Public Records

Area births


Memorial Hospital

Kiersten and Mario Jones, Cahokia, a boy, Feb. 25

Heather Emerson and Brandon Whitfield, Lebanon, a boy, Feb. 26

Adriana and Mauricio Ornelas, Fairmont City, a boy, Feb. 27

Alejandra Serrano Ortiz and Edgar Rojero, East St. Louis, a boy, March 2

Cieana Phillips, East St. Louis, a girl, March 4

Gwendolyn Davis and Katlin Nunn, Belleville, a boy, March 5

Jasmine Eldridge, East St. Louis, a girl, March 6

Sarah Smith and Terrell Seay, Jr., East St. Louis, a boy, March 6

Alyssa and Adrian Clark, Fairview Heights, a boy, March 7

Camelia Davison, East St. Louis, a girl, March 7

Abby Galvez and Alan Flores, Caseyville, a boy, March 11

Jennifer Cherry and Keith Dale, East St. Louis, a girl, March 12

Genise Granger, Cahokia, a boy, March 14

Shirley Williams, East St. Louis, a boy, March 14

Tenesha and Jermaine Cooper, Belleville, a boy, March 15

Erica Thompson, East St. Louis, a boy, March 16

Chassity Ivory and Miguell Cotton, Belleville, a girl, March 16

Shawnta Kilbert, East St. Louis, a girl, March 16

Jerica Foree and Antonio Rhodes, Cahokia, a boy, March 17

Elizabeth Jarillo and Javier Santiago, Caseyville, a girl, March 18

Kensy Galindo and Jack Aguilar Gomez, Collinsville, a girl, March 19

Eboni Ramsey and Lenard Cary, Cahokia, a boy, March 21

Cynthia and Tim Grant, Mascoutah, a boy, March 30

Kenneshianna Edmonds and Terrell Wilborn, East St. Louis, a boy, March 31

Memorial Hospital-East

Stephanie and Joshua Moore, Collinsville, a girl, Feb. 25

Tiffany Williams and Michael Rea, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 25

Danielle and Dan Voelkel, New Athens, a boy, Feb. 26

Lauren and Patrick Wheeler, Belleville, a girl, Feb. 26

Amanda and Craig Heinzmann, Breese, a girl, Feb. 28

Mindie Schremp, Sparta, a girl, Feb. 28

Chellee Mathes and Keith Bownes, Freeburg, a boy, March 1

Sarah and Michael Starrett, Collinsville, a boy, March 1

Elaine and Matt Weiler, Smithton, a girl, March 2

Rebecca and Aaron Godard, Millstadt, a boy, March 3

Lindsay Fisher-Collie and William Collie, Fairview Heights, a girl, March 4

Morgan and Chad Buch, Red Bud, a boy, March 4

Lyndsey and Zachary Kauth, Belleville, a boy, March 4

Kimberly and Antonio Worlds, East St. Louis, a boy, March 5

Heather and Michael Adamson, St. Libory, a boy, March 5

Camille Sopko and Justin York, Lebanon, a girl, March 6

Victoria and Andrew Sternau, Belleville, a boy, March 6

Taylor and Connor Bunfill, Belleville, a boy, March 6

Tiara Prayer and Kevin Ash, Jr., Belleville, a boy, March 6

Elizabeth and Andy Hess, Collinsville, a girl, March 7

Chelsea and Jesse Bevel, Breese, a girl, March 7

Christina and Troy Henson, O’Fallon, a boy, March 8

Jasmine Sangster and Rod Roberson, Belleville, a girl, March 10

Jennifer and Corey Ripperda, Bartelso, a boy, March 10

Ashley and Dean Stoll, Marissa, a boy, March 11

Erika and Shane Dintelman, Belleville, a boy, March 12

Vanessa and Patrick Foley, Belleville, a girl, March 12

Christin and Greg Braswell, Waterloo, a boy, March 12

Kayla and Michael Ratz, Smithton, a boy, March 12

Jennifer and Michael Winterberg, Willisville, a boy, March 13

Maggie and Christopher Nava, Glen Carbon, a boy, March 14

Rebecca and Eric Harris, St. Jacob, a girl, March 14

Kelsey and Justin Dunning, New Baden, a boy, March 14

Samantha Jones and Danny Comer, Sparta, a boy, March 15

Jade Trail, Belleville, a girl, March 16

Katie Parker and Lucas Lehde, Evansville, a girl, March 16

Kristen Tompkins and Frankie Boedeker, Belleville, a boy, March 17

Lyric Ray, Swansea, a boy, March 19

Megan and Jim Book, O’Fallon, a girl, March 19

Stephanie and Michael McCarthy, Mascoutah, a boy, March 19

Tyosiha and Kenton Jackson, Belleville, a girl, March 21

Brooke and Joe Grau, Smithton, a boy, March 22

Katie and Michael Timmermann, Aviston, a boy, March 22

Jessica Cresswell Clay and Ryan Clay, Troy, a boy, March 24

Amy and Jake Stone, Belleville, a boy, March 25

Janelle and Ryn Mucisk, Belleville, a girl, March 25

Lea and Dan Veile, Shiloh, a boy, March 25

Kristin and Sean Schneider, Collinsville, a girl, March 26

Bria Caldwell and Jerome Green Jr., Belleville, a boy, March 27

Amanda and Chris Conaway, Belleville, a girl, March 27

Jessica and Donovan Correll, Fairview Heights, a boy, March 27

Alysse and Kody Herberer, Freeburg, a girl, March 28

Nicole Wilmouth and Michael Reynolds, Granite City, a boy, March 28

Elizabeth Crawford and Robert Sturgill, Red Bud, a boy, March 28

Sarah and Matt Curtus, Belleville, a girl, March 29

Brianna McKinney, Cahokia, a girl, March 30

Christina and Chauncy Mixon, Swansea, a boy, March 31

Chanel and Bryan Baer, Mascoutah, a girl, April 1

Alexandra and Jeff White, Trenton, a boy, April 1

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Katherine and Scott Mohrmann, Smithton, a boy, Feb. 22

Sarah and Brandon Gebke, O’Fallon, a boy, Feb. 22

Amanda and Steve Basham, Millstdt, a boy, Feb. 23

Logan Blind and Jonathan Barbour, Steeleville, a girl, Feb. 26

Sylvia Nunn and Armond Mosby, Belleville, a boy, Feb. 27

Brittney Gilmore, Cahokia, a girl, Feb. 27

Yaley Steele and Donald Rountree, Sparta, a girl, Feb. 28

Kelsey and Keith Diskey, Chester, a boy and girl, March 1

Lamiya Evans and Christopher Mayweather, East St. Louis, a girl, March 1

Katrina and Jonathan Followell, Belleville, a girl, March 2

Elizabet Paulino and Jarek Schlak, Scott AFB, a girl, March 4

McKenzie and Robert Kennedy III, Mascoutah, a girl, March 4

Gabrielle White and Chance Windes, Marissa, a boy, March 5

Cherrie Keeling and Garrett Arrowood, Waterloo, a girl, March 6

Alexandria Birsa and Patrick Melby, Sparta, a girl, March 6

Cassandra Smith and Romie Franklin, Belleville, a girl, March 7

Leticia Sims and Devaun Clay, Granite City, a boy, March 7

Mariah and Thomas Amsden, Dupo, a girl, March 9

Allyssa and Lucas Pulley, Granite City, a girl, March 12

Michelle Wilson, Collinsville, a girl, March 12

Rogem and Yuri Batten, O’Fallon, a boy, March 13

Tyndal Sparks and William Clanton, O’Fallon, a boy, March 13

Andrea Allen and Jerry Broadway, Cahokia, a girl, no date listed

Marissa Neal and Caylon Harris, Belleville, a boy, March 18

Amanda and Douglas Lent, Belleville, a boy, March 18

Alandria Stewart and Torian Gregory, Belleville, a girl, March 19

Meghan Kluge-Timko and Andrew Timko, Belleville, a boy, March 20

Eugina Douglas and Brady Pierce, East St. Louis, a boy, March 20

Kaitlyn Wunderlich and James Hall, Chester, a boy, March 22

Shanelle Johnson, Swansea, a girl, March 20

Shelby and Cody LaPointe, Mascoutah, a boy, March 21

Courney Barylske and Jack Augustine, Red Bud, a boy, March 22

Venezia and Manuel, East St. Louis, a boy, March 23

Dana Lampley and Hafeez Ajayi, Belleville, a boy, March 23

Dominique Jennings and Brandon Jeffries, Cahokia, a boy, March 24

Marie and Jeffrey Russell, Evansville, a boy, March 24

Nicole and Eric Kinzinger, Ruma, a boy, March 25

Amanda and Cody O’Hara, Ruma, a girl, March 26

Lexi and Patrick Bielong, Nashville, a boy, March 27

Brooke Hewitt and Benjamin, New Athens, a boy, March 27

Samantha Adams and Brendan Litteken, New Athens, a girl, March 28

Colleen and Andrew Winders, Scott AFB, a boy, March 29

Jasmine Barney and Rickivian Thomas-Robinson, Collinsville, a girl, March 30