Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



301 College St.; from David W. Aper and Mary J. Aper; to Rhonda D. Tibbs and George M. Tibbs; $133,000.


2300 Morning Star Drive; from Charles C. Roemer and Mary E. Roemer; to Ryan D. Bennett and Alecia M. Roemer; $76,500.

8104 Wolf Road; from Alan David Mendel; to Jason Winship and Jamie Winship; $315,000.

205 W. Elm St.; from Brandon Marshall and Amelia Marshall; to Michael Naylor; $74,000.

3700 Torch Club Road; from Jason W. Laird and Sandy R. Laird; to Annette McCauley; $123,000.

3215 Edsall St.; from Eric Dodd and Lacey Dodd; to David Fleming; $64,000.

2454 Sylvan Lane; from Justin L. Zimmerman and Susan P. Spineto; to Mark Crull and Salina Crull; $112,000.

2814 Edwards St.; from Kelley Schultz and Daniel Schultz; to Dana R. Bennett; $107,000.

214 Hy Vista Drive; from Chad Woodman and Meredith Woodman; to Rashaud Phillips and Karis Phillips; $115,000.


339 Park Drive; from Stephen R. Lowrance and Patricia G. Lowrance to Mackenzie M. Lowrance; $23,300.

706 S. Prairie St.; from Paul W. Edwards and Jacqueline L. Edwards; to Benjamin S. Downer and Dortha L. Downer; $110,000.

330 Lee St.; from Edward Bacus and Marcia Bacus; to Bridget K. Meszaros; $70,000.

829 Albers Lane; from Zachary T. Hovan and Sarah E. Hovan; to Joel M. Smay and Ashlyn J. Smay; $128,000.

433 Park Drive; from Kris Daryl Williams and Margaret Mary Williams; to Ruth A. Cox; $70,000.

411 Sheridan St.; from Scot Parsons; to Joseph Richert and Dianna Richert; $110,000.


512 Florida Drive; from Stephen Meszaros; to Michael R. Anderson and Lindsey N. Anderson; $117,000.

172 Bender Ave.; from Sun Chin and Edward A. Weeks; to Jessie Tatum; $70,000.

161 N. Clearview Drive; from Beverly Barnes and Chris Barnes; to Jeremy Sheppard and Misty McDonough; $95,000.

217 Bonds Ave.; from David R. Farley II; to David A. Smith; $64,500.

301 Kutter Drive; from Murray L. Bellew and Rickey D. Bellew Jr.; to Charles S. Lyer and Gayle M. Lyer; $143,000.


1219 Lindenwood Ave.; from Nicole Grimm and Todd Anderson; to Kathleen M. Horvath and Kris M. Horvath; $176,000.

816 Slippery Rock; from Lavontas A. Hairston and Raquel T. Hairston; to Sean M. Douglas and Rachel M. Douglas; $175,000.

729 Hillsboro Ave.; from Term Enterprises LLC; to Jennifer D. Fusaro; $153,000.

704 Sheridan Ave.; from Kathleen Schneider; to Tyler J. Schneider; $50,000.

722 Montclaire Ave.; from John T. Wilke; to Melissa D. Keller and Michael T. Keller; $113,000.

3300 Hershiser Court; from Superior Home Builders Inc.; to Christopher Rasmussen and Georgianna Rasmussen; $763,300.

12 Bookside Court; from Katie Bevis O’Neal and Jonathan O’Neal; to Christine T. Linn; $129,500.

989 Prestonwood Drive; from Justin Linn and Christine Linn; to Katie Bevis O’Neal and Jonathan O’Neal; $289,500.

8 Colleen Drive; from Thomas Niesciur and Stacy Niesciur; to Michael David Hipp; $148,000.

622 Hancock St.; from Wade Gentemann and Amanda Gentemann; to Martin Gordon and Devin Gordon; $205,000.

345 W. Lake Drive; from Theodore G. Hancock and Sharon F. Hancock; to Robyn Frantz and Wayne Skigen; $250,000.

73 Birdie Court; from David Berry, Country Club Trust; to Anthony E. Forneris and Sarah E. Forneris; $317,000.

506 Hillsboro Ave.; from Mathew Wheat and Deanna Wheat; to Justin Linn; $180,000.

511 Jamie Lynn Court; from Jacqueline A. Zimmerman, Jeffrey V. Noll, Janie A. Denzel, Kevin M. Noll; to Thomas Thompson and Catherine Thompson; $112,000.

