Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 430 S Pennsylvania Avenue; from Ola Icolene Witkus to Lisa C. Bujnak; $80,000.
  • 2708 East Main Street; from Jared Runyan and Kristin D. Runyan to Kimberly Adams; $72,500.
  • 23 Winchester Drive; from Sunset Capital, LLC to Cody M. Bickel; $120,000.
  • 4307 Windsong Court; from Keleher Development Co., Inc. to CA Jones Inc.; $20,000.
  • 223 N 13th Street; from Crystal Dixon to CAC Investments LLC; $75,000.


  • 200 W Second Street; from Lawrence A. Purcell and Julie A. Purcell to Christine Starks; $37,500.
  • 804 Preston Lane; from CAC Investments, LLC to Pensco Trust Company LLC, Custodian FBO, Timothy Bowers, IRA; $32,500.


  • 100 W Hueckel St.; from Joyce E. Erno to David Fish; $75,000.
  • 2851 Progress Ave.; from Castelrock 20178 LLC to Martin Stupek; $13,500.
  • 7923 Sonora Ridge; from Forest Lakes Acquisition, LLC to CA Jones, Inc.; $40,000.


  • 1004 Saint Clair Ave.; from Wayne Arth to Victoria Logan and Lori Logan; $95,000.
  • 216 Circle Dr.; from Christopher Mason to David Bell; $88,000.


  • 507 North 3rd Street; from Lauren Gould to Susan Brewster; $75,000.
  • 513 Tommy Drive; from Jennings Kincaid and Holly Kincaid to Edward J. Gaines, Sr.; $135,000.
  • 808 Kaestner Dr.; from Elaine C. Huetsch, Beth A. Hoock, and Robin Alsdorf to Thomas J. Heugele III; $80,000.


  • Davis Street Ferry Road; from John C. Johnson to Charles L. Lindhorst, Michael H. Lindhorst & Dennis R. Lindhorst; $25,000.


  • 5 Del Ray Drive; from CA Jones, Inc. to Bernard W. Reynolds and Carlene M. Reynolds; $199,500.
  • 605 Cherry Drive; from Gregory Rapini and Candice Rapini to Alexander Winston; $87,000.


  • 204 South Cherry Street; from Douglas and Danita Duecker to Amy Mcdonald; $118,000.
  • 208 South Cherry Street; from Hawkins Development Company, LLC to Andrew & Glen Polacek; $135,000.


  • 3 St. Joseph Drive; from Citizens Community Bank to Patrick J. Vandaveer and Briana M. Julius; $161,000.


  • 26 Coach Lite Drive; from Audrey R. Heintz to Eric Reichert and Michelle Reichert; $124,000.
  • State Route 163 Bluff Road; from Michael H. Kostelac III to Stephen A. Scharf; $21,500.
  • 403 E Washington Street; from Tabitha L. Luczak to John S. Olsson and Mary A. Olsson; $92,000.
  • 2309 Imbs Station Road; from Lance T. Morgan, II and Lisa Bollinger-Morgan to Robert W. Carpenter and Kelly Carpenter; $227,000.


  • 603 South Johnson; from Jane E. Behnken to John Hein; $152,500.


  • 913 Briar Meadow Ct.; from Victor B. Lyra and Julia Marie Massa Nunes Lyra to Jason Hartich; $265,000.
  • 8553 Treybrooke Place; from Stephen P. Sharpe and Stephanie Sharpe to Keith Patten and Kacey Patten; $370,000.
  • 1407 Desoto Drive; from Virginia Laflen-Phillips to Janice Lynn Lancaster; $148,000.
  • 1222 Rutherford Ridge; from Dwayne Francisco to Saleem & Sarah Thompson; $718,500.
  • 1117 Hollander Court; from Keith M. Patten and Kacey L. Patten to Jay Doil and Jeanette Doil; $333,000.
  • 1311 Three Rivers Drive, Unit 29A; from Mickey R. Cattaneo, Surviving JT of Frank L. Catteneo, Deceased to Norman Smith and Cordelia Smith; $205,000.
  • 408 Willow Point Trail; from Philip T. Forte, III and Kyle D. Sutton-Forte to Jack M. Roger Jr. and Samantha R. Rogers; $382,500.
  • 1136 Lazy Hollow Court; from Matthew D. Swanson and Andree B. Swanson to Todd Armand Matson and Brooke Page Matson; $366,000.
  • 846 Indian Creek Drive; from Casey D. Kalaher and Melissa L. Kalaher to Adam Pope and Heidi Pope; $226,000.
  • 103 Mill Drive; from Travis and Jennifer Byerley to William and Ora Eaton; $132,000.
  • 6825 Ridge Pointe Drive; from Patrick J. Decicco and Melissa K. Decicco to Travis L. Byerley and Jennifer J. Byerley; $257,000.
  • 1440 Arley Hill Drive; from Mark & Jennifer Caldwell to Nathan & Midori Henrichs; $250,000.


