Public Records


Memorial Hospital

Vernesha Johnson and Cornelius Brown, Fairview Heights, a girl, Aug. 26

Kionna Boey and Moses Hammond, East St. Louis, a girl, Aug. 27

Bianca Gaston, Cahokia, a girl, Aug. 30

Tiffiona Beasley and Dominic Tumbs, East St. Louis, a boy, Aug. 30

Alicia Henderson, Cahokia, a boy, Aug. 30

Terriashia Scott, East St. Louis, a boy, Aug. 31

Kiara Grinston and Damonte Smith, Alorton, a girl, Sept. 1

Shelby O’Dell, Salem, a boy, Sept. 1

Marquishiel Ross and Joshua Ratliff, Cahokia, a boy, Sept. 2

Lisa Nunn and Antione Hudson, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 5

Abriel Mueller and Corey Bossler, East Carondelet, a girl, Sept. 7

Robnesha Dunn, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 7

Katrina Weathersby and Larry Clay, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 7

Kristen and Robert Benoist, Mascoutah, a girl, Sept. 8

Shemeka Story and Elijah Harper, Cahokia, a boy, Sept. 8

Ashley Stanley, East St. Louis, a girl, Sept. 9

Regina Pearson-Smith, East St. Louis, a girl, Sept. 9

Tyfanio Johnson, East St. Louis, a girl, Sept. 10

Cassidy and Darius Stanley, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 12

Briana Gillespie, Cahokia, a girl, Sept. 13

Taytiana Franklin and Danté Moody, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 17

Alexandra and Eric Black, Scott AFB, a boy, Sept. 17

Makayla Stanley, Cahokia, a girl, Sept. 20

Timeesha Gray, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 20

Linda McIntosh, East St. Louis, a girl, Sept. 23

Tina Jouglard, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 25

Jasmine and Tell McCray, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 25

Demajai Little, Roxana, a girl, Sept. 28

Daunyia White, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 29

Memorial Hospital East

Michelle Watson and Kylin Pitts, Sr., Belleville, a girl, Aug. 26

Shaliah Holman, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 27

Ashley and Loren McKinzie, Fairview Heights, a girl, Aug. 28

Stacy and Nathan Fuhler, New Baden, a boy, Aug. 28

Krystal and Roberto Ashby, Mount Vernon, a girl, Aug. 28

Sarah Kempfer and Coty Jones, St. Libory, a girl, Aug. 29

Brittney Denton and Christopher Flynn, New Baden, a girl, Aug. 30

Samantha and Chris Chumbley, Caseyville, a girl, Aug. 30

Kineta Shelby and Corey Allen, Fairview Heights, a boy, Aug. 30

Renee Fosnock and Shannon Williams III, Mascoutah, a girl, Aug. 31

Andrea and Marc Mastrantuono, Waterloo, a boy, Sept. 2

Kristina and Joshua Frawley, Shiloh, a girl, Sept. 4

Katryzina Zaranek and Eric Williams, Trenton, a girl, Sept. 4

Jessica Garland and Bryant Tickle, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 4

Yolanda Foulks and Jeremy Terry, Mount Vernon, a boy, Sept. 5

Nichole and Chris Hettenhausen, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 5

Renee Chomicki and Logan Atha, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 5

Sara Dailey and Dane Wilkerson, Columbia, a girl, Sept. 5

Amanda and David Rusteberg, Cahokia, a boy, Sept. 6

Jaime and Ben Adams, Shiloh, a girl, Sept. 8

Kelsey and Travis Beasley, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 9

Kristin and Chris Brown, Millstadt, a girl, Sept. 10

Dayjah Crowder and Alfonzo McIntosh, Collinsville, a boy, Sept. 10

Elizabeth and Joshua Shubert, Lebanon, a boy, Sept. 11

Tiffany Anderson and Cole Fedderke, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 11

Krista and Matt Koesterer, Swansea, a boy, Sept. 11

Aspin Walta and Jared Griffin, O’Fallon, a boy, Sept. 11

Siobhan McAlpin and David Dull, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 12

Catherine and Daryl Fullmer, Millstadt, a girl, Sept. 13

Amanda and Tyler Pankey, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 13

Sara and Elisha Williams, Granite City, a boy, Sept. 13

Brittaney Davis and Joshua Raynaud, Columbia, a boy, Sept. 14

Hillary and Kody Kurtz, Okawville, a boy, Sept. 15

Lisa and James Huff, O’Fallon, a boy, Sept. 16

Mary and Bryan Shanks, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 17

Mallory Watkins and Bobby Kreamalmeyer, New Athens, a girl, Sept. 18

Tiffany Heavens, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 18

Leah Muckensturm, Swansea, a boy, Sept. 18

Nicole Foster and Bryan Tesler, Dupo, a girl, Sept. 19

Amanda and Joshua Costello, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 20

