Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 2001 West F Street; from Eros Margaret to Stephen A. Eros and Jamie L. Eros; $110,000.
  • 3021 Wye Oak Drive; from Sean & Aliza Shuman to Joey & Carla Curry; $211,000.
  • 603 Ardmore Drive; from The Estate of Mary Elvira Barron, deceased to Angela R. Tucker; $75,000.
  • 5219 Frank Scott Parkway West; from William H. Davis to David C. & Beatrice K. Reaka; $154,500.
  • 2011 Lebanon Ave.; from Marvin E. Hayden and Sandra L. Hayden to Jill A. Dixon; $250,000.
  • 3532 Barton Dr.; from Katie N. Howe and Brandon Bell to Ruth Ann Brown; $200,000.
  • 247 Brookmont Drive; from Noel Navarro and Caitlin Navarro to Brenda Schreder; $130,000.
  • 612 West D Street; from Elkhorn Properties to Andre Hartman; $37,000.
  • 209 North 75th Street; from Clayton M. Mitchell to Robert S. Brewer; $113,500.
  • 20 Aaron Drive; from Laura M. Fite to Robert P. Buckley and Michele T. Buckley; $85,000.
  • 7668 Westchester Drive; from Willie J. Morris to Craig P. Earland; $58,000.
  • 37 Highwood Court; from Justin and Angela Lysakowski to James D. Wyckoff; $132,000.
  • 820 Fort Henry Road; from Sara A. Garretson to Jared Paine & Debra L. Falbe; $105,000.
  • 7100 Sharon Drive; from Karl Armstrong and Julie Armstrong to Teresa Elliot; $123,000.
  • 1074 Tillinghast; from Michael Hauser to Montgomery & Victoria Douglas; $242,500.
  • 3419 Navajo Trail; from Shiloh Building Group LLC to Kappert Construction Co Inc.; $50,500.
  • 3404 Navajo Trail; from Shiloh Building Group, LLC to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $48,500.
  • 4 Coachlite Lane; from Overland Park, KS 66212 and Dana L. Eldridge to Tonya F. Dehn; $74,500.
  • 1808 North Belt West; from McKinney-Greenville, LLC to Stephen E. Reeb and Beverly A. Reeb; $10,000.
  • 33 Janet Dr.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 132-172160 to Kevin P. Sangiolo; $0.
  • 600 Mascoutah Avenue; from Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Home Town Living LLC; $66,000.
  • 4108 N Belt West, 4106 N Belt West; from Silverstone Realty, Inc. to MOR-CAN Properties, LLC; $100,000.
  • 1229 North 17th Street #4; from Edgar Berry to Lynda Squire; $45,000.
  • 917 Blue Ridge Drive; from Audrey M. Adams to Lester Eiskant; $105,000.
  • 199 Summers Trace; from Jill Unverzagt to Rob Alred and Anne Elizabeth Alred; $232,000.
  • 705 Lee Avenue; from Gregory Millet and Diane Millet to John F. Reinheimer and Patricia J. Reinheimer; $60,000.
  • 1 Knollwood Drive; from Timothy Elfrink to Demetrius Stanley; $145,000.
  • 17 North 82nd Street; from New ERA Ventures, LLC to Craig Earland; $64,500.
  • 609 Devonshire Drive; from Sandra Wyman to Laura Michelle Moffitt; $65,500.
  • 719 Lebanon Avenue; from Robert D. & Kim R. Watson to Dat Nguyen; $45,000.
  • 1305 Raab Avenue; from Collin J. Largent and Jennifer L. Largent to Jon C. Jordan; $97,000.
  • 208 Williamsburg Drive; from Linda J. Cummings to Christopher L. Hansen; $127,000.
  • 5 Lakeview Drive; from Shannon S. Berry & Aileen S. Ward to Mario Malone; $86,500.
  • 534 South McKinley Drive; from Jacqueline C. Hedrick to Christopher Hicks & Camellia Hicks; $98,000.
  • 1909 Plantation Lane; from Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company to Matthew J. Caudle; $187,000.
  • 204 Harmony Ridge Drive; from Fulford Homes, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company to Kristen L. Stack; $166,500.
  • 18 N 16th Street; from Gregg L. Crawford, by his Attorney in Fact, Jane A. Crawford and Jane A Crawford to Constance Rogers.
  • 1720, East Belle Avenue; from Bonnie L. Holweck to Douglas A. Martens; $47,500.
  • 4415 Maple Brook Drive; from Keleher Development Co, Inc. to CA Jones, Inc.; $17,000.
  • 7813 W Main St.; from Mississippi Valley Properties, LLC - Belleville, a series of an Illinois limited liability company to Paulette Collins and Ferdanand Collins; $50,000.
  • 727 Park Avenue; from Martin J. Baudino and Margene L. Baudino to Amy L Hawk; $1,500.
  • 2800 Smokehouse Way; from Monica Nealy, n/k/a Monica Johns to Keith A. Bein and Stacy A. Bein; $190,000.
  • 11 North Indiana Avenue; from Michael H. Kuhn and Marilyn J. Kuhn to Leah Pocheck; $77,000.
  • 349 Lincolnshire Boulevard; from Dale & Terrie Hall to Shenana Buchanan; $80,000.