1606 Lincoln Knolls Drive; from Rollen Jones and Sandra Jones; to Alesandra McHugh and Clifford McHugh and Lisa Keys and Granville Keys; $419,000.

230 N. Kansas St.; from Regions Bank; to Brian Pezza and Nichole DeWall; $265,000.

1539 Lewis Road; from Danny L. Walker and Susan M. Walker; to Kathleen Weber and Joseph Weber; $57,000.

218 Adams St.; from William V. Fleck and Julie A. Fleck; to Christopher J. Lingel and Amilia L. Lingel; $147,000.

1092 Prestonwood Drive; from James M. Piper and Angela M. Piper; to Jacqueline Pieron; $465,000.

333 Overlook Drive; from Larry Moore and Susan Moore; to Jonathan W. Fuller and Brandy D. Carpenter; $219,000.

221 Woodland Drive; from Melly Momo; to Laura K. Roundtree; $130,000.

705 Williamsburg Blvd.; from Constance L. Drake; to David Sirko and Anne Sirko; $254,500.

406 Plum St.; from David R. McElroy and Ashleigh R. McElroy; to Justin Goebel and Jessica Goebel; $123,000.

500 E. Union St.; from David Sirko and Anne Sirko; to Matthew Vaught and Erin Vaught; $149,000.

1718 Meadow Lane; from Sean D. Walls and Molly L. Walls; to Weston Looper; $168,000.

9 Goldenrod Lane; from Alan F. Fremont and Kimberlyn C. Fremont; to William J. Knecht and Holly L. Knecht; $435,000.

55 Eagle Court; from Douglas Moehle and Christine Moehle; to Kurtis G. Emshousen and Dawn E. Emshousen; $378,000.

678 Monaco; from Dale D. Langenwalter and Vila M. Langenwalter; to Christopher Schmidt and Suprina Schmidt; $232,000.

1005 Troy Road; from Kathleen Schneider; to Misty Sheikh and Michael J. Haji Sheikh; $108,000.

685 Chapman St.; from Ryan McKinney; to Nancy Ruff; $116,500.

1601 Prairieview Drive; from Nancy Ruff; to Ben Webb; $196,000.

5533 Tiger Road; from Christopher S. Kaufmann and Alison Reeves; to Nathan C. Payne; $133,500.

7008 Remington Court; from Charles Montgomery and Jody Montgomery; to Timothy L. Passig and Maria J. Passig; $230,000.

2029 Treasure Drive; from Larry Hrabusicky Jr.; to Ashley K. Arras and Justin Parnell; $134,000.

1324 Grand Ave.; from Margaret H. Morrisey; to Amy Meyer; $125,000.

613 Home Ave.; from Dawn Finke; to Mary B. Shepard; $95,000.

6 Ashwood Court; from Randall L. Williamson to Karen K. Williamson; to Lois Coldarola; $236,500.

8417 Stone Ledge Drive; from Tom Ludwig and Sarah Ludwig; to Brian J. Glass and Jessica L. Glass; $67,000.

4810 Poag Road; from Timothy A. Brown; to Renee Bivens; $123,000.

618 N. Fillmore St.; from Rebecca Lael Dale and Alice June Trebus; to Edith E. Pankow Living Trust; $113,300.

715 Taylor Ave.; from David Briesacher and Jennifer Briesacher; to Andrea S. Hollaway; $115,000.

616 Jaimie Lynn Court; fro Eric Lichtenberger and Jessica Keay; to Daniel T. Einhorn and Sarah E. Einhorn; $205,000.


3034 Atlanta Drive; from Randall L. Lemon and Sharon E. Lemon; to Jacob Snyder and Christina Snyder; $255,000.

612 & 613 Pepper Ridge Court; from Richard E. Carter and Carole A. Carter; to Novella LLC; $158,000.

