Public Records

Marriage licenses

Madison County

Tompkins, Lionell Lamonte of Spanish Lake, Missouri to Gibbs, Brittany Paige of Spanish Lake, Missouri.

Bettorf, John Orville of Collinsville to Hudson, Wendi Ann of Collinsville.

Word, Daniel Robert of Granite City to Miller, Jessica Dawn Marie of Granite City.

Lewis, Marcus Angelo of Madison to Lovett, Linda of Madison.

Hopkins, Michael Brian of Granite City to Georgia, Sharon Diane of Granite City.

Burdell, Dustin James of Caseyville to Kupinski, April Marie of Collinsville.

Hanes, Charles Newell of St. Louis to Isidro, Mylene Porca of St. Louis.

Bolin, Stephen Gregory of Caseyville to Havenar-Maniscalco, Debra Ann of Caseyville.

Smith, Timothy LeRoy of Godfrey to Twichell, Carrie Ann of Godfrey.

Rucker, Adrian Donnell of Alton to Franklin, Na -Torisa Wayne of Alton.

Lewis, Tyler Dean of Granite City to Sensney, Madilyn Rose of Granite City.

Vonbokel, Aaron Michael of Aviston to Kauhl, Taylor Jordan of Aviston.

Austill, Derek Wayne of Alton to Dunning, Angela Marie of Alton.

Miner, Eric Michael of Alton to Buttry, Anna Marie of Alton.

Hudson, Gabriel Arios of Austin, Texas to Wingert, Jessica Rae of Elsah.

Abbott, Jason Benjamin of Godfrey to Weltig, Christina Marie of Godfrey.

Enterkin, Daniel Beebe of Granite City to Johnson, Tara Richelle of Granite City.

Villarreal, Ruben Richard of Godfrey to Villarreal, Jamie Lynn of Godfrey.

Mott, Tyler Thomas of Bethalto to Carriker, Destiny Renee of Bethalto.

Atterberry, Zachary Alan of Godfrey to Nicholson, Stacy Lynn of Godfrey.

Garner, Stanley Justin of Bethalto to McArthur, Jaime Michelle of Bethalto.

Anderson, Antonize Andre of Edwardsville to Wolff, Ashlei LaDawn of Edwardsville.

Clayton, Travis Shawn of Millstadt to ODette, Anne Marie of Millstadt.

Stamps, Matthew Scott of Granite City to Wolf, Kristiana Maria of Granite City.

Pouliot, Nicholas Ronald of Granite City to Davis, Elizabeth Joy of Granite City.

Touchette, Kyle Raymond of Collinsville to VanDyke, Megan Marie of Collinsville.

Dipalma III, Gerald Angelo of Collinsville to Hall, Rhiannon Elizabeth of Collinsville.

Butkovich, Joshua Joseph of Alton to Davis, Jaimee Nicole of Alton.

Gonzalez, George H of Glen Carbon to Harris, Linda Kay of Edwardsville.

Carter, Christopher Lionel of Alton to Spence, Samantha Anne of Florissant, Missouri.

Jones, Antwan Donyell of Granite City to Sims, Antuanetta Marie of Granite City.

Bond, Clayton Eugene of East Alton to Gifford, Judith Ann of East Alton.

Chastain, Jerry Jay of Bunker Hill to Schrum, Megan Kathleen of Warrenton, Missouri.

Gibson, Patrick Steven of Alton to Pendergrass, Lindsey Ann of Valley Park, Missouri.

Waller, Christopher Scott of Edwardsville to Rich, Julia Ruth of Edwardsville.

St. Clair County

Mueller, James Allen of Belleville to Lamar, Laurin Renee of Belleville.

Muzzarelli, Rudolph D. of Granite City to Wilkinson, Cheryl A. of Granite City.

Nance, Matthew Edward of Belleville to Quirk, Jacquelyn Michelle of Belleville.

Nast, Robert Allen of Belleville to Ratcliffe, Beth Ann of Belleville.

