Public Records


Memorial Hospital

  • Elisia Darough and Lemonte Harrell, Sr., Belleville, a girl, June 18.

  • Kelia Holman, East St. Louis, a girl, June 18.

  • Markeisha Allen and Travion Moore, East St. Louis, a boy, June 20.

  • Juanisha and Dominique Hill, Belleville, a girl, June 20.

  • Hannah and Alexander Linder, O’Fallon, a boy, June 21.

  • Tikya Williams, Belleville, a girl, June 22.

  • Mia Radford, East St. Louis, a boy, June 24.

  • Ruth Garcia Perez and Alejandro Najar Camacho, Fairmont City, a girl, June 25.

  • Sharae Howard and Odell Staten, Jr., Granite City, a girl, June 26.

  • Tyangela Boykins and Ricardo Jackson, Belleville, a boy, June 28.

  • Brittany and David Smith, Belleville, a boy, June 29.

Memorial Hospital East

  • Janelle and Ryan Kozsdiy, Belleville, a boy, June 21.

  • Amanda and Zach Heintzelman, Fairview Heights, a girl, June 22.

  • Brishay and Gary Askew, O’Fallon, a boy, June 22.

  • Bethany and Edward Helf, Millstadt, a girl, June 22.

  • Erinn and Jay Hanscom, Richview, a girl, June 23.

  • Alexis and Eric Ruiz, Belleville, a boy, June 24.

  • Jenna and Matthew Bogard, Fairview Heights, a boy, June 25.

  • Angie Dus and Jeffrey Blyden, O’Fallon, a girl, June 26.

  • Tiffany Brookmyer and Jacob Hofmeister, Belleville, a girl, June 27.

  • Tiffany Jackson and Chris Johnson, Shiloh, a boy, June 27.

  • Lauren and Kyle Langrehr, Red Bud, a girl, June 27.

  • Krista Wrinkle, Waterloo, a girl, June 28.

  • Kristina and Brian Hebel, Belleville, a girl, July 2.

  • Staci York and Brandon Boyer, Millstadt, a girl, July 2.

  • Lana and Christopher Dowell, Belleville, twin girls, July 2.

  • Patricia Rausch and Jason Samples, Belleville, a girl, July 2.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

  • Kieara Janice Lewis, East St Louis, boy, June 18.

  • Cherry Cummings, Collinsville, a girl, June 18.

  • Ashley and Allen Johnson, Coulterville, a boy, June 19.

  • Erica and Jonathan Fowler, Fairview Heights, a boy, June 20.

  • Mandy and Philip Gilreath, Waterloo, a girl, June 21.

  • Beth and Joe Rujawitz, Swansea, a boy, June 22.

  • Chastia Curry, Cahokia, a boy, June 23.

  • Michaela and Austin Russell, Belleville, a boy, June 25.

  • Devan and Michael Nussbaumer, Freeburg, a girl, June 28.

  • Jennifer Ball and Michael Stephenson Jr., Belleville, a boy, June 29.

  • Amanda and Matthew Krueger, Fairview Heights, a boy, June 30.