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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

Real estate transactions
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1901 Menard Drive; from US Bank; to Geraldine S. Beelman; $68,000.

2000 E. C St.; from Rama Properties LLC; to Jacqueline Rickert; $103,500.

3229 Eastridge Drive; from Brandi Maniscalco and Phillip Ottinger; to Amy Huelsmann; $122,500.

3412 Dakota Drive; from New Tradition Homes; to Michael P.Foreman and Jena K. Foreman; $265,000.

256 Brookmont Drive; from K & G Property Management Inc.; to Marco Investment Group LLC; $78,500.

700 Santa Ann Court; from Jeanette Wilinski; to Harpal Randhawa; $196,000.

1210 Express Drive; from Brenda C. Balutis; to R. B. Anderson; $87,500.

121 Carson Drive; from Gary G. Guest and Bonnie S. Guest; to Andra O. Stephens; $90,000.

204-212 Gettysburg Road; from Eom Elliott, Sucessor Trustee; to Paul M. White and Deanne M. White; $136,500.

18 Clinton Hill Drive; from Tony R. Crenshaw; to John T. Middendorff and Andrea M. Dugger; $89,000.

426 N. 39th St.; from Rosemary V. Hoffman; to Stephen W. Hoffman; $50,000.

14 Bobbie Drive; from Elvera Schumacher; to James W. Moehle; $85,000.

315 N. 39th St.; from Donald J. Frolker and Margaret M. Frolker; to HomeInvestors LLC; $6,000.


221 Miskell Blvd.; from Reggie W. Nichols and Shara L. Nichols; to CRInvestments LLC; $27,000.

25 Del Ray Drive; from Donald J. Johnson dba Community Development; to Beth Lidisky; $60,000.

216-220 Allen Lane; from Christy M. Buehler and Peter L. Kofarago; to Linda Baker; $179,500.

10 Cozy Lane; from Martin Heiman and Jacqueline Heiman; to Louis Menn; $15,500.


8702 Delmore Terrace; Anne G. Dam; to Jose Huerta; $11,000.


1209 St. Clair Ave.; from Robert C. Oesch and Kristin M. Oesch; to Adam C. Kress; $124,500.


2302 Belleview Ave.; from Annie L. Dailey; to Anthony Hargrove; $20,000.


1635 Winter Road; from Eugene Grimont and Robin Grimont; to Zachary Grimont; $168,500.


619 N. Borders; from Jeffrey A. Edmonds and Roxie Edmonds; to Justin A. Dewitt; $88,000.


1219 Larkspur; from Juan D. Cardona; to Scott W. VinCamp and Lisa A. VinCamp; $185,000.

1220 McKinely St.; from Cory W. Smith and Kathryn M. Smith; to Roger T. Stempel; $66,000.

921 W. South St.; from Ryan R. Hinrichs and Lori K. Hinrichs; to Aaron England; $140,000.

432 Amethyst Lane; from CNR Inc.; to Shawn A. Bunyard and Judy A. Bunyard; $221,500.

17 E. George St.; from Rhonda Quick; to Gary Klingel; $58,500.


8863 State Route 163; from Edwin A. Godard and Deborah Godard; to Joseph C. Nesbit and Cynthia R. Nesbit; $225,000.


1004 N. Yale Drive; from Ocwen Laon Servicing; to Shane Maschhoff; $80,000.

218 Pierce Blvd.; from Larry M. Skora; to Bryan Aaron Richardson; $138,000.

416 W. 5th St.; from Terry R. Calvert and Tracy Calvert; to Todd Barnett; $16,500.

710 N. Smiley St.; from Darrel L. Ziegler and Nancy J. Ziegler, Deceased; to Robert L. Parker and Elise L. Parker; $110,000.

803 Indian Springs Road; from Serendipity ne LP; to Anne Bollmeier and Robert Mashl; $120,000.

325 Amy Drive; from Justin Morr; to Michael Joias; $132,000.

119 E. Third St.; from Pamela Noffsinger; to A & B Property Management of Illinois; $43,000.

8422 Treybrooke Place; from Gooding Properties LLC; to Mark KOenig and Tara Kopf; $335,000.

503 Talbert Place; from Joseph Josias and Amanda Josias; to Keith Evans and Meghan Farnen; $249,000.


2748 Lake Lucerne Drive; from Charles F. Comley Jr. and Valroie J. Comley; to Matthew R. King and Abigail J. King; $229,000.