Obado, Solomon Aimakhu of Belleville to Peacock, Pamala Sherre of Belleville.

Oxford, Ryan Eugene of Belleville to Reed, Mandy Marie of Belleville.

Phipps, Calvin J. of Swansea to Lapsey, Tenelle A. of Swansea.

Ping, Leslie I. of Lebanon to Becker, Karen Sue of Carbondale.

Priebe, Austin P. of Belleville to Thompson, Karina K. of Swansea.

Quinn, Robert L. of Belleville to Counts, Rachel M. of Belleville.

Ralleigh, Edward Burns of East St. Louis to Flowers, Charlene of East St. Louis,

Redmond, John Henry of Cahokia to Evans, Jamila Shanese of Cahokia.

Reed Jr., Charley Lee of Tonitown, Arkansas to Kohne, Beth Ann of Tonitown, Arkansas.

Robinson, Marrio D. of East St. Louis to Barnhill, Felicia C. of Venice.

Robnett, Joshua Eugene of Swansea to Short, Donna Kristine of Swansea.

Rose, Everett of East St. Louis to Dixon, Debra Kay of East St. Louis.

Russell, Jason S. of O'Fallon to Rives, Brandi L. of O'Fallon.

Sanders, Donald Bradford of Belleville to Lucash, Alexandria Jo of Freeburg.

Scheich, Kurtis Lloyd of Belleville to Swan, Kara Renee of Belleville.

Shirk, Timothy of Millstadt to Hughes, Andrea of Mascoutah.

Short, Christopher Patrick of Phoenix, Arizona to Iannino, Susana H. of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Smarr, Anthony D. of Alorton to Woods, Destiny Pashae of Alorton.

Spinks, Jr., Lewis of Florissant, Missouri to Wills-Thomas, Pearlie Renea of Centreville.

Spivey, Patrick Wayne of Belleville to Gray, Linda Kay of Belleville.

Stanley Jr., Demetrius Montez of Belleville to McDonald, Jessica Darel of Madison.

Swift, Eric C. of Waterloo to Goldberg, Amy L. of Waterloo.

Thompson, Trenton Curtis of Wheaton to Warchol, Amber Nicole of Wheaton.

Tilk Jr., Henry Joseph of Belleville to Markey, Shari Elizabeth of Belleville.

Valentine, Andre Gene of Fairview Heights to Woods, Lauren Elizabeth of Fairview Heights.

Walker Sr., Dwayne Terrence of East St. Louis to Chamberlain, Sabrina Louise of East St. Louis.

Weeden, Demario L. of Cahokia to Watson, Mekka S. of Cahokia.

Wilbert, Taylor A. of Swansea to Ryan, Margarita A.K. of Swansea.

Williams Jr., David Eugene of Centreville to Craig, Amanda Leigh of Blueford.

Williams Jr., Timothy Tidas of Swansea to Jackson, Andrea Michelle of Edwardsville.

Wills, Michael Dawayne of East St. Louis to Jones, Gina Luise of East St. Louis.

Wood, Robert Delun of Belleville to Winn, Cheri Shantel of Belleville.

Clark, Cynthia A. of Carbondale to Curkin, Paulette of Murphysboro.

Estes, Tanesha Y. of St. Louis to Johnson, Byrenna M. of Belleville.

Ferrell, Darnell of Fairview Heights to Lewis, Bryant D. of Fairview Heights.

Garnett, Jamie Antoininette of St. Louis to Smith, Kimberly of St. Louis.

McCrary, Kelli Jeanine of Hazelwood, Missouri to Simmons, Katrina of Jacksonville, Florida.

Seawood, Dondra D. of Belleville to Harris-Williams, Matayo D. of Belleville.

Setzekorn, Bailey Maureen of Belleville to Hicks, Chelsia Lee of Belleville.

Wilhelm, Abigail Sarah of Carbondale to O'Brien, Ashley Nicole of Belleville.