Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 1421 Express Drive; from Gary Forsee to Lakeisha White; $80,000.
  • 510 Vicksburg Drive; from April Hampton to Yong Suk Juenger; $55,000.
  • 514 South 21st Street; from Kenneth J. Reed and Dianna Reed to Joshua Riester; $71,000.
  • 1229 North 17th Street Unit 35; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ellen C. Thieleman; $0.
  • 112 Bluegrass Lane; from Gary Wenzel to Juanita Marlow; $115,000.
  • 3008 Blackwood Drive; from Justin K. Maschhoff and Barrie L. Maschhoff to Maddis Fearn; $212,500.
  • 4720 Ruth Street; from Gerald A. Palmisano and Barbara L. Palmisano to Jermaine Howard; $126,500.
  • 15 Belle Crest Drive; from John Justis and Gail Justis to Donna Sumner; $100,000.
  • 718 Emma Street; from Leroy C. Forness to Shane Joellenbeck & Julie Joellenbeck; $48,000.
  • 7 Sherwood Forest; from Rebecca Miller to Kevin M. Murphy; $75,000.
  • 117 Pecan Lane; from Ronald Dippel and Debra Dippel to Jeremy Parker and Kelly Parker; $298,000.
  • 1715 West Belle Street; from Germantown Trust and Savings Bank to Robert Staal; $70,000.
  • 501 N Church Street; from Robert J. Rujawitz and Susan Rujawitz to Steven C. Davis; $75,000.
  • 245 Egret Court; from Kristopher J. Ninnis to Steven & Anna Klucker; $185,000.
  • 3816-3818 North Belt West; from Brad & Daryl Pelc to Shawnee Properties; $30,000.
  • 105 Marmont Circle; from Candice S. Mount to Michael Cerkoski & Deborah Cerkoski; $60;000.
  • 2629 & 2631 Eastview Drive; from Herve Gelin and Sherlyne Gelin to Darrell E. Jones, Jr.; $82,500.
  • 718 Clay Street; from Michael J. Smart to Stacey Shoemaker; $35,000.
  • 1628 Westhaven Drive; from Flora Turner to Sharlette Rodgers; $159,000.
  • 2120 East B Street; from Glenn Wiegmann to Timothy P. Eisele and Tosha D. Eisele; $8,000.
  • 3221 Mill Springs Road; from Daniel & Casey Luizzi to Delisa Sonaram; $112,500.
  • 800 Blue Ridge Drive; from Ron Walls to Jamie D. Palmer & Jennifer Fleming; $129,500.
  • 10 A& B Elm Drive; from Douglas A. Blum & Stephanie M. Blum to MSI Properties, LLC; $59,000.
  • 125 Churchill Drive; from Pingora Loan Servicing, LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, an Officer of the United States of America; $0.
  • 126 Rio Verde Drive; from Dwight A. Perdue & Pamela J. Perdue to Willie Vaughn, Jr. & Shirley Vaughn; $158,000.
  • 22 Concord Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Samantha L. Kuehn; $0.
  • 215 Garden Boulevard; from Matthew Allison to Matthew & Jennifer Reiman; $176,000.
  • 8 Kimberlin Lane; from Linda S. Weck to Brian E. Crawford and Tracy L. Crawford; $133,000.
  • 311 Chapelwood Court; from Klemme Capital Investments LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company to Susan Sarfaty; $8,000.
  • XXX Frank Scott Parkway West; from Foley Park Farms Land Trust W-367 to MED Plaza, LLC, An Illinois Limited Liability Company; $254,500.
  • 105 Whiteside Drive; from Aaron & Amy Kremmel to Linzy & Brenda Laughhunn; $155,000.
  • 128 Villa Drive; from Winfield R. Matsler to David W. Ellis and Tricia L. Ellis; $100,000.
  • 116 Mascoutah Ave.; from Caleb K. Young and Andrea E. Young to Amanda Schlecht; $93,000.
  • 216 North 12th Street, 218 N 12th St.; from Bobby D. Dees and Beverly K. Dees to OPM Land Trust #1; $9,500.
  • 253 River Laurel Drive; from Little A. Tate to Benjamin J. Newton and Ashley M. Newton; $153,000.
  • 236 Brookmanor Court; from David A. Lavine & Angels M. Lavine to Javier Hernandez & Elvia Cabrailes De Hernandez; $165,000.
  • 19 Berkshire Drive; from Homefront Properties and JCS Acquisitions LLC to Jerry Trent Jr.; $54,500.
  • 530 South Douglas Ave.; from Mary and Robert Lam to Nicole Reynolds; $89,000.
  • 2740 Cedar Grove Dr.; from McBride Green Mount Manor, LLC to Vickie D Johnson; $232,000.
  • 2813 Cedar Grove Dr.; from McBride Green Mount Manor, LLC to Brandon J. Neel and Christina C. Neel; $180,000.
  • 3239 Cloverridge Lane; from John E. Ahrens and Jennifer Ahrens to Thomas Wilson; $191,500.
  • 504 S 11th St.; from Betty Ann Nolte and Barbara Kay Polanc to B & D Home Renovations Inc.; $48,000.
  • 3302 Putnam Avenue; from Margaret J. Garner to Elizabeth K. Schaller and Tyler R. Schaller; $72,500.
  • 41 Highwood Road; from James Winston to Brenda Eddington; $32,500.


  • 601 Cooper; from Bluestem Properties, LLC to Armand L. Jr. & Kathleen M. Roversi; $13,000.
  • 1613 Andrews Drive; from Insider’s Cash, LLC to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $15,000.
  • 1154 Smith Street; from Michael W. Eagen and Sondra S. Eagan to American Estate & Trust, LC FBO Linda Capetillo-Cunliffe IRA; $19,000.
  • 1929 Florence Street; from Gary L. Brewer, II to Adam J. Romero and Lindsay R. Romero; $28,500.
  • 18 Marilyn Lane; from Ryan Poelman on behalf of Impala, LLC, a dissolved company to Natasha Chavis; $14,000.
  • 9 Gloria Street; from Walter M. Hunter, Surviving joint tenant of Iris J. Hunter, deceased to Marco Rogers; $5,000.


  • 702 Bethel Mine Rd.; from Susan E. Goodman to Alan J. Holton, Jr. and Kimberly Jenschke; $155,000.
  • 205 E O’Fallon Dr.; from James L. Sherrell and Leticia H. Sherrell to Joann Meyer; $112,000.
  • 311 Center Dr.; from Bruce E. Carter and Maggie Jo Carter to Justin R. Palmer; $81,500.
  • 605 South 5th Street; from Cheryl L. Taylor to Gary P. Roesch and Tanya M. Nash; $127,000.
  • 7965 Laurel Flats Drive; from CA Jones, Inc. by Michael Needles, Sale Manager to Matthew and Sarah VanDenBossche; $205,000.
  • 662 Hill Road; from Kristina Winkelman to Dawn Osborne; $31,000.
  • 14 Orchard Lane; from Jake Tenberge to Susan Walizer; $128,000.
  • 8822 Sterling Place; from Sammy Shafer and Tammy L. Shafer to Anna L. Gramc and William A. Gramc; $48,000.
  • 212 Oliver Street; from The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Vicki L. Jackson; $0.
  • 7960 Laurel Flats Drive; from Metro Homes LLC to Alexis Schaller; $170,000.


  • 12 Grandview Drive; from Isaac J. Hatton and Gabrielle M. Hatton to Matthew Thaxton; $115,000.
  • 102 Echo Valley; from Jose R. Alcantara and Shannon Alcantara to Earl J. Burton; $130,000.
  • 803 Carl St.; from Shawn E. Kueker and Shayna Kueker to Mark Edwards and Natalie Bialozynski; $145,000.
  • 916 Southwind Court; from Matthew Blankenship & Melissa M. Blankenship to Kelly Marie Stone; $157,000.
  • 109 Echo Valley Drive; from Paul F. Reed and Carol S. Reed to Charles R. Simon; $149,500.
  • 212 Coral Drive; from David A. Forth and Elizabeth Forth to Joshua C. Tipton and Ashley Tipton; $185,500.
  • 2 Lavadna Court; from Charles Kaemmerer to Jacob W. Baird; $153,000.


  • 721 Prairie Dupont Drive; from Illinois Becknell Investors 2011 LLC to Ratteree Investments LLC; $6,694,500.
  • 109 N 5th Street; from Mary J. Fischer to Gregory L. Ramires and Margaret Ramires; $23,500.
  • 4016 Elm Avenue; from Susan Wilson and Christina Hagnauer to Kaylon List; $165,000.
  • 117 Richard Ave.; from Betty J. Howard to Brian P. Baumeister; $58,000.
  • 217 Kroeger St.; from Wells Fargo Financial Illinois, Inc. to Mark Mantese; $32,000.


  • 2407 Old State Route 3; from Carl D. and Loretta B. Gold to Jeffrey J. Parks; $77,000.


  • 1323 Richard Drive; from SG Capital Partners, LLC to The Dexter Group Trust; $18,500.
  • 5606 Westmoreland; from SG Capital Partners, LLC to The Dexter Group Trust; $22,000.
  • 1279 Kansas Avenue; from Rebecca Holmes to Timothy L. Wright Sr.; $25,000.
  • 500 North 50th Street; from Rosemary Robinson to TRIO Home Investments, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company; $20,000.
  • 1103 Quebec Drive; from Chudney R. Thomas, Tammy L. Johnson, and Timothy G. Thomas by Chudney R. Thomas, Attorney In Fact to Marcia L. Vaughn; $38,000.


