Public Records

Marriage Licenses


Tony L. Allen of East St. Louis to Maranda P. Robinson-Price of East St. Louis.

Ridge Allen Alvis of Belleville to Danielle D’nise Osborn of Belleville.

John E. Amenn of O’Fallon to Laura J. Perez of O’Fallon.

Rick Lee Anderson of Fairview Heights to Wendy Cozette Iles of Fairview Heights.

Kenneth Brian Arban of Caseyville to Donna Kay Knight of Collinsville.

Chaz Daniel Armstrong of O’Fallon to Jami Lauren Johnson of O’Fallon.

Jordan Deshaun Ash of Fairview Heights to Irlanda Guadalupe Dojaquez of Tucson, Ariz.

Victor Dallas Barnhill Jr. of Belleville to Amanda Trish Miller of Belleville.

Alpheause Bassett of East St. Louis to Jonita Lynette Moore of Alorton.

Robert Stanley Beeks III of St. Louis to Coryliss Lekreisha Cox of Venice.

Alexander Cleveland Bell of Belleville to Keiyosha Darshae Durr of Belleville.

Charles Dwaine Berry Jr. of Fairview Heights to Candace Latryce Barbour of Fairview Heights.

Leroy Blankinship of Washington Park to Delia Marie Johnson of Washington Park.

Justin Joseph Bolin of St. Libory to Rebecca Sue Behrman of St. Libory.

Ronald Ray Brandy Jr. of Washington Park to Yolanda Evette Harkins of Washington Park.

Steven James Brede of Smithton to Lindsey Nicole Dill of Smithton.

Christian Frederick Brock of Belleville to Skye Quinn Downey of Belleville.

Keith Bernard Brown of Belleville to Stephanie Denise Esaw-Adkins of Belleville.

Jason Donald Buch of Warterloo to Heather Lynn Davis of Waterloo.

Lucas Gene Buckley of Belleville to Kathy Marie Stanley of Belleville.

Eric William Buettner of Columbia to Brittany Elyse Hargrave of Waterloo.

Ryan P. Burch of New Athens to Jolynn Reeves of New Athens.

Deraz Latnae Burton of Lebanon to Marquita Ganesa Mitchell of Lebanon.

Michael Edward Byron of Edwardsville to Sue Ann Huffman of Caseyville.

Paul Anthony Carissimo of Belleville to Beverly Marie Phillips of Belleville.

Eduardo Contreras of Romeoville to Delisa Renee Smith of Romeoville.

Daniel K. Cox of Collinsville to Tanya K. Emerson of Collinsville.

Jeremy Michael Crews of Belleville to Aimee Michelle Moreland of Belleville.

Odain G. Cunningham of Cahokia to Adrienne N. Shepard of Cahokia.

Ramon Antonio Davis of St. Louis to Drameka Lashay Sloan of Cahokia.

Timothy James Dever of Belleville to Jennifer Lynn Berry of Belleville.

Kevin Lynn Dick Jr. of Lebanon to Kelsey Nicole Fosdick of Lebanon.

Christopher V. Dickey of O’Fallon to Tracy L. Mills of O’Fallon.

Matthew Charles Dorian of Swansea to Janelle Faith Marshall of Swansea.

Roosevelt Rafael Dotson of St. Louis to Stacy Nicole Myles of St. Louis.

Gerals S. Duff of Caseyville to Shannon Lea Middaugh of Caseyville.

Jereme Wayne Edwards of Belleville to Daphne Lynn Overturf of Belleville.

Terry E. Eichelberger of Cahokia to Elizabeth J. Greer of Cahokia.

Mark A. Fair of Centreville to Lakesha R. Lovett of Centreville.

Nathan P. Fohne of Lebanon to Heather N. Moore of Lebanon.

Richard William Ford Jr. of Belleville to Marissa Renee Richter of Scott AFB.

Xavian D. Gayden of Belleville to Teneshia A. Duff of East St. Louis.

John E. Geggus of Columbia to Debra S. Pendleton of Columbia.

Calvin Givens Jr. of St. Louis to Ashley Nicole Pope of Mascoutah.

Hector M. Gonzalez Colon of Fairview Heights to Yashira N. Franqui of Fairview Heights.

Jeffery Mario Green Sr. of Belleville to Lanita Renay McCaskey of Belleville.

Devi Ramon Greer Sr. of O’Fallon to Laquetia Darcel Preuitt of O’Fallon.