  • 732 St Norbert Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments LLC to Craig Barany; $47,500.
  • 21 Saint Gregory Dr.; from Saint Louis Investments LLC to Craig Barany; $46,500.
  • 2021-2023 Sandy Ridge; from State Bank of Waterloo to Eric G. Knaust; $10,000.
  • 404 W 5th Street; from Marilyn L. Cooper to Metro STL Homes LLC; $26,500.
  • 1326 St Zita Lane; from Judy K. Matecki to Saint Louis Investments, LLC; $18,000.
  • 829 St Dominic Ct.; from Fannie Mae to Kela M. Gray; $0.
  • 808 Park Avenue; from Kendall Ynn to Saint Louis Investments, LLC; $30,000.
  • 1114 Margaret Drive; from Billy Cook to Saint Louis Investments, LLC; $26,000.
  • 140 St. Barbara Lane; from New World Vision World Ministries a/k/a New Visions World Ministries, An Illinois Corp to Serenity Memorial Funeral and Cremation Service; $15,000.
  • 809 Champlain Drive; from Keith L. Mesey and Kimberly J. Messey to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $21,500.
  • 24 W Adams Drive; from Shirley Weigel nka Shirley Doolin to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $17,500.
  • 713 Saint Paul Dr.; from Fannie Mae AKA Federal National Mortgage Association to Kenny Darral Greer and Estellene Greer; $0.


  • 8742 Mulberry Avenue; from Cheryl Lynn Dill to Tamala Walker; $40,000.
  • 1419 South Clinton Road; from Sean & Kimberly Toner to Andrew & Christel Abbeg; $620,000.
  • 7975 Sonora Ridge; from Metro Homes LLC to Fred J. Grinston Sr. and Carolyn A. Grinston; $247,000.
  • 7951 Sonora Ridge; from Metro Homes, LLC to Dominique Cooper; $222,500.


  • 502 Hillside Dr.; from Thomas Tipton, Dale Tipton, Constance Hale, and Terry Tipton to Brunton Properties Inc.; $45,000.


  • 205 Stone Street; from Stephan & Melanie Guilford to Julie K. Simmons; $69,000.
  • 213 South Main Street; from Peter L. Kofarago and Christy M. Buehler to Jason D. Wilkerson and Brittany A. Wilkerson; $79,000.


