Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



6 Arabelle Drive; from Jerri Denide Chastain; to RDS Development Corporation; $45,000.

1018 Union Ave.; from Steve Bahr and Louis Bahr; to Brian T. Connor; $47,500.

908 Terrace Drive; from Jacob A. Buescher; to Jason E. Buss; $47,500.

17 Forestview Court; from Jane L. Vetter; to Bryon J. Thurnau and Amber R. Thurnau; $236,500.

8 Lucinda Ave.; from Shane Jollenbeck and Julie Jollenbeck; to Nicole Bartz; $95,500.

7629 Sedona Circle; from CMI Construction; to Eric R. Wolfmeier; $38,000.

7630 Sedona Circle; from CMI Construction & Property Management Inc.; to Breanne M. Norkus; $42,000.

3033 Wye Oak Drive; from Keith J. Jacob; to Billy J. Cochran and Debra A. Cochran; $177,000.

403 University Drive; from Biegler Properties LLC and Illinois Limited; to Charles Tart Jr. and Moria Tart; $131,500.


418 Jerome Lane; from Anheuser-Busch Employee Central Housing; to Susan E. Petti; $9,000.

1011 St. Patrick Blvd.; from Shuihua Wu; to Eric Harris; $30,000.

227 Donald St.; from Leslie D. Phillip; to AZA Properties LLC; $15,000.


913 Far Oaks Drive; from Albert V. Lupenski and Kathryn E. Lupenski; to Rac Closing Services LLC; $392,000.

913 Far Oaks Drive; from Rac Closing Services LLC; to Jeffrey D. Summerlin and Kathy W. Summerlin; $366,500.

1255 Pine Oak Lane; from Pride Real Estate LLC, a Missouri Limited Liability Company; to Nicholas Moore and Jessica Moore; $147,500.


504 Greenwood Place; from Karen Dawson; to Richard L. Hensler; $110,000.

100 Echo Valley Drive; from James J. Cuff and Leah Cuff; to Kelsey L. Bonzalez and Rafael D. Gonzalez; $134,000.


1315 Edgewood Drive; from Regina L. Hamilton and Gloria Cook; to Roger Putman and Karen Putman; $77,000.

5 Debra Drive; from William W. Thomas; to Scott A. Facemyre; $97,000.

100 Cheshire Court; from Nesrin Brooks aka Nesrin Mendy; to Michael A. Wardlow and Linda F. Wardlow; $285,000.


508 Torchlight Lane; from Scott A. Strout and Cynthia L. Strout; to Gary F. Hermann and Marcella M. Hermann; $395,000.

9926 Tad St.; from Jason Thress and Jessica Thress; to Kevin Dick and Kelsey Dick; $133,000.


400 N. Charles St.; from Sabre Investments LLC; to Bryan K. Peek; $4,000.


9604 Mallard Drive; from Howard Brent and Robyle M. Baker; to John E. Smith and Betty Jean Smith; $294,000.

10255 State Route 177; from Peggy L. Kuehn; to Steven J. Gove and Patricia A. Gove; $125,000.


4039 Saxony Lane; from William P. Patterson and Nancy S. Patterson; to Raymond Frye and Sandra Blevins; $274,000.

720 W. Van Buren St.; from Tom’s Building and Repair Inc.; to Benjamin Jenkins and Roxanna Jenkins; $220,000.

41 Coach Lite Drive; from Laurence Kenetski and Patricia Kenetski; to James Westcoat; $125,000.


309 S. Clinton St.; from KayWacker; to Randy Dietzei; $12,000.


1563 N. Parc Grove Court; from North Parc Grove LLC; to Huntington Chase Homes Corp.; $31,000.

407 E. Third St.; from Melinda Osborne; to Kei’Chanta B. Chaney-Johnson; $111,500.

1020 Buran Drive; from Champaign Investments LLC; to Sean Turner; $135,000.

110 Shadowridge Crossing; from Oscar Figueroa; to ADam L. Schweitzer; $290,000.

624 Erics Run; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to William H. Hackney and Sabrinna D. Hackney; $262,500.

793 Forest Green Drive; from Spencer Koetting and Catherine Koetting; to Carlos Ocebuera and Kelly Trainer; $132,500.

917 Stone Briar Drive; from John A. Johnson Jr. and Jennifer R. Johnson; to Andrea D. Adamsky and Stephen W. Adamsky; $313,000.

1026 Woodleaf Drive; from Allen M. Steward and Sharon L. Steward; to Seth Andrew Pelletier and Janalee Pelletier; $196,000.