946 Holyoke Drive; from Steven M. Jenkins and Teresa Jenkins; to Tiffany A. Paubel and Keith J. Paubel; $167,500.


4715 Drifstone Lane; from Douglas Payne and Sheila Payne; to Keith Anderson and Cindy Anderson; $310,000.


113 Big Bend Blvd.; from Brian W. Weaver and Toni L. Weaver; to Eric Aenlle; $127,000.



74 N. Fairmount Drive; from Warren Richards and Noelle Thaxton; to Howard E. Robertson and Terry L. Robertson; $213,000.


210 S. Walnut St.; from Joseph G. Ricci and Winifred E. Ricci; to Christian Bickmore and Melissa Hacker; $145,000.

514 Courtesy Lane; from Wooldridge Family Living Trust; to Michael A. Nagel Jr.; $210,300.

268 Gabrielle Circle; from C A Jones Inc.; to Kristopher M. Tharp and Jaime C. Tharp; $265,000.

516 W. Central St.; from Paulette E. McCollum; to Trisha L. Stillwell; $65,000.


6575 Lebanon Road; from Sammy Shafer; to Kyle W. Leitner; $70,000.

903 Pennsylvania; from Mark A. Troin, Michael C. Troin Jr., Virginia L. Troin; to Danny L. Allison Jr.; $90,000.

1110 Ridge Ave.; from Fannie Mae; to Amy Apa; $93,500.


1902 Meadow Lane; from William S. Cole and Carole W. Cole; to John Owen and Thomas Owen; $178,000.

1229 Grant Drive; from John Ray and Cynthia Ray; to Eric Hanselman and Denise Plocher; $154,000.

4000 Sequoia Drive; from Sean M. McElligott and Leann R. McElligott; to Theresa Thomas; $230,000.

1501 McCoy Drive; from Jin Guo; to Timothy J. Tosovsky and Brooke A. Tosovsky; $167,000.

1731 Meadow Lane; from Barbara A. Hair; to ennifer Ladd Dabbs; $176,000.


140 Ellington Court; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Jamie L. Warren; $337,500.

101 Oakshire Drive; from Randall J. Rodgers and Jaycie N. Rodgers; to Brian T. Hockett and Melissa E. Hockett; $277,500.


2650 Delmar Ave.; from Shirley F. Schlemer and Edwin Schlemer; to Theron L. Hogue Jr. and Kim R. Hogue; $125,000.


940 Country Pointe Lane; from Jeffrey M. Loomis; to Stacey L. Loomis; $160,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


2732 Stone Valley Drive; from Martin L. Mokoosio, Florence N. Mokoosio, Sarah B. Mokoosio; to Brian J. opperman; $182,000.

153 Summit Ridge; from Michele Morris; to Sangsook Park; $118,000.

2723 Keebler Road; from Fannie Mae; to Micheal L. Cerkoski; $162,500.

1870 Robins Mill Court; from CA Jack Dempsey and Donna J. Dempsey; to Todd A. Gilmore and Jodi L. Gilmore; $240,000.


8602 E. Kirsch Road; from David A. Langford and Michelle M. Langford; to Vicki D. Bargetzi and Micheal D. Ripperda Jr.; $201,000.

8320 Castle Ridge Drive; from Deborah I. Groh, Deborah I. Groh, Trustee; to James C. Monday and Elizabeth M. Monday; $466,500.



215 W. Milton St.; from Mark Frierdich; to Steven Frierdich; $65,000.

402 Burroughs Road; from Becky A. Claas, Scott Claas, Becky A. Henebry; to Scott Martin and Sylvia M. Buesking Martin; $153,000.

6 Ogle Ridgeway; from Jaime L. Bushur, Jeremy G. Bushur, Jaime L. Merkel; to Leigh-Anne B. Feldker and William J. Feldker; $518,000.

1215 Blue Spruce Lane; from Janice M. Riggs and Von S. Riggs; to Ryan P. Hayes and Tracey L. Hayes; $250,000.

3524 Sweet Briar Lane; from Marni Mari Fults; to Amy C. James and David S. James; $383,000.

552 Micah’s Way; from Muriel Scapillato; to Bethany A. Grandt and Patrick A. Grandt; $228,000.

618 N. Main St.; from Adam Frierdich and Laura E. Frierdich; to Green Hand Company LLC; $275,000.


601 Columbia Ave.; from Donald A. Clair and Roberta J. Clair; to Donna C. Lance; $214,500.

705 & 707 Mahala Drive; from Diana K. Goleaner and Larry M. Goleaner; to Jacob Quernheim; $182,000.

26 Dwight St.; from Rhonda Lynn Burk, Carol Sue Dueker, Tara Dueker, Tracie Jones, Kelly Meurer, Alma G. Ripperlmeyer, Krista Tavares; to David W. Webb and Tracey L. Webb; $117,500.

6755 Cardinal Drive; from Russell Services Inc.; to Terry L. Ballhausen; $105,000.

615 N. Market St.; from Christinia E. Lashmett; to James K. Plassmeyer and Jenny R. Plassmeyer; $143,500.