Public Records

Marriage Licenses

St. Clair County

Derrick Layfette Adams Sr. of East St. Louis to Nicolle Cherrell Jackson of East St. Louis.

Esteban E. Aguayo of Collinsville to Victoria Serrano Cardenas of Collinsville.

Adhley S. Amerso of Alorton to Tyra C. Smith of Alorton.

Patrick Michael Austin Jr. of East St. Louis to Inemona Sherice Harper of East St. Louis.

Derek Jason Badgett of New Athens to Tera Lindsey Lybarger of New Athens.

Brett Allen Baxter of Warnerrobins, Ga. To Alexandra Lyn Valles of Depue.

Jason Allen Bell of Richwoods, Mo. to Reba Lynette Logan or Richwoods, Mo.

Dimetrius S. Brewer of Cahokia to Shamika O. Rogers of Cahokia.

Nathaniel Broaden of Centreville to Crystal A. Roberts of Centreville.

Johnnie A. Burt Sr. of East St. Louis to Marcia A. Patterson of East St. Louis.

Adam Javier Casole of Belleville to Brittanny Alexandria Ortiz of Mascoutah.

Kenneth John Cavanaugh of O’Fallon to Tamara Nelly Cavanaugh of O’Fallon.

Robert Paul Ciralsky of Chicago to Rachel Anne Edwards of Lebanon.

Curtis Earl Coleman Jr. of Washington Park to Tiera Lashay Cary of Alorton.

Clayton Earl Cone of Fort Campbell, Tenn. To Elizabeth Renee Besserman of New Athens.

Randall Wayne Cox Jr. of Collinsville to June Michelle Brown of Collinsville.

Richard Wayne Curtis III of Swansea to April Lynn McGrew of Swansea.

Matthew S. Curtis of Belleville to Sarah Elizabeth Huebner of Belleville.

Alphonso Davis of Washington Park to Keeaira Cherrelle Moore of Washington Park.

Shevante Jermaine Day of Belleville to Joo Yeon Lee of Belleville.

Michael Eugene Dufford Jr. of Waterloo to Amanda Ruth Ann Walton of Waterloo.

Lonnie Edwards of East St. Louis to Amanda J. Pawnell of East St. Louis.

Mark Eugene Elders of Swanea to Brittany Clair Prewitt of Swansea.

Brian Keith Essenpreis of Belleville to Tiffany Gayle Purtle of Belleville.

Eric Brook Ferguson Jr. of East St. Louis to Briena Rene McAfee of Alorton.

Jesse Jevon Fort of Granite City to Arneisha Renae Mosby of Granite City.

Lawrence Edward Foughter of East St. Louis to Gracie Ann Adams of East St. Louis.

David Garcia Espinoza of Caseyville to Sandra Perez of Caseyville.

Senator Kyle Gardner of Madison to Ciara S. Goodwin of Granite City.

Travis D. Gayden of Belleville to Carla Ann Thomas of Belleville.

Russell Richard Gillette of Maryville to Megan Elizabeth Denton of Maryville.

Phillip Granger of Cahokia to Quiyonna M. Hampton of Belleville.

Zachary Stephen Green of O’Fallon to Amanda Gabrielle Pestana of O’Fallon.

Michael Lamar Griffin of Belleville to Felicia Katrice Steele of Swansea.

Robert Michael Taylor Guithues of Highland to Sarah Elizabeth Randle of Alhambra.

Joshua L. Hamilton of East St. Louis to Harriet N. Stevenson of Cahokia.

Edvin H. Hanson Jr. of Dupo to Barbara J. Murphy of Dupo.

Larry A. Helm of East St. Louis to Skylar D. Hawthorne of East St. Louis.

Jerome Oliver Hemmer of Fairview Heights to Dolores Ann Barbachem of Fairview Heights.

Tony R. Henson of O’Fallon to Rachel A. Mohra of O’Fallon.

Jeffrey Michael Hinson of Fairview Heights to Heather Marie Selders of Fairview Heights.

Cody Steven Hoffman of Concord, Mass. To Mallory Jean Kimme of Caseyville.

Michael Leon Holland II of Belleville to Rachel Lee Wandling of O’Fallon.

Larry Hopkins of O’Fallon to Hiawatha Henderson Baskerville of O’Fallon.