Kesia Walker and Christopher Bruce, New Baden, a girl, Sept. 21

Ami and David Wickiser, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 22

Raquel and Cameron Davis, Cahokia, a boy and a girl, Sept. 22

Nahana and Joe Stogner, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 23

Kimesha Taylor, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 23

Elizabeth Monroe, Freeburg, a girl, Sept. 25

Aleasha Jones and Micquell Cotton, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 25

Amber and Mike Jacobs, Okawville, a girl, Sept. 25

Stephanie Dittmaier and Brian DeLucia, Waterloo, twin girls, Sept. 25

Trista and Derek Huelsmann, Carlyle, a boy, Sept. 26

Naquisha Glass, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 27

Megan Gregory and Antione Starnes Jr., Sparta, a girl, Sept. 28

Emily and Craig Kombrink, Lebanon, a boy, Sept. 28

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Staci Jackson and Adam Shawn, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 24

Katherine and Cory Spengler, O’Fallon, a boy, Aug. 25

Autumn and Joseph Johnson, Sparta, a girl, Aug. 25

Audrey and Brad Bolt, Edwardsville, a boy, Aug. 26

Lorraine Rodie, Caseyville, a boy, Aug. 26

Aigner and Vinson Arterbridge, Swansea, a boy, Aug. 27

Sarah and Brent Wakefield, O’Fallon, a girl, Aug. 27

Torianne Millender and Daniel Smith, Belleville, a boy, Aug. 27

Maranda and Chester Jackson, Sparta, a boy, Aug. 27

Devynn and Tyler Helwig, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 4

Shawnteshia and Morris Hobson Jr., Belleville, a boy, Sept. 5

Mikalah Johnson, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 6

Tyra Jackson, Shiloh, a girl, Sept. 6

Jessica and Blaine Barth, Columbia, a boy, Sept. 6

Markayla Anderson and Najja Hairston, East St. Louis, a girl, Sept. 6

Michelle and Tristan Gill, New Baden, a boy, Sept. 7

Alexandra and Levi Dorsch, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 8

Samantha and Jeffrey Wilson, Evansville, a boy, Sept. 9

Lacey Gorley and Charles Robinson Jr., Centreville, a girl, Sept. 10

Anne and Cody Jordan, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 12

Montasha and Jonathan Holman, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 12

Jaklyn Miller and Ryan Birchler, Tilden, a boy, Sept. 11

April Murry and Tyran Bohanna, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 11

Katlyn and Colin Hileman, Scott AFB, a girl, Sept. 13

Makayela Johnson and Matthew Rains, Prairie du Rocher, a girl, Sept. 15

Kayla and Kevin Borawski, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 15

Ashlee and Benjamin Sosa, Swansea, a boy, Sept. 17

Faith R. Jones and Maurice Seabrook, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 18

Jennifer and Brad Mersinger, O’Fallon, a girl, Sept. 18

Melissa Pickett and Roger Farmer, Sparta, a boy, Sept. 19

Ebony and Douglas Reno, Belleville, a girl, Sept. 19

Sirena Anthony, East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 20

Esmeralda Lopez and John Tucker IV, Cahokia, a boy, Sept. 20

Mollie and Melchizedek Williams, Scott AFB, a girl, Sept. 22

Aliyah Laws, Cahokia, a boy, Sept. 22

Nikkie and Ryan Smith, Fairview Heights, a girl, Sept. 23

Alyson Hearty and DeAndre Hines, Mascoutah, a boy, Sept. 23

Talia Jonshai and Shamon Van Sr., East St. Louis, a boy, Sept. 23

LaShalonda Marshall and Howard Brown Jr., Collinsville, a boy, Sept. 24

Angel Madison and Avion Little, Cahokia, a boy, Sept. 25

Brooke and Daniel Kloess, Freeburg, a girl, Sept. 25

Valerie and David Solis, Scott AFB, a boy, Sept. 25

Courtney and Justin Pollard, Red Bud, a boy, Sept. 25

Tiffany Graphenreed and John Lewis, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 27

Marissa and Jared Barnes, Millstadt, a boy, Sept. 27

Amber Seats and Dillon Fyke, Centralia, a girl, Sept. 27

Bobbie Lake and Ruan LeForge, Ellis Grove, a girl, Sept. 29

Kelly Wallace, Maryville, a boy, Sept. 30

Samantha and Clinton McDonald, O’Fallon, a boy, Sept. 30