Drive; from Josie Oneika Weigand, Pierre Belanger to Nicholas G. McSpadden and Tiffany M. McSpadden; $208,000.
  • 501 Fairwood Hills Road; from Aaron D. Gibson and Rachel A. Gibson to Randall Brenneman; $225,000.
  • 295 Cloverdale Dr.; from Frank W. Vlcek to Melinda A. French; $170,000.
  • 704 Merrifields Drive; from Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund to Brandon Ralmondi; $265,000.
  • 432 Flagstone Pass Drive (Lot 31 RTR-2A); from Huntington Chase Homes Corporation, an Illinois corporation to Jimmy D. Leist Jr. and Kristina M. Keist; $439,500.
  • 1228 Merriam Parkway; from D & F Contracting, Inc to Michael J. Pelletier and Amanda St. Clare Pelletier; $387,000.
  • 1226 Terrace Green Lane; from Brett E. Newton & Sue Anne Newton to Brett E. Newton & Dorothy M. Newton; $175,000.
  • 1805 Kipper Court; from Harold P. Mueller and Mary Dunn-Mueller to Dennis P. Ryan & Diane S. Ryan; $465,000.
  • 710 North Lincoln Avenue; from Michael S. Buchner and Susan E. Buchner to Jeff Polinsky; $185,000.
  • 772 Merrfields Drive; from Glenn A. Haake and Cindy J. Haake to Jeffrey Markwardt and Andrea Markwardt; $268,000.
  • 1317 Engle Creek Drive; from Richard A. Hair and Jane K. Hair to Damien Prince and Emily A. Staley; $269,000.
  • 1221 Stone Hill Dr.; from McBride Stone Bride, LLC to Adebunmi Adeyinka and Majeed Ojulari; $220,000.
  • 1225 River Birch Drive; from Richard W. Fogg and Judy G. Fogg to Rocky L. Hopper, II and Twyla F. Hopper; $270,000.
  • 1806 Creekview Drive; from Dianna L. McDonald to Debra Gandy; $55,000.
  • 924 Crabapple Lane; from Michael Triplett and April Triplett to Kelly L. Lehman and Shana A. Lehman; $243,000.
  • 925 Thombury Place; from Neal C. Stout and Carolyn J. Stout to Elyssabeth Casteel; $385,500.
  • 1209 Vandunn; from Justin C. Powers and Alicia Powers to Kim M. Curtis; $318,000.


  • 2635 Lauren Lake Drive; from Stimson Construction, Inc. to Michelle Black and Dawn Elser; $36,500.
  • 2225 Grenfield Road; from Ken K. Higashihara and Tomoe Higashihara to Lela A. McFalls; $133,000.
  • 2650 Welsch Drive; from John McWilliams, Jr., and Laura A. McWilliams to Tyler M. Muren and Kathryn R. Muren; $258,000.
  • 3465 Chippewa Drive; from Shiloh Building Group, LLC to McGolden, Inc; $46,500.
  • 4306 Sequoia Place; from George M. Geiger to Reginald Williams and Tracy Williams; $290,000.
  • 807 Oxen Drive; from Vinson Louis Williams to Austin W. Felts; $123,500.


  • 4925 Stoneledge Drive; from Daniel Austin Maham and Mona Maham to Justin K. Maschhoff and Barrie L. Maschhoff; $271,500.
  • 528 Stonefield Drive; from Robin Green Loeffler to Sarah & Steve Hendrickson; $205,000.


  • 212 Woodridge Drive; from Edward Schmitt and Thersa Schmitt to Joshua Asmus; $183,000.
  • 3927 Appaloosa Drive; from Eric & Lizbeth Dean to Ronald Richard Palumbo; $226,500.
  • 9 Melrose Court; from Kenneth & Teresa Robinson to Stephanie & Henry Kennedy; $178,000.
  • 1736 Naughton Way; from Richard & Lori Allison to Keven & Tamara Ward; $257,000.
  • 4075 Redcastle Place; from Martin J. Schmid and Carrie Schmid to Ahmed Salem Mohamed; $413,000.
  • 810 Kendra Ann Drive; from Alan J. Bordon & Tamara L. Bordon to Constance Cueto; $167,000.