Henry Douglas Hopp of Millstadt to Regina Ginette Cathcart of Belleville.

Leonard Douglass Jackson of Swansea to Sabrina Kay Jones of Swansea.

Demarco Cortez Johnson of East St. Louis to Brittaney Nicole Thomas of East St. Louis.

Ray Anthony Johnson of Washington Park to Dianna Renee Davis of East St. Louis.

Steven L. Jones of Scott AFB to Lisa I. Moon of Scott AFB.

Alex P. Joseph of Lebanon to Katherine S. Dietz of Lebanon.

Andrew W. Kersting of Sauget to Laura M. Parker of Sauget.

James Ray Keys of Red Bud to Nicole Rachele Watson of Red Bud.

Demetrius D. King of Griffith, Ind. To Krystine P. Gilliland of Griffith, Ind.

Anthony S. Krivi of Mt. Olive to Amanda C. Thompson of Mt. Olive.

Brad Michael Lego of Belleville to Debbie Marie Marks of Belleville.

Leo R. Licker of Belleville to Sarah E. Madison of Belleville.

Justin Benjamin Loepker of Fairview Heights to Angela Marie Voorhis of Fairview Heights.

Gilberto Lomeli of Fairmont City to Victoria Castellanos of Fairmont City.

Jimmy Lunsford of Belleville to Tamyra Vania McGee of Belleville.

Dominique M. Macon of Gulf Port, Miss. To Lorinda C. McCall Owens of Belleville.

Michael Richard Madison of Fairview Heights to Sara Michelle Addison of Fairview Heights.

Micah William May Sr. of Belleville to Donna Marie Burnett of Belleville.

Bradley Ellis McCray Jr. of Alorton to Jasmine Marie Nunn of Alorton.

Paul McCoy of East St. Louis to Tyone Santrece Sanlin of East St. Louis.

Tyler M. Miller of Collinsville to Rebecca A. Morris of Collinsville.

David Earl Moore Jr. of O’Fallon to Britni Nicole Boyd of O’Fallon.

Orlandus N. Moran of East St. Louis to Devanie A. Cotton of East St. Louis.

Christopher Demond Morrison of O’Fallon to Crystal Nicole Marie Athmer of O’Fallon.

John L. Morrison of Belleville to Jeanette K. Adams of Belleville.

Gary J. Mueller of O’Fallon to Megan L. Luhrsen of O’Fallon.

Lucad P. Murro of Columbia, Mo. to Shanise R. Redding of Columbia, Mo.

Noel Christopher Navarro of Belleville to Caitlin Leigh Lockhart of Belleville.

James Allen Nielsen of Scott AFB to Sarah Rebecca Moll of Belleville.

Edward J. Niermann of O’Fallon to Jamie L. Kasmarzik of O’Fallon.

Mark E. Norris Sr. of Swansea to Yolanda A. Davis of Swansea.

Benjamin Ochoa-Barragan of Belleville to Brittani Nichols Arnold of Belleville.

Steven James Pinkel of O’Fallon to Lori Ann McNaughton of O’Fallon.

Steven George Prater of Dupo to Tiffany Jean Czapla of Dupo.

Patrick Emil Quernheim of Waterloo to Sarah Marie Holmen of Waterloo.

Christopher Thomas Ramsey of Belleville to Robin Harmony Defrates of Belleville.

Eric Robert Range of Freeburg to Jessica Lynn Baxley of Marissa.

Matthew Lee Rey of Columbia to Brooke Elizabeth Shults of Millstadt.

Shaun P. Reynolds of Belleville to Cynthia Hemphill of Belleville.

Larry S. Rhodes of Belleville to Mekail D. Johnson of Belleville.

John Edward Rice of Belleville to Latrina Chenise Griffin of Belleville.

Zachary Francis Ries of Belleville to Stacy Jo Scharf of Belleville.

Phillip Lee Robbins of Belleville to Ara Satterfield Burrows of Belleville.

Montez R. Roberson of St. Louis to Tenisha L. Staten of Belleville.

Donnelli L. Rockett of St. Louis to Rickia D. Brown of Collinsville.

Brendan Edwin Rogers of O’Fallon to Naomy Real Santiago of Eglin AFB, Fla.

Albert C. Ross of East St. Louis to Latoya D. Rayford of East St. Louis.

