Public Records

Marriage licenses

St. Clair County

Harper, Douglas S. of Smithton to Enlow, Jennifer L. of Smithton.

Goetz, Andrew Robert George of Fairview Heights to Will, Danielle Maureen of Fairview Heights.

Amesquita, Jon William of St. Louis to Young, Candace Mary of O’Fallon.

Vaughn, Anthony L. of Alorton to Blue, Zona Rena of St. Louis.

Warren, Donald of Alorton to Rawls, Lucy A. of Alorton.

Schneider, Cory Ray of Belleville to Horton, Kimberly Dawn of Belleville.

Weston, Dadaji J. of Belleville to Johnson, Shirley M. of Belleville.

Helfin, Benjamin Paul of St. Louis to Fleming, Alison Renee of St. Louis.

Harlan, Terrance L. of East St. Louis to Ferguson, Ladeshia L. of Belleville.

Hughlett, William Jerome of O’Fallon to Johnson, Tenisha Anye’a of St. Louis.

Corley, Christopher P. of Swansea to Hendricks, Rebecca T. of Swansea.

Hill, Devin Sean of Collinsville to Rhodes, Abigail Leona of Collinsville.

Boyd, Jewell Brian of Cahokia to Carroll, April Yolanda of Cahokia.

Solano Lazaro, Claudio of Fairmont City to Mendoza Santiago, Margarita of Fairmont City.

Peoples, Gerald Jr. of Belleville to Webb, Annette G. of St. Louis.

Hudspeth, Michael Seante of Belleville to Wilson, Keyiona Leondra of Belleville.

Fults, David Michael Jr. of Belleville to Rivera, Vanessa Reyna of Belleville.

Cox, Bruce Anthony Sr. of Madison to Haynes, Ella Denise of East St. Louis.

Crawford, Chad Wayne of Troy to Wood, Marcia Lyn of Troy.

Gravot, Devon Kyle of Freeburg to Walton, Jennifer Lynn of Smithton.

Porter, Djuan of Belleville to Ferguson, Ewona S. of Belleville.

Wheeler, Joseph Dean of Belleville to Williams, Amber Lynn of Belleville.

Smith, Michael Lilrell of Cahokia to Sally, Jessica Renee of Cahokia.

Allen, Nicholas Grant of Fairmont City to Lorenzin, Stephanie Alyse of Fairmont City.

Sincup, John J. Jr. of Cahokia to Kersten, Angela M. of Cahokia.

Iacona, Ross A. of Lebanon to Brink, Jared John of Lebanon.

Jackson, Myron T. of St. Louis to Willis, Timmesha Ciara of East St. Louis.

Gregory, Kyle Lane of St. Louis to Louis, Jane Kathleen of St. Louis.

O’Neill, France E. Jr. of Dupo to Lockett, Shanita I. of Dupo.

Isaac, Maurice L. of Swansea to Morales, Latoya D. of Swansea.

Tobergte, William James of Choctaw, Oklahoma to Lebeau, Emily Marie of Choctaw, Oklahoma.

Jones, Edgar Lee of East St. Louis to Davis, Lula Monique of East St. Louis.

Bonnenstiehl, Robert P. Jr. of O’Fallon to Schur, Mary Alicia of O’Fallon.

Stephens, Eric Lamont Jr. of Cahokia to Webb, Erin Naomi Leigh of Cahokia.

Barr, Gregg G. of Troy to Hart, Cheryl L. of Troy.

Davenport, Darrell of Swansea to Pollard, Monica C.N. of Swansea.

Carroll, Jerry L. Jr. of New Athens to Helmers, Jolene A. of New Athens.

Manco, Misti Danielle of Belleville to Rohasa-Tobiasa, Karola Damarina of Belleville.

Goodman, John L. of Belleville to Bertelsman, Melody R. of Mascoutah.

Geremia, Michael A. of Troy to Penrod, Molly E. of Troy.

Christie, Arlo D. of Belleville to Cooper, Tiffany R. of Belleville.

Rogers, William George of Belleville to Wright, Kira Ashley of Belleville.

Santos Morales, Jorge Luis of Shiloh to Sosa, Nancy of Shiloh.

Schubert, Robert Dale of Mascoutah to Baker, Terri Marie of Mascoutah.

Pettiford, Sean D. of Swansea to Sattlefield, Kayla A. of Swansea.

Dahm, Zachary Houston of St. Louis to Stutte, Meredith Elizabeth of St. Louis.

Barrett, Dylan Ray of Belleville to Simunich, Calie S. of Belleville.

Merchant, Richard Alexander of O’Fallon to Pickens, Jessica Antwonette of O’Fallon.

Bayton, Carl P. of Swansea to Amaya, Yury E. of Swansea.

Schardan, Thomas D. Jr. of Lebanon to Davis, Summer D. of Lebanon.

Fox, Timothy Andrew of Granite City to Linnell, Andrea Renee of Collinsville.

Buck, Dennis Powell II of Belleville to Flatt, Kerri Anne of Belleville.

Gabel, Dustin K. of Carlyle to Whitson, Amanda L. of New Baden.

Carter, Elijah Ellsworth Sr. of Granite City to Foree, Donna M. of Granite City.

Ralleigh, Edward B. Jr. of Belleville to McPhee, Aulegra R. of Belleville.

Davis, Cameron Jamal Sr. of Cahokia to Edwards, Raquel Dene’ of Cahokia.

Steele, Kendal Armon of Scott Air Force Base to Wyatt, Dinah Monet of Scott Air Force Base.

Pinkston, Codie Ryan of Marissa to Lang, Chealsea Dawn of Marissa.

Fowler, Jacob Lloyd of Millstadt to Weilbacher, Lauren Ashley of Millstadt.

Berg, Justin Matthew of Waterloo to Bocskowics, Andrea Nicole of Waterloo.

Thomas, Lucas J. of Belleville to Jackson, Brettney M. of Belleville.

Anderegg, Heather Elisabeth of Belleville to Ferguson, Katelyn Brooke of Belleville.

Rakers, Bradley James of Fairview Heights to Thompson, Cassandra Faye of Fairview Heights.

Dismukes, Carlos of East St. Louis to Johnson, Lenora of East St. Louis.

Manley, Pierre of East St. Louis to Nelson, Y. of East St. Louis.

Davis, Alex James of Millstadt to Wegrzyn, Allison Joanne of Millstadt.

Polczynski, Scott Dominic of Alton to Lintker, Alexis Rose of Alton.

Matchingtouch, James E. of Swansea to Brandon, Lunetha A. of Swansea.

Lentsch, Chris A. of Belleville to Kunz, Jamie E. of Belleville.

Martin, Kaley Joseph of Belleville to Washington, Yolonda M. of Belleville.

Lyons, Caleb Wayne of Scott Air Force Base to Schumann, Chelsey Marie of Scott Air Force Base.

Fant, Jason Edward of Belleville to Saxon, Haylle Hutto of Belleville.

Nimz, Aaron W. of Terre Haute, Indiana, to Gottschall, Alyson N. of Fairview Heights.

Walker, Aaron L. of Swansea to Murray, Paula S. of Swansea.

Bolhofner, Kurtis Jerome of Lebanon to Withrow, Brandi Kathleen of Troy.

Croon, Rudolph M. of Villa Park to Obst, Katherine Taylor of Belleville.

Tucker, Mondi Coryanna of St. Louis to Darris, Alexis Mauresha Eugenia of St. Louis.

Johnson, Julian Luster Jr. of Cahokia to Jones, Jaylah Renee of O’Fallon.

Russell, Austin Roy of Belleville to Rozell, Michaela Lynn of Belleville.