  • 17 Schaperkoetter Drive; from Louie Saul to Daryl C. Jones and Sierra L. Jones; $69,000.
  • 19 Concord Drive; from RDS Development Corporation to Aaron Walker; $98,500.
  • 730 Saybrook Falls Drive; from Brad Gowers & Min Zhou to Lisa Freund; $179,000.
  • 6820 Brandywine Court; from Ramonda S. Fleming and Mildred Fleming to Mguyen Quach and Kimberly Le; $209,500.
  • 212 Candlelight Drive; from Debra Lynn Sportsman to Michelle R. Jenkel; $86,500.
  • 301 Cherylwood Dr.; from Retail Place, LLC to CA Jones, Inc.; $25,000.
  • 9 Joseph Drive; from Audrey M. Vallina to Seda Baldwin; $97,500.
  • 821 Old Dominion Court; from Walter T. Smith and Kimberly A. Smith to Gary Wuebbels and Carman Wuebbels; $232,000.
  • 85 Peachtree Lane; from Michael J. Smallwood to Richard Landreth and Sena Landreth; $32,500.
  • 6124 Old Collinsville Rd.; from Bank of America NA vs Mercantile Capital Inc.; $25,000.
  • 37 Gamlin Drive; from Travis W. Fox and Sarah Fox to Kevin S. Hudson and Rachel Hudson; $160,000.
  • 825 Foxgrove Drive; from Kelly S. Warren to Gordon B. Brawley; $158,000.
  • 7323 Stonewolf Ridge Court; from Kenneth C. Keeney Carol Keeney to James B. Kocinski and Christy M. Kocinski; $154,500.
  • 7403 Wolf Run Trail; from Nionel Nicholas Harris to Leroy Notice and Geraldine Notice; $304,500.
  • 17 Stacy Drive; from Quntrell Patterson and Querida Patterson to Tyree C. Green; $127,500.
  • 102 Palm Drive; from Imagineering Development Corp to Efrem R. Williams; $78,000.


  • 2210 South 3rd Street; from Richard Sturgill and April Sturgill to Robert C. Scherby; $24,500.


  • 703 Mary Ann Court; from Brett Anderson to Kim Rasnick; $130,000.
  • 226 Alamosa Drive; from Michelle M. Deatherage to Shanea M. Thorson; $123,000.
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  • 73 Harmon Drive; from Michael & Mary Strang to Terry & Mary Weil; $78,000.
  • 214 North Hunter Street; from Charles & Nancy Batton to Nicklous & Michelle Steele; $110,000.


  • 1409 & 1415 Rock Road; from Jack Martin and Tamara Martin to Jayne Roger & Josh Johnson; $55,000.
  • 204 East Park; from Albert Patton to David Patton; $140,000.


  • 518 S Hamilton Street; from Dorothy M. Favre, by Aimee Mando, Attorney-in-Fact to Charles H. Haynes and David L. Haynes; $50,000.
  • State Route 4; from Brent H. & Johnna K. Huggins to Eric D. Geralds; $41,500.


  • 7 Corrington Place; from Anne Marie Holcomb Loren F. Holcomb to Mark A. Nekola and Laura M. Nekola; $280,000.
  • 126 St Christopher Court; from JLP Homes LLC to Larry D. Jones and LeAnn M. Jones; $192,000.
  • Grodeon Road; from Bret Rasch and Susan Rasch to Jason R. Grodeon and Nathan R. Grodeon; $5,500.
  • 301 Whetstone Lane; from Thomas P. Knapp and Deborah D. Knapp to Richard Hinkle and Brandy Hinkle; $285,000.
  • 9636 Mallard Drive; from Christopher VanArsdale and Kara VanArsdale to Clyde C. Gowdy, II and Christina L. Gowdy; $334,000.
  • 824 Daniel Drive; from Brickyard Development Group, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company to Homes By Design, Inc., an Illinois corporation; $90,000.
  • 900 Indian Prairie Drive; from Kappert COnstruction CO., Inc. to Thomas P. Knapp and Deborah D. Knapp; $296,000.


  • 5756 Briars Landing; from Scott & Nancy Glaeser to Stephen & Joyce Buchanan; $655,000.
  • 3701 Thorne Briar Court; from Donald L. Dintelamn and Mary J. Dintelman; Scott A. Glaeser; $419,000.
  • 14 Blackburn Manor; from Gregory Krieg to Brandon & Tricia Morlan; $53,000.