James Michael Ruzicka Jr. of Lancaster, Calif. To Amanda Helen Tepe of Lancaster, Calif.

Brian William Sankus of Fairview Heights to Christina Marie Lawrence of Fairview Heights.

Richard Laurence Schmidt of Swansea to Ashley Marie Fults of Swansea.

Frederic G. Schwarz of Jefferson City, Mo. to Sharon B. Pfeiffer of Jefferson City, Mo.

Christopher Brett Scott of Belleville to Shannon Marie Chute of Belleville.

Javon Martez Scott of Belleville to Shevelle Denise Coleman of Belleville.

James M. Schurlark III of Centreville to Shakita J. Cobb of O’Fallon.

John Willis Sheldon of O’Fallon to Carrie Lee Brueggemann of O’Fallon.

Joe L. Short of Belleville to Carolyn D. Mason of East St. Louis.

Michael A. Simmons of East St. Louis to Vanicia L. Mosley of East St. Louis.

Jason Lee Small of Belleville to Heather Marie Fink of Belleville.

Brian L. R. Smith of Alorton to Kayla C. Knighten of St. Louis.

Antonio Foster Stacker of East St. Louis to Desha Precious Vaughn of East St. Louis.

George W. Stallworth of East St. Louis to Gaynisha S. Allen of East St. Louis.

Jonathan T. Stanka of Cahokia to Lorianna J. Collins of Cahokia.

Christopher Beattie Stenzel of Red Bud to Jessica Susanne Orsa of Millstadt.

Stanley Laroy Stoner of Dupo to Linda Sue Renner of Dupo.

Jamal Dominique Swims of East St. Louis to Latoya Mone’t Harlan of Washington Park.

Antwan L. Thomas of Cahokia to Teresa L. Ivory of Cahokia.

Teandre Darnell Thomas of Belleville to Ashley Nashae Montgomery of Belleville.

Quentin L. Thompson of East St. Louis to Candace M. Widner of St. Louis.

Fredrick Jerome Todd Sr. of Belleville to Angela Nicole Galloway of Belleville.

Jasheim A. Wade of Phenix City, Ala. To Jasmine R. Cullens of Belleville.

John Robert Wagner of Mascoutah to Wendy Kay Schaeferle of Mascoutah.

Mark Edward Werdell of Dupo to Dawn Renee Hughes of Dupo.

Michael Ray West Jr. of Centreville to Davisha Leshawn Burries of Centreville.

Terence Tremond Willis Jr. of O’Fallon to Lakeshia Rene Birge of O’Fallon.

Patrick Bernard Wilson Jr. of Edwardsville to Drenecia Aretta Quilling of Cahokia.

Jerry Lamar Wortham of Belleville to Tameka Shanice Turner of Belleville.


Jeremy D. Donaldson of Belleville to Jennifer L. Dornin of Belleville.

Madison County

Edward William Hainaut of Staunton to Sharon Kay Bellovich of Staunton.

Mark Charles Pearman of Granite City to Yvonne Marie Martha Banta of Granite City.

Ronald Eugene Hodges Jr. of Godfrey to Jennifer Lynn Gaither of Godfrey.

Christopher Lewis Brown of Millstadt to Kristin Carley Ketterer of Millstadt.

Rey Domanais Garlich of Troy to Carri Ann Reed of Troy.

Larren Terez Mosby of Madison to Dorothy Lavona Davidon-Rounds of Godfrey.

Matthew Peter Hackett of Edwardsville to Erica Elise Schiber of Edwardsville.

Justin Damon Green of Granite City to Talyia Deneze Martin of Granite City.

Timothy James Wiseman of East Alton to Misty Dawn Hammond of Wilsonville.

David Christopher Moore of Collinsville to Takeshi Renee Johnson of Collinsville.

Shawn Christopher Hines of Granite City to Becky Pauline Frey of Granite City.

Douglas Alan Peterson Jr. of Cottage Hills to Stacy Ann Colnaghi of Cottage Hills.

Daniel Albert Baque of Highland to Kendra Lynn Hutchins of Highland.

Danny Lee Cope Sr. of Alton to Annetta Mae Reynolds of Alton.

Daniel Brandon Shemwell of Granite City to Tory Lynn McDaniel of Granite City.

