Public Records


Memorial Hospital

Sheniqua Pasley, Belleville, a boy, Sept. 30

Amonyca Hudson and Jamon Greenwood Sr., East St. Louis, a boy, Oct. 1

Ana Gutierrez Gutierrez and Jesus Gutierrez, East St. Louis, a boy, Oct. 2

Mikia Connors and Jamarca Robinson, East St. Louis, a girl, Oct. 2

Raeven Weaver, East St. Louis, a girl, Oct. 3

Amy Darnell-Jones and Geddy Jones, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 5

Brittney Edmond, Alorton, a girl, Oct. 9

Shavon Gray, Centreville, a girl, Oct. 10

Onjuneau Barnes and Johnathan Edwards, East St. Louis, a girl, Oct. 10

Jabrina Davis and Jermon Foster, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 11

Fachon Gully Catravious Dent, East St. Louis, a boy, Oct. 14

Graciela Aviles and Alejandro Monreal, Caseyville, a boy, Oct. 14

Bailey Mueller and Brandon Rothenhoefer, Mascoutah, a girl, Oct. 15

Jessica and Benjamin Dewhurst, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 16

Angela Griffin and Norvell Yokley II, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 17

Mary and Marcus Schaffer, Lebanon, a boy, Oct. 18

Rachel and Tyler French, Swansea, a boy, Oct. 18

Rocio Ortiz Garcia and Leonel Mercado Gonzalez, Collinsville, a girl, Oct. 20

Karin and Matthew Hamilton, East Carondelet, a girl, Oct. 20

Mercedes Bunn and Alejandro Valencia Flores, Waterloo, a girl, Oct. 20

Markquasha Haynes and Isiah Graham, Cahokia, a girl, Oct. 23

Bethany Kirts and Christopher Sylvester, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 23

Kahnizja Baylor, East St. Louis, a boy, Oct. 26

Memorial Hospital East

Sophia Snider and Tate Rujawitz, Edwardsville, a boy, Oct. 2

Kimberly and Jeremy Schlueter, Evansville, a girl, Oct. 3

Rebecca and Mark Ehret, Jr., Belleville, a boy, Oct. 3

Amanda Holtman and Bryan McCormack, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 3

Heather and Kenneth Conklin, Lebanon, a girl, Oct. 3

Heather and Kyle Klasing, Carlyle, a boy, Oct. 4

Jennifer and Andrew Schneider, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 4

Rashayla Miller and Tobias Austin, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 4

Skye Pyles and David Long, Caseyville, a girl, Oct. 4

Megan and Nick Alvarez, Fairview Heights, a girl, Oct. 5

Dawn and Ryan Coulson, O’Fallon, a boy, Oct. 6

Lyndsey and Dakota Younger, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 6

Theresa and Christopher Mathis, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 8

Jennifer McWaters and Charles Zimmerman Jr., Steeleville, a boy, Oct. 8

Drionna Heard and Jamarion Palmer, Swansea, a girl, Oct. 9

Jennifer and Corey Seibert, Marissa, a girl, Oct. 9

Krista Pettus and Christopher Barber, O’Fallon, a boy, Oct. 10

Madison Shockley and Jordan Miceles, Tilden, a girl, Oct. 11

Natosha McEvers and Nicky Patterson, Sorento, a girl, Oct. 11

Mitoshia and Marcus Scott, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 11

Ashley and Michael Kaiser, Red Bud, a girl, Oct. 11

Kaitlynn and Damon Serrano, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 11

Katelyn and Matthew Batton, Freeburg, a girl, Oct. 12

Rachel and Woody Weaver, Swansea, a boy, Oct. 12

Charlotte and Matthew Goodman, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 14

Rachel and Paul Durante, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 15

Joan and Michael Schreder, Waterloo, a boy, Oct. 17

Sarah and Scott Weber, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 17

Jessica and Rick Fagan, Mascoutah, a girl, Oct. 17

Jayme Washington-King and Eric King, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 17

Bethany and James Feucht, O’Fallon, a boy, Oct. 17

Cesilie and Cory Huebner, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 18

Aleah and Robert Burch, Smithton, a boy, Oct. 18

Lindsey and Thomas Gallaher, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 18

Cheyenne Presswood and Dakota Greer, Coulterville, a girl, Oct. 19

Brittany Schofield and Austin Endris, Lenzburg, a boy, Oct. 20

Alyiah Fuller, Sparta, a boy, Oct. 20

Megan and Eric Thien, Red Bud, a girl, Oct. 22

Nicole and Jason Bopp, Maryville, a boy, Oct. 22

Shardae Barnes and Theodore Dixon, Swansea, a boy, Oct. 23

Brooke and Joe Vandeventer, Fairview Heights, a boy, Oct. 23

Katie and Jared Day, Mascoutah, a boy, Oct. 23

Janiel Gomilla, East St. Louis, a boy, Oct. 24

Amber and Joe Wheeler, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 24

Brittaney Hawkins and Matthew Pickering, Dupo, a girl, Oct. 24

Megan Kimberlin, Ramsey, a boy, Oct. 25

Shannon and Roy Seel, Fairview Heights, a girl, Oct. 27

Raven and Se’Quan Washington, Swansea, a boy, Oct. 27

Leia and Tyler Stein, O’Fallon, a boy, Oct. 28

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

Rashel and Jerome Jefferson, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 1

Ashley Dravland, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 2

Sarah and Jonathan Pollard, Ellis Grove, a girl, Oct. 2

Justine and Joshua Veath, O’Fallon, a girl, Oct. 2

Michelle Burris and Brandon Bruck, Mt. Vernon, a boy, Oct. 3

Gabrielle Burchfield and Joseph Stafford, Swansea, a girl, Oct. 2

Dawn Corwin and Joseph Friedman, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 3

Teangela Smith and Kelly Henderson Sr., O’Fallon, a boy, Oct. 7

Maria and Aaron Rushing, Pinckneyville, a boy, Oct. 8

Stephanie and Brian Munaco, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 10

Roseallene Aubuchon and Cole Alan Clark, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 10

Danielle Farrar and Tyler Green, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 10

Chanel McCray, Shiloh, a girl, Oct. 11

Catrina Felton, Alorton, a girl, Oct. 12

Haley Davidson and Dallas Bertrand, Edwardsville, a boy, Oct. 13

Diamonique Loving and Brandon Taylor, Belleville, a boy, Oct. 13

Ashley and Terrence Kennedy II, Trenton, a boy, Oct. 14

Dayja Baker and Corey Chambers, Belleville, a girl, Oct. 14

Mariah Coppedge and Keith Eiland Jr., Belleville, a girl, Oct. 14

Kashenia Ramsey, Lovejoy, a girl, Oct. 14

Cristina and Cullen Jarvis, Scott AFB, a girl, Oct. 15

Tabitha and Jon Kerperien, Worden, a girl, Oct. 17