  • 906 Pearl Court; from Hidden Lake Estates Development Corporation, an Illinois corporation to James P. Wade; $87,500.
  • 2237 Keim Road; from Robert L. Haeffner & Nancy J. Haeffner to John M. Ries and Tiffany M. Ries; $205,000.


  • Frank Scott Parkway East; from Central Park Plaza Condominiums, LLC to Silverstone Development, LLC; $854,000.
  • 425 Ponderosa Avenue, Apt 3; from Kristopher Rasley to Jelisa Ann Wallace; $59,000.
  • 620 Shamrock Drive; from Roberto Sanabria and Susan E. Sanabria to William D. Karius; $232,000.
  • 940 Stone Briar Drive; from Dawn Marie Harper to Leland Jackson & Wilma S. Jackson & Karen E. Wells; $37,000.
  • 273 Peoria Lane; from Fulford Homes LLC to Jeffrey T. Tucker and Kelly K. McElroy; $293,500.
  • 1072 Richard Park Drive #10B; from Stone Bridge Villas, LLC to Amy L. Hill; $316,000.
  • 1314 Bossler Lane; from Michael B. Guthrie and Cathy A. Guthrie to Jeremy Bain and Heather Bain; $360,000.
  • 214 Shawnee Court; from Frank A. Whorton and Susan M. Whorton to Ryan Yarton and Stephanie Yarton; $316,000.
  • 481 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties, Inc. to Thomas J. Hoppenrath and Doris M. Hoppenrath; $250,500.
  • 1326 Bossler Lane; from Joan Cornuet and Robert F. Laber to Steven A. Taylor; $404,000.
  • 1417 Keck Ridge Drive, O’Fallon, IL 62269; from LF & Son Construction LLC to John F. Acerra and Amanda Acerra; $268,000.
  • 1121 Creekside Court; from Roddy L. Martin and Dana R. Martin to George P. Fowler; $205,000.
  • 620 Willowbrook Way; from Deanna A. Jennings to Lisa K. Haar; $210,500.
  • 1453 winchester Grove Court; from Southern Illinois Land Investments, LLC to Kappert Construction Co, Inc.; $36,500.
  • 218 Shoreline Drive, Apartment 6; from Joan Eva Cook to Forrest and Pamela Mccoskey; $67,500.
  • 802 Juniper Drive; from Kenneth J. Kreidell, Jr. to Crystal Wyatt; $125,000.
  • 615 Wheatfield Road; from Rich Gorazd to Phillips Customer Builders, INC; $30,000.
  • 412 Westminster Avenue; from Tyler & Rebecca Schubert to Robert Hooker & Christina Ping; $144,000.
  • 401 Ponderosa, Unit 3 & 405 Ponderosa, Unit 4; from William J. Sweat to Keith Bergmann & Claudette Bergmann; $120,000.
  • 1305 Timber Ridge Trace Drive; from Phillips Custom Builders, Inc. - Randy Phillips (As Secretary) to George T. Justice & Elizabeth Jayne Justice; $390,000.
  • 976 Camegie Knolls Drive; from Kristopher Weston and Melissa Weston to J. David Church and Patricia Ann Church; $290,000.
  • 1317 Simmons Road; from Phillip & Lynne Carrico to Tim & Jennifer Evans; $297,000.
  • 839 Emerald Green Drive; from James Ruppert to Christopher T. Brand; $145,000.
  • 1329 Illini Drive; from John M. Thackston and Joellen N. Thackston to Tyler A. Schubert and Rebecca L. Schubert; $238,000.
  • 204 East Third Street; from Kelco Custom Homes to Kyle Gramig; $159,500.


  • 3216 Hunters Way; from Shawn D. Hartel to Linda Foder and Lisa Winn; $227,000.
  • 2609 Beacon Point Court; from SD2, LLC to Fulford Homes LLC; $38,000.
  • 865 Bluff Ridge Lane; from Fulford Homes LLC to Thomas M. Blome; $203,000.
  • 117 North Main Street; from Charles P. Voss to David A. Deichman; $133,000.
  • 1245 Preswyck Drive; from Uel Ray Sisco and Kathy I. Parkman to Jeramie P. Hill; $300,000.
  • 108 Meadowbruck Lane; from John Stahl and Elsie Stahl to Christopher J. Roy and Amber Roy; $165,000.
  • 211 Edbrooke Drive; from Mark & Laura Nekola to Gary & ALma McCoy; $242,000.