Dennis Lee Vickers of Pontoon Beach to Lorretta Annette Kohn of Pontoon Beach.

Bryce Kalob Boyd of Collinsville to Tammy Robyn Brown of Collinsville.

Kyle Matthew Ritchie of Godfrey to Rebecca Joy Andrews of Godfrey.

Joshua Louis Sullivan of Edwardsville to Grace Marie Utley of Edwardsville.

Cody Michael Davis of Alton to Jessie Jean Padgett of Alton.

Anthony Gene Hunter of Collinsville to Melinda Sue Wann of Collinsville.

Caleb David Minney of Pontoon Beach to McKinley Marie Thueson of Mascoutah.

Paul Gene Coleman Jr. of Wood River to Melissa Marie Breeden Fish of Godfrey.

Edward Earl Haynes Jr. of Granite City to Danielle Nicole Doty of Granite City.

Nicholas David Wimberly of Granite City to Andraya Nicole Rees of Granite City.

Daniel Wayne Eckert Jr. of Alton to Ashley Lynn Collier of Alton.

Bryan Alexander Spa of East Alton to Alyssa Brianne Price of East Alton.

Angela Lanette Jones of Saltillo, Tenn. To Stacy Ann Bush of Saltillo, Tenn.

Phillip Stanley Shaw of Decatur to Lillian Ann Casey of Alton.

Jose Miguel Cadena-Flores of St. Louis to Brittany Christine Janikowski of Florissant, Mo.

Arron Lee Underwood of Granite City to Angela Marie Allen of Granite City.

Nicholas Michael Brawley of Granite City to Chelsea Anne Hassinger of Granite City.

Arron Lee Underwood of Granite City to Angela Marie Allen of Granite City.

Nicholas Michael Brawley of Granite City to Chelsea Anne Hassinger of Granite City.

Nathan Logan Anderson of Granite City to Michelle Lynn Pedigo to Granite City.

Hipolito Oscar Sanchez-Lopez of Edwardsville to Porfiria Mendoza-Gonzalez of Edwardsville.

Michael Allen Harris of Granite City to Ashlie Danyiel Ollis of Granite City.

Steven Michael Stuller of East Alton to Joanna Marie Martin of East Alton.

William David Baker of Bunker Hill to Jessica Ann Wohlert of Bunker Hill.

Thomas Eugene Newby II of Cottage Hills to Loretta Lynn Shaw of Cottage Hills.

Brett Douglas Kirbach of Alton to Tanna Marie Smith of Alton.

Casey Lee Eaton of Troy to Jennifer Leann Iwanski of Collinsville.

James Monroe Cook of Troy to Annette Marie Stice of Troy.

Daryl Eugene Bea of Alton to Oneika Lenette Jackson of Alton.

Sarah Elizabeth Bettes of Collinsville to Mollie Nichole Lutz of Collinsville.

Shane Cody Rossy of Fairview Heights to Madeline Brooke Downham of Collinsville.

Orlando Lamont Love of Madison to Shirlisa Nicole Johnson of Madison.

Catherine Lynn Manning of Pontoon Beach to Alberta Lynn Manning of Pontoon Beach.

Andrew Lee Adams of Edwardsville to Sheina Renee Franco of Edwardsville.

Howard Robert Gossmeyer of Highland to Marian Elizabeth Long of Highland.

Forrest Lee Needs of Bethalto to Kristin Marie Meyer of Bethalto.

Larry Wayne Garrett Jr. of East Alton to Jessel Orclarit Luca of East Alton.

Mark Russell Paulson of Frankfort, Ky. To Jordan Christine Rumsey of Louisville, Ky.

Sean Levond Vaughn of Alton to Hilary Jameen Lee of Alton.

Russell Keith Pulley of Granite City to Dorothea Brooke Largent of Granite City.

Frank Valle of Collinsville to Cheri Renee Crowder of Collinsville.

Devin Jeffrey Brown of Edwardsville to Hannah Ruth Brummett of Grafton.

Michael Aaron Foreshee of Granite City to Sarah Elizabeth Johnson of Granite City.

Arthur Lee Knox Jr. of Carlyle to Amy Beth Holthaus of Aviston.

Marquarius Cordell Hall of Granite Ctiy to Francia Rena Young of Granite City.