203 S. Oak St.; from Gregory B. McCall and Mary C. McCall; to Gregory Orbino; $53,000.

489 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties Inc.; Jenie L. Renner; $240,500.

902 Moorfield Drive; from Kristin A. Blankenship and Michael G. Blankenship; to Jennifer M. Sibit and Shaun L. Sibit; $337,000.

1205 Seward Drive; from Matthew T. Secrest; to Jarrell D. Johnson and Denesha L. Johnson; $218,000.


1179 Fortune Blvd.; from Heartland Harrisburg Properties LLC; to JKL Ventures LLC; $285,000.

517 Conestoga Lane; from Kenneth B. Hastey and Jill Johansen Hastey; $300,000.


501 Stonefield Drive; from Joseph A. Schardan; to Anthony Gaubatz; $224,500.

4459 W. Fork Club Road; from West Fork Club Inc.; to Zachary T. Reis and Rebecca L. Reis; $25,000.


2711 N. Illinois St.; from Swansea Realty LLC-Kathy Leathers; to Swansea restaurant Services LLC; $574,000.

2 Westgate Drive; from Paul F. Norbet Jr. and Diane Norbet; to Uveida M. Woolens; $105,000.

325 Fiedlcrest; from Stefanie R. Gaubatz; to Christopher G. Allen; $159,000.



816 Grove St.; from Shirley A. Mucci; to Malissa Paige; $89,000.

1605 Henry St.; from Jeffrey Dvis and Barbra Davis; to Bradley Hartnett and April Hartnett; $178,500.


808 W. Sherman St.; from Brooks D. Fleetwood; to David Steward and Tracy Steward; $192,000.


107 Linwood; from Deborah L. Salazar and Luis Salazar; to Tara Koste; $85,000.

320 W. Country Lane; from Darryl M. Knee and Shannan L. Knee; to Kathrynn L. Snider and David Snider; $271,500.

592 Watch Hill Road; from Joseph W. Helton and Deborah K. Helton; to Michael Tamburello and Robin M. Tamburello; $158,000.

203 Lockwood Drive; from Douglas F. Giacoletto and Peggy F. Giacoletto, Peggy F. Giacoletto Revocable Trust; to Bridget Townsend; $145,000.

102 Evergreen Court; from Kevin W. Cadieux and Jamie H. Cadieux; to Mark Andrew Wiemers; $170,000.


426 Sullivan Das; from Kathleen M. Grable and Derek Grable; to Fredrick Losch and Angela Losch; $166,000.


427 E. Lake Drive; from Mel A. Dutton; to Anthony J. Bobrowski II and Susan K. Bobrowski; $278,000.

249 Coventry Place; from Vernon S. Sheeley and Elizabeth N. Sheeley; to Crane Street Properties LLC; $160,000.

4035 Sequoia Drive; from Anthony J. Casoria and Nancy L. Casoria; to Gary L. Thomas and Rosemary Thomas; $237,000.

1336 Lee Drive; from Mary E. McKinney; to Melissa A. Makler; $123,000.

1307 St. Louis St.; from Mark W. Cantrell and Brenna G. Cantrell; to John Eska and Ellen Eska; $395,000.

232 Buchanan St.; from Thomas Pine Pile; to Kern Rental Properties LLC; $168,000.

308 E. Lake Drive; from Stephen W. Held and Margaret L. Held; to Ross J. Dever and Victoria A. Ahlers; $146,000.


317 Cambridge Drive; from Tara D. McCaskill; to Philip M. Coatney and Lynanne Feilen; $237,000.

2 Trailridge Lane; from Anthony Zuzzio and Carri Zuzzio; to Joseph Howell and Lyndsey Reller; $170,000.

504 Trails Ridge Drive; from David M. Burris and Kerri L. Burris; to Brandy L. Rushing; $165,000.

144 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Lerch Homes Inc.; to Shawn Bryant; $327,000.

282 N. Meridian Road; from Lois A. Page Mooney; to Brian Orr and Stephanie Orr; $166,000.


300 Canary Lane; from Arthur T. Gage and Patricia K. Gage; to Nicole Alexandra Fairbairn and Timothy David Doyle; $110,000.

