Public Records

Marriage licenses

Madison County

  • Urioste, Alexander Ruth of Wood River to Martin, Kara Bailey of Cottage Hills.

  • Escobar Rojas, Sergio of Edwardsville to Gomez Garcia, Elizabeth of Edwardsville.

  • Carp Jr, James Robert of Trenton to McRaven, Flora Ann of Brighton.

  • Droste, Joshua Michael of Alton to Woulfe, Laura Ann of Alton.

  • Kichler, Justin Steven of Granite City to Robertson, Kristen Marie of Granite City.

  • Hurocy, Richard Allen of Wood River to Gunderson, Meredith Marie of Wood River.

  • Burdette, Jesse Lawton of Edwardsville to Gray, Carla Michelle of Edwardsville.

  • Downer, Cory Christopher of East Alton to LaCoax, Katie Elizabeth of East Alton.

  • Schneider, Brandon Michael of East Alton to Graser, Maisie Ann of East Alton.

  • Sassenrath, Clifford Adam of Edwardsville to Lagermann, Tonya Marie of Edwardsville.

  • Wilson, David Michael of Troy to Hitt, Alicia Paige of Troy.

  • Donald, Dejuan Lee of Alton to Yost, Katie Elizabeth of Alton.

  • Darrow, Donnie Ray of Cottage Hills to Sullenger, Karen Lena of Cottage Hills.

  • Anderson Jr, Paul Raymond of Alton to Gunder, Chelsea Lynn of Alton.

  • Klette, Kaleb Lee of Edwardsville to Maggart, Hannah Jean of Edwardsville.

  • Brand, Christopher Thomas of O’Fallon to Heflin, Megan Nicole of O’Fallon.

  • Hornberger, Eric Alan of Worden to Hanks, Kristen Nichole of Worden.

  • Fithen, William Tyler of Granite City to Sauget, Amelia Christina of Granite City.

  • Jarrett, Kevin Edward of Granite City to Loos, Cynthia Ann of Granite City.

  • Icenogle, Tanner Lee of Highland to Moses, Rhianna Noel of Highland.

  • Quigley, Mark Stephen of Granite City to Holder, Amber Dawn of Granite City.

  • Andersson, John Dean of Troy, Missouri to McGarvy, Jennifer Lee of Troy, Missouri.

  • Clark, Stephen Richard of East Alton to Hunter, Brandy Masuda of East Alton.

  • Cross, Derek Cornell of Venice to Metcalf, Rebecca Ann of Granite City.

  • Almquist, Drew Michael of O’Fallon, Missouri to Bowers, Courtney Brianne of O’Fallon, Missouri.

  • Willis Jr, Brian Keith of Alton to Riddlespriger, Shakia Christine of Alton.

  • Barnett Jr, Rickey Lee of East Alton to Woodiel, Emmilee Elaine of East Alton.

  • Fraser, Paul Stuart of Edwardsville to Malawy, Cindy Ann of Edwardsville.

  • Cope III, Herbert Alonzo of Alton to Cope, Pamela Renee of Alton.

  • Goston, Kim of Madison to Williams, Anita Lucille of Madison.

  • Harris, Demetrius Javon of Alton to Morris, Daneen Renee of Alton.

  • Mueller, Michael Lee of East Carondelet to Beel, Wendy Lee of East Carondelet.

  • Montgomery, Douglas Lynn of Granite City to Hockaday, Tammy Jean of Granite City.

  • Walker, Olivia Louise of Rockbridge to Stumpe, Jamie Leigh Ann of Rockbridge.

  • Haghighi, Cory Seth Dariu of Collinsville to Schneider, Rosie Frances of Collinsville.

  • Blankley, Eric Duane of Staunton to Cochran, Beth Yvonne of Staunton.

  • Gushleff, Casey John of Granite City to Hettwer, Samantha Ann of Granite City.

  • Ybarra, Alex William of Caseyville to Garcia, Stephanie of Caseyville.

  • Williams, Eugene Trevor of Highland to Peerenboom, Fiona Gerdina Theodora of Highland.

  • Sauer, Scott Lee of Edwardsville to Grawe, Cheryl Jane of Edwardsville.

  • Horvath, Mathew Lewis of Granite City to Whittington, Lacy Ann of Granite City.

  • Casbourne, Jason Michael of Maryville to Drazen, Danielle Celeste of Maryville.

  • Moore, Orval Jerome of Granite City to Kyle, Patricia Ann of Granite City.

  • Clark, Adam Michael of Troy to Caraker, Kelly Marie of Troy.

  • Seymore II, Jeffery Wayne of Moro to Markle, Rebecca Sue of Moro.
  • Scarborough, Asa John of Granite City to Smith, Katrina Rose of Granite City.

  • Whitelaw, Michael Alexander of Granite City to Pilkus, Alisse Ann of Granite City.

  • Blount, Charles James of Breckenridge Hills, Missouri to Stogner, Morgan Ashleigh of Breckenridge Hills, Missouri.

  • Gillom, Jourdain Tyler of Edwardsville to Ackey, Madalene Beth of Edwardsville.

  • Springer, Daniel Lee of Bethalto to Hunt, Valerie Michelle of Bethalto.

  • Sesata, Brendan Robert of Troy to Rivera, Karina Nicolle of Troy.

  • Mertz, John David of Highland to Kemper, Michelle Lynn of Highland.

  • Dolan, John Stephen of Glen Carbon to Owens, Mary Leslie of Glen Carbon.

  • Bruncic, Austin Thomas of Collinsville to Schaefer, Amanda Kay of Collinsville.

  • Kaiser, Nicholas Asher of Collinsville to Duff, Hailey Nicole of Collinsville.

  • Santoro, Michael Benjamin of Collinsville to Hellmann, Holly Ann of Edwardsville.

  • Lemons, Gary Don of Granite City to Ganz, Becky Lynn of Granite City.

  • Johnson, Devin Michael of New Bern, North Carolina to Noe, Alison Christine of Moline.

  • Filcoff Jr., George of Granite City to Filcoff, Deborah Jo of Granite City.

  • Thrasher, Brendon Lee of Highland to Rolves, Calinda Mae of Highland.

  • Arnold, Jeremy Charles of Wood River to Huntsman, Anna Marie of Wood River.

  • Wrather, Dale Alan of Imperial, Missouri to Manka, Kristal Diane of Pontoon Beach.

  • Beckenbach, Bobby Lee of Troy to Jacobs, Sharon Sue of Troy.

  • Pulliam, Nathaniel Scott of Marine to Bridgewater, Mariah Ashley of Marine.

  • Stafford, Joseph Michael of Alton to Sethaler, Katie Michelle of Alton.

Smith, Aaron Robert of Wood River to Beilsmith, Kadie Ann Marie of Wood River.

McHugh, Chad Joseph of Granite City to Tayon, Mary Ellen of Granite City.

Fields, Gregory Panos of Edwardsville to Kopp, Katja of St. Louis.

Waters, Jason Lynn of Granite City to Meier, Kara Christine of Granite City.

Hellmann, Andrew James of Bartelso to Schuster, Elizabeth Ruth of Bartelso.

Burke, Chaz Louis of East St. Louis to Jones, Brittany Amber Fanniemae of Maryville.

Trover, John Brian of Highland to Muhasin, Ghazwah Mohammed of Highland.

Harmann, Kevin Eugene of St. Louis to Tilley, Ryanne Ashley of St. Louis.

Goodson, Jason Allen of Wood River to Hughes, Heather Maryelaine of Wood River.