  • 4527 Elk Meadow Lane; from Byred & Sharon Kirk to Carol Siebert; $189,000.
  • 4536 Baederwood Court; from Gregory Butler and Janet Butler to Byred H. Kirk and Sharon L. Kirk; $207,000.
  • 616 Edmar; from Patrick and Kristin Jackson to Joshua and Yvonne Robinson; $191,000.
  • 4212 Water Oak Lane; from Douglas G. Martin & Valerie Martin to Eric J. Joseph and Jennifer A. Joseph; $330,000.
  • 4188 Water Oak Lane; from Douglas Kassing and Dina Kassing to Ashley Elder and Tyler Mueth $28,500.


  • 18 Meta Drive; from Cody Stockman to Mark Mathews and Kelly Tolar; $160,000.
  • 4948 Benchmark Centre Drive; from Community Bible Church to Musick Properties, Inc.; $0.
  • 1 Barrett Drive; from Gary T. Mackin and Leslie Ann Hale to Benjamin Stamm; $261,500.
  • 1789 Ambrose Terrace Drive; from Erin Haycraft to Tamara Winston; $75,000.
  • 424 St Sabre Drive; from Jacob J. Bock, Jr. & Donna Bock to Herman Lopez; $165,000.
  • 202 Papillon Drive; from Mark A. Cherry Sr. to Michael Bartholomew Moore; $210,000.
  • 26 Baltimore Terrace; from Donald G. Martin and Linda S. Martin to Dennis E. Parker and Julie L. Parker; $150,000.
  • 1705 Baxton Court; from Jerome & Tina Sims to Kevin Russell Saunders; $149,000.


  • 2915 & 2917 Ranch Trail Road; from Kenneth Bertelsman and Mari Bertelsman to Jeremy Baldridge and Catherine Baldridge; $65,500.

Madison County


  • 6504 Rickwell Rd.; from Ronald L. Bolen, Gale A. Bolel to Mary G. Sullivan, Mary G. Sullivan Trust; $345,000.


  • 4324 Thadway Dr.; from Ethan J. Waters, Alayne M. Waters to Brad Sebastain; $115,000.
  • 830 Danforth St.; from Walter C. Ozark to Jesse Ann Meza; $67,000.
  • 210 W Elm St.; from Secretary Housing Urban Development, Dec Housing Urban Development, US Dept Housing Urban Development to Plainview Capital; $5,330.
  • 814 E 5th St.; from Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Robert Wayne Harris; $30,500.
  • 2827 Union School Rd.; from Thomas Gage, Lauren Bauser, Lauren Gage, Lauren Gage Bauser to Benjamin W. Orban; $124,000.


  • 139 Independence Dr.; from Fadil Jusufi, Lindime Jusufi to Jeremy Karlson, Natalie Karlson; $244,000.
  • 507 Vermont St.; from Clay Davis to Deborah Inman; $115,500.
  • 1101 Briarwood Dr.; from Christopher Challandes, Karen Challandes to Michael L. Eddy, Jessica Eddy; $180,000.
  • 29 Parkside Dr.; from Robin K. Fay, Judith K. Parsons to Lawrence Graham; $142,500.


  • 214 Westmoreland St.; from Richard D. Grab, Glenna W. Grab to William Feickert, Daya D. Fickert; $179,000.
  • 311 Jamestown Ct.; from Alan D. Geis, Paula K. Geis to Gregory Lykens, Faith Lykens; $189,000.
  • 8 Delta; from Jordon R. Albers, Jordan R. Albers to Addy Dawn Reynolds, Adam Seib; $222,000.


  • 11 N 9th St.; from Stephen K. Sweet to Jayne Poulsen, Mike Poulson; $35,000.
  • 100 Irin St.; from John Hueneger to Charles Schwaab; $89,000.


