Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



101 Eiler Road; from Vernon C. Thacker and Sandra K. Thacker; to STL Equities LLC; $175,000.

2038 Celebration Park Circle; from Corliss E. Harlen; to Vermice M. Graves; $76,000.

2030 Woodsong Way; from Shaun A. Bramble and Alina G. Bramble; to Jason Wissehr; $164,500.

215 Abend St.; from Joyce A. Laux; to Ingrid C. Patterson, Living Trust; $85,000.

313 E. Grant St.; from Sandra K. Bloos, Executor of the Estate of Russel Klein, Deceased; to Elisa Jolls; $13,000.

34 Scarlet Drive; from Betty A. Deutsch; to Madonna R. Herrmann; $78,000.

514 E. Monroe St.; from Main Street Redevelopers LLC; to James McNeely; $264,000.

426 Park Ave.; from Mickey L. Peters and Desiree M. Peters; to Gary Robinson and Debra Robinson; $56,000.

1101 Forest Hills Drive; from Mitchell C. Fish; to David Ayers; $161,000.

3017 Rentchler Road; from Kenneth E. Conklin; to Fred M. Hannan and Nancy B. Hannan; $140,000.

2408 Persimmon Wood Drive; from Christopher Thompson and Laurie L. Thompson; to Sean Michael Peterson and Tina Marie Peterson; $207,000.

730 Country Meadow Lane; from Elain M. Laws; to Tawanna L. Patterson and Anita Franklin; $123,000.

2833 Brookmeadow Drive; from Lloyd A. Vaughn and Jerene L. Vaughn; to Kristin N. Davis and Patrick G. Hogg; $154,000.

3606 Harbor Way; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to George E. Crew II; $191,000.

3514 Barton Drive; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Christopher R. Jurgensmeyer and Cori J. Jurgensmeyer; $232,500.

717 Christy Lane; from Dennis Timmermann; to Niranjan Goswami and Sabita Goswami; $150,000.

210 Wingate Blvd.; from TTW LLC; to C.A. Jones; $9,000.

5 Crest Haven Drive; from Tim Pace; to Clifford Benz and Linda Benz; $162,000.

330 Hickory Bend Drive; from Betty L. Whitehead; to Elaine Reiniger; $105,000.

103 N. 21st St.; from Johnathan T. Loesche and Lisa Loesche; to Lindenwood University; $100,000.

206 S. 27th St.; Willie J. McAlister Jr.; to Lindenwood University; $72,000.

48 Dale Allen Drive; from Thomas Dustin Acre; to Regina R. Howard; $105,000.

210 S. 27th St.; from James A. Messer II and Shannon Messer; to Lindenwood University; $94,000.

4402 Maple Brook Drive; from Keleher Development Co. Inc.; to C.A. Jones Inc.; $17,000.


Church Road; from Louis I. Mund Trust; to Ameren Illinois Co.; $126,500.

10 Little Estates Lane; from Michael P. Crockett and Sheila Crockett; to Timothy L. Montgomery and Helen F. Montgomery; $100,000.

Mississippi Ave.; from Overbrook LP; to Mark Friedich; $45,000.

703 Sparks Ave. & 122 St. Paul Drive; from HD Investments LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $61,000.

1152 Camp Jackson Road; from AZA Properties LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $34,000.

701 E. McKinley St., 6 Ruby St., 105 Dorcas Drive; from AZA Properties LLC; to Main Street Real Estate Holdings LLC; $34,000.

703 Sparks Ave., 122 & 711 St. Paul Drive, 804 St. Monica Drive, 1152 Camp Jackson Road, 701 E. McKinley St., 6 Ruby St., 105 Dorcas Dr., 105 Lazarcheff; from Main Street Estates Holdings LLC; to Land Trust 3687; $403,000.