Madison County


  • 1707 Muny Vista Dr.; from Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co, Bank of New York Trust Co, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Residential Asset Securities Corp to Daad, Baysoun; $47,500.


  • 112 Gabrielle Circle; from Schreiber Farm LLC to CA Jones Inc., C A Jones Inc; $30,000.
  • 100 S Walnut St.; from Kristina T. Douglas, Charlotte T. Guschl, Nina T. Lawrence to Shawn A. Daly; $122,000.
  • 547 Park Dr.; from Donald E. Clark, Kathy A. Clark, Donald E. Clark Kathy J. Clark Joint Revocable Trust to Jacob Lowry, Tara Lowry; $69,000.
  • 3126 Seiler Rd.; from William D. Maggart, Rebecca Maggart to John Smith; $97,000.


  • 104 Middlegate Ln.; from Derek Norman to Natl Residential Nominee Services Inc, National Residential Nominee Services Inc; $162,500.
  • 2009 Raintree Trail; from Julian Greer to Jaden J. Hodgkins; $150,000.
  • 714 Peachtree Trail; from Wilmington Savings Fund society, Christiana Trust to Gerald Geltz, Jeanne Lynn Geltz; $127,000.
  • 1003 Powell Ave.; from Lyda J. Kleb, Margie A. Decrevel, Margie A. Decrevel Trust to Eula M. Shepherd; $67,000.
  • 545 Norwood Ave.; from Stephanie A. Chrisos, Michael E. Chrisos of First Collinsville Bank; $60,000.
  • 1075 Lafayette; from Bradley C. Anderson, Amanda Anderson to Aunya K. Knox; $65,500.
  • 409 S Combs Ave.; from Marcia L. Fish to Michael Aubrect, Jessica Shafer; $88,000.
  • 1416 Franklin Ave.; from Vicki Lynn Hurst to Paige Tyler Noll; $77,000.


  • 1042 Hillcrest Dr.; from Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, CWABS Inc, Asset Backed Certificates to Kyle Murphy; $83,000.
  • 120 Cedar Ln.; from Nicholas Kamp, Melissa Kamp to John Hirner, Lauren Hirner; $150,000.
  • 806 Willoway Ave.; from Ralph G. Paslay, Marsha K. Paslay to John Stimac, Molly Mchatton; $93,000.


  • 0 Eagles Mount Ln.; from Kevin Huelsmann to Mark Porter; $34,000.
  • 20 Dunlap Cove; from First Collinsville Bank to Jason Hoang, Andrea Hoang; $225,000.
  • 6249 Sworn Ln.; from Solei Dyment, Mark Dyment to Jayson W. Nohl; $385,000.
  • 7835 Sun Ridge Ct.; from Wayne A. Reinneck, Debra A. Renneck to Shane Nance, Christine Nance; $53,000.
  • 1309 St. Louis St.; from Patrick W. Stufflebeam, Stacey D. Stufflebean to Nathan Palmer, Jamie Palmer; $245,000.
  • 223 S Main; from 223 South Main Street Edwardsville LLN, Tow Hundred Twenty Three South Main Street Edwardsville LLC to Gori Properties LLC; $125,000.
  • 517 Franklin Ave.; from Craig M. Kemper, Amanda M. Kemper to Brandon Adair, Danielle Adair; $182,500.
  • 2511 S State Rt 157; from HS157 LLC, HS One Hundred Fifty Seven LLC to Cuttler Apartments LLC; $11,330.


  • 5956 State Rt 162; from Matthew M. Grisoland, John J. Grisoland to Matthew M. Grisoland, Danielle O. Grisoland; $11,330.
  • 112 Fountain Dr.; from Jay D. Churchill, Ruth A. Churchill to Joseph Vithayathil, Rosemarie Vithayathil; $455,000.


