Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



3100 Lebanon Ave.; from Bradley Kreisler; to Wade Elkins and Christine Elkins; $300,000.

3109 Stonecliff Court; from Jack Gerber; to Joseph Daugherty and Jennifer Daugherty; $250,000.

2435 Greenfield Court; from Scott Martin; to Richard Bernhardt; $142,500.

1302 E. D St.; from Richard McGlothlin and Cynthyia McGlothlin; to Bruce Hofstetter and AMy Hofstetter; $116,000.

2417 Larchmont Drive; from Christopher Cugier and Allison Cugier; to Scott Martin and Kelly Martin; $187,000.

9840 W. Main St.; from U.S. Bank Trust National Association; to Caesare Delee; $18,000.

104 Winchester Drive; from First County BAnk; to Ruperto D. Durre and Emily V. Durre; $104,000.

25 Fox Creek Road; from Timothy Batson and Andrew Batson; to Tierra Randazzo; $145,000.

7 Lloyd Circle; from Keith G. Loepker; to Nicholas A. Williams; $130,000.

200 Edgewood Drive; from Richard Sutter; to Nathaniel Ryan Cebulski; $42,000.

41 Charvel Drive; from Antonina Hackett and Cleaburn K. Whiteside; to Jeffrey Beal and Gina Beal; $136,500.

23 Kensington Heights Road; from Jimel Enterprises LLC; to JGS Properties LLC; $181,500.


819 Mildred, Drinco Properties Inc.; to AZA Properties LLC; $20,000.

603 St. Nicholas Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Ampelonas Cahokia Land Trust; $40,000.

6 Drexel Drive; from George C. Phillips and Diana L. Philllips; to Metro STL Homes LLC; $6,500.

4017 Mississippi Ave.; from Omar Hamdan aka Hamden; to Six Hands Investments LLC; $130,000.


617 N. Second St.; from Nicki Alexander; to Rebecca S. Eaton; $68,000.


9811 & 9813 Old Lincoln Trail; from Opal R. Wetzel; to Michael D. Black and Helen D. Black; $20,000.

9333 Marbarry Drive; from James Cyganowicz, Elizabeth Cyganowicz, Kristine Cyganowics, Amy Stack; to Kerry Thurman and Marilyn P. Thurman; $165,000.

15 Hyde Park Road; from Janet Barnum; to Joseph Lee; $86,000.


9905 Memory Lane; from Timothy D. Veenstra and Christine M. Veenstra; to Tanya Harrison; $381,000.


1338 Lincoln Blvd.; from Peter Demeuse and Linda Demeuse; to Dustin W. Beck; $185,000.

1509 Timberbrook Drive; from William E. Reichling and Jeanne A. Reichling; to Steven R. Hollenkamp and Kayla M. Hollenkamp; $158,000.

339 S. 5th St.; from Kenneth Rogers and Marie Rogers; to Eric Waltemate and Amber Waltemate; $143,500.


5767 Lake Briar Drive; from Ryan M. Weis and Kristin A. Weis; to Jared A. Schilling and Courtney E. Schilling; $332,500.


100 N. Van Buren St.; from Ira A. Renshaw; to Teresa A. Wheelehan; $98,000.


285 Fawn Oaks Lane; from Ruth E. Achenbach; to Gina McClure; $128,500.

1029 Stonybrook Drive; from Narna-Page Cahill; to Michael A. Borquez and Nina Golubeva; $275,000.

605 E. Jefferson St.; from William Lynch; to Terra Johnson; $92,000.

906 Belpre Drive; from Samuel J. Waller and Marianne T. Sheldon; to Andrew E. Simshauser and Christina M. Little; $150,000.

908 Meadowlark Drive; from Ronda Munie and Edward Koebernik; to Steven Richards and Kristi Richards; $175,000.

901 W. Madison Drive; from Ricardo K. David and Terri L. David; to Jimel Enterprises LLC; $106,000.


3210 Fox Hunters Court; from Matthew D. Wray and Ashley B. Wray; to Phillip L. Foster and Terry A. Foster; $180,000.

3355 K & K Lane; from Mitchell W. McCarty; to Thomas J. Martindale; $25,000.

2757 Lake Lucerne Drive; from Nathaniel Klitzing and Annie Klitzing; to Kathy Lefave; $196,000.

1185 Langely Drive; from Big HOuse Investment LLC; to Cody W. Green; $214,000.

981 White Chapel Drive; from Jeremy DuMayne and Sheila DuMayne; to Jacob Dillard and Amanda Dillard; $143,500.


4815 Ledgestone Drive; from Eric K. Fulkerson and Carissa R. Fulkerson; to Jonathan E. Mueth and Holly E. Parke; $175,000.

413 S. Smith St.; from Ryan T. Luberda; to Rosella Hosick and Korena L. Minton; $116,000.


1792 Ambrose Terrace Drive; from Nakeya D. Norman; to Elkhorn Properties Inc.; $100,000.

3305 Whistling Cove; from Tyan Kemble and Tonya Kemble; to Tiffany Sonnenberg and Austin Sonnenberg; $334,500.

426 Goldenrod Lane; from Luke Mulch and Jennifer Mulch; to Brian Jones and Karen Jones; $159,500.



341 Bradington Drive; from National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; to Justin F. G. Garleb; $255,000.

575 Wernings Drive; from Daniel Schulte and Mistie Schulte; to Ann Eichenseer and Lauren Eichenseer; $315,000.


241 W. Monroe St.; from Brenda L. Bequette and Thomas L. Bequette; to Teagan R. Ellis and Adam P. Gross; $128,000.


2719 State Route 156, from David J. Freppon; to Seth J. Causey; $115,000.

925 Mist Flower Drive; from Cara J. Wiley and Douglas B. Wiley Jr.; to Jennifer L. Halbleib and Joseph A. Halbleib III; $185,000.

828 Grand Prairie Drive; from Abigail Keller; to Chad W. Starek and Hiromi Starek; $195,000.

811 Evansville Ave.; from Ethel S. Loehr; to Debra J. Alexander and John T. Alexander; $125,000.

309 N. Moore St.; from Debra K. Walster and Terryl M. Walster; to Edward O. Reece Jr. and Emily N. Reece; $117,000.

6653 David Scott Drive; from Daniel G. Spalding and Karen E. Spalding; to Douglas M. Simms and Tracy I. Simms; $97,500.

519 Shamrock Drive; from Gerald R. Kemmling Jr. and Heather J. Kemmling; to Patricia Rice; $205,000.