  • 5434 Baylor Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Esau Edwards and Kimmi Williams; $0.
  • 9850 Old Lincoln Trail; from Justin & Jamie Gouch to Michael Smith; $122,500.
  • 1 Woodview Drive; from Scott R. Kloess & Artemis Kloess to Jeffrey Blair & Sara Blair; $90,000.
  • 110 Oxford Ave.; from Midland States Bank to Allan E. Ward; $142,500.
  • 7426 Timberwolf Trail; from Evan C. Hinds to Matelyn Buhrow and Jacob Buhrow; $263,000.
  • 14 Broadstone Drive; from Bradley Harr and Kathryn Harr to Ingrid Shelton-Williams and Andre T. Williams, Sr.; $177,500.
  • 111 Mark Drive; from Edward Frawley Sr. & Edward Frawley Jr. to Elaine Etheridge; $103,000.
  • 58 Broadstone Drive; from Matthew & Natalie Lanctot to Tiffany Patton; $179,000.
  • 9936 South Road; from Estate of Carolyn M. Gough to Amy Moses; $68,500.
  • 18 Monticello Place; from Ronald E. Collins and Bettina Collins to Adam L. Ruiz and Amanda J. Ruiz; $114,000.
  • 6403 N Illinois Street; from PAC Timberline, LLC to Fairview Heights LM Properties, LLC; $4,755,000.
  • 7434 Timberpoint Court; from Matha K. Kosten to Tang Living Trust, dated March 6, 1997; $292,000.351 Jubaka Drive; from Troy and Jennefer Mefferd to John A. Flick; $285,000.
  • 417 Liberty Drive; from Hasenstab Houses to Nicholas & Megan Cerentano; $87,500.
  • 100 Winchester Pl.; from Winchester Place, LLC to St Clair County, Illinois; $0.
  • 13 Clark Drive; from William M. Jackson and Brittni R. Jackson to Kevin B. Isaac; $185,000.
  • 4208 Highland Road; from Maurice K. Sewell and Shannon L. Sewell to Daryl M. Whitlow and Amy R. Whitlow; $183,000.
  • 712 C Harbor Woods Drive; from Gene E. Antiporda and Anna L. Antiporda to Michael E. Vogt; $100,000.
  • 717 Tower Grove Apt A; from Jeff Creek and Kayla Creek to Jean Cavallaro and Augustus Simonelli; $96,000.
  • 124 Joseph Drive; from Jason C. Rodich and Ashley Rodich to Stephen D. Irving; $108,000.


  • 5th Street; from Marjorie Ernst, Carrie S. Middendorf and Lisa A. Biermann to Deli Star Inc.; $25,000.


  • 216 Alamosa Drive; from Justin & Morgan Belding to Loraine & Ruth Quirin; $752,000.
  • 641 Old Fayetteville Road; from Robert A. Harris & Shelley A. Harris to Meagan E. Graul; $320,000.
  • 213 Alamosa Drive; from Diane C. Alt to Nick Fonti & Pamela Fonti; $115,000.
  • 12 Park Street; from Kevin L. Abell to Kenneth W. and Janice K. Benton; $157,000.
  • 211 Alamosa Drive; from Delores Danz to Alan C. Banks; $127,000.
  • 107 South Cherry Street; from Matthew & Sherri Tadlock to Barry & Linda Billings; $50,000.
  • 206 N Cherry Street; from Sarah Gagen f/k/a Sarah Stephens and Judith Stephens to Michael G. Flake and Sandra Flake; $130,000.
  • 218 Alamosa Drive; from Tom Pajares and Connie S. Pajares to Ronald Clarence Yeager and Marilyn Kay Yeager; $142,500.
  • 10 Southgate Center; from Raymond and Doris Danford to Freeburg Rentals Limited Liability Company; $750,000.
  • 129 Tall Maple Ct.; from John T. Harryman and Carrie L. Harryman to Tomas A. Rogers and Tamara D. Thouvenot; $43,000.
  • 133 Tall Maple Court; from John T. Harryman and Carrie L. Harryman to Gregory Oldaker; $299,000.
  • 3904 State Route 15; from Renee & Mathew Moeckel to Wilma Abernathy; $142,000.
  • 5456 Barber Lane; from Nick Fonti and Pamela Lee Fonti to Andrew R. Eckert and Cassandra F. Eckert; $390,000.


