Public Records


Memorial Hospital

  • Tyra Hampton and Treyvion Crogier, Belleville, a girl, May 25.

  • Jennifer Gomiller and Andrew Kimbrough, East St. Louis, a boy, May 26.

  • Adaya Walker and Tomas Bishop, Belleville, a girl, May 26.

  • Charniqua Raymond and Jalen Thomas, East St. Louis, a boy, May 27.

  • Philicia Williams, Cahokia, a girl, May 28.

  • Shanna Crockett and James Kerley, Belleville, a boy, May 28.

  • Ashley Nickerson, East St. Louis, a girl, May 28.

  • Jasmine Kilbert and Kenttosh Lcasey, East St. Louis, a girl and a boy, May 30.

  • Janelle Tharpe and Lamar Herring, Fairview Heights, a girl, May 31.

  • Darnica Johnson, East St. Louis, a girl, June 1.

  • Dianne Rodriguez and Pedro Osorio, Belleville, a girl, June 1.

  • Michelle Schwartzkopf and Brandon Knau, Nashville, a boy, June 1.

  • China Wair and Lamarcus Gilbert, Cahokia, a boy, June 3.

Memorial Hospital East

  • Ashley Molton and Frank Smith, Belleville, a boy, May 23.

  • Jenna Brinkmann and Michael Laufketter, Waterloo, a girl, May 24.

  • Alecia Kerperien and Travis Hulsey, O’Fallon, a boy, May 24.

  • Markeda McCorkle, Belleville, a girl, May 25.

  • Nicole and Aaron Mosbacher, Waterloo, a boy, May 25.

  • Mayla and Devin Maschhoff, Waterloo, a girl, May 25.

  • Lacy Curlee and Chris Schmidt, Fairview Heights, a boy, May 26.

  • Jennifer Vymola and Michael Winters, Belleville, a boy, May 30.

  • Ashley and Justin Gerstner, Hamel, a boy, May 31.

  • Alyssa Frees and Tyler Prindable, Belleville, a boy, June 1.

  • Jacquelyn and Christopher Poponi, Belleville, a boy, June 1.

  • Alaina Schaefer, Mascoutah, a girl, June 4.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

  • Shagina Porter and Jarron Travis, Cahokia, a boy, May 22.

  • Victoria and John Schuhardt, Belleville, a girl, May 22.

  • Alysa and Kaleb Walker, Sparta, a girl, May 22.

  • Sarah and Jeremy Beyer, O’Fallon, a boy, May 22.

  • Stefanie and Clayton Proffitt, Belleville, a girl, May 22.

  • Lorien Fetsch-Martindale and Wes Martindale, Highland, a girl, May 23.

  • Cassie and Aaron Parker, Smithton, a girl, May 23.

  • Kelly and Sean Neighbors, Swansea, a girl, May 25.

  • Lma Awwad and Loai Noubani, Belleville, twin boys, May 25.

  • Lacey Quinton and Beau Martin, Collinsville, a girl, May 26.

  • Angelique Johnson and Carlos Pawnell, Fairview Heights, a boy, May 26.

  • Deja Robinson and Antwon Garrett Sr., Cahokia, a boy, May 27.

  • Kimberly and Joseph Kayusa, Scott AFB, a boy, May 28.

St. Joseph's Hospital

  • Ashley and Matt Gramann, Highland, a boy, May 4.

  • Brandi and Travis Detmer, Breese, a boy, May 5.

  • Lindsay and Calvin O’Rear, Nashville, a boy, May 6.

  • Sasha Busch, Breese, a boy, May 9.

  • Ashley and Ross Willman, Greenville, a boy, May 9.

  • Stephanie and Brad Haar, New Baden, a boy, May 11.

  • Taylor Burke, Breese, a boy, May 12.

  • Tyra Waner, Pocahontas, a boy, May 13.

  • Jennifer and Brian Albers, Damiansville, a boy, May 16.

  • Patricia and Chad Baker, Hoyleton, a boy, May 16.

  • Melissa and Phil Gilomen, Highland, a boy, May 16.

  • Jillmarie and Travis Tweedy, Carlyle, a girl, May 18.

  • Talisha and Aaron Nyman, St. Jacob, a boy, May 18.

  • Erin and John Cummings, Greenville, a girl, May 21.

  • Kara and Brian Short, Albers, a boy, May 22.

  • Laura and Jeffery Santel, Aviston, a boy, May 23.

  • Amber and Kraig Kapp, Pocahontas, a boy, May 23.

  • Kristine and Steven Lanter, Carlyle, a boy, May 24.

  • Ashley and Tyler Groat, Highland, a boy, May 24.

  • Kendra and Tim Squibb, Salem, a girl, May 24.

  • Adrea and Kyle Krebs, Carlyle, a boy, May 25.

  • Allyson and Nathan Loucks, Highland, a boy, May 29.

  • Cari and Jeremy Butts, Hoffman, a girl, May 29.

  • Kristin and Brandon Weathers, Aviston, a boy, May 31.

  • Terea and Kurt Linnemann, Aviston, a girl, May 31.