  • 881 Bluff Ridge Lane; from Fulford Homes, LLC to Kaycee Dycus and Tyler Blakely; $243,000.
  • 2232 Rachel Way; from Allen M. Owens and Laura A. Owens to Brad Harper and Cassandra Harper; $228,000.


  • 3900 Red Bird Lane; from Cobblestone Park, LLC to Ramon E. Matos; $169,700.
  • 108 Brian Drive; from Efrain Esparaza and Guadalupe R. Esparza to Tracy W. Habtemariam.

Madison County


  • 114 N Marshall St.; from Daniel E. McAley III, Cecelia McAley to Brandon Hosto; $63,000.


  • 613 E 8th St.; from Antwan Baskin to AB Investment Group LLC; $11,330.
  • 2359 Braircliff Dr.; from US Bank,CIM Trust, MTG Backed Notes to Bank of Edwardsville; $119,00.


  • 443 S Seminary St.; from Jessica A. Dominick to Darrick Damon Serrano, Lindsey Nell Serrano; $141,000.
  • 446 N Center St.; from Banks of New York Mellon, Bank Of New York, CWABS Inc. to Asset Backed Certificates, Kyle Waler; $60,500.
  • 304 Crestwood; from Andrew Martin Keck, Jessica Keck to Mary K. Michals; $123,000.
  • 6871 Loyet Rd.; from David A. Deluca, Jayne A. Deluca to Christopher M. Waterman, Joseph S. Waterman; $320,000.


  • 4533 Wanda Rd.; from New Hope Baptist Church to Zellers Holdings LLC; $5,330.
  • 144 Columbia Ave.; from Glory J. Shadwick, Ray F.Shadwick to Alfred Thomas Atwood; $132,000.
  • 917 Randle St.; from Shawn Huff, Amanda Huff to Amanda Warren, Janis Rene St. Peters; $150,000.
  • 714 Vasser Dr.; from Rachel A Donnay to Ralph Buzick, Kandy Buzick; $190,000.
  • 3309 Sinder Dr.; from Carrington Homes Inc. to Cindy Malawy, Cindy Ann Malawy Revocable Trust; $475,000.


  • 105 Oakshire Dr. E; from Natalie Parr to Phillip Reader, Brittany Reader; $244,500.
  • 300 Cambridge Dr.; from Benjamin L. Phelan, Caitlin Phelan to Sungho Kim; $270,000.
  • 6212 Timberwolfe Dr.; from Michael Herndon, Carrie Wilson Herndon, Carrie Wilson, Carrie Herndon to Delwin S. Merchant; $375,000.
  • 137 Bayfield Dr.; from Dolores Cantrell to Molly Ahearn; $185,000.


  • 1313 Ridgefield Dr.; from John Perskisher, Jamie Perkisher to Gena Woods; $187,000.
  • 1510 Colonial Dr.; from Foster A. Bliss, Jenny M. Bliss to Michelle Barbaglia; $147,500.
  • 1118 Taylor Ave.; from Stephen R. Hudalla, Sharon Hudalla to Eric Foersterling, Jessica Foersterling; $188,500.


  • 2702 Buxton Ave.; from Eileen J. Howard to Robert L. Howard, Cookie A. Brownlee; $98,000.
  • 2220 Shirlene Dr.; from Josephine A. Kirgan to Heather Huffman; $95,000.
  • 3200 Drin Dr.; from Emil R. Schneedle, Drexel M. Schneedle to Alfredie Furlow, Dessie Furlow; $98,000.
  • 2217 Terminal Ave.; from Clarence Atchison Jr., Loretta Atchison to Jessica Scovill; $49,500.
  • 2001 Johnson Rd.; from First Bank to EBQ Properties LLC; $52,000.
  • 2564 Westmoreland Dr.; from Dennis D. Sollberger, Terrie L. Sollberger to Philip L. Knight, Amber C. Knight; $215,000.
  • 2880 Iowa St.; from Sandra L. Harper, Jerry D. Harper to MG Prop Inc.; $60,000.


  • 117 E 4th St.; from Mark S. Adams, Diana D. Adams, James A. Velloff, Christine R. Velloff, Adams Veloff Properties to Emily Hartley; $55,000.


