Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 1618 Colfax Court; from Kathryn & Andrew Lawrence to Gary & Mary Blome; $266,000.
  • 1228 State Street Road; from Daniel Haskenhoff to Brian Schield; $113,500.
  • 1717 LaSalle Street; from Jon B. Bagby and Allison C. Bagby to Thomas L. Huber and Hannah N. Schnellbecher; $55,000.
  • 133 Montrose Court; from Brian M. Bushong and Christine M. Bushong to Jason W. Gamble and Vina Gamble; $228,500.
  • 615-617 Oxen Drive; from Bouse Properties LLC, An Illinois Limited Liability Company to NJS Metro Properties LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company; $121,000.
  • 614-616 Oxen Drive; from Bouse Properties LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company to NJS Metro Properties LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company; $121,000.
  • 9829 Olympia Dr.; from Donald Dennigmann to Trio Home Investments, LLC; $15,000.
  • 714 West Lincoln; from Philip Tegtmeier to Three Red Towers, LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability Company; $42,000.
  • 34 Chadwick Drive; from Ruth A. Mabry to Thomas M. Mabry and Mary D. Halwachs; $80,000.
  • 1004 Clearview Drive; from Brian O’Connor and Jennifer O’Connor to Heather Hammett; $82,000.
  • 1 Locust Drive; from James T. Pratt, III to Chad H. Doyle; $65,000.
  • 105 S Virginia Avenue; from Theodore J. Hoeffken and Patricia M. Hoeffken to Erica McCrary; $130,000.
  • 5920 North Belt West; from Stephen & Katy Mate to Patrick Killbreath; $82,500.
  • 2940 West Main Street; from Elder Care Matters LLC to Clint Forsythe; $45,000.
  • 3000 West Main Street; from Law Office of Greater Saint Louis LLC to Clint Forsythe; $5,000.
  • 524 W Morgan St.; from David C. Bassler and Janice M. Bassler to John A. Burns and Debra L. Burns; $20,000.
  • 1614 Berkley Lane; from Donald Rector to Elise Morris; $59,000.
  • 1630 Progress Lane; Nazmi Nabulsi; $0.
  • 1005 B Cool Valley Drive; from Rebecca M. Gunter to Linden Living Trust; $80,000.
  • 2944 Harvest Meadow Drive; from David Dickey and Kristina Caruso to James D. Lee and Dawn Lee; $199,000.
  • 2413 Antiquity Lane; from Community Bank of Trenton to Rollingbrook Properties, LLC; $31,000.
  • 2101 East B Street; from Douglas Leveling to Steven Mueller; $132,000.
  • 113 Berkshire Drive; from Jason & Jennifer Compton to Zachary Burden; $133,500.
  • 6317 Heritage Station Road; from James Demos & Irene Dixon to Robert Gross; $135,000.
  • 2560 Mascoutah Ave.; from Farm Credit Illinois FLCA to FYP Property Management LLC; $289,000.
  • 3920 Centreville Avenue; from Geraldine A. Wild to Micheal J. Smallwood and Meghan R. Smallwood; $145,000.
  • 12 Impala Court; from Roger Roddy & Ellen Nowak-Roddy to Tyler Morse; $115,000.
  • 201 Wabash Avenue; from Timothy & Jean Haider to Sean & Gina Hall; $114,500.
  • 1014 Olive Street; from Peter Deschene to Nichole & Christopher Hettenhausen; $122,000.
  • 6923 West C Street; from Zeno Birkner to Lynn Toorigian; $80,000.
  • 327 Oak Hill Drive; from James E. Canning, Jr. and Julianne Canning to Derek W. Betz and Kelly Betz; $390,000.
  • 2 Sierra Drive, 42 St., George Drive; from Vollmer Realty, Inc. to Green Door Apartment, LLC; $385,000.
  • 7 Starlite Hills Drive; from Michael Troy to Davianne N. Kirk; $160,000.
  • 701 Santa Anna Court; from New Tradition Homes, LLC to Thomas H. Robacker and Donna A. Robacker; $280,000.
  • 901 East B Street; from Carolyn B. Metze to Joshua Marcel Johnson; $76,500.
  • 15 Towne Hall Estates Drive; from Brian & Lindsay Rapini to Michael Borkowski & Carrie Abernathy; $310,000.
  • 3004 Harvest Meadow Drive; from Clyde C. Gowdy, II and Christina L. Gowdy to Christopher Scott and Shannon Scott; $210,000.
  • 205 Rio Verde Drive; from Kevin Sicka and Nicole Sicka to Debra Hayes; $137,500.
  • 59 Country Club Place; from Edwin H. Callison, Jr. and Allyson B. Callison to Jeffrey B. Uhl and Linda L. Uhl; $450,000.
  • 3711 Little Flower Lane; from Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Case #132-273700 to Harry James Adams; $0.