121 Mark Trail Drive; from Bruce H. Rezabek and Donna J. Rezabek; to Steven D. Cox and Jamie J. Cox; $175,500.

309 Aberdeen Drive; from Robert M. Szegedy and Erin E. Szegedy; to Chad Kraner and Carrie Kraner; $240,000.

48 Julie; from Joy Reichenback, John Korzenewski and Joy Korzenewski; to Jordan Wollbrink and Tristin Cooper; $185,000.

431 Chadwyck Drive; from Clifford McHugh and Alexandra McHugh; to Mario Sanchez and Shana Sanchez; $294,000.

90 Lakewood Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Kurt C. Hoff and Julie N. Hoff; $576,000.

6978 Augusta Drive; from Kurt C. Hoff and Julie N. Hoff; to Brittany N. Caby and Scott A. Caby; $272,000.

42 Wolfe Creek Court; from Edward Pluhar and Julie Pluhar; to Erik Johnson and Christie Johnson; $245,000.

9 Jason Drive; from Mark A. Kuckuck and Evonne M. Kuckuck; to Gregg Kirkland and Graciela Kirkland; $176,000.

29 Joel Drive; from David A. Young and Susan M. Young; to Michael McClain; $133,500.

115 Walden Drive; from Kurt A. Gerstner and Curran M. Gerstner; to Brock J. Haas and Heidi M. Haas; $425,000.

512 Pepperhill Court; from Sidney E. Shasack; to Novella LLC; $81,500.

30 Spring Brook Drive; from Thomas R. Danneberger and Karen W. Danneberger; to Justin Elliott and Jessica Elliott; $212,500.

229 Glen Carbon Road; from Gail L. Radcliff and Charles Radcliff; to Thomas Severit and Myra Severit; $220,000.


1502 Colonial Drive; from Donna J. Massey; to Janet Sue Hardin; $116,000.

3214 Greenwood Lane; from David W. Strebel; to James W. Strebelf and Jane M. Strebel; $113,000.

311 Bachman Lane; from Paul S. Stoecklin and Gloria J. Stoecklin; to Paul W. Edwards and Jacqueline L. Edwards; $118,000.

7115 McGuire Road; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Hampton G. Colley and Dawn R. Colley; $204,000.

7721 Redbird Lane; from Tyler J. Clark and Bailey M. Clark; to Shelby K. Diepenbrock; $74,000.

4805 Chateau Drive; from Jane M. Gillespie and Lesley R. Hauser; to Matthew G. Ursch and Leah M. Ursch; $145,000.

1717 Blu Fountain Court; from Dwight A. Werts and Cheryl A. Werts; to Paul Braundmeier and Sarah Braundmeier; $390,000.


2505 Julie Crossing; from Timothy O. Moran and Clara L. Moran; to Traveon Ward and Stephanie Ward; $189,000.

2719 Angela Drive; from James C. Blankenship and Marcia A. Blankenship; to Zachary Boyer and Angela Boyer; $89,000.

1019 McCambridge Ave.; from Brian W. Werner; to Brandon A. Williams; $45,000.

348 Ratz Drive; from Charles W. Luehmann and Laura A. Luehmann; to Rachel Davis and Keith Davis; $190,000.

4007 Park Lane; from Tina Paschedar, Denise Wilson, Sharon Wright, Jean Nemeth, Betty Snider, Basil Snider; to Bruce Kinworthy; $112,000.

3219 Willow Ave.; from Brett C. Smith and Kathleen R. Smith; to Samuel L. Prazma; $121,500.

206 Wilson Park Lane; from Michael B. Welser; to Nathan E. Zeisset and Richard W. Zeisset; $93,500.

2108 Amos Ave.; from Aaron P. Graham and Leslie I. Graham; to Brian Werner; $100,000.

2545 Ivy Lane; from Theresa Harris; to Jeanne Sawyer; $105,500.

2529 Commercial Parkway; from Glindon Mathis; to Bill Forte and Geneva Forte; $185,000.

222 Arlington Drive; from Sherman D. Clagg and Samantha G. Clagg; to Holly Ross and Thomas Ross; $168,000.

1915 Benton St.; from Matthew A. Greeling; to Michael L. Holmon Jr.; $60,000.

24 Lakeview Drive; Dennis E. Carroll; to Erik Simpson and Carma S. Simpson; $95,000.