9607 Botanical Ave.; from SW Properties Inc.; to Cameron Schmitt; $15,000.

68 Long Branch Lane; from Todd Hackney; to Turner Enterprises; $90,000.

2244 S. Morrison Ave.; from Mark Langley and Tina Langley; to Home Investors LLC; $22,000.

1010 St. Clair Ave.; from Mortage REO 1 LLC, V Mortgage RE; to Icholas Wilks II; $89,000.


16 Davis Woods; from Thomas Holt and Joyce Holt; to Elizabeth Nguyen and Tim Vo; $150,000.


301 Kroeger Ave.; from DeWayne Penrose and Cheryl Penrose; to Mark A. Godat and Donna B. Godat; $96,500.

1395 N. 5th St.; from Todd D. Thomton and Brooke Thomton; to Ryan Williams; $82,500.


38 Water St.; from West Community Credit Union; to Tiffany Spinner and Patricia Bregen; $25,000.


6143 N. 60th St.; from Mary T. Oliver; to Louis Jaimes; $80,000.

3141 Converse Ave.; from Lorna Ruth Daniels Nichols and George Earl Daniels II; to Marilyn Bacon and William C. Bacon; $28,000.


204 Brittany Drive; from Neil D. Horowitz and Jeri Lyn Horowitz; to Neil Mutschler and Brandy Mutschler; $188,000.

Canty Lane; from Threlkeld Investment Fund; to TVAV LLC; $16,500.


505 S. State St.; from Chad M. Quigley and Jennifer L. Quigley; to Robert W. Spacher; $100,000.

201 W. High St.; from Ronald L. Waters; to Kyle R. Hawkins Trustee; $190,000.

8059 Jefferson Road; from Anatolian Inn Ltd.; to Anthony Vrooman and Kimberly Vrooman; $170,000.


928 Indian Prairie Drive; from AKS Development LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $48,000.

9655 Winnebago Way; from AKS Development LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $59,500.

1420 Royal Forest Drive; from Groves Investments Co.; to Brandon A. Simmons and Brandy Simmons; $175,000.

182 St. Christopher Court; from Plaza Developers LLP; to JLP Homes LLC; $16,000.


4916 Rita Ann Place; from Daniel A. Muskopf and Jeanine Muskopf; to Stacey L. Geluck and Brian M. Geluck; $400,000.

410 E. Washington St.; from Donald Habermehl; to Kelly Hemann; $124,000.

708 Admiral Wendt Parkway; from William H. Albert and Herschel E. Johnson; to Ronald E. Hood and Cheryl S. Hood; $44,000.


903 Indian Springs Road; from Robert J. Novack and Victoria E. Novack; to Allan E. Ward; $130,000.

174 Picketts Run; from Gay Lynn Ashbrook aka Gay Lynn Manning, Frederick R. Manning; to Matthew Brown and Jacquelyn Brown; $229,000.

605 Portsmith Place Drive; from Bradley Culligan and Jessica Culligan; to Terrence Holly and Kristin Holly; $268,000.

1250 Elisabeth Drive; from Paul T. Double and Myrna Double; to Leandrew L. Coleman; $261,000.

1035 Chapel Hill Drive; from Robin Cummings; to Bradley W. Jones and Christine M. Jones as Trustee; $207,500.

106 Greebtree Court; from John W. Lowery; to Steven M. Galinski; $286,000.

341 Vermillion Drive; from Fernando Munoz and Cynthia A. Munoz; to David F. Clark and Phyllis C. Clark; $185,000.

112 N. Lincoln Ave.; from Ronald J. Warhoover Sr. and Cheri E. Warhoover; to City of O’Fallon; $30,000.

601 S. Smiley St.; from Ted K. Shekell; to Donald E. Show; $117,500.

925 Reiss Road; from Doug Kost aka Douglas Kost and Jennifer Kost; to Leslie McMahon; $183,000.

213 Chamberlains Crossing; from Donna Pizzulo and David Pizzulo; to Derek A. Bobka; $175,000.

1905 Birchfield Court; from Donna M. Seipp; to Todd Albright; $470,000.

216 W. Fifth St.; from SMZ Inc. aka SMZ Corp.; to Michael Toth and Jessica Fish; $127,000.

1144 Lazy Hollow Court; from Thomas P. Barker and Jane M. Barker; to Kevin McCarthy and Jennifer McCarthy; $383,000.


9-11 Innsbruck Lane; from Dean C. Tano and Carol R. Tano; to Justin Reno; $105,000.