Dustin Joseph Gross of Belleville to Laura Jean Tinney of Belleville.

David Paul Gunter of Belleville to Rebecca Marie Johnston of Belleville.

Mark G. Hamilton of Belleville to Melissa J. Donahue of Belleville.

Aaron Bernard Manning Hampton of Belleville to Katherine Elizabeth Watson of Belleville.

Jesse Lee Handy Jr. of Milwaukee, Wis. To Dmarla Latreece Johnson of Belleville.

Corbin Shontez Harper of O’Fallon to Brittney Danielle Chapman of O’Fallon.

Dylan Ray Hatley of Tilden to Brittnie Joy Little of Hecker.

Billy Joe Hauyes Sr. of Caseyville to Cassandra S. Thompson of Granite City.

Skylar Drake Henshaw of Collinsville to Candace Patrice Peters of Collinsville.

Maurice Deangelo Hill of St. Louis to Shanna Siree Hollaman of East St. Louis.

Timothy Christian Hodge of Fairview Heights to Kassandra Marie Lukasiewicz of Fairview Heights.

Brandon D. Holmes of East St. Louis to Ashley L. Miller of Fairview Heights.

Billy Joe Hopkins of Marissa to Debby Ann Baum of Marissa.

Jesse James Howard of Alorton to Gloria Jackson Gibson of Alorton.

Timothy Gary Howard of Belleville to Nancy Ruiz of Belleville.

James Edward Hursey of O’Fallon to Carmen Lee Reed of Swansea.

Richard Dwain Jackson of Swansea to Katelyn Nyckole Wyckoff of Swansea.

Jamaal Howard Johnson of Belleville to Melanie Elizabeth Glauber of Belleville.

Andrew Thomas Jones of Belleville to Quinette Denise Lawrence of Belleville.

Calvin Cornelius Jones of Peoria to Loreaca Diane Ferguson of Galesburg.

Razny Lee Jones of East St. Louis to Tamika Nicole Wilson of East St. Louis.

David Michael Jordan of Fairview Heights to Olivia Lauren Swofford of Fairview Heights.

Bryan Adam Kathriner of Smithton to Ashley Nicole McCoy of Smithton.

Jeffrey Scott Keffer II of Alton to Shari Beth Thurnau of Collinsville.

Shaun T. Kirk of Belleville to Brittney M. Arnold of Belleville.

Robert Alphonsus Kuhlman of Imperial, Mo. to Paige Nicole Harris of O’Fallon.

David John Lang II of Belleville to Mariateresa T. Truong of Belleville.

Kyle Christopher Leveling of Columbia to Morgan Catherine Webb of Columbia.

Joseph Michael Loftus of Fairview Heights to Jessica Rachel Souders of Belleville.

David Christopher Lyell of Belleville to Gail Elaine Kalvin of Belleville.

Beau Neil Marlow of Mascoutah to Whiteny Lynn Thorpe Klinsky of Mascoutah.

Marucs Anthony Mather of Belleville to Tori Michelle Sugg of Belleville.

William E. Mattingly III of Dupo to Ashley K. Watkins of Dupo.

John Gerard McDonald of Cahokia to Ami Jean Baron of Cahokia.

Adam S. McLain of Fence, Wis. To Therese S. Williams of East St. Louis.

Ricky J. Mendenhall of New Athens to Tanessa D. Oliver of New Athens.

Jesus J. Mendez-Garcia of Alorton to Leandrea L. Reed of Alorton.

Phillip Brandon Miller of Belleville to Giesela Maelenn Sumrall of Belleville.

Charles Franklin Mitchell IV of Swansea to Brianna Nicole Shumpert of Mascoutah.

Robert Lawrence Mitchell of East St. Louis to Pamela Lee Rhyne of Belleville.

Bulmaro Barrios Morales of Collinsville to Esthela Ventura Hernandez of Collinsville.

Michael Joseph Muldoon of Scott AFB to Jessica Raenae Ann Weissman of Scott AFB.

Frank A. Nikolauzyk of Belleville to Elena M. Fulk of Belleville.

Franza Joseph R. Njane of St. Louis to Kimbelry M. Macharia of St. Louis.

Duane Louis Phillips II of O’Fallon to Summer Jeannette Little of Fairview Heights.

Robert Scott Pickerill of O’Fallon to Stephanie Lynn Pickerill of O’Fallon.

Tearez Akeem Quarles of Cahokia to Dezarea Renee Wynn of Cahokia.

