Public Records

Marriage licenses

St. Clair County

Whitwell, Jonathan E. of Belleville to Hughen, Stephanie M. of Belleville.

Missey, Adrian Alan of Troy to Doll, Jennifer Marie of Troy.

Nance, Williemae Shaun R. of St. Louis to Merritt, Jamerson L. of Cahokia.

Wemhoener, Joshua James of Freeburg to Macia, Elena Renee of Freeburg.

Mackin, Corey W.M. of Belleville to Pryor, Hunter Laureen of Belleville.

Pesch, Aaron Randall of Millstadt to Schaefer, Nathan Octavian of St. Peter, Missouri.

Pegg, Michael Jesse Jr. of Smithton to Bastian, Joni Jon of O’Fallon.

Drees, Douglas Frank Jr. of New Baden to Wilbanks, Brittni Mariah of Mascoutah.

Jones, W. Timothy R. of Swansea to Simmons, Amanda Lynn of Swansea.

Tate, Charles Baker Jr. of O’Fallon to Murphy, Lisa Ann of O’Fallon.

Campbell, Howard C. of Centreville to Holman, Shevione Larice of Centreville.

Gaglio, Kevin P. of O’Fallon to Cundiff, Skylar N. of O’Fallon.

Paskaitis, Steven George of Scott Air Force Base to Fell, Baylee Madelane of Scott Air Force Base.

Howard, Joshua Mac of St. Jacob to Hixson, Rachel Elizabeth of St. Jacob.

Mathews, Mark Joseph of Swansea to Tolar, Kelly Renee of Swansea.

McCottrell, Marlo Donielle Jr. of Fairview Heights to Uzuanwu, Nnenna Adeline of Fairview Heights.

Hughes, Thomas Christopher Jr. of St. Louis to Brooks, Cora Lee of Swansea.

Pfeil, William Bernard Jr. of Shiloh to Wilson, Christina Michelle of Shiloh.

Hall, Duriyea Levingston of Cahokia to Jones, Lateisha Nashea of Cahokia.

Stewart, Al D. of Belleville to Heard, Latoya N. of Belleville.

Simonds, Thomas Walter Jr. of Belleville to Phelps, Makayla Danyel of Belleville.

Craig, Michael Anthony of Mascoutah to Ochiltree, Ashley Nicole of Mascoutah.

Hackmann, Matthew Paul of O’Fallon to Newcomb, Kaitlyn Suzanne of O’Fallon.

Nelson, Walter Bernard of East St. Louis to May, Cynthia Louise of Clearfield, Utah.

Ross, Kellie C. of O’Fallon to Nigeda, Senayet W. of O’Fallon.

Ramirez Lozano, Miguel of Fairmont City to Torres Gutierrez, Gladis of East St. Louis.

Shelton, Larry D. of St. Louis to Franklin, Nicole L. of Belleville.

Borney, Andre Lamont II of Jefferson City, Missouri to Williams, Michelle Anthoni of Jefferson City, Missouri.

Woodson, Donald Lamarr of Belleville to Davis, Geneka Renee of Belleville.

Amerson, Darweshi Cortez of East St. Louis to Whalen, Timmeka Dionne of East St. Louis.

Scott, Robert Andrew of O’Fallon to Williamson, Emily Marie of O’Fallon.

Meyer, Gary E. of Belleville to Sullivan, Demia K. of Belleville.

Jimenez, Mario J. of Fairview Heights to Witt, Kimberly F. of Fairview Heights.

Jones, Roger Darren of Collinsville to Blake, Maria Theresa of Collinsville.

Yarber, Brent Matthew of Smithton to Eckert, Danielle Marie of Smithton.

Kerr, Eric Steven of Bethalto to Sutton, Tracey Lee of Edwardsville.

Gillam, Ryan Anthony of Belleville to Vandenburgh, Amber Elaine of Belleville.

Rabab’ah, Bilal Mah’d Ahmad of Shiloh to Abu-Keshek, Mary Evelyn of Shiloh.

Madison County

Jones, Wesley Allen of Collinsville to Smith, Hope Elizabeth of Collinsville.

Venardos, Lamont Michael of Godfrey to Spurgeon, Judith Ruth of Godfrey.

Malloy, Michael Anthony of Elsah to Lewis, Ashley Nichole of Elsah.

Bradford, Reginald Frank of Collinsville to Kemme, Nicole Renee of Collinsville.

Yann, Joshua Daniel of Highland to Wasser, Ericca Lynn of Highland.

Peterson, Kevin Daniel of Edwardsville to Bailey, Lorena Marie of Edwardsville.

Schreiber, Andrew Michael of Highland to Ridings, Allyssa Nicole of Highland.

Kite, Steven Edward of Collinsville to Crider, Nicole Shane of Collinsville.

Harshbarger Jr., Andrew Joseph of Granite City to Whittenburg, Angela Dawn of Granite City.

Gilmore, Oliver Ayers of Waterloo to Storm, Lindsay Kathryn of Waterloo.

Kessel, Jeffrey Wade of Collinsville to Valenti, Bonnie Jean of Collinsville.

Letourneau, Kevin William of Chicago to Hoffman, Katelyn Marie of Chicago.

Maggart, Stephen Wayne of Alton to Harrison, Kimberly Jane of Alton.

Rice, Daniel Adam of Lebanon to Stauder, Kristin Elizabeth of Lebanon.

Warren, Kenneth Paul of Granite City to Powers, Kellie Ann of Granite City.

Crawley, Kacey Rae of Wood River to Meydam, Bonnie Darlene of Wood River.

Shaw, Trevor Dewitt of Alhambra to Logsdon, Sara Beth of Alhambra.

Vinyard, Michael Thomas of Granite City to Ellison, Kathryn Nichole of Granite City.

Adams, Michael Jay of Granite City to Clapp, April Dawn of Granite City.

VanZandt, Von Eric of Mesquite, Texas to Pettis Holmes, Deborah Lavette of Alton.

Johnson, Cayne Lowell of Granite City to Krieger, Halie Elizabeth of Granite City.

Oliver, Gary Emmanuel of Springfield to January, Marissa Ariel Trista of Springfield.