3281 Bridgewater Drive; from George Genutis; to Sara Vincent; $120,000.

1 Sir Lawrence Drive; from Andris I. Liepins and Mary L. Liepins; to Jeremy A. Jones and Petra T. Geodde; $115,000.

101 Archview Drive; from Dominic A. Governatori and Jodi M. Governatori; to Philip A. Pennington and Brian Pennington; $165,000.


212 Sun Valley Drive; from Cory S. Morris and Sunni D. Morris; to Blake Lindauer; $222,000.

4932 Granite Drive; from Brett Clasquin and NIchole D. Clasquin; to Richard G. Brown and Tracy Brown; $254,000.

4024 Chinkapin Oak Drive; from Richard Moore and Theresa Moore; to Brett Clasquin and Nichole Clasquin; $359,000.


4402 Smelting Works Road; from Carl H. Tempel and Deborah Tempel Revocable Trust; to Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.; $575,000.

Smelting Works Road; from Carl H. Tempel Revocable Trust; to Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.; $25,000.

1104 Harlequin Point; from Michael Herbert Thornton and Lisa Thornton; to Lawrence J. Klobuka and Kimberly R. Klobuka; $455,000.


3923 Lower Saxtown Road; from Darren T. Kennemer and Leah Marie Kennemer; to Jana Kirchhoff and Phillip Kirchhoff; $287,000.



125 Chouteau Trace Parkway; from Emily E. Wood; to Melissa D. Kurrus; $115,000.

21 Pearl Court; from John F. Ryan III; to Barbara L. Mifflin; $51,000.

2525 Stratford; from Scott R. Hillmer and Sandra L. Hillmer; to Robert Gusewelle; $93,000.

4049 Vesci Ave.; from Travis W. Miller and Phyllis Miller; to HWS Real Estate Series, HWS Investment Series LLC; $72,500.

2577 Washington Ave.; from Maria Harrison, Maria Wegman; to Sharlarae Kelly; $65,000.


11 Bridle Court; from Nicholas K. Pieri and Nicole L. Pieri; to Thomas D. Cozad and Margaret E. Cozad; $187,500.


2059 Briarbend Court; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Lisa Anne Korte; $183,000.

6760 Oxford Lane; from Keith Brodie and Brenda Brodie; to Sarah Libbra and David Libbra; $242,500.

10 Wedgewood Drive; from William J. Knecht; to Lawrence O’Leary and Rexanna O’Leary; $321,000.

10 Bonnie Court; from Gabriel J. Kolesa and Sarah L. Kolesa; to Catherine E. Lynch; $148,000.

708 Andra; from Darren Huelsman and Michelle Huelsman; to Bridget E. Heck; $175,000.

904 Andra Drive; from Cathy Baughman and Phillip Holaway; to Aaron A. Rangel; $136,500.

7009 Magona Court; from Patricia A. Schweider; to Geri L. Strohmeyer; $227,500.


116 E. 2nd St.; from Andrew S. Pence and Mindee A. Pence; to Dennis Cline; $73,500.


908 Park St.; from Defran Corporation; to Kenneth R. Miller and Amanda J. Miller; $33,500.


795 Veterans Memorial Drive; from Gary E. Niemeier; to James Lovsey and Ashley Lovsey; $33,500.


911 Hawthorne Ave.; from Donal L. Cherry, Patrice K. Cherry, Virginia Cherry; to Christopher D. Smith; $14,000.

430 S. 7th St.; from Adams Velloff Properties; to Joseph Smeets and Kaylen Smeets; $85,000.

320 Woodland Ave.; from Amy Scannell and Dan Scannell; to Derek M. Madison and Stephanie N. Ford; $93,000.

114 Springdale Place; from Evelyn J. Vanhorn and James E. Vanhorn; to Michael A. Leuck and Kimberly V. Leuck; $127,000.


323 Donnewald St.; from Paul M. Spickerman and Leila G. Spickerman; to Walker Gusewelle; $160,000.

7513 Pinnacle Drive; from Charles L. Cochran and Glenda K. Cochran; to William C. Williams; $213,000.