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Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

How are home sales in your neighborhood? Check recent sales in the area to find out.
How are home sales in your neighborhood? Check recent sales in the area to find out.



300 S. Jackson St.; from Teri Auer and June K. Webb; to Wendy M. Morrow; $60,000.

1808 Scheel St.; from Steven McDowell and Monica E. McDowell; to Connie L. Fraser; $98,000.

712 St. John Drive; from Joshua R. Neate; to Marlena D. Muney; $105,000.

7500 Ridge Lane; from Joseph R. Bell and Gina J. Bell; to Jesse Rye; $108,500.

7115 W. A St.; from Janice Lacey; to Paul McCleery; $30,000.

32 Dale Allen Drive; from Ronald Pensoneau; to Bradley J. Jun; $65,000.


2304 Jerome Lane; from Duane BeQuette and Kelly BeQuette; to Stephen Moore and Allison Eads; $37,000.


409 N. 26th St.; from Deutsche Bank; to Franklin B. Galbreath; $17,000.


2 Briarcliffe Drive; from Kenneth A. Fischer by William Schalbenbrand, His Attorney; to Howard J. Laidlaw and Barbara S. Laidlaw; $92,500.

224 Lola Lane; from Mary Meyer; to Matthew Jetter and Hannah Wieduwilt; $79,500.


10926 Kentfield Drive; from Whitney Carpenter and Kurt Carpenter; to Dustin Cooksey; $92,500.

450 Hillscrest Drive; from Robert J. Schmitt; to Travis A. Hogg; $100,000.


8 Cheryl Drive; from Lori J. Anderson and Kenneth Sorg; to Kevin Blockyou and Angela Blockyou; $177,000.


603 Manor Lane; from Gregory J. Kimutis and Barbara C. Kimutis; to David C. Oelrich and Patricia A. Oelrich; $190,000.


606 S. Elizabeth St.; from Herbert M. Foerster; to Eugene Whaley Jr. and Jeanette Whaley; $110,000.

700 Mari Lane; from Dolores Schneider, Brian K. Schneider, Lynn M. Griffith; to Jason Evensen; $114,000.


2 Laurel Heights Court; from Mark Hellmuth and Sheri Hellmuth; to JOsh Patterson and Janine Patterson; $325,000.

310 N. Cedar St.; from Marrick Alan Reed by Kati Shea Reed, His Attorney; to Michael J. Bautte and Cassandra L. Baulte; $141,000.

1021 Timber Creek Lane; from Jerry N. Massie; to James C. McDonald; $165,000.

1212 Hillcock Lane; from Suzanne Lows; to Kelsey Baumann; $145,000.

1100 Brynmahr Court; from Matthew Federhofer and Carolyn Federhofer; to Cadence A. Kuklinski and Adam J. Luechtefeld; $329,000.


3227 Fielding Lane; from Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide Inc.; to Lora Kern; $148,000.


3004 Floraville Road; from Darren Murphy and Lindsay Murphy; to Robert S. Johnson II and Deborah Johnson; $128,000.


151 Papillon Drive; from Eric E. Willingham and Tammy Willingham; to Brian Barnsley and Kathryn Barnsley; $193,000.

304 Lake Lorraine Drive; from JRM Development LLC; to Mark A. Schell; $225,000.

1501 Karin Drive; from Pamela A. Kramer; to Matthew S. Moffitt; $65,500.



1103 Exchange St.; from Denise R. Marin, Shirley Cranmer, Eric D. Cranmer, SMC Family Trust; to Eric J. Millford; $103,000.

8787 Seven Hills Drive; from Andreas Josef Kuhn Jr. and Deborah M. Kuhn; to Bryan S. Jones and Brenda K. Jones; $295,000.


2008 Vandalia St.; from Kevin Cadagain, Tomithy P. Cadagin, Daniel Cadagin; to CBH Holdings LLC; $200,000.

584 Watch Hill Road; from Bryan Crawford; to Jessica Powers; $127,000.


605 Harvard Drive; from Kevin P. Roundcourt and Suzanne D. Roundcount; to Philip Beer and Viki Lefevre; $173,000.

700 Stolze St.; from Jeanie L. Strohmeier; to Renee Barker; $83,000.

301 N. Buchanan St.; from Miles E. Sulentic; to John Alexander and Patti Furnivall; $97,425.

5327 N. State Route 159; from Mike Hacker and Dawn Hacker; to James Castelli; $175,000.


46 Kingsley Way; from US Bank Trust, LSF6 Bermuda MRA Trust; to Jilliam L. Dunnavant, Richard B. Dunnavant, Jillian L. Roti, Jillian L. Roti Dunnavant; $309,000.

