Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



401 N. 5th St.; from National Loan Investors L.P.; to Raymond W. Archambo; $12,500.

1208 Bel Aire Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ellen C. Thieleman; $10,500.

15 Las Olas Drive; from David Sliment Jr.; to Brenda G. Steiger; $358,500.

2601 Cedar Grove Drive; from Gregory C. Jennings and Julie A. Jennings; to Clinton Yancey Jr.; $176,500.

107-105 Indian Hill; from Rhonda M. Davis; to Shauntey James; $75,500.

31 Chadwick Drive; from Andrew Johnson and Kristi Johnson; to Andrew Morton; $106,000.

220 Brittany Lane; from Cynthia L. Wangelin; to Brittany Wells; $69,000.

30 S. 21st St.; from A.C. Fisher Inc.; to Lindenwood University; $82,000.

38 Ednick Drive; from Patrick C. Donahue Jr. and Lesley G. Hermann-Donahue; to John L. Krieger; $170,000.

2001 W. Main St.; from John Demos and Jean K. Demos; to Lindenwood University; $84,000.

34 Ben Louis Drive; from Joyce T. Ranger; to Ashlie K. Mitchell and Ramon Mitchell; $118,000.

2 Pinewood Lane; from Michael Timothy Bolam; to Corey L. Billups and Kayah M. Billups; $240,000.

1617 Sherborne Drive; from Carrier L. Hart; to Karmen Coleman; $128,000.


815 Sparks Ave.; from Pacer Cap LLC; to Clint McCormick; $51,500.

302 Marion St.; from Pacer Cap LLC; to Clint McCormick; $47,500.


17 Heatherwood Drive; from Elfriede S. Norvell; to Dale W. Forguson; $142,500.


1137 Stopnewolf Trail; from Jerril J. Jones; to Karl F. Woodmansey; $385,000.

600 Lenora Drive; from Robert W. Lange and Amy L. Lange; to Sylvana C. Radley; $120,000.


105 S. Vine St.; from Tyler Isaak; to Tyler Urbanski and Allyson Urbanski; $120,000.

2647 Old Freeburg Road; from Susan A. Hickey; to Leroy Hamann and Scott Hamann; $305,000.


325 N. Lebanon St.; from Kathryn R. Miller; to John P. Wicinski; $155,000.

9730 Weatherby St.; from AKS Development LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $44,500.


13 Gladwyn Drive; from Mark E. Oman; to Thomas A. Carrico and Kathi G. Carrico; $205,000.


107 Knob Creek Lane; from Robert M. Crain and Michelle R. Crain; to Mathew Getty and Angela Getty; $286,000.

358 Stanton Lane; from Cynthia L. Stanton; to Joshua A. Martie and Lindsay M. Martie; $115,000.

453 Wiegerstown Drive; from Robert J. Poulin; to Gregory Wrather and Angela Wrather; $260,000.

1038 Hartman Lane; from Joseph M. Hale; to Bruce A. Behrens and Karen S. Whetstone; $265,000.

1128 Hightower Place; from Mark M. Duprey and Katherine J. Duprey; to Scott A. Holman and Devan R. Holman; $345,000.

163 Hodgens Mill Lane; from Tracey S. Skelton and Kimberly A. Skelton; to Rosemary LLC; $250,000.

332 Logan Drive; Christopher D. Marss and Lori A. Marss; to Jessica Klein and Nathan Klein; $227,000.

1472 Winchester Grove Court; from Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC; to Kappert Construction Co., Inc.; $42,000.


701 Rutter Ave.; from Steven Jones; to The Nancy J. Nerone Declaration of Trust; $127,500.


101 Sir Lawrence Drive; from Janet A. McAllister; to Rebecca M. Ross; $152,000.


412 Fieldview Drive; from Joshua D. Holder; to Regina Marie Carlton and Jesse Carlton; $187,000.


10 Vandor Court; from Robert D. Guzy and Stephanie Guzy; to Kimberly A. Dalton and Jamie Burdick; $134,500.

721 Deerfield Drive; from Jamie L. Wisser; to Andrew C. Fomey; $144,500.

1301 Merganser Blvd.; from Jesus L. Sojo and Amirillys A. Sojo; to Donald E. Miller and Sue A. Miller; $358,500.

305 Barrett Lake Drive; from Dolores F. Stover, joint tenant of Earl F. Stover, Deceased; to David G. Hughes and Cathleen J. Hughes; $270,000.

