Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



1925 Celebration Park Circle; from Sarah Alt-Brockmeyer; to Joseph Anderson; $92,500.

213 S. Virginia Ave.; from Richard Miller and Susanne Miller; to Chad A. Vooge and Jaclyn S. Vooge; $94,000.

1411 Prairie Ave.; from Mitchell A. Rybacki; to Todd Voegtle and Casey Voegtle; $107,000.

2411 Geri Lynn Lane; from Arlene M. Schulte; to Kimberly A. Satterfield; $100,000.

301 Radcliff Road; from Nora R. Taylor; to Monica McDowell and Steven D. McDowell; $130,500.

38 Knollwood Drive; from Phil R. Spahn and Beth J. Spahn; to Reginald J. TAte and Sherrie A. Tate; $120,000.

12 Oak Knoll; from Jeanne H. Ferguson; to Daniel O. Mejia Jr., and Ashley A. Mejia; $146,500.

315 N. 39th St.; from Donald J. Frolker and Margaret M. Frolker; to HomeInvestors LLC; $9,000.

22 S. 52nd St.; from Derek Smith; to Benjamin Hudak and Amanda Hudak; $85,000.

37 Janet Drive; from Floyd F. Haas; to Craig E. Barker; $62,000.


111 St. Leo Drive, from Darwyn Buchanan; to CRInvestments LLC; $28,500.


8702 Delmore Terrace; from Anne G. Dam; to Jose Huetra; $11,000.


146 Ashley Drive; from Sine Qua Non Too LLC; to Suzuko Stallings; $25,000.


317 Glenrock Lane; from Roy Pryor and Carolyn Pryor, Deceased; to Noah Wetters and Courtney Wetters; $196,000.


122 N. County Road; from Joseph R. Kilzer; to Brandon C. Jeffery; $134,000.

625 Moorland Circle; from Jason Harvey and Cynthia Harvey; to Michael L. Shortsleeves and Saori Shortsleeves; $188,000.

1126 Hackberry Drive; from Sunrise Acquisition LLC; to Alicia Bauer; $150,000.


7604 Hertel Road; Carol A. Wright; to Kevin Bell and Stephanie Bell; $120,000.


8125 Clinton County Line Road; from James Rensing, Kathleen Rensing, Marvin Rensing, Nancy Rensing; to Amanda Rensing and Corey Dierkes; $85,500.


1817 Orr Lane; from Michael Wallace; to Jonathon Haselhorst and Angela Haselhorst; $50,000.

502 Juniper Drive; from David L. Petruska and Shelly D. Petruska; to Shannon A. Xanders and Jon J. Xanders; $184,000.

305 Marilyn Drive; from Eric L. Dela Barre and Deana H. Dela Barre; to Justin A. Carroll and Rebecca P. Carroll; $65,000.

809 Belpre Drive; from Phillip B. Guillaume and Donna K. Guillaume; to Larry J. Hooks and Yvonne R. Hooks; $177,000.

1129 Nancy Drive; from Larry Seipp and Theresa Seipp; to Bruce Bixby; $130,000.


2631 London Lane; from CNR Inc.; to David S. Bendele and Beth Bendle; $261,500.


212 Lake Lorraine Drive; from Ryan Brennan and Deborah Brennan; to Carrie Bartle; $290,000.

3905 Heatherwood Drive; from Michael L. Jones and Melanie Jones; to Dana S. Koch; $150,500.



3067 Alby St.; from Michael D. Booten; to Joan Darr and Julie Tarrant; $110,000.

2702 Judson Ave.; from Robert B. Deist and Jennifer L. Deist; to Kathryn Rose McKeon; $91,000.


108 Troy Road; from YogiBapa LLC; to Snehal M. Patel and Bijal K. Patel; $225,000.

607 Arrowhead Drive; from Jacob Meyer and Melanie Meyer; to Robert Boyd Jr.; $97,000.


67 E. Rosewood Drive; from Greg Pope; to Robert L. Klapp III and Cheryl A. Klapp; $75,000.


100 E. Vandalia St.; from Yonaka Properties LLC; to LJC Partners LLC; $270,000.

9 Fairway Drive; from Randolph E. Schum and Sheila L. Schum; $500,000.

520 N. Buchanan St.; from 30 Prooperties LLC; to Tom L. Hemingway and Dawn M. Hemingway; $88,000.

1130 Chancellor Drive; from Brett M. Foley and Jennifer M. Foley; to Kelsey W. Wofford and Rion J. Kolosieke; $172,500.

2710 Cabin Creek Court; from William R. Belling and Christine R. Belling; to Philip J. Lading; $239,000.

133 Cottage Drive; from Gail Ellen Wojtowicz and Meredith Macie Boyd; to William R. Belling and Christine R. Belling; $441,500.