7 Amersham Court; from Bradley S. Joiner and Barbara S. Joiner; to Michael D. Osdborner, Tina R. Osborne, Tina R. Abernathy, Tina R. Abernathy Osborne; $322,500.

5 Cottonwood Glen Drive; from Steven Meyer; to Staci Degeer; $187,500.

509 Briarstone; from Remington Properties LLC; to Richard D. Chomkirun and Kelly L. Chomhirum; $305,500.


1701 Biscay Drive; from Stephen K. Devlin and Jill D. Devlin; to Sarah J. Hanks; $165,000.

5004 Wolferton Drive; from Kenneth E. Ruckman; to Brenda J. Plunk and David L. Plunk; $141,000.


1218 Lindenthal Ave.; from Joseph J. Jansen; to Teresa M. Greve and Jeremy R. Duft; $125,000.

555 D. Suppiger Way; from Victoria Krug; to Frey Properties of Highland LLC; $70,000.

1433 Laurel St.; from Michael Hart; to Lindsey Hart; $134,500.

13277 U.S. Highway 40; from Norbert O. Landmann; to Andrew Dillow and Courtney Miener; $50,000.

3162 Hill Road; from Shana K. Pagano and Shana K. Bartlett; to Jason W. Shemwell and Jodie Shemwell; $160,000.


34 Gary Ave.; from Bonnie L. Wright; to Fred E. Campbell Jr. and Dawn M. Campbell; $110,000.


5971 Fairview Road; from Alan P. Valenti; to Brian Bennett and Marci Bennett; $227,000.


8808 Wendell Creek Drive; from Wendell Creek Estates LLC; to Gregory Bruce; $50,500.


331 B Jarvis Court; from Thomas P. Harrison; to Christopher T. Harrison; $159,000.

102 Turtle Creek; from Garry Rains and Stella Rains; to Patrick J. Held and Haley L. Brooks; $159,500.



217 W. Olympia St.; from Dana L. Baker, Jason L. Baker, Dana L. Haag; to Jenny Vise; $118,000.

442 Terry Drive; from Laurette M. Hucker, Laurette M. Zeveski; to Dana Baker and Jason Baker; $252,500.

2812 Robert Drive; from SR of 2013-S3 Reo I LLC: to James Zahn and Rachelle Zahn; $173,500.

112 Country Ridge; from Leigh-Anne Feldker and William Feldker; to Stacey Dianne Kurich and William R. Kurich; $360,000.

711 Briar Lake Place; from Daniel J. Thompson and Karla A. Thompson; to Michelle M. Daniels; $335,000.


205 Flower St.; from Roger D. Vogt and Marlene A. Wild; to Nicholas J. Hopkins and Whitney M. Hopkins; $68,000.

1 Carswold Drive; from Carswold Land Trust, Mary H. Trus Schmidt, William H. Trus Schmidt; to Carrie S. Higgerson and Nathan L. Higgerson; $300,000.

6583 Brand Lake Road; from Wittenauer Sisters LLC; to JLP Homes LLC; $25,000.

6337 State Route 3; from Joyce M. Braun; to Jenny Johnston and Kenworth C. Johnston; $235,000.

731 Gilmore Lake Road; from First National Bank of Dieterich; to Caitlin Brinkmann and Kyle Brinkmann; $145,000.

304 Liberty Court; from West View Acres Inc.; to JLP Homes LLC; $35,000.

808 Stiening St.; from Caitlin Brinkmann and Kyle W. Brinkmann; to Angela F. Schlemmer; $111,000.

816 Cheshire Drive; from C A Jones Inc.; to Teri L. Elsing; $213,000.

320 Hickory St.; from Jovik Inc.; to Kevin W. Coleman and Steven W. Coleman; $98,500.

809 Cheshire Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $32,500.