Public Records

Area births

Memorial Hospital

Brenda Oritz Cortez and Jose Varela Romero, Caseyville, a girl, April 29

Sara and Christopher Povlich, Scott AFB, a boy, April 30

Ashley and Richard Molinet, Belleville, a girl, April 30

Taylore Burton and Keith Ross Jr., East St. Louis, a girl, May 3

Sharnita Seawood and Delvarrion Harris, Swansea, a girl, May 4

Ahleisha Gage, East St. Louis, a boy and a girl, May 6

Cieara Hannah and Maximillion Arredon, East St. Louis, a girl, May 7

Kynterikca Tanner, East St. Louis, a boy, May 7

Teunka Haynes and Terrance Dooley Jr., Washington Park, a boy, May 9

Markita Rush and Johnny McGray III, Cahokia, a girl, May 10

Martini Harris and Richard Jones, East St. Louis, a boy, May 15

Phylicia Bassett and Demetrius Booker, Centreville, a girl, May 16

Tyra Rhymes and Antonio Pierce, Cahokia, a girl, May 16

Cynthia Whorley and Brad Malone, Belleville, a girl, May 20

Christina Corbett and Ramon Maldonado, Belleville, a girl, May 21

Dionna and George Stacker, Collinsville, a boy, May 22

Amanda Page, East St. Louis, a girl, May 22

Tyeshia Campbell and Quran Phillips, East St. Louis, a boy, May 22

Cierra Davis, Cahokia, a girl, May 23

Shironda Vaughn and Tyler Powell Sr., Belleville, a girl, May 23

Laura and Benjamin Bujnak, Waterloo, a girl, May 23

Cathrine Mejia, East St. Louis, a girl, May 25

Memorial Hospital East

Angie and Garen Vartanian, Smithton, a boy, Oct. 16

Priscilla and James Quawrells, Waterloo, a girl, April 29

Rebecca and Drake Wittenborn, Sparta, a girl, April 29

Ashley and Andrew Langenstein, Swansea, a boy, May 2

Kaylyn Kneedler and Denerrick Morgan, Swansea, a girl, May 7

Melissa and Jason Voss, Okawville, a boy, May 8

Nichole Webb and Patrick Fifer, Troy, a girl, May 8

Paige Vandever and Ryan Servant, O’Fallon, a boy, May 8

Krystal and Paul Fernandes, Belleville, a girl, May 9

Jennifer Lambert-Mack and Brian Mack, O’Fallon, a girl, May 9

Shequeya and Hosea King Jr., East St. Louis, a girl, May 9

Alison and Justin Schmidt, Mascoutah, a boy, May 10

Jennifer and Brandon Runyon, O’Fallon, a boy, May 12

Amanda and Patrick O’Brien, Fairview Heights, a boy, May 13

Brittany Tiller and Marlon Carter, Belleville, a girl, May 14

Stefanie and Stephen Shipp, Waterloo, a girl, May 14

Melody Perry and Derron Gurley, Shiloh, a girl, May 14

Sybil Bush, Shiloh, a girl, May 16

Kimberly and Eric Eschmann, Waterloo, a boy, May 16

Jenny and Jordan Kreke, Breese, a girl, May 17

Heather and Aaron Kent, Freeburg, a boy, May 19

Paige Wisely and Randall Willig, Tilden, a boy, May 19

Rachael and Marc Birk, Granite City, a boy, May 20

Mattie and Dustin Woods, O’Fallon, a boy, May 20

Tiffany Dorris, East St. Louis, a boy, May 20

Mollie and David Tate, Mascoutah, a girl, May 21

Alyssa Hettenhausen, Belleville, a boy, May 22

Nicole and Richard Cummings, Lebanon, a boy, May 24

Talia Haynes and Colin Jameson, Belleville, a girl, May 24

Jade Jolly and Jeremiah Frech, New Athens, a girl, May 24

Savannah and Jalen Blake, Highland, a boy, May 24

Janna and Joshua Owens, Belleville, a boy, May 25

Natasha and Robert Jarden, Okawville, a girl, May 28

Michelle and Vincent Marty, Highland, a boy, May 28

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Iesha M. Collins, East St. Louis, a boy, May 1

Maria Reyna Munoz and Cornelio Zuno Gazcon, Marissa, a girl, May 1

Jasmine Gamble, Belleville, a girl, May 2

Janneka Adams, Belleville, a girl, May 2

Hayley Mays and Tyler Harbison, New Baden, a girl, May 2

Caitlyn McCoy and Stephen Stephenson, Belleville, a boy, May 3

Alantae Mosley, Cahokia, a girl, May 3

Kelly and Travis Shemwell, Mascoutah, a girl, May 3

Shelby Sullivan and Adam Dewitt, Hillsboro, a boy, May 3

Maria Briagas and Nathan Kempf, Fairview Heights, a girl, May 4

Courtney Mitchem and Ethan Haas, New Baden, a girl, May 4

Amy and Jeremy Stutzman, O’Fallon, a boy, May 4

Erin Rideout and Jalen Easley, Swansea, a boy, May 5

Corey Staggs and Robert Meyer III, Shiloh, a girl, May 6

Jennifer Hollowell and Steven Neumeyer Jr., Belleville, a boy, May 6

Christian and Devon McMorris, Collinsville, twin boys, May 6

Gloria Neuhaus and Thomas Allhands, Campbell Hill, a girl May 5

Alicia and Jonathan Farmer, Belleville, a girl, May 8

Donna and Brian Steinke, O’Fallon, a girl, May 8

Celeste Brenning and Chris Dillman, Chester, a boy, May 8

Bethany and Kevin Underwood, Steeleville, a boy, May 9

Savannah Sullivan and Terry L. McGee Jr., Lebanon, a girl, May 9

Kaylie Chandler and Chad Lidisky, Fairview Heights, a boy, May 9

Brittany N. Johnston and Joshua P. Trampe, Belleville, a boy, May 9

Tiara Mosby and Sylvester Williams, Belleville, a girl, May 9

Carol and Christopher Dodson, Freeburg, a boy, May 9

Stacy and Dale Webb, Scott AFB, a girl, May 10

Adrianna and Richard Lowery, Belleville, a boy, May 10

Leslie Walker, Belleville, a boy, May 10

Sarah and Stephen Hendrickson, Smithton, a boy, May 10

Lauren and Corey Keys, Belleville, a girl, May 11

Erica and Clinton Erlinger, Valmeyer, a boy, May 11

Kaley and Tony Dimarco, Aviston, a girl, May 12

Mackenzie Conner and Devon Engler, Evansville, a girl, May 12

Angelina Underhill, Belleville, a boy, May 12

Amanda Haley, Waterloo, a girl, May 13

Breanna Pisarski, East St. Louis, a girl, May 14

Rebecca and David Gunter, O’Fallon, a girl, May 14

Amy Cook and Vincent Fulton, Belleville, a boy, May 14

Breanna and Travus Clark, Lebanon, a girl, May 16

Andrea and Evan Hartzog, Scott AFB, a boy, May 16

D’Ejaynae Fossett, Caseyville, a girl, May 19

Alexis Woods, Cahokia, a girl, May 20

Ariella Dean and Lamond Aikens, Belleville, a girl, May 20

Christina and Bobby Green, Mascoutah, a boy, May 23

Shana Harris-Leflore and Bentonio Leflore, Belleville, a boy, May 27