30 Viburnum Drive; from Scott A. Holman and Devan M. Holman; to Daniel Baird and Tiffany Baird; $144,000.



301 College St.; from David W. Aper and Mary J. Aper; to Rhonda D. Tibbs and George M. Tibbs; $133,000.


2300 Morning Star Drive; from Charels S. Roemer and Mary E. Roemer; to Ryan D. Bennett and Alecia M. Roemer; $76,500.

8104 Wolf Road; from Alan David Mendel; to Jason Winship and Jamie Winship; $315,000.


339 Park Drive; from Stephen R. Lowrance and Patricia G. Lowrance; to Mackenzie M. Lowrance; $23,300.

706 S. Prairie Street; from Paul W. Edwards and Jacqaueline L. Edwards; to Benjamin S. Downer and Dortha L. Downer; $110,000.

330 Lee St.; from Edward Bacus and Marcia Bacus; to Bridget K. Meszaros; $70,000.


732 Troy Road; from Lindsay Droit and Ted McKinney; to Kevin Brennan Sr.; $172,000.

1104 Cleveland St.; from Gary W. Mordis and Anne M. Mordis; to Eric Lee Capps; $75,000.

902 Prospect St.; from Cochran Homes LLC; to Bradley Williams; $113,500.

614 N. Morrison Ave.; from Dack Ledbetter; to David Seaton and Emily Seaton; $113,000.

230 St. Louis Road; from US Bank Trust, LSF9 Master Participation Trust; to Lauren N. Santagato; $55,000.

23 Somerset Place; from Geoffrey Tepovich and Carissa Tepovich; to Carole A. Presson; $178,000.


512 Florida Drive; from Stephen Meszaros; to Michael R. Anderson and Lindsey N. Anderson; $117,000.

172 Bender Ave.; from Sun Chin and Edward A. Weeks; to Jessie Tatum; $70,000.


1219 Lindenwood Ave.; from Nicole Grimm and Todd Anderson; to Kathleen M. Horvath and Kris M. Horvath; $176,000.

816 Slippery Rock; from Lavontas A. Hairston and Raquel T. Hairston; to Sean M. Douglas and Rachel M. Douglas; $175,000.

729 Hillsboro Ave.; from Term Enterprises LLC; to Jennifer D. Fusaro; $153,000.

704 Sheridan Ave.; from Kathleen Schneider; to Tyler J. Schneider; $50,000.

722 Montclair Ave.; from John T. Wilke; to Melissa D. Keller and Michael T. Keller; $113,000.

3300 Hershiser Court; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Christopher Rasmussen and Georgianna Rasmussen; $763,300.

12 Bookside Court; from Katie Bevis Oneal and Jonathan Oneal; to Christine T. Linn; $129,500.

989 Prestonwood Drive; from Justin Linn and Christin Linn; to Katie Bevil Oneal and Jonathan Oneal; $289,500.

8 Colleen Drive; from Thomas Niesciur and Stacy iesciur; to Michael David Hipp; $148,000.

622 Hancock St.; from Wade Gentemann and Amanda Gentemann; to Martin Gordon and Devin Gordon; $205,000.

345 W. Lake Drive; from Theodore G. Hancock and Sharon F. Hancock; to Robyn Frantz and Wayne Skigen; $250,000.

73 Birdie Court; from David Berry, Country Club Trust; to Anthony E. Forneris and Sarah E. Forneris; $317,000.

506 Hillsboro Ave.; from Mathew Wheat and Deanna Wheat; to Justin Linn; $180,000.


3034 Atlanta Drive; from Randall L. Lemon and Sharon E. Lemon; to Jacob Snyder and Christian Snyder; $255,000.

615 & 613 Pepper Ridge Court; from Richard E. Carter and Carole A. Carter; to Novella LLC; $158,000.

