Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



711 Euclid Place; from Scott G. Hueting and Barbara J. Hueting; to James A. Paris and Yvette M. Paris; $293,000.

6416 Wenzel Road; from Tammy M. Julian; to Wendy M. Julian; $94,000.

2408 Gillis St.; from George Bray and Cynthia Bray; to Amanda Deucker; $120,000.


609 Fairway St.; from Marjorie E. Oettle and Wilfred M. Oettle; to Dennis V. Sorenson and Ronald J. Strubinger; $94,000.

4980 Rocky Branch Road; from Annette Wilson; to Rodney Miller and Shelley Miller; $319,000.

417 Wyoming St.; from Paul Gallacci and Karen Gallacci; to Katherine J. Lewis; $130,000.


111 Collinsville Ave.; from Allen L. Lobdell and Laura M. Mandeville; to Hector E. Cardenas; $62,000.

119 Lou Rosa Drive; from Daniel J. Sweet and Steffiny Sweet; to Daniel Spangler; $139,000.

423 Bissell Ave.; from Turner Enterprises Inc.; to Spencer R. Saal; $140,000.

600 St. Louis Road; from Michael G. Ham and Carolyn F. Ham; to Carol Picchioldi; $100,000.

404 W. Country Lane; from Ward Billhartz, Ward Billhartz Revocable Trust; to Tamara Hudson; $210,000.

418 Ridgemont Road; from Douglas G. Biondi, Frances L. Biondi, Gilbert J. Biondi, Gilbert J. Frances L. Biondi Living Trust; to Suzanne Chance; $138,500.

122 Sycamore St.; from Kathleen A. Minton and Michael P. Minton; to Thomas Gilliland; $131,000.

306 N. Hesperia; from Francis Cullen and Joanne Cullen; to Doug Weiss, Sarah Weiss, Judith WEiss; $83,000.

308 Goethe; from Richard Laswell Jr.; to Nathan A. Bowlin and Jessica M. Bowlin; $94,500.


133 Hodge St.; from Page Morley, Page Basler, Page Morley Basler; to Randall Hancock; $75,500.

400 Oak St.; from Gary L. Mitchell and Virginia L. Mitchell; to Scott A. Moore; $95,000.


8442 Stone Ledge Drive; from Retail Place LLC; to Lerch Musec Inc.; $63,500.

316 W. Park St.; from Amanda S. Clifford; to Lindsey Wulfing; $170,000.

3304 Hershiser Court; from Carrington Homes Inc.; to Rahul Bansal and Tulika Bansal; $560,000.

3328 Karros Court; from David C. Rogers and Bridgette J. Rogers; to Troy C. Rutherford and Renee N. Rutherford; $463,000.

618 Chestnut St.; from Darryl A. Hendricks; to Devin J. Brown; $64,000.

5 Sunset Hills Professional Center; from Wohlford Properties LLC; to DCMTB Properties LLC; $585,000.

409 Valley View Drive; from Joseph P. Semith and Julie K. Semith; to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; $284,000.

5000 Kay Drive; from Donna J. Souers, Melvin J. Souers, Melvin J. Souers Donna J. Souers Revocable Living Trust; to Chad Sandler and Kristina Sandler; $163,500.

4004 Sequoia; from Christopher S. Raitt and Abra E. Raitt; to Matthew Graumenz and Angela Graumenz; $265,000.

391 Stone Hollow Lane; from Retail Place LLC; to Lerch Musec Inc.; $63,500.

407 Princeton Ave.; from Aaron P. Backs; to Chad Neuhaus and Bridget Neuhaus; $105,000.

1816 Augusta Trail; from Christine A. Mainer, Christine A. Keller; to Randolph C. Peters and Elizabeth Peters; $272,000.


6127 Stone Wolfe Drive; from Ann M. Hughes, Ann M. Hughes Trust; to Kelli Fitzpatrick and Czarrok Fitzpatrick; $346,500.

6 Carolyn St.; from Charles A. Ray; to Amber J. Saathoff; $79,000.

51 E. Pearl Drive; from Kevin L. McDowell, McDowell Family Revocable Living Trust; to Brittany Molitor and Tanner Riden; $99,000.

7027 Gable Court; from Lindsey Wulfing; to James M. Beer and Leslie A. Beer; $248,000.

43 Austin Ave.; from Jeremy J. Benolt and Amanda Benolt; to Sarah Weitzman; $80,000.

1 Peachtree Lane; from R. Bruce Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Geralyn Johnson; to Kevin Dickemper and Rachel Dickemper; $180,000.

15 Peachtree Lane; from Bruce Johnson, R. Bruce Johnson, Geralyn Johnson; to Kevin Dickemper and Rachel Dickemper; $180,000.


4810 N. Alby Road; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Michael D. Mueller and Brooke M. Layne; $41,000.

1015 W. Delmar Ave.; from Paula A. Kaumo, Paula A. Parks, John H. Riskorski; to GAry Swafford and Pam Swafford; $76,000.

708 Taylor Ave.; from Pamela D. Brigman; to Brenden L. Sykes; $72,000.

5105 Jerome Drive; from Roberta I. Rush and Pamela Sue Rush; to Freddie R. Irvin and Shirley A. Irvin; $135,000.

2907 Airport Road; from Christopher Hucker and Susan Hucker; to John E. Rauber and Brian E. Martin; $170,000.


604 Somerset Drive; from Bryce Charles and Nicole M. Kiel; to Laurence Pierce and Sherryl Jones; $127,000.

2453 Pontoon Road; from Thomas J. Byer, Thomas J. Byer Estate; to William J. Bush and Jane L. Bush; $105,000.

1733 Moro Ave.; from Susannah L. Walmsley, Susannah L. Massie, Susannah L.Walmsley Massie; to Rayn T. Roberts; $78,000.

3016 Willow Ave.; from Barney Knight and Linda Knight; to Brian K. Kie, Geraldine T. Kie, Geraldine T. Harvey, Geraldine T. Harvey Kie; $62,000.


274 Meyer Ave.; from Stacey L. Nance, Kevin Nance, Linda K. Fleming; to Shane Recer and Lisa Recer; $187,000.


1601 Paradise Drive; from Richard J. Knebel and Ronald L. Wilke; to Tanja M. Croak; $114,000.

715 Walnut; from Randy T.E. Riggs; to Shelby J. Wllis; $130,000.

265 N. Porte Drive; from Jason A. Litteken and Krystal Litteken; to Randy C. Korte and Teri A. Korte; $212,000.

180 Coiventry Way; from Jeffery F. Croak and Tanja M. Croak; to Samantha Q. Ramsey and Jason S. Aulds; $213,000.

1514 Oak St.; from Samantha Q. Ramsey; to Jeffrey F. Croak; $150,000.

1123 New Trenton Road; from James J. Buettikofer; to Daniel E. Ruppel and Betty Jo Jagora; $119,000.

13479 Wildlife Trails; from Matthew K. Hulvey and Heather D. Hulvey; to Penn Builders LLC; $390,000.


1012 Meadows Court; from Brandon M. Lewey and Kanticia M. Lewey; to Daniel R. Schmidt and Anne C. Schmidt; $173,000.

6819 Kensington Drive; from Jason A. Stabile and Shawnda Stabile; to james Labrie and Debra Labrie; $214,000.

1020 Meadow Lake Drive; from Gerald W. Unnerstall and Marilyn E. unnerstall; to Stephen J. Monore and Rebecca Monroe; $181,000.

2030 Briarbend Court; from FFO Investments LLC; to Steven H. Mandeville; $163,500.

813 Westwood Road; from Anna L.Cummings, Anna L. Cummings Trust; to Frank M. Flood; $87,500.


607 Bayfield Court; from Stephanie R. Jennings and James R. Jennings; to Michelle Talick and NIcholas Talick; $186,000.

11 Magnolia Drive; from Timothy Gueldener and Brittany L. Gueldener; to Carroll W. Downing Sr. and Leona I. Downing; $142,000.

522 Deer Run; from Rodney Miller and Shelly Miller; to Ricky Helmkamp and Amy Helmkamp; $180,000.

6430 Black Rail Drive; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to MatthewThebeau and Shawnette Thebeau; $176,500.


Schuster Road; from Wilfred A. Holzinger and Jean S. Holzinger; to Brett M. Smith and Lorrie A. Smith; $48,000.


501 Elm St.; from Lloyd Dean Vaughn and Clara E. Vaughn; to Steven M. Farley and Danielle N. Farley; $118,000.


259 Fairington Drive; from Donald R. Chandler Jr. and Ladonna L. Chandler; to Aaron C. Baker and Whitney L. Baker; $220,000.

38 Meadowbrooke; from Jack E. Donato and Linda D. Donato; to Vincent Sanvi and Amy Sanvi; $222,500.

309 McClelland Drive; from Construction Solutions 4 U Inc.; to Adam W. Gregory and Rebecca J. Gregory; $319,000.

2004 Red Bird St.; from Melissa Ann McCain, Melissa Ann Hemann, Matthew T. McCain; to Keithena A. Hartley; $119,500.

117 E. High St.; from Linda k. Thomalla; to Joshua Rials; $112,000.

208 Sunnybrooke; from Troy Buhrman and Patricia Buhrman; to Darrin R. Donoho and Erica L. Donoho; $205,000.

7308 Graythorn Court; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC; to Resource Construction Co. LLC; $800,000.

206 Powell St.; from John Hubbs and Leslie Hubbs; to Luke Kreamalmeyer; $53,000.

6 Camden Court; from Gary K. Tamms and Kathy J. Tamms; to Matthew J. Herndon and Allison L. Herndon; $216,500.

8601 View Point Lane; from AMC Helldoerfer LLC; to Andrew M. Schwierjohn and Michelle Schwierjohn; $70,000.

508 Franklin Ave.; from Ronald Dean Malisia Jr.; to Brian E. Bonk; $123,000.


1179 E. Ferguson; from Judith Ann West, Judith Ann West Estate; to Michael E. Klaus and Cherri D. Klaus; $57,000.


1823 Port Lane; from Vernon L. Abert; to Jeanne M. Abert; $205,000.



602 Old State Route 3; from Laura J. Gillespie; to Robert G. Prosise; $75,000.

539 Michelle Drive; from Julie L. Stuart and Mark V. Stuart; to Bradley A. Durnell and Sarah A. Durnell; $219,500.

1019 Forest View Drive; from Robert D. Squire Living Trust; to Shannon L. Lalk; $180,000.

148 Bilmore Lake Road; from Holly B. Schuchardt and William L. Schuchardt; to Jennifer Duckett and Robert E. Duckett; $168,000.

1340 Palmer Creek Drive; from Palmer Development INc.; to Daniel P. Hazlett and Melissa L. Hazlett Trust; $60,000.

964 Forest View Drive; from Diane L. Gress and Michael F. Gress; to Gregory Grafton; $170,000.

335 Bradington Drive; from Rebecca E. McDannold and William J. McDannold; to Barbara Razer and Cheste R. Razer; $302,500.

603 Dana Drive; from Don’s Electric Co. Inc.; to JLP Homes LLC; $45,000.

8818 & 8820 Summer Road; frofm Charles J. Brooks and Debra C. Brooks; to Bab Inc.; $315,000.


105 Big Tree Lane; from Shawn F. Goldschmidt, Michael S. Wilde, Shawn R. Wilde; to Jeery A. Stuart and Kristen K. Stuart; $22,500.


313 Benjamin; from Richard C. Hootselle and Sara P. Hootselle; to Eric B. Jones and Kelsey S. Jones; $229,500.

2502 Trout Camp Road; from Gerald DAvis; to Jeff Schult and Rachel Schult; $235,000.

1209 Sherwood Lane; from C A Jones Inc.; to Andrew Kersting and Laura Kersting; $193,500.