  • 304 West Main Street; from Paula Dawson to Gary & Anacleta Steffen; $147,500.
  • 10 St.Joseph Drive; from Christopher C. Carrier and Stephanie A. Carrier to Daniel R. Trapp and Arlena Trapp; $225,000.
  • 1321 Weil Road; from SMR, LLC to Phillip A. Roberts and Jonell K. Roberts; $570,000.
  • 517 Shady Lane; from Raymond E. Butler and Shari J. Butler to Larry J. Chodzko and Ruth Chodzko; $417,000.
  • 302 Meyer; from Larry J. Chodzko and Ruth E. Chodzko to Bill C. Jeffreys and Patricia Jeffreys; $210,000.
  • 114 North Madison; from Daniel Pier to D.E. Martin Roofing Co. Inc.; $45,000.


  • 1143 Illiniwek Drive; from AKS Developments, LLC to Kappert Construction Co., Inc.; $96,000.
  • 7301 Woodland School Road; from Allana M. Nollau to Shane & Kimberly Nallau; $50,000.
  • 1101 Lear Lane; from David & Brooke Lorig to Geoffrey & Ashley McLeod; $233,000.
  • 9654 Quapaw Court; from Kappert Construction to Brandon and Katherine Corbin; $358,500.
  • 420 Wilderness Way; from Michael R. Nicklow and Melanie A. Nicklow to William B. Bridges and Kristin N. Bridges; $179,000.
  • 906 Dere Bere Drive; from Midwest Housing, LLC to Eric G. Smith and Brandi Smith; $216,500.
  • 607 West State Street; from Sandra Beam to Reid Ritzheimer; $90,000.
  • 367 Falling Leaf Way; from Daniel J. Tirado and Margo A. Tirado to Tyler Rubach and Megan Rubach; $140,000.
  • 738 Moorland Circle; from Dave Mendez to Kris Robert Campbell and Jennifer Lynn Campbell; $236,000.
  • 2 Fox Run; from Carolyn A. Taube to Joel M. Veres; $168,000.
  • 551 Redstone Court; from Erik V. Taube and Carolyn A. Taube; $265,000.
  • 636 Fallen Timber Lane; from Nicholas Salazar & Dianna S. Salazar to Donald M. Koval & Kelly J. Koval; $192,500.


  • 3 Greenfield Drive; from Donna Betancourt to Kent and Deborah Scharf; $162,000.
  • 402 West Oak Street; from Fireball 1960 LLC 1, An Illinois Limited Liability Company to Anthony Klotz and Jacqueline Klotz; $135,000.
  • 1025 East Washington Street; from Robert J. Davis, Fr & Kari Ann Davis to Carrie L. Roider; $511,000.
  • 3301 Village Green Court; from Ginny Minnigerode to James & Jennifer Watkins; $180,000.
  • 7830 Wagner Road; from Barbara G. Hubbs to Joseph S. Nephew and Kimberly A. Stearns; $215,000.
  • 1069 E Washington Street; from JLP Homes LLC to Katie J. Underwood and Darell E. Chamberlain, Jr.; $345,500.
  • Legion Drive; from June E. Hankammer Grebing to The Board of Library Trustees of the Village of Millstadt; $0.


  • 7720 State Rte 156; from Jarrod E. Pochynok and Chelsey C. Pochynok to Courtney Mane Gallagher and Cane Jean Gallagher; $125,000.
  • Nuernberger Road; from Victor V. Nuernberger to Paul E. Bickel; $145,000.
  • 706 South East Street; from David & Jill Carr to Andrew Green & Lora Brown; $184,000.
  • 400 North Market Street; from Andrew Green to Katie A. Phillips; $77,500.