  • 33 School Street; from Crystal Dixon to Kenneth J. Mohre, III and Sara J. Mohre; $40,000.
  • 701 St. Barbara Lane; from Andre L. Johnson to Ryan J. Goldman; $25,000.
  • 1105 St. Rose Lane; from Caslterock REO 2, LLC to Jerry E. Mitchell; $8,000.
  • 1160 Halloran Street; from Michael and Heather Taylor to Vynadrian R. Kidd; $38,000.
  • 15 Westwood Drive; from JMR Holdings, LLC to Maria Yue Wat Ho Wu and Jacob Tse; $40,000.
  • 712 Saint Monica Drive; from JMR Holding, LLC to Rosa Ho; $38,000.
  • 230 W Fourth Street; from Tammy Montine NKA Tammy Szwabo to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $12,000.


  • 1234 Pin Oak Lane; from Jeffrey & Bryan Gamblin Etal to Donna Heatherly & Vernon Obernuefemann; $180,00.
  • 994 S Main Street; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mark Mikulay; $0.


  • 1205 Columbus Road; from Virma Eaton f/k/a Virma Dunkin to John E. Coonce and Catherine Coonce; $98,500.


  • 512 North 30th Street; from Christopher Taylor to Tialandus Watson; $11,000.
  • 222R-220R Bowman Ave. / Baugh Ave.; from Andrea Wright to Tank Trailer Cleaning, Inc.; $8,500.
  • 1339 N 53rd Street; from Nancy L. Suchon, Vice President Associated Bank to Brian Webb; $3,500.
  • 708 North 74th Street; from The Bank of New York Mellon, as Successor to Kenny Greer and Estellene Greer; $10,000.
  • 3646 Market Street; from Stephen Lancaster to Taana Brady; $50,000.


  • 100 North Bend Drive; from Wells Fargo Bank, National Association as Trustee to Lewis Investments Inc.; $60,000.
  • 5301 Bonita Boulevard; from Rajesh & Megha Shah to Matthew Shambro; $121,000.
  • 701 Columbia Avenue; from Kelvin McAlister and Emieka D. McAlister to Gregory Butler and Janet Butler; $182,000.
  • 333 Veach Drive; from Timothy Hobson and Eather Hodson to Jerry E. And Ann Fryer; $134,000.
  • 6825 Laurel Springs Ct.; from Timothy A. and Vivian Cook to Timothy Hobson and Eather Hobson; $242,000.
  • 92 Wilshire Drive; from Jason & Alexis Greca to Michael & Emily Renth; $100,000.
  • 856 Harbor Woods Drive; from Jennifer D. Gooch to Darlyn O. Mattox; $155,000.
  • 7 Weslake Drive; from Ronnie Hodel and Teresa A. Hodel to Fredrick Lathan; $158,000.
  • 416 Americana Circle; from Susan K. Mears to Michael R. Johnson; $165,000.
  • 9508 Holly Cross Road; from Jamie Talley and Matt Talley to Daniel Leitschuh; $140,000.
  • 5305 Bonita Boulevard; from Gerald J. Niedzwiecki to Mariah Langeland; $82,000.


  • 8225 Peabody Road; from Dane Lintker and Megan Lintker; $284,000.
  • 1 Country Lane; from Anita Kessler to Dawn Browning; $110,000.