  • 36 Dorset Ct.; from Ida M. Lacy to Stephanie Lewis, Steven Bertels; $106,000.
  • 1717 Cameron Ct.; from Mark Dunbar, Christine Dunbar to Robert Nacion, Amy Nacion; $403,000.
  • 320 S Kansas St.; from Sean P. Deco, Daniel J. Feco to James A. Margherio, Shelly K. Margherio; $132,000.
  • 710 N Buchannan St.; from Donna E. Meyer, Douglas Mayfield to Ashley Hannah Byers, Nicholas Biersbach; $197,500.
  • 232 Seminole St.; from Angela Gibbs, Angela Schoemehl, Marc Harrison Gibbs to Cara Tegel; $187,000.
  • 122 Behrens Dr.; from Kelly J. McClure, Jennifer McClure to Chad Dockstader, Katie L. Dockstader; $242,500.
  • 3313 Snider Dr.; from Premier Homes by Jones LLC to Bhavesh K. Patel, Trusha B. Patel; $489,000.
  • 1100 Troy Rd.; from Crystal L. Schiefer, Randy J. Harris to Amanda M. Jasico, Neal R. Jasico; $204,000.
  • 310 M St.; from Lewis and Clark Habitat for Humanity to Tyanne N. Wilson; $5,300.
  • 7910 Grove Rd.; from Debra L. Fiala, Kevin J. Fiala to Jared Goebel, Ashley Goebel; $53,000.
  • 8201 State Rt 143; from Jeffery M. Beaver to Laura Burkert; $137,500.


  • 15 Pepperwood Ct.; from Brandyn Rust to Avini Acar, Bethany Anne Acar; $61,500.
  • 7085 Augusta Dr.; from Savannah Crossing Development Inc. to Gebhardt Homes Inc.; $64,000.
  • 17 Autumn Glen Dr.; from Nicholas B. Imbwaga to Eric S. Sakwa; $11,330.
  • 6209 Timberwolfe Dr.; from Joanna P. Miller, Richard Adam Vickery to Lisa M. Johnson, Michael D. Johnson; $348,500.


  • 4638 Levis Ln.; from Michael J. Kuhnline, Robin R. Kuhnline to Michael L. Roark, Susan Roark; $236,000.
  • 5001 Little Creek Ln.; from Jeanne R. Gaines to Amy Wooff Flach, Adam James Flach; $75,000.


  • 3115 Colgate Place; from Donald M. Weis Jr. to Bryan Sanders, Corinna Sanders; $111,500.
  • 2817 Wayne Ave.; from April D. Davis to Eddy Mackay; $81,500.
  • 32 Snowbird Ln.; from Kenneth M. Hay, Deborah E. Hay to Kyle Lee, Dorothy Hay; $129,000.
  • 2548 Delmar Ave.; from Amee L. Stewart, Amee L. Olson, Joseph M. Stewart to Jonathan J. Hayes, Dawn M. Hayes; $82,000.
  • 2412 Grand Ave.; from Kittrrau Ice LLC to Ricky J. Gordon; $54,000.
  • 1707 Sycamore St.; from M. Chris Jones, Chris Jones to Melissa Flowers; $68,000.
  • 3000 Mockingbird Ln.; from Wise Properties Inc. to Kenneth J. Ruddel, Marlene Jeanette H. Siu Ruddell, Marlene Janette H. Siy, Marlene Janette H. Ruddel; $145,000.


  • 900 Laurel St.; from Frey Properties of Highland LLC to Patrick Shinn, Barbara A. Shinn; $230,000.
  • 2496 Motel Rd.; from Randy Nelson, Robin Nelson to George A. Krause, Meadrith Kraus; $260,000.