  • 801 Meadowlark; from Saquiba HAQ to Phillip Fiudo and Teresa Fiudo; $179,000.
  • 5045 Bristol Hill; from Shawn Wright and Angela Wright to Kyle M. Lafrence and Taylor J. Lafrence; $263,000.
  • 21 Brandonwood Drive; from Justin M. Kwiatkowski and Kelley M. Kwiatkows to Reynaldo Mendoza and Kelly Mendoza; $240,000.
  • 1304 Pucketts Point (Lot 19 RTR 2A); from Huntington Chase Homes Corporation, an Illinois corporation to Nicolas Fuehne and Lyndsie Fuehne; $327,500.
  • 903 Reiss Road; from Frank A D’Angelo, Jr. to Meghann Talkington and Emmett Talkington; $215,000.
  • 104 East Jefferson Street; from Anthony M. Crowe to Eric & Brittany Berry; $150,000.
  • 339 Vermillion Drive; from Raymond A. Manipole to Donald Mana Jr.; $150,000.
  • 605 Thoreau Drive; from Douglas A. Wood and Laune A. Wood to Brandon R. Hileman and Kara M. Hileman; $350,000.
  • 901 Thornbury Place; from Jeffrey M. Smith and Teresa L. Smith to Brian R. Baldus and Kimberly AL Baldus; $400,000.
  • 161 Regal Court; from Ellen Hall to Amy Moss and Jimmy Moss; $577,500.
  • 5005 Bristol Hill Drive; from Sloan J. Cox and Bethany S. Albecker to Virgil V. Steele and Alicia L. Steele; $290,000.
  • 1217 Walsman Court; from Neil Kurtz to Andrea Coan; $254,000.
  • 1410 Blackberry Lane; from Jeremy S. Horton and Nikita A. Horton to Dione Turner; $192,000.
  • 339 Moultne Lane; from David Flerra and Olivia Flerra to Patrick Hillman and Kathryn L. Hillman; $185,000.
  • 211 Derrick Dr.; from Joey A. Henson to HCV LLC, Park Place O’Fallon Series; $162,000.
  • 164 Jacks Bend; from Bethel Ridge Farms LLC to Malia McDermott; $718,500.
  • 818 Emerald Green Drive; from Nicholas Espolt & Andrea C. Mouser to Steven P. Richardson & Sarah B. Richardson; $150,000.
  • 5124 Wesleyan Drive; from Steven P. Richardson & Sarah B. Richardson to Nicholas V. Espolt & Andrea C. Mouser; $273,000.
  • 331 Dennison Drive; from Nancy and Jess Reeson to Sean and Adrien Finnan; $275,000.
  • 934 Northridge Court; from Kenneth Harsin to Jason & Lisa White; $215,000.
  • 806 Powell Drive; from Kayla Loehring N/K/A Kayla Rosenberg to Kathryn Mertzke; $21,000.
  • 617 Eric’s Run Drive; from Nicholas Mergen & Amanda Mergen to Kyle Hutton & Alyssa Hutton; $260,000.
  • 11 Brandonwood Drive; from John L. Schwarz & Candice R. Schwarz to Chad J. Schwarz; $510,000.
  • 1785 Bentwater Lane; from Gregory Oneal and Michelle G. Oneal to Willie Vaughn Jr., and Shirley L. Vaughn; $378,500.
  • 216 West 5th Street; from Michael and Jessica Toth to Arjan and Adriana Van Ham; $132,500.
  • 504 E Jefferson St.; from Linda Macke, James Pfeiffer, John Pfeiffer and William Pfeiffer to William J. Pfeiffer; $60,000.
  • 631 Shamrock Drive; from Edward Boyle and Dawn C. Boyle to Gary Landoll and Lon Landoll; $221,000.
  • 411 Vancroft Place; from Barnes Properties, Inc.; George M. Clay and Harriett H.L. Clay; $222,500.
  • 298 Kings Ridge Boulevard; from William G. Diessner and Wendy C. Diessner to Michael W. Callan; $381,000.
  • 1575 North Parc Grove Court; from Brent M. Kolves and Sadie Shaw-Kolves to Brian Johns; $236,000.
  • 1543 North Parc Grove Court; from New Tradition Homes LLC, An Illinois Limited Liability Company to Anitra McIntyre; $241,000.
  • 1420 Winchester Grove Court; from Kappert Construction Co., Inc. to Melvin E. Cochran, Jr.; $295,000.
  • 109 East Monroe Street; from Vernon Obernuefemann to Ricky L. Collier; $157,500.
  • 108 Brookside Drive; from Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC; $27,500.
  • 505 Dickinson Drive; from D & F Contracting, Inc. to Sherria Wilborn; $324,500.
  • 1044 Richland Park Dr.; from McBride Stone Bridge, LLC to Catherine I. Robinson-Jones; $270,000.
  • 172 Eagle Ridge; from Alberta J. Brown to Brandon N. Brinkmann; $66,000.
  • 170 Summerlin Ridge; from Gerald W. Nowak and Barbara Stauder to Richard Baker; $275,000.
  • 512 Ingleside Lane; from Ryan and Emily Wong to David and Margaret Ingebretsen; $450,000.
  • 6821 Norfolk Way; from Innovation Construction Services, LLC to Camelita D. Davis; $220,000.
  • 303 Derrick Drive; from Dorothy and Mark Wood to Terri Halvachs; $176,000.