Steven Richard Patterson of Pawnee to Lea Ann Wyman of Pawnee.

Michael Carl Eldon of Storer of Godfrey to Keri Danielle Ostendorph of Godfrey.

Roy Dean McMullen of Granite City to Donna Jean Embry of Granite City.

Javian Hazael Osuna of Alton to Maria Rose Gable of Alton.

Kymar Granger of Glen Carbon to Tamerah Ondrea Reeders of Glen Carbon.

Edward Terrel Agnew of Alton to Shanna Lee Crawford of Alton.

Cory Lee Kite of Mitchell to Kayla Marie Fitzgerald of Mitchell.

Michael Timothy Gill of Bethalto to Melissa Marie Landon of Alton.

Austyn Taylor Kunz of Moro to Meagan Rita Vescoso of East Alton.

James Alvin O’Harow Jr. of Troy to Alicia Ann Werneth of Maryville.

Adam Kenneth Reynolds of Collinsville to Nicole Antoinette Castelli of Collinsville.

Benjamin Peter Cardwell of Washington, D.C. to Sara Lynn Trebing of Washington, D.C.

Joseph Eron Mennemeyer of Hartford to Rachel Heather Croy-Moore of Collinsville.

Jaymee Lee Smollen of Highland to Emily Frances Simpkins of Highland.

Kyle David May of Pocahontas to Vicki Renee Becker of Granite City.

Philip Paul Lasseigne of Glen Carbon to Kaitlin Ann Womack of Glen Carbon.

Jimmy Dale Hayes of Collinsville to Jayme Lynn Turner of Collinsville.

Eduardo Quintero III of Granite City to Leslie Nicole Williams of Granite City.

David Lee Thomas of Glen Carbon to Kristina Marie Clark of Granite City.

Thomas Adrian Hoskins Jr. of Alton to Carmelious Danyell Elliott of Alton.

Jorge Ponce Hernandez of Collinsville to Reyna Guadalupe Hernandez of Collinsville.

Steven Lindsey McFarland Jr. of Madison to Jason Lamar Briggs Jr. of Madison.

Roger Alan Gosnell Jr. of Collinsville to Heather Renee Werrbach of Collinsville.

Ryan Dean Vaughn of Marine to Kara Lynn Stehlick of Marine.

Kenya’ Atu’ Whitby of Collinsville to Vanester Bennett of Collinsville.

Sean Randolph Decker of Edwardsville to Christina Lynn Hill of Collinsville.

Samuel Matthew Hilton of Miramar, Calif. To Jenna Christine Van Deusen of Alton.

Aaron Michael Schumacher of Collinsville to Jessica Kay Gruner of Collinsville.

Adam Michael Miller of Edwardsville to Brittany Nicole Crowder of Staunton.

Matthew Stephen Reck of Hillsboro to Whitney Leigh Arpasi of St. Louis.

Daniel Richard Burton of Urbana-Champaign to Rose Marie Moore of Edwardsville.

Michael Sean Patrick of Collinsville to Amber Danielle Petty of Collinsville.

Michael Anthony Weinkein of Granite City to Theresa Ann Boud German of Granite City.

Stephen Tyler Hart of Paragould, Ark. To Emily Hart Hembruch of Edwardsville.

Jonathan Bradley Goldfine of Chicago to Tiffany Kathleen Wilson of Chicago.

Ty Christopher Taake of Troy to Heather Marie Conway of Troy.

Kevin Dewitt Scott of Alton to Christi Gabor Balentine of Alton.

Robert Mathew Brown of Troy to Judityh Elise Gasser of Collinsville.

Jon Jacob Bullard of Maryville to Angela Jean Knecht of Collinsville.

David Wayne Traiche of GraniteCity to Jacquelynee Autumn Williams of Granite City.

Jeffrey Alan Sellers of Benld to Michelle Lynne Wegner of Carol Stream.

Eric John Andrew Starr of Ridgecrest, Calif. To Mary Rose Reagan of Ridgecrest, Calif.

Zachary James Thompson of Ft. Campbell, Ky. To Lindsay Breanne Taylor of Pocahontas.

Tracy Shaun Inman of East Alton to Trisha Kay Garrett of East Alton.

Michael Alan Pennington of Alton to Erin Maureen Murphy of Brighton.