  • 102 Windy Hill Lane; from Peggy Sova-Bellmon to John and Paulette Knapik; $290,000.


  • 419 N Hamilton; from Ronald R. Hart, Sr. to Patti Heitman; $37,000.


  • 771 Mooreland Circle; from Travis S. Venhaus and Amy L. Baer to Ryan Blumberg and Angela Danna; $212,500.
  • 1152 Gulfstream Way; from Robert & Terri Skipper to Jennifer Jones; $233,500.
  • 1140 Lear Lane; from Straqr Properties LLC to New Tradition Homes, LLC an Illinois Limited Liability Company; $29,000.
  • 737 Beebe Drive; from Benjamin E. Wittenauer to Laurie A. Albers; $102,500.
  • 9722 Winnebago Way; from Kappert Construction Co., Inc. to Shawn D. Kearney and Anita L. Kearney; $407,000.
  • 7 East Church Street; from Stephen M. Belz to Joseph R. Carter; $96,000.
  • 1115 Piper Lane; from Richard A Glover III to Mitchell Robinson and Melissa Robinson; $243,000.
  • 715 West Church Street; from Suzanne A. Schaefer to Catherine Irene Hood; $106,000.
  • 609 Fallen Timber Lane; from Clifton L. Kendrick & Kimberly Kendrick to Joshua Stahr; $152,000.


  • 407 S Jefferson Street, 18 W Oak Street; from Gerald L. Paule to James D. Helfrich and Melissa K. Helfrich; $118,000.
  • 3451 Nollman Road; from Renee Dahlmann to Alex Davis & Allison Wegrzyn; $318,000.


  • 105 Weatherholt Drive; from Roger Fuehne to Traub Accounting & Tax Service Corp; $125,000.


  • 105 Center Grove Dr.; from Jason W. Carr to Sean C. Murley and Amy J. Sample; $143,000.
  • 1012 Stillwater Dr.; from McBride Stone Bridge, LLC to Senayet W. Nigeda & Kellie C. Ross; $258,000.
  • 931 Crabapple Lane; from Jeffrey M. Everett and Megan M. Everett to Cody T. Davis and Johni L. Davis; $197,000.
  • 272 Peoria Lane; from Estates at Prairie Crossing Development, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company to Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company; $40,500.
  • 253 Peoria Lane; from Estates at Prairie Crossing Development, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company to Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company; $40,500.
  • 422 & 424 Vancroft Place; from Scott-Troy Developers, LLC to Barnes Properties, Inc.; $62,000.
  • 1400 & 1422 East Highway 50; from Thomas R Schmidt to Stray Rescue of St Louis; $0.
  • 204 Evergreen Drive; from Rebecca Wilson to Christopher A. Cook; $147,500.
  • 1005 Elisabeth Drive; from Luan K. Warren to Fannie J. Woods; $226,000.
  • 10 Brandonwood Drive; from Dale M. Funk and Janet R. Funk to Christopher A. Elder and Montina S. Marshall; $239,500.
  • 703 Linden Court; from Henry Blamy, Jr., Mary Johnson & Patricia Kozar to Windmill Development, LLC; $50,000.
  • 1209 Hollander Court; from Joseph M. Swierczek and Jamie R. Swierczek to Peter Mahoney; $322,500.
  • 102 Sherryl Court; from Timothy Conner and Tiffany Conner to Stuart Smith and Sondra M. Smith; $200,000.
  • 1403 Sauk Trail; from Ronald Brian Shirk to Nancy Heap; $285,000.
  • 612 Laurel Wood Court; from Milburn Road, LLC to One Talented Carpenter Inc.; $44,000.
  • 97 Meadowbrook Drive; from Timothy J. Osgerby and Deborah J. Osgerby to Michael F. Pilla and Shirly A. Pilla; $7,500.
  • 201 Westminster Ave.; from VA to Jie Bin Chen; $0.
  • 806 West State Street; from Marilyn Haselroth and Sandra J. Longust to InSu Song; $104,500.
  • 1504 Nottinghill Drive; from Edward L. Atchley and Rachell A. Atchley to Bettye L. Stirgus; $222,000.
  • 107 Elm Street; from Daniel & Jennifer Carroll to Amanda Jo Reardon; $87,900.


