Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?



  • 3017 Blackwood Drive; from Brent A. Smith and Tricia K. Smith; to Matthew D. Wyatt and Stephanie M. Wyatt; $171,000.
  • 2912 Harvest Meadow; from Christopher A. Scroggins; to Stone Financing LCC; $185,500.
  • 2905 West Boulevard; from Brennan Holdings LLC; to Bouse Properties LLC; $472,000.
  • 304 Longview Drive; from Susan G. Orelt; to Michael Jung; $73,000.
  • 1705 W. F St.; from Bank of America; to Kaja Holdings 2 LLC; $19,500.
  • 49 Paulette Drive; from Martin Essary and Nicole Essary; to Rosalind M. Bibbs; $118,500.


  • 1403 Richard Drive; from Impala LLC; to Menik Property Investments LLC; $44,000.
  • 111 St. James Lane; from Metro Property Partners LLC; to Improvement Homes LLC; $29,000.
  • 1740 Parkland; from St. Louis Investments LLC; to Improvement Homes LLC; $35,000.
  • 603 St. Thomas Land; from American Estate & Trust; to Money Train Properties LLC; $70,000.
  • 244 St. John Drive; from American Estate & Trust; to Money Train Properties LLC; $47,500.


  • 110 Broadstone Drive; from Edward F. Neill and Cynthia C. Neill; to Gino Austin; $164,500.
  • 147 Frey Lane; from Lawrence Beard and Kara Beard; to Katie Firestine; $104,000.


  • 118 Grant Drive; from Claire E. Kniepkap; to Susan M. Schall; $120,000.
  • 1252 Antique Lane; from Susan M. Schall; to Stephanie Taylor and Brandon Taylor; $215,000.
  • 809 Tanzanite Lane; from CNR Inc.; to James A. Mason and Kelly J. Mason; $213,000.


  • 7556 State Route 156; from John McMullen and Susan K. McMullen; to Tyler K. Wilson and Rebecca Wilson; $101,500.


  • 847 Indian Creek Drive; from Chadrick W. Hayden and Colene M. Hayden; to Todd A. Mullis and Rachel Mullis; $212,000.


  • 633 Rutter St.; from Joshua S. Stroder and Emily E. Stroder; to John R. Hall and Joni D. Hall; $125,000.



  • 8149 Lost Bridge Road; from Charles F. Pelan and Barbara C. Pelan; to Mark A. Perry Sr.; $42,000.


  • 1 Briarwood Drive; Marcia J. Delaney and Thomas J. Delaney; to Robert W. Cochran and Kathleen M. Cochran; $122,000.


  • 45 E. Southcrest Circle; from Byron J. Watts and Nanciann Watts; to Keele Moore and Anthony Moore; