Public Records

Area births


Memorial Hospital

Vermell Moore, Belleville, a boy, May 27

Tiffany Belt, East St. Louis, a girl, May 31

Kierra Biggs, Cahokia, a girl, June 1

Julisa Gutierrez, Belleville, a boy, June 2

Ariyelle Lawson and De’Andre Rhodes, East St. Louis, a girl, June 5

Kinesha and Pierre Mosby, East St. Louis, a boy, June 6

Alexiss Walton and Lemartez Franklin, Cahokia, a boy, June 10

Shanista Hawkins and Daniel Amerson, East St. Louis, a girl, June 11

Julie French Hedtkamp and Devin Hedtkamp, Cahokia, a boy, June 12

Rahnesha Holton and Christopher Harrison, East St. Louis, a girl, June 12

Alison Ryan and Christopher Turkington, Cahokia, a girl, June 16

Jessica and Patrick Seger, Caseyville, a girl, June 17

Trenese Robinson, East St. Louis, a girl, June 20

Kolotta Floor and Chavis Monroe, East St. Louis, a girl, June 20

Maricruz Perezvarela and Marco Fabian-Chavez, Fairmont City, a girl, June 21

Mia Henderson and Desi Moore, Sr., East St. Louis, a girl, June 23

Nelida Rivera, Collinsville, a girl, June 27

Debra Wilburn, Cahokia, a girl, June 28

Darisha Lyons and Dwight Smith, Belleville, a boy, June 29

Andrea Doss, East St. Louis, a boy, June 30

Memorial Hospital East

Whitney and Aaron Baker, Troy, a boy, May 30

Nicole and Jesse Crotser, Lebanon, a boy, May 31

Victoria and Zach Brusewitz, Collinsville, a girl, May 31

Krystin Hobbs and Joshua Cronin, Freeburg, a boy, June 2

Lateacia and Fred Perry, II, Belleville, a boy, June 2

Brittany and John Villa, Belleville, a girl, June 3

Jamie and Brock Green, O’Fallon, a girl, June 3

Andrea and Justin Maynard, Belleville, a boy, June 3

Marcy and Anthony Ellison, Lebanon, a boy, June 3

Kayla and Matthew Fox, Lebanon, a girl, June 4

Jessica Loving, Fairview Heights, a girl, June 5

Amy and Lance White, Sr., Belleville, a girl, June 5

Jordyn and Mike Brazelton, Edwardsville, a girl, June 5

Mattison Perez and Cesar Perez-Martinez, O’Fallon, a boy, June 5

Tamika and Shawn Riggins, Belleville, a boy, June 5

Erin Hicks and Christian Coca, Shiloh, a girl, June 5

Jennifer and James Cron, Swansea, a girl, June 6

Melanie Cpalinger and Michael Murray, Hoyleton, a boy, June 6

Kayla Clubb and Zachary Paine, Trenton, a girl, June 7

Abigail and Dustin Thompson, O’Fallon, a boy, June 7

Kristin and Derek Reynolds, Breese, a boy, June 9

Erica and Nicholas Bound, Freeburg, a boy, June 10

Sarah and Andrew Parcels, Collinsville, a girl, June 10

Christine and Bobby Greene, Hecker, a girl, June 10

Colleen and Keith Kunz, New Baden, a girl, June 11

Trish Stolte and Douglas Deterding, Red Bud, a boy, June 11

Aujah Griffin and Tyree Newble, East Carondelet, a girl, June 11

Cleshay Aldridge, Belleville, a girl, June 11

Amber Walters and Jonathan Chaffin, Mascoutah, a boy, June 12

Mary and Steven Wright, O’Fallon, a boy, June 13

Gillian and Adam Kilgore, O’Fallon, a girl, June 13

Coree and Joshua Loyet, Waterloo, a boy, June 13

Shamika and Charles Caldwell, Fairview Heights, a girl, June 13

Kacie and Andrew Crum, O’Fallon, a girl, June 14

Errin Hoults, Belleville, a boy, June 14

Katherine and Dean Hillen, Mascoutah, a girl, June 14

Kelly Thompson, O’Fallon, a girl, June 14

Zoie Elliott and Erick Bernal, Belleville, a girl, June 16

Annette Eads, Belleville, a girl, June 17

Stephanie Doss and Jarod Van, Sr., Cahokia, a girl, June 18

Brooke and Matt Wikgren, Millstadt, a boy, June 19

Samantha and David Henson, Albers, a boy, June 20

Emily Lopez-Wombacher and David Wombacher, Smithton, a boy, June 21

Lauren and Denny Sellers, Belleville, a girl, June 21

Crystal and Weslen Kiner, Belleville, a boy, June 21

Jenna and Derek Trower, Belleville, a girl, June 21

Caitlyn and Jared Enloe, Festus, Mo., a girl, June 21

Brittany and Erick Monken, Carlyle, a boy, June 22

D’Adrian Boiye and D’Vante’ Lott, East St. Louis, a girl, June 22

Barbara and Quintarus Jackson, Scott AFB, a boy, June 24

Alisha Overstreet and Paco Moore, Sr., East St. Louis, a boy, June 24

Katherine Van Eeckhoute and Kyle Wetzel, New Athens, a girl, June 25

Nicolette and Matthew Bigham, Waterloo, a boy, June 25

Alexandra and Kyle Johnson, Belleville, a boy, June 25

Jennifer Brinkman and Timothy Barnes, Belleville, a boy, June 29

Joslyn and Adam Sandifer, Fairview Heights, a boy, June 30

Cheyenne Braun and Jacob Lazenby, Steeleville, a girl, July 1

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Raquel Flores Bachmann and Jeffery Bachmann, Belleville, a boy, May 29

Callista Schaeffer, Freeburg, a boy, May 29

Brittany and Brandon Thrower, Belleville, a girl, May 29

Chelsea Mason and Demond Brownlee, Sparta, a boy, May 29

Tashana Banks and Carlin Thomas, Belleville, a boy, May 29

Elizabeth and Anthony Francokopec, Belleville, a girl May 30

Monique Hill and Kellen Clay, Collinsville, a girl, June 2

Jaclyn and Brian Harris, Summerfield, a girl, June 3

Samantha Feldt and Briyor Glasco, Willisville, a boy, June 6

Anna and Gustave Marie, Scott AFB, a girl, June 8

Kristina and Charles Pope, O’Fallon, a boy, June 9

Tabitha Ankenman and Zachary Phelps, Belleville, a girl, June 9

Tess Shelton, Granite City, a girl, June 9

Skye Hughes and Tyler Shifflet, East Carondelet, a boy, June 9

Mariah Alexander, Centreville, a girl, June 10

Stephanie and Priyam Chakravarty, Smithton, a girl, June 11

Mary and Matthew Lee, Mascoutah, a boy, June 11

Samantha Swafford and Kaine Nino, Greenfield, a girl, June 11

Soasha Harriel, Cahokia, a boy, June 13

Brooke and Aaron Barnett, Breese, a boy, June 14

Erin Moser and Justin Ruby, Belleville, a girl, June 14

Bridget and John Huntz, Swansea, a boy, June 16