  • 2612 Beacon Point Court; Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company; $38,000.
  • 2613 Beacon Point Court; from Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois Limited Liability company; $38,000.
  • Shiloh Ridge Drive; from Yen Hoang to Hanna K. Crenshaw; $133,000.
  • 2654 London Lane; from CNR Inc. to Nicholas D. Horbenko and Jennifer A. Horbenko; $265,000.
  • 110 Woods Edge Drive; from Jill Yates to Christopher Lee Cockburn and Rebecca K. Cockburn; $276,000.
  • 2334 Coniferous Drive; from Jacqueline Renee Faustin and Joel Faustin to Corey Ward Jr., and Ashley Ward; $140,000.
  • 131 Wilson Creek Drive; from Straqr Long Term Properties LLC to Country-Tek Homes Inc.; $20,000.
  • 2234 Calgary Drive; from JEA Investments LLC to Glenn, Shirley & Geraldine Engelman; $132,000.
  • 3510 Harbor Way; from Carlos B. Etheridge & Blue Ellen Etheridge to Peter M. Deschene; $230,000.


  • 509 Stonefield Drive; from Shelly R. Schaefer and Kevin Ervine to Nicholas and Allison Klucker; $240,000.
  • 4326 Willow Oak Lane; from Bill Jalinsky A/K/A/ William Jalinsky and Mary Jo Jalinsky to Karen M. Frentzel; $36,500.


  • 17 Willowbrook Drive; from Ronald & Catherine Jakes to Elizabeth Brookshire; $155,000.
  • 3920 Beechmont Circle; from Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited company to Linda A. Mehrtens; $187,000.
  • 3621 Moorgate Court; from Danette F. Smith to Susan F. Stubblefield; $183,500.
  • 300 Brian Drive; from Jeffrey A. Cubela and Meg F. Cebula to Brock E. Hymes; $140,000.
  • 1813 Creekside Drive; from Donna Byron & Thomas Robacker to Ronald & Louise Baesch; $185,000.
  • 315 Lotus Drive; from Clayton Murray & Barbara Mcknight to David J. Cole; $162,000.

Madison County


  • 3404 Gary St.; from James L. Hodge, Barbara A. Young to Donald W. Bannister, Betty M. Bannister; $113,000.
  • 3324 N Rodgers Ave.; from Teddy S. Mayhue, Amanda R. Slutuz to Trisha Zirges; $163,000.
  • 1915 Burling Dr.; from Victor W. Gibson to James Williams; $58,000.


  • 0 Brairwood Dr.; from Bethalto United Methodist Church Inc. to Sage Creek Development LLC; $357,000.
  • 229 Gabrielle Circle; from CA Jones Inc., C A Jones Inc. to Derek W. Rose, Morgan C. Rose; $240,000.
  • 129 Crestmoor Ct.; from Richard L. Brenner, Deborah R. Dodson Brenner, Deborah R. Dodson, Deborah R. Brenner to Susan Kay Halcomb; $268,000.


  • 110 N Wilson Heights Rd.; from Mary Jo Cummings Frain, Carole D. Cummings; Mary Jo Cummings, Mary Jo Frain to Mary Jo Cummings Frain, Mary Jo Cummings, Mary Jo Frain; $11,330.
  • 204 Bluff Rd.; from Jay Dashama LLC to Travers Investment Group LLC; $110,000.
  • 979 Black Rd.; from John G. Alexander to Allen Billings, Dee Ann Billings; $419,000.
  • 125 Boskydells Dr.; from Uriah J. Eichholz, Brandi L. Eichholz to Rebecca J. Fremder; $135,000.
  • 133 Rolling Oaks Dr.; from Gregory G. Graves to Christopher Tanner, Nikkole Tanner; $100,000.
  • 214 Willow Dr.; from Dennis Michael Weier, Valerie Lynn Weier to Aaron L. Lovell, Jennifer D. Lovell;, $195,000.


