Public Records


Memorial Hospital

  • Ashley Taylor and Brennen Sykes, Belleville, a boy and a girl, Aug. 8.

  • Tayisha Knox, Belleville, a girl, Aug. 9.

  • Dayja Baker, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 9.

  • Raven Williams and Deonta Beverly, Belleville, a girl, Aug. 13.

  • Ernestine Berry and Leontae Loston, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 15.

  • Marcia and Kevin Johnson, East St. Louis, a boy, Aug. 17.

  • Sarah Gordon-Malloy and Jonathon Belfield, Belleville, a girl, Aug. 17.

  • August 18, 2018 Aaliah Beverly, Cahokia, a boy, Aug. 18.

  • Kaela Robinson, O’Fallon, a boy, Aug. 18.

Memorial Hospital East

  • Chelsie Lang and Lucas Baucom, Caseyville, a boy, Aug. 9.

  • Jennifer and Darin Chancon Mendoza, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 10.

  • Christine and Beau Barkau, Okawville, a boy, Aug. 13.

  • Kathryn Kampmeyer and Travis Borner, O’Fallon, a boy, Aug. 13.

  • Nicole and Darius Goodman, Swansea, a boy, Aug. 16.

  • Courtney and Andrew Liefer, Shiloh, a boy, Aug. 17.

  • Lakena Harmon and Brandon Keys, East St. Louis, a boy, Aug. 17.

  • Katie Bujnak and Joe Richardson, Fairview Heights, a boy, Aug. 17.

  • Sydney Raschen and Zachary Sturegon, Fairview Heights, a boy, Aug. 17.

  • Rachel Cross and Michael Marques, O’Fallon, a boy, Aug. 18.

  • Jaime Jaeger-Werner and Wesley Werner, Red Bud, a girl, Aug. 19.

  • Melissa and Neil Garrett, Belleville, a girl, Aug. 20.

  • Casey Miller and Nicholas Seward, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 21.

  • Brittany and Daniel Demond, Sparta, a boy, Aug. 21.