  • 2329 Westchester Dr.; from Bruce L. Masters, Katharine M. Masters to Gary Evans, Taylor Lehde; $168,000.
  • 6312 Shelton Ct.; from Villas of Nottingham LLC to Brent D. Wohlford; $68,000.
  • 2308 Holiday Ln.; from Jack E. Russell, Julie A. Russell to Allison Sosinski, Michael Sosinski; $185,000.
  • 1041 Meadow Lake; from Carolyn S. Blasingame to William J. Blevins, Anne C. Blevins; $197,500.


  • 3436 Highron Dr.; from Thomas W. Hefer to Darryl L. King; $125,000.


  • 3 Primrose; from Bo Christopher Toft, Jennifer Toft to Scott D. Wobbe, Amy L. Wobbe; $299,000.


  • 14 Lake Terrace Ct.; from Dave Byer, Debra A. Byer to Kevin Zawodniak, Wendy Zawodniak; $235,000.
  • 2 Barley Dr.; from Sean P. Carlisle, Rebecca M. Carlisle to Daniel Wilson, Stephanie Wilson; $169,000.
  • 7309 Fylham Ln.; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC to RCC1 LLC; $90,000.
  • 7313 Fulham Ln.; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC to RCC1 LLC; $90,000.
  • 94 W Lake Dr.; from Robert J. Rogier, Diana L. Roiger to Mark Murphy; $145,000.


  • 1686 Su Twan Dr.; from John A. Deluca to Timothy Moore, Karen A. Moore; $216,000.

Monroe County


  • 310 W Olympia St.; from Christopher R. Sueme and Denise M. Sueme to Rachel Breisacher and Derek Briesacher; $155,000.
  • 125 Lakewood Dr.; from Joan P. Leistler Co- Trus, Robert A. Leistler Co-Trut, Leistler Family Trust dated 09/13/1996 to Joseph A. Garris; $165,000
  • 1010 Bradington Court; from Bonnie S. Kannewurf, John E. Kannewurf to Rachel L. Ferguson, Jack A. Sciuto III; $180,000.
  • 313 Fox Run Estates; from Rolwes Construction Inc.; Ian S. Blyth, Valerie S. Blyth; $304,500.
  • 106 Juliana Court; from JLP Homes LLC to Kimberly R. Peery, Scott D. Peery; $245,500.
  • 122 Adam Lane; from Daniel T. Cochran, Aimee N. Schulte to Jeffrey Nagel; $244,000.
  • 1512 Shadow Ridge; from Design & Construction by Paul Levin Incorporated to Daniel Cochran, Aimee Schulte; $408,000.
  • 1237 Palmer Creek Drive; from JL Schaefer Construction Inc. to Keith M. Pappert, Kimberly M. Pappert; $424,500.


  • 1229 Kirk Lane; from 62298 LLC to Anbec Properties LLC; $41,000.
  • 729 Ridge Road; from Allen W. Brand Revocable Trust Dated 08/21/2017, Allen W. Brand Trus to David B. Castle Jr., Sharon L. Castle; $17,500.
  • 622 Hamacher Street; from Aaron L. Reitz Revocable Trust Date 10/04/2001, Kurt Reitz Trus to Kerry A. Baker, Madison Baker; $215,000.
  • 209 Thomas Lane; from Katherine Heise to Jeremy M. Colson, Kristen E. Colson; $320,000.
  • 512 S Market St.; from Mehmet Dinceroglu to Romero Properties Inc.; $140,000.
  • 308 Leah Drive; from Valerie L. Welsch to Deborah L. Birk, Timothy J. Birk; $275,000.
  • 3 Victor Street; from Amanda Dufford, Michael Dufford Jr. to Cole R. Laramore; $152,500.
  • 205 Chester Ave.; from Justin J. Fruth to Jessica L. Paul; $140,000.
  • 1511 New Brunswick Drive; from D&F Contracting Inc.; Barbara Hubbs; $254,000.
  • 1415 Rachel Lane; from Joseph J. Wrubel Declaration of Trust Dated 09/11/1998 to Amanda R. Dufford, Michael E. Dufford Jr.; $213,500.
  • 15 Mary Court; from Deborah L. Birk, Timothy J. Birk to Lauren M. Poettker, Steven Poettker; $277,500.