  • 112 Eden Park; from Anthony J. Caparella and Melissa C. Caparella to Yazan Abu Owaider and Mayyada Saleh; $305,000.
  • 939 Dunberry Drive; from Craig S. DeBoer and Victoria J. Deboer to Ball Family Living Trust dated May 19, 2000; $110,000.
  • 111 Harbor Pointe; from Jason Prosser to Patrick W. Burke and Amanda S. Burke; $217,000.
  • 102 Rasp Street; from Jason Portz and Dawn Portz to Adam Schwoebel; $175,000.
  • 104 Penny Lane; from Dwight Dettmann to Jorden Simons; $145,000.
  • 1400 Weller Drive; from Alison L. Mark and Joseph R. Mark to Ricardo Perez; $193,000.
  • 3413 Magena Court; from New Tradition Homes, LLC, An Illinois Limited Liability Company to Michael J. Aaron and Annquarnette L. Aaron; $320,500.
  • 3414 Chipppewa Dr.; from Charles F. Vatterott Construction Co., A Missouri Corporation to Robert Jones and Sylvia Johnson Jones; $281,000.
  • 2629 Beacon Point Court; from Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company to Christopher M. Dukes and Heather A. Dukes; $214,000.
  • 2406 Coniferous Drive; from David P. Dunlap to Kurt Y. Melder; $161,000.
  • 2224 Calgary Drive; from JEA Investments LLC to Rita Henning; $123,000.
  • 2222 Calgary Drive; from JEA Investments LLC to Heather Kirkpatrick; $115,500.
  • 2633 Westinghouse Drive; from Calvin and Tracey Brown to Lamont and Jennifer Haynes; $245,500.
  • 1331 Shiloh Station Road; from Norman Wilke and Dorothy Wilke to Matthew Wilke and Katie Spano; $335,500.


  • State Rt 159 (Douglas Rd); from Karen J. Jackson to Julie L. Reifschneider; $21,500.
  • 5622 Stone Villa Drive; form Richard and Erin Gregory to David Wombacher and Emily Lopez; $198,000.


  • 16 Roclare Drive; from Henry Ward to Aaron Spargur & Erin Birkner; $107,000.
  • 1011 Roan Ct; from Steven L. Simpson and Debra S. Simpson to Daniel J. Kenemore and Elizabeth M. Kenemore; $237,500.
  • 512 Westwick Court; from Robert Williard and Theresa Williard to Kevin King and Katherine A. King; $227,000.
  • 220 Lake Lorraine Drive; from Gary Lanter and Elizabeth Lanter to Steven Harrill and Jennifer M. Harrill; $228;000.
  • 236 Adam Drive; from Craig & Joan Mentzer to Kyle Bujnak; $188,000.
  • 30 Viburnum Drive; from Daniel Baird and Tiffany Baird to Robert D. Lam and Mary E. Lam; $167,000.
  • 512 Green Haven Drive; from Corey Alberson and Shana Evans N/K/A Shana Alberson to Angela J. Staub and Deborah Staub; $158,000.


  • Buss Branch Road; from Amanda Shinn to Brian J. Glauber; $26,000.

Madison County


  • 4338 Brucene; from JD Real Property LLC to Daniel W. Black, Lisa M. Black; $117,000.
  • 14 Courtesy Ln.; from Donna R. Stecher, Donna R. Hedin, Shannon Hedin to Adam Scannell; $127,000.
  • 4432 Wedgewood Dr.; from Danny E. Jouett, Luann Kay Jouett Elmore, Luann Kay Jouett, Luann Kay Elmore, Jolen Jouett Mermis, Jolene Jouett, Jolene Mermis, Harold E Jouett to Jarrod Taylor Mermin, Jessica Rachel Mernis; $119,000.


  • 464 Sheridan St.; from Fallon Overmeyer, Cheri Overmeyer to Gwedolyn Prough, $46,000.
  • 411 Williams St.; from Kevin S. Taylor to Debra Smith; $75,000.
  • 347 Mill St.; from Jeremy J. Watters, Katlein L. Watters to Ashley McBride; $92,000.


  • 717 Summit Ave.; from Corey M. Johnston, Andrea J. Johnston to Jeff C. Henry, Laura Himstedt; $132,500.
  • 7 Chapel Ct.; from James G. Loyet, Juanita B. Loyet to Corey Johnston, Andrea Johnston; $131,500.
  • 302 Goethe Ave.; from Nathan A. Sander, Sacha N. Sander to Corey Martin; $127,000.
  • 119 W Wicklife Ave.; from Shane A. Morgan, Shannon D. Morgan to Koty Whitaker, Christy R. Whitaker; $100,000.
  • 3 Bliss Terrace; from Thomas J. Coppotelli, Shameem Coppotelli, Shameem Clement to Thomas J. Coppotelli, Shameem Coppotelli; $11,330.
  • 105 Westmoreland St.; from Dolores I. Urkewich to Shane Morgan, Shannon Morgan; $190,000.


  • 602 Florida Dr.; from Vicki L. Stroud, Ronald E. Stroud to Brian Wiseman, Kristina Deann Horner; $142,000.


  • 7940 Green Hedge Rd.; from Terry Fagan, Mary Ann Fagan to Wayne Reinneck, Debbie Reinneck; $50,000.
  • 3750 Cabernet Ln.; from Daniel W. Oleary, Rosemary F. Oleary, Daniel W. O Leary, Rosemary F. O Leary, Daniel W. Oleary, Rosemary F. Oleary, Oleary Family Trust, Restated Oleary Family Trust, Restated O Leary Family Trust; $8,000.
  • 1332 Gerber Woods Dr.; from Kent F. Custer, Beth McClurken Custer, Beth McClurken to Beth Buster, Mary P. Cusack; $290,000.
  • 117 Franklin Ave.; from Bruce Gerstenecker, Connie Gerstenecker to Megan Murphy; $110,000.
  • 1904 Cornell Ave.; from Katherine M. Bouman to Shana Michelle Knight; $132,500.
  • 604 Montclaire Ave.; from Anthony J. Bobrowski, Susan K. Bobrowski to Alexander Will; $122,000.
  • 1216 Oakland Ave.; from Dwane J. Ross to Tamara Grammer, Richard Grodeon; $189,000.
  • 3426 Wilderness Dr.; from Jason E. Bradley, Marie A. Bradley to Rebecca Suzzane Sarabia; $292,000.
  • 127 Hollyhock Ln.; from Henry R. Burge, Wendy A. Bruge to Mark McWhorter, Shannon McWhorter; $295,000.
  • 3430 Manassas Dr.; from Kevin Merkel, Dianne Merkel to Thomas Taylor, Jessica Taylor; $305,000.
  • 2314 Monticello Place; from Robert W. Anderson, Elain T. Anderson to Jason Bradley, Marie Bradley; $375,000.
  • 417 W Lake Dr.; from Ladimire J. Aubrecht Jr., Ladimir J. Aubtrcht Jr. Declaration of Trust, Shirley J. Aubrecht, Shirley J. Aubrecht Declaration of Trust to Patricia R. Cheatham; $410,000.


  • 207 Smola Woods Ct.; from C N Properties LLC to James S. Smith Jr., Megan E. Smith; $299,000.
  • 112 Bayfield Dr.; from Aaron K. Fries, Danielle N. Fries, $198,000.
  • 119 Oakshire Dr W; from D. Gawain Piper, Gawain Piper to Donald J. Conoyer, Sarah J. Conoyer; $341,500.
  • 14 Paddock; from Robert W. Barrett, Zachary W. Barrett to Anna Fagan; $106,000.
  • 108 Walden Dr.; from Spencer Homes LLC to Michael Jones, Stephanie Jones; $573,000.
  • 16 Foreman Dr.; from Thomas Cook, Bethany Cook to Jaquan J. Vassel, Chloe P. Vassel; $180,000.


  • 2608 Eau Claire Ave.; from Nikole L. Bowen, Nikole L. McKeever to Ryan Govreau, Kara Govreau; $124,000.
  • 5300 Englewood; from Wayne Lester, Mary E. Lester to Emmy Lou Cole; $97,000.


  • 3217 Rodger Ave.; from Caleb Davis, Matthew Fingerhut to Christy Dima, Antonio Dima Jr.; $70,000.
  • 2961 Iowa St.; from Kenneth Johnson, Ledonna Johnson to Kimberly Arguelles; $32,500.
  • 2511 Iowa St.; from Lester E. Thompson Jr., Karen L. Thompson to Bryan Ray Kemp; $41,000.
  • 6 Charlestown, Circle; from Charles R. Enzwiler, Donna Marie Enzwiler to Kyle Penrod; $496,500.
  • 2320 Arnold Dr.; from Michael J. Wurster, Dena Sulieman, Dena Wuster to Matthew Wright, Jamie Wright; $135,000.
  • 34 Wilson Park Dr.; from Milburn Kurt Gardner, Leigh Ann Gardner to Braxton Berlin, Brooke Berlin; $47,000.
  • 2455 Waterman Ave.; from Jennifer Maxfield, Jason Maxfield to Terri Schmidt; $129,000.


  • 330 Nottingham Ln.; from Sherri K. Geiger to Scott Alan Schmitt, Pamela Lynette Koch; $173,000.
  • 2412 W Lake Dr.; from Allen K. Miller, Pansy Yen Ping Miller, Pansy Yen Ping, Pansy Yen Miller to Stephanie Grant; $143,000.
  • 13329 Fawn Creek Rd.; from Mark Vollmer Construction Inc. to Steven M. Mancinas, Kathleen S. Mancinas; $245,000.
  • 1323 Laura St.; from Tara Thole to Stevent Mifflin; $95,000.
  • 330 Kingsbury Ct.; from Tyler L. Rueter, Jessica L. Rueter to Shane N. Taylor, Ariana V. Taylor; $200,000.
  • 801 9th St.; from Jennifer Libbra, Jennifer Flath to Mindy M. Casto, Brett Castro; $150,000.
  • 90 Arbor Crest; from Arlen L. Baker, Barbara S. Baker to Tiffany Waters; $168,000.


  • 923 Virginia Dr.; from Jeffrey D. Cagle, Devina C. Cagle to John Z. Langdon, Marissa Langdon; $274,500.


  • 1025 Robert Dr.; from Janice E. Ashbrooke, John M. Ashbrook to Richard N. Hays; $205,000.
  • 34 Oak Leaf Dr.; from Bart G. Miller to Natalie L. Miller to Kirk William Krumpp, Jacqueline Kelly Krumpp; $260,000.
  • 12 Annebrair Dr.; from Lorrie Faye Cook to David T. Meyer, Mary I. Meyer; $225,000.


  • 141 N Main St.; from Daniel L. Allen, Jana C. Allens to Sarah Kirkpatrick; $162,000.


  • 4601 Lauren Dr.; from Justin M. Bolk to Nicholas Richard Dale Howard; $28,000.


  • 206 E Thorp St.; from John Zak Langdon, Marissa A. Langdon to Kristin K. Courtney; $155,000.
  • 26 Wheat Dr.; from Curt Hoppes to Mark A. Keller, Charity Hope Keller; $235,000.
  • 2 Glenwood Ct.; from Michael J. Laplant, Barbara A. Laplant to Thomas L. Williams, Laina J. Williams; $243,000.


  • 115 Linton St.; from Brian Holmes, Brian Holmes, Tanya Holmes, Tanya Fox to Zayne Sanson, Kendra Sanson; $129,000.
  • 3410 Oak Dr.; from Fulford Homes RHT LLC to Timothy M. Plummer, Ashley Plummer; $236,500.
  • 111 Crestview; from Dean E. Sweet, Judith A. Sweet to Dylan D. Frillman, Shelby N. Hall; $155,000.
  • 530 Wilson Ave.; from David J. Zimmer, Christine Zimmer to Adam K. Dooling; $85,000.
  • 1409 Main St.; from Michael McFarland, Lynn M. McFarland to Justin Dunlap, Renee Arlene Dunlap; $120,000.


  • 407 E Donnewald St.; from Julie Striplin to Mackenzie O’Malley, Mackenzie Omally; $142,000.

Monroe County


  • 145 Adam Lane; from Monroe Homes INC to Joshua & Stephanie Gaffney; $318,000.
  • 625 Valley Drive; from Vicky Schlemmer to David Madlinger; $200,000.
  • 12 Fieldcrest Drive; from Rodney Fults to Christopher A. Bailey; $156,000.
  • 203 W Washington St.; from Alan J. Holden & Crista S. Maul to WOM LLC; $88,000.
  • 3309 Autumn Ridge; from Wessel Farm Estates LLC to JLP Homes LLC; $42,500.
  • 513 N Kaempfe St.; from Timothy F. Walsh to Jill F. & Scott D. Hempen; $107,500.


  • 2957 Grant Road; from John T. & Leliah A. Baxter to Brian S. Veath Sr.; $265,000.


  • 6469 S Ronnie Drive; from Timothy Winkelmann to Katherine C. Rader; $128,500.
  • 404 Wedgewood Drive; from Brian S. & Renee A. Veath to Charles A. Hurt Jr. & Charles B. Hurt; $228,000.
  • 1527 Jamie Lane; $232,000.
  • 838 Ridge Road; from Dawn R. & Jason E. Goff to Breeyn N. & Daniel G. Lane; $66,500.
  • 1219 Castle Green Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC to CA Jones INC; $42,500.
  • 413 Walnut Street; from Jeannette H. Gerber to Kindra Kemp & Anthony Nichols; $122,500.
  • 1120 Maplewood Lane; from Alice M. & David M. Modglin to Macey A. Roarty; $162,000.
  • 920 Alecia Drive; from Norman L. Roy to Kimberly G. & Mitchell G. Haller; $215,000.
  • 3058 HH Road; from Ervin Wayne Sweet to Darral G. & Lisa D. Heaton; $295,000.
  • 1331 Summerfield Drive; from Rebecca C. & Ronnie D. Dunker to Joan T. & Michael E. Schreder; $228,000.
  • 1030 Gilmore Lake Road; from Bonnie S. Ramsey to Matthew J. Ramsey; $148,500.