  • 67 Stonebrook Dr.; from Justin Hart to Jacob Miller; $192,000.
  • 12425 Koepfli Ln.; from Annabelle S. Hediger, James D. Heidger to Cynthia C. Davidson, Theresa M. Robinson; $11,330.


  • 1024 Grand Ave.; from Brunton Properties Inc. to Randy Minard; $2,000.


  • 321 S Nebraska St.; from Sheila M. Hoskinson, Jedediah J. Hoskinson to Daniel Baldus; $88,500.


  • 1861 Wellington Ln.; from Remington Place LLC to Ryan Kemper, Megan Kemper; $215,000.
  • 2420 Calico Ln.; from Robert W. Kosten, Joy L. Kosten to Ivis T. Forrester; $257,000.
  • 820 Cedar Valley Dr.; from Gary R. Kratz, Sharon A. Kratz to James A. Reveal, Michelle Pilger Reveal; $185,000.
  • 21 Rosewood Dr.; from Christopher M. Waterman, Joseph Scott Waterman to Lauren Sturm; $166,500.


  • 207 Smith Ave.; from Joseph W. Stabener to Cynthia Collier; $56,000.


  • 906 Long Branch Rd.; from Jason Grieve, Elizabeth Grieve to Sean V. Bain; $206,000.
  • 87 W Lake Dr.; from Kathy Jo Shellenberg, John E. Shellenberg to Kenneth Johnson, Cynthia Johnson; $215,000.
  • 314 Staunton Rd.; from Jan Louise Pahl, Mark Pahl to Gary L. Brum; $71,000.
  • 422 Avalon Dr.; from Jonathan M. Lynn, Cathy M. Lynn to Matthew R. Morrow, Amanda L. Morrow; $230,000.
  • 963 Bauer Rd.; from Steven E. Bauer, Karen Sue Bauer to Donald J. Benson, Cassandra J. Benson; $50,000.
  • 221 Michael Dr.; from Thomas L. Cissell III, April N. Cissell to Samson C. Coffin, Alyssa C. Coffin; $298,000.


  • 5602 Cedar Bend Dr.; from Fulford Homes RHT LLC to Michael J. Zangori II, Charity A. Zangori; $216,000.
  • #1 Enviro Way; from Wood River Ventures 1 LLC to BRN Mustang LLC; $2,750,000.
  • 3418 Maple Ridge Dr.; from First Mid Illinois Bank Trust, First Clover Leaf Bank to Fulford Homes RHT LLC; $20,000.

Monroe County


  • 110 Meadow Lane North; from James O. Eatherton, James O. Eatherton Trus, Merle R. Eatherton joint revocable trust #1 Dated 12 to Amy L. Ennis, Garrett D. Reifschneider; $169,500.
  • 716 Hill Castle Road; from Dorothy J. Easter joint Revocable Trust Dated 11/12/2; Frederick L. Easter joint Revocable Trust Dated 11/12/2; Loren J. Easter Successor Trus, Stephanie P. Sallman Successor Trus to Charles E. Farris III; $230,000.
  • 1 Hillcastle Ln.; from Donald & Joan Roush Family Trust Dated 9/7/2006, Donald G. Roush Trus to Mark G. Harris, Audrey K. Moyer-Harris; $200,000.


  • 2302 Kaskaskia Rd.; from Paul M. Faus to Erin E. Yearian, Steven D. Yearian II; $146,000.


  • 301 W Woodland Ridge; from Judith C. Ward, Wayne D. Ward to Zachary T. Frisch; $193,500.
  • 834 Moredock Lake Drive; from Anna M. Wilson, Everett R. Wilson Dec to Jennifer L. Brombolich, John S. Brombolich; $33,000.


  • 406 Morrison Avenue; from Eric Alexander, Julia A. Alexander, Julia A. Hass to Laura L. Dunn; $166,000.
  • 407 S Library Street; from Garrett A. Kohnz to Kayla R. Hanson; $109,000.
  • 1219 Castle Green Drive; from CA Jones Inc. to Miranda L. Stiening, Travis J. Stiening; $354,000.
  • 2736 State RT 156; from Harvest Center Church to Second Change Ministries; $70,000.
  • 7149 Robert Lane; from JLP Homes LLC to Kerrie Cruikshank, Scott Cruikshank; $418,500.
  • 5803 Grandview Terrace; from Deborah L. Perisic, Zoran Perisic Dec to Stefanie L. Shipp, Stephen D. Shipp; $222,500.
  • 727 Ward Avenue; from CA Jones Inc. to Matthew L. Jones, Tabitha L. Jones; $192,000.
  • 1203 Castle Green Drive; from CA Jones Inc. to Amanda M. Hicks, Clinton J. Hicks; $204,500.