  • 7349 Providence Dr.; from Hearthstone Development Inc to ASAP Development Group; $132,000.
  • 4032 Sequoia Dr.; from Meghan J. Strazar to Kevin Templeton, Lisa Templeton; $268,000.
  • 1357 Biscay Dr.; from Janice K. Toring to Patricia Huber; $250,000.
  • 1483 Ladd Ave.; from Ryan W. Zinschlag to Ellen Jennings Fairfield; $126,500.


  • 436 E Ingle Dr.; from Shawn Harville, Barbara Harville to Shrestha Realty LLC; $140,000.
  • 2221 Lee Dr.; from Michael Milkovick, Martin Milkovick to Douglas W. Jones, Sandra J. Jones; $157,000.
  • 102 Mark Trail Dr.; from Greg L. Goers to Sara Severs; $125,000.
  • 69 Glendale Dr.; from Seth Bayless, Megan Bayless to Jacob Patterson, Kasey Patterson; $138,500.
  • 2 Cottonwood Glen Dr.; from William Edward Skinner Jr. to Ambereen Alam; $168,000.


  • 4850 N Alby Rd.; from Jeremy D. Hanold to Corine Marie Wilson; $80,000.
  • 361 Hand Dr.; from Michael D. Dalton, Susan T. Dalton to John Sykes III, Sarah D. Thomas; $97.50.
  • 353 Hand Dr.; from Velva L. Homan, William F. Homan Jr. to Dwight E. Crawford; $85,000.
  • 5004 Michael Dr.; from William V. Crain Jr., Charles E. Crain, Mary L. Crain to Morgan Carrow; $490,000.


  • 12 Shirlwin Dr.; from David Cason to Richard L. Brenner, Deborah R. Brenner; $197,000.
  • 2513 Benton St.; from Traci Hinterser to William Gaumer Jr.; $123.75.
  • 2618 Benton St.; from Blake E. Johnson, Kailtyn E. Johnson to Kailtyn E. Dohnal, Karree Smiddy; $74,000.
  • 2412 Cleveland Blvd.; from Dawn R. Bailey, Dawn R. Darden, Roger Darden to Diane K. Ide; $74,000.
  • 115 Wilson Ct.; from Herbert K.J. Kaiser, Nancy E. Kaiser to Tami Asbridge; $131,000.


  • 30 Geneva Dr.; from Timothy R. Whitten to Sabrina M. McCaethy; $149,000.
  • 11038 Lower Marine Rd.; from James E. Hutt, Cheryl K. Hutt to Michael Terrance Mulligan, Carolyn Ann Mulligan; $219,500.
  • 2 Geneva Dr.; from Craig E. Denby to Siarra Price; $120,000.
  • 175 Banberry Dr.; from Mettler Development LLC to Richard Enloe, Dawn Enloe; $215,000.


  • 916 Borri Dr.; from Chad Calvert to Jennifer Divac, Anrija Divac; $150,000.
  • 2723 Keebler Rd.; from Michael L. Cerkoski, Deborah J. Cerkoski to Cara Elizabeth Mancuso; $205,000.


  • 509 Halcob St.; from Daniel L. Desler to Jason Crow; $178,0100.


  • 205 State St Rt 160; from Gary Olliges, Kevin Olliges to Lilia Keune Justin Keune; $141.50.


  • 1937 Gliddon Blvd.; from Resource Construction Co LLN to Judy Kampwerth: $255,500.
  • 502 Pike Ln.; from First Collinsville Bank to Shante A. Smith; $190,000.
  • 323 Collinsville Rd.; from Darrel A. Seitz Jr. to Eben D. Lisk, Melissa R. Lisk; $193,000.
  • 8013 Austin Dr.; from Robert W. Thomas, Rachel Thomas to Austin Onstott, Angela Onstott; $232,500.
  • 1457 Bridgehampton; from Robert J. Hawthorne, Michelle M. Hawthorne to Darryl A. Seitz; $268,000.


  • 665 Payne St.; from Benjamin M. Sasser to Kimberly Ripley; $92,000.
  • 5602 Coneflower Ct.; from First Mid Illinois Bank Trust, First Clover Leaf Bank to Fulford Homes RHT LLC; $20,000.