Matthew James Reichardt of Mascoutah to Lily Friis of Mascoutah.

Michael James Renth of Mascoutah to Emily Shae Huffines of Mascoutah.

Kehsyn Antonio Rice of Fairview Heights to Brianna Lynn Tieman of Swansea.

Alexander F. Rodgers of Belleville to Megan K. Powers of Decatur.

Corey A. Rogers of Fairview Heights to Alicia R. Mosley of Fairview Heights.

Robert M. Roth of Belleville to Maria Catherine A. Mariano of Belleville.

David Eugene Ruckman of Shiloh to Courtney Rita Kombrink of Shiloh.

Stephen Karl Rutledge of Belleville to Tina Marie Jackson of Swansea.

Curtis Haywood Sanders of O’Fallon to Heather Nicole Thomas of O’Fallon.

Stephen John Selders of Mascoutah to Tara Lynn Tate of Mascoutah.

Martez D. Shaw of East St. Louis to Metinae B. Jones of East St. Louis.

Ted K. Shekell of O’Fallon to Sandra J. Fidler of Belleville.

Brandon B. Shetuni of Chicago to Jaclyn J. Schwarz of O’Fallon.

Michael D. Shewmaker of O’Fallon to Jessica M. Birkner of O’Fallon.

Joseph W. Skortz Jr. of Swansea to Lauren N. Arnold of Swansea.

Roberto Antonio Smith Jr. of O’Fallon to Alicia Justina Watson of East St. Louis.

Wayne R. Spires of Swansea to Kathy L. Hazzard of Swansea.

Tyler Anthony Stein of Smithton to Leia Katherine Smith of Belleville.

Jemar G. Stennis of East St. Louis to Sabrina K. Long of Fairview Heights.

Christopher Scott Stevens of Belleville to Monai Keondra Anderson of Cahokia.

Ricardo Sykes of Collinsville to Karennythia Elvira Hammock of Collinsville.

Howard O. Tate Jr. of Fairview Heights to Anna M. Bowers of Fairview Heights.

Christopher Douglas Thomas Sr. of Belleville to Renee Louise Mezo of Belleville.

Jack Harrison Thompson of O’Fallon to Deborah Kay Wells of O’Fallon.

Neil F. Tibbs Jr. of East St. Louis to Iesha L. Brown of Belleville.

Jonathan Michael Tidball of Belleville to Jenna Dawn Ferguson of Belleville.

Brenton Wade Tinsley of Mascoutah to Elizabeth Marie Mullen of Mascoutah.

Jeffrey Todd Vernier of Freeburg to Candice Maddalyn Nier of Freeburg.

Jay C. Vernor Jr. of St. Louis to Dominique M. Jefferson of Granite City.

Jermaine Terrell Ware of Fairview Heights to Lakeisha Nicole Adams of Fairview Heights.

Peatro M. Washington of East ST. Louis to Leshonda S. Lee of East St. Louis.

Robin Alan Watt of Fairview Heights to Christine Lynn Deremiah of Fairview Heights.

Laurence B. Weatherford-Pratt of Belleville to Da Shon B. Hill of Belleville.

Mark Benjamin Wehmeyer of Trenton to Kristin Lynne Von Der Linden of Mascoutah.

Todd M. Wells of Collinsville to Ashley N. Thomas of Collinsville.

Shermaul Martez White of East St. Louis to Tionca Lechelle Crawford of Centreville.

Rudy Jedidiah Wickline of Caseyville to Kerry Ellen Mantych of Caseyville.

Daniel Ivan Williams of Chicago to Courtney Antoinette Payne of Belleville.

George Lee Williams of O’Fallon to Sumayyah Renee Eichelberger of O’Fallon.

Hercholas John Charles Williams of East St. Louis to Naomi Jean Shepherd of Swansea.

Joshua Ryan Willis of Albers to Samantha Megan Kilbane of Albers.

Merritt Ewing Wooldridge of O’Fallon to Pamela Sue Woods of O’Fallon.

Paul R. Worley of Belleville to alias G. Schultz of Belleville.

Bradley Michael Wright of Fairview Heights to Meagan Christine Berg of Fairview Heights.

Ernesto Williams Zayas of St. Louis to Rinesha Ciere Shelton of St. Louis.


Nathaniel Andrew Crockarell of Edwardsville to Krystle Dawn Lange of Edwardsville.