905 Avon Court; from James P. Clasby and Marcella M. Clasby; to Cynthia E. Mason; $152,500.

5215 Dover Drive; from David A. Voss and Ann M. Voss; to Robin A. Fiedler and Karen S. Fiedler; $163,500.


2533 Delmar Ave.; from Kenneth Garcia and Revecca Garcia; to Eric S. Lupardus and Jessamyn Lupardus; $70,000.

2713 Saratoga St.; from Dorothy Marsala; to Celina Gonzalez and Conrado Gonzalez; $45,000.

1640 Venice Ave.; fromTim Turner; to Jessica L. Seal; $99,000.

2621 Jason Drive; from Cynthia L. Johnson; to Bridget S. Sparks; $100,500.

2632 E. 28th St.; from Tyler Kulasza; to Steven P. Dorris and Laci Torimino; $45,000.

2812 Birch Ave.; from James Bryant Toms III; to Krystin Hurst and Bryce Hurst; $67,000.


301 Miller Ave.; from Gary B. Williams and Zara Williams; to Michael J. Reynolds and Megan R. Reynolds; $231,000.


612 8th St.; from Kevin L. Johnson and Bobbi M. Johnson; to Corey J. Clark; $82,500.

711 Dolphin Drive East; from Jacob T. Gutzler and Heather R. Gutzler; to Barbara Fowler and Paul E. Vogelbacher; $113,500.


2278 Amberleigh Drive; from Shaun O. Thunell and Jennifer R. Thunell; to Gregory Duvaleus and Sasha Koelker; $185,000.

2274 Haverford Court; from Charles A. Fast and Marlene Veloso; to Ryan Christopher Propst; $185,000.


969 Lakewood Court; from Daniel G. Marlett and Paula J. Marlett; to Robert Levi Carwile and Anna E. Carwile; $179,000.

726 Troy O’Fallon Road; from Dorothy Poletti and Francis G. Poletti; to Pamela Sue Broska; $135,000.

33 Longshot Drive; from Askew Builders LLC; to Doug Jones and Michelle L. Jones; $381,500.

414 S. Main St.; from John W. Rees and Dorothy J. Rees; to Edward Amburgey and Ami Kathleen Whiteside; $175,000.


576 Whitelaw Ave.; from Kent E. Huff and Deborah L. Huff; to Robert E. Womack Jr. and Lomita J. Womack; $98,000.

973 N. Wood River Ave.; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Jenny N. Hammond; $54,000.

849 Lewis Ave.; from Ronald L. Baker and Donna J. Baker; to Kristen L. Romero and Alberto Romero; $79,000.



490 Terry Drive; from Jeffrey March and Stephany Jo March; to Marina Stang and Mark C. Stang; $259,000.

2820 Robert Drive; from Justin T. Shields and Lisa C. Shields; to David M. Thorne Jr. and Jennifer Thorne; $220,000.

465 Brellinger; from Todd D. Kennedy and Kimberly J. Kennedy; to Benjamin Louis Knysak and Carla M. Knysak; $250,000.

721 W. St. Louis St.; from Heather McNelly and William F. McNeely III; to Jessica A. Stephens; $108,000.

504 W. Legion Ave.; from Jessica A. Keller; to Annie M. Arras and Edward W. Arras; $118,000.

1 Cheasapeake Trail; from James and Marian Latinette Revocable Living Trust; to Valerie Mueller and James Ruland; $221,000.

746 Hill Castle Road; from Mary A. Breeding Revocable Trust; to Jamie L. Gardner and and Joseph R. Gardner; $80,000.

1011 Bradington Court; from Jospeh Carl and Glenda L. Parres Revocable Living Trust; to Anthony W. Grave and Kelly M. Long; $180,000.


6401 Goeddeltown Road; from Michelle M. McMath and Wilbert D. McMath; to Brett F. Ivers and Dawn M. Ivers; $180,000.

842 Sunflower Drive; from Brett F. Ivers and Dawn M. Ivers; to Alexa L. Ullrich; $193,000.

1211 Lou Dell; from Jeanne F. Schrader and John J. Schrader; to Erika W. Pater and Rajan S. Patel; $162,500.

218 Mockingbird Lane; from Susan K. Rick; to Deborah Rheinecker and Robert L. Rheinecker; $165,000.

6052 Goeddeltown Road; from Edward R. Schaefer and Shirleen M. Schaefer; to Andrew D. Schaefer; $275,000.

708 Ward Ave.; from Mon-Clair Properties LLC; to CA Jones Inc.; $28,000.

6109 Red Bird Lane; from Cheryl A. Kennedy and James D. Kennedy; to Christopher T. Brown and Melissa Brown; $240,000.

1528 Rachel Lane; from Vogt Builders Inc.; to Jesse N. Towold and Jessica M. Rowold; $211,000.

5301 Kaskaskia Road; from Shae Lena Huebner; to Roger F. Melching Jr.; $150,000.