121 Mark Trail Drive; from Bruce H. Rezabek and Donna J. Rezabek; to Steven D. Cox and Jamie J. Cox; $175,500.

309 Aberdeen Drive; from Robert M. Szegedy and Erin E. Szegedy; to Chad Kraner and Carrie Kraner; $240,000.


1502 Colonial Drive; from Donna J. Massey; to Janet Sue Hardin; $116,000.

3214 Greenwood Lane; from David W. Strebel; to James W. Strebel and Jane N. Strebel; $113,000.

311 Bachman Lane; from Paul S. Stoecklin and Gloria J. Stoecklin; to Paul W. Edwards and Jacqueline L. Edwards; $118,000.

7115 McGuire Road; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Hampton G. Colley and Dawn R. Colley; $204,000.


2505 Julie Crossing; from Timothy O. Moran and Clara L. Moran; to Traveon Ward and Stephanie Ward; $189,000.

2719 Angela Drive; from James C. Blankenship and Marcia A. Blankenship; to Zachary Boyer and Angela Boyer; $89,000.

1019 McCambridge Ave.; from Brian W. Werner; to Brandon A. Williams; $45,000.

348 Ratz Drive; from Charles W. Luehmann and Laura A. Juehmann; to Rachel Davis and Keith Davis; $190,000.

4007 Park Lane; from Tina Paschedag, Denise Wilson, Sharon Wright, Jean Nemeth, Betty Snider, Basil Snider; to Bruce Kinworthy; $112,000.

3219 Willow Ave.; from Brett C. Smith and Kathleen R. Smith; to Samuel L. Prazma; $121,500.

206 Wilson Park Lane; from Michael B. Welser; to Nathan E. Zeisset and Richard W. Zeisset; $93,500.

2108 Amos Ave.; from Aaron P. Graham and Leslie L. Graham; to Brian Werner; $100,000.

2545 Ivy Lane; from Theresa Harris; to Jeanne Sawyer; $105,500.

2529 Commercial Parkway; from Glindon Mathis; to Bill Forte and Geneva Forte; $185,000.


122 Colonial Drive; from Travis Pfaff and Jennifer Pfaff; to John Thoelke and Kate Thoelke; $192,000.


29 Alice Drive; from Glenda A. Michael; to Charles R. Durbin and Christy L. Durbin; $240,000.

6 Geneva Drive; from Charles R. Durbin and Christy L. Durbin; to Melissa Klaus; $127,000.

Bluebird Lane; from Rogier Insurance Agency Inc.; to Kevin M. Wathen and Rebecca M. Wathen; $60,000.

70 Sunbeam Drive; from Chris Albers and Shelley Albers; to Jason Bergkoetter and Natalie Bergkoetter; $164,000.

320 Devonshire Court; from Lori J. Meier Crane; to Christopher M. Passmore and Amanda J. Passmore; $171,000.

4810 Cedar Spring Drive; from Justin M. Burk and Carrie L. Burk; to Glenda Michael; $165,000.

13051 Cherokee Road; from Stephen D. Chappell and Sherry L. Chappell; to NP Dodge Jr.; $275,000.

4110 Prairie Road; from Delores M. Alber and John I. Alber; to Ted K. Shekell and Sandra J. Shekell; $385,000.


30 Oak Leaf; from Todd Nichols and Laura Nichols; to Randy A. Fountain and Mary Ann Jackson; $235,000.

220 Bauer Lane; from John E. Baker IV, Justin Albertina, Heather Albertina; to Julie Baker and Amy Wiser; $90,000.

64 Annebriar Drive; from Anne L. Kosel and Shawn M. Kosel; to Gary E. Manderschied and Carol A. Manderschied; $224,000.


509 Jacob St.; from Steve Pate Jr. and Rebecca Pate; to Daniel L. Desler; $140,000.


256 Fairington Drive; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Timothy McGhee and Michelle McGhee; $171,000.

531 Whippoorwill St.; from Patricia Craft and Jack Craft; to Cathy Van Arsdale; $144,000.

1945 Gliddon Blvd.; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC: to Resource Construction Co. LLC; $80,000.


1848 Starboard Lane; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Edwardsville Homes LLC; $183,000.