Thomas Patrick Terry of Alton to Kasi Fayette Matilda Waggoner of Alton.

Neil Lawrence Wilson of Edwardsville to Suzanne Lynn Darr of Edwardsville.

Dwight Adrian Kistner of East Alton to Kayla Jean McCree of East Alton.

Jordan Reece Epp of Bourbonnais to Chelsea Lynn Hays of Godfrey.

Keith Wayne Freeman of Alton to Kala Marie Meyenburg of Alton.

Christian Stephen Wolf of Collinsville to Carie Jean Hawkins of Collinsville.

John Lewis Wiliams of East St. Louis to Debbie Marie Robinson of East St. Louis.

Charlie Delain Spink III of Granite City to Amanda Elizabeth Hall of Granite City.

Mike David Strong of Collinsville to Shannon Michelene Gregory of Collinsville.

Louis Albert Berkley Jr. of Roxana to Tonia Renee Hayes of Roxana.

Kathleen Michele Carter of Brighton to Jana Beth Webb of Brighton.

Terry Joe Howard of Cottage Hills to Jennifer Lynn Murphy of Cottage Hills.

Jerry Martin Haynes IV of Granite City to Jade Lael Willman of Granite City.

Jason Wayne Pellazari of Wood River to Jenefer Renae Hoggatt of Wood River.

Bryce Anthony Mueller of Highland to Victoria Marie Isaak of Highland.

Billy Wayne Turnbough of Granite City to Tonya Renee Dochwat of Granite City.

Roger Dwight Petrea of Odin to Judy Lawrence of Edwardsville.

Eric Arturo Belloso of Wood River to Kathleen Elizabeth Pollard of Wood River.

Brian John Hunziker of Maryville to Jaclyn Holly Dietrich of Belleville.

Betty Jane Barnett of Hope, Ark. To Geneva May Stewart of Hope, Ark.

John William Schwalb of Edwardsville to Tiffany Nicole Thomas of Edwardsville.

Jerry Dean McCartney of Clarkridge, Ark. To John Christopher Copeland of Clarkridge, Ark.

Joe Henry Wallace of New Douglas to Heather Marie Adams of Flushing, Mich.

Amanda Marie Sutherland of East Alton to Katherine Eve Norman of East Alton.

Audie Ray Wilson Ferguson of Granite City to Tracy Renee Worley of Granite City.

Tommy Lee Johnson Jr. of Venice to Erica LaStarr Allen of Venice.

Christopher Steven Dwiggins of West Alton, Mo. to Andreanna Marie Shelton of West Alton, Mo.

Kyle Stanton Bridges of Las Vegas, Nev. To Linda Marie Dohnal of Las Vegas, Nev.

Luke Kenneth Scaggs of Troy to Jessica Marie Rains of Granite City.

Dillon Drew Davis of Highland to Tracy Maria Timmermann of Highland.

Ricky Dean Krieb of Granite City to Angela Marie Satterthwaite of Granite City.

John Gregory Stempf of Collinsville to Shirley Jean Baucom of Collinsville.

David Ray Miller of Granite City to Felicia Ann Rohmann of Granite City.

Danny Ray Wilson of Fairview Heights to Velinda Lee Childers of Fairview Heights.

Austin Lee Thomas Ulmer of Highland to Brittany Danielle Clalahan of Highland.

Ivan Torres of Granite City Monika Drae Rubio of Granite City.

Jason Douglas Hatcher of East Alton to Katherine Anna Kohlbecker of Godfrey.

Troy Garrett Snyder of Alton to Kathryne Charlotte Murray of Alton.

Derek Keith Culver Sr. of Granite City to Rachel Yvonne Buckingham of Granite City.

Billy Joe Pickens Jr. of Pocahontas to Sheila Mae Carter of Pocahontas.

David Allen Deak of Granite City to Stephanie Nicole Markovich of Granite City.

Bobbie Ray Highsmith III of Alton to Jodi Sue Dwyer of Alton.

Caleb Graham Lyons of Aviston to Rebecca Lynn Niemann of Aviston.

Thomas David Reichenbach of O’Fallon to Elizabeth Anne Rowling of Collinsville.

Ryan Marcus Frank of Worden to Sara Elaine Atchison of Glen Carbon.

Deborah Ann Pfeifer of Collinsville to Patricia Ann Wolz of Collinsville.

Anthony Darnell Taylor Jr. of Fairview Heights to Brittany Ciara Brookins of Fairview Heights.