12 Junction Drive; from ALS Auto Spa Inc.; to Clearwater Express Inc.; $500,000.

4 Gingerbread; from Evan L. Wilson and Sarah R. Wilson; to Charles Dawayne Barnett and Margaret Alice Barnett; $193,500.


3706 W. Delmar; from Michael Crouch and Janice Crouch; to Jake Tobin; $105,000.


3312 Colgate Place; from Jacqueline Hoffman and Margaret Rose Seibert; to Juanita Robinson; $90,000.

2912 Sunset Drive; from Adam R. Lancaster and Leslie A. Lancaster; to Aaron Meyer; $90,000.

20 Legacy Drive; from Gary L. Harris and Kathleen C. Harris; to Harry E. Manka and Carla J. Manka; $197,500.

2125 Clark Ave.; from Emil R. Neubauer; to Amanda Whistler; $49,000.

1116 27th St.; from Kathryn Oney; to William F. Dyer III and Caitlin E. Demaree; $162,500.


210 Sunflower Drive; from Matthew J. Graumenz, Angela Hobler, Angela Graumenz; to Gary Smith; $136,000.

1410 13th St.; from Mae Fannie, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Wendy A. Vaughan; $60,000.


2018 Briarbend Court; from Kristen K. Kniepkamp; to James C. Lee and Brandy M. Lee; $158,000.


7112 Fields Drive; from Ralph E. McDonald and Dandy J. McDonald; to Karl W. Reinke and Debi S. Reinke; $230,000.


8022 Charleston Drive; from Sundance Home Development Inc.; to Jeffrey A. Schmelzel and April D. Schmelzel; $280,000.

445 Blue Bird Lane; from Robert Traynor and Heidi J. Traynor; to James Jaromack Jr.; $150,000.



501 Micah’s Way; from JLP Homes LLC; to Joshua E. Blair and Mary F. Blair; $208,000.

521 Micah’s Way; from Thomas Beckmann; to Troy Tutor; $213,000.

316 Longview Drive; from Troy L. Tutor; to Deborah A. Killy; $280,000.

910 Bluffside Road; from Jerry Ray Dell and Juanita Dell; to Mark Gauen; $148,000.

27 Eaglecrest Court; from Denise S. Downign; to Sallie M. Ham and Thomas Wedmann; $128,000.

178 Skyline Drive; from Donald N. Rhyne and Jennifer K. Rhyne; to Constance F. Cleveland; $155,000.


301 W. Woodland Ridge; from Jennifer G. Lynn and JOshua D. Lynn; to Judith C. Ward and Wayne D. Ward; $192,500.


229 N. Moore St.; from Dale Haudrich, George Obernagel, Russell Walster; to Charles E. Cachance Jr. and Crhistina L. Lachance; $30,500.

708 Park St.; from Eric W. Keeling; to Jerome W. Jennings and Virginia Lee Jennings; $155,000.

19 Richard St.; from Mary E. Diehl and Paul E. Diehl; to Carl J. Diehl; $150,000.

1041 Turtle Dove Trail; from Candace J. Gardner and Steven W. Gardner; to Eric W. Keeling; $254,000.

6237 KK Road; from Jeffrey S. Lathrop and Lauren Anne Lathrop; to Jane S. Aczinowicz; $254,000.

808 Blazing Star; from James K. Hern and Linda J. Hern; to Lauren Roe Tiney and Scott M. Riney; $220,000.

311 Grand Ave.; from Daryl William Eschmann and Paula Renee Eschmann; to Lisa D. Clamors and Rodney P. Clamors; $127,500.

1535 Jamie Lane; from Vogt Builders Inc.; to Bruce E. Wibbenmeyer and Connie J. Wibbenmeyer; $218,500.