  • 2503 Madison Ave.; from James Nonn, Karen Nonn to Brandin Michael Rhodes; $52,500.
  • 36 Eduardo Dr.; from Robert N. Mangoff, Sally J. Mangoff, Mangoff Living Trust to Rhonda Ponder, Bobby Ponder; $108,000.
  • 2445 Lynch; from Michael D. Williamson to Jacqueline Robinson; $122,000.
  • 2317 Cardinal Ave.; from Kevin Kingsley to Joseph M. O Brien, Joseph M. Obrien, Dana O Brien, Dana Obrien; $66,500.
  • 2430 Benton St.; from Viola T. Schmeig to Jacob Logan Rhodes; $37,000.
  • 2122 Hamilton Dr.; from John H. Moutria to Michael Krystopa; $120,000.
  • 5176 Buena St,.; from Nathanial Allen Lyons, Kensey Ann Lyons to Kyle W. Warfield; $100,000.
  • 2312 Clark Ave.; from John W. Dowdy Jr. to Andrea R. Klumpp, Eric R. Klumpp; $42,000.


  • 405 Trotters Dr.; from Gary Brasfield, Heather Braisfield to Nicolas Binkley; $234,000.


  • 108 E 5th St.; from Michael Outman, Kimberly Outman to Taylor Brown; $69,500.


  • 40 Shannon Ct.; from Barbara Coleman, Ronald Coleman Jr. to Scott E. Borror, Melissa L. Borror; $224,000.
  • 3263 White Tail Ct.; from Askew Builders LLC to Gregg A. Lindsey, Jennifer I. Lindsey; $361,500.


  • 1851 Wellington Ln.; from Remington Place LLC to Hartmann Homes LLC; $50,000.


  • 504 Napoleon St.; from James A. Hawkins Jr. to Trent Barringer; $125,500.


  • 1206 Springvalley; from Thomas M. Shea, Nora Roxanne Shea to Keith Forman, Elizabeth Forman; $420,000.
  • 2401 Staunton Rd.; from David E. Peverly, Patricia A. Peverly to Christopher M. Williams, Blanche P. Williams; $339,000.
  • 509 Mary Tr.; from Kevin Byrne, Linda Byrne to Jennifer Zeller, Santiago Garcia; $190,000.
  • 321 Old Homestead Dr.; from Deborah Zimmerman, Stephan Zimmerman to Patrick Versteeg, Brandi Versteeg; $245,000.
  • 505 Lanahan Dr.; from Debra A. Dachsteiner, Terry W. Dachsteiner to David A. Norfleet, Valerie L. Norfleet; $180,000.


  • 201 Whitelaw Ave.; from Eric Spencer, Carolyn Spencer to John Vogler; $55,000.
  • 432 Whitelaw Ave.; from Crissy M. Vandygriff, Crissy M. Ebersohl, Daniel Vandygriff to Matthew Kimbro, Deangela D. Kimbro; $78,500.
  • 570 Wilson Ave.; from David Zimmer to Tyler Springman; $85,000.
  • 320 Conley Ave.; from Verleon L. Jones Jr., Karen S. Jones to April Shade; $57,500.


  • 9680 Lincoln Dr.; from Martin S. Waller to Ryan P. Nolan; $171,000.

Monroe County


  • 444 Micah’s Way; from Barbara A. Jacob, Keith Jacob to Matthew M. Mihelcic, Megan L. Petterman; $242,000.
  • 429 Terry Drive; from Andrew P. Sticht, Christine M. Sticht to Laura Schrubb, Phil Schrubb; $290,000.
  • 3 March Court; from Kelly A. Kearns to Lauren T. Fiss; $228,000.


  • 105 E Harrisonville Dr.; from Brad R. Schweickhardt, Courtney E. Schweickhardt to Lauren Morgan, Tyler Morgan; $154,000.


  • 1207 Castle Green Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC to CA Jones Inc; $42,5000.
  • 2901 Estate Drive; from Susan E. Trust, Susan E. Trust Hezel to JLP Homes LLC; $50,000.
  • 1218 Castle Green Dr.; from CA Jones Inc. to Christopher S. Morris, Sherri L. Morris; $211,945.
  • 302 Columbia Avenue; from Ruth Buettner a revocable trust dated 10/28/2015, Dale G. Rodenberg Trus, Darryl G. Rodenberg Trust to Malina A. Johnson, Terry J. Johnson Jr.; $160,000.
  • 316 S Main St.; from Amanda M. Hicks, Clinton J. Hicks to Sean M. Burke, Katherine M. Rick; $156,500.
  • 314 Ditch’s Run; from Holly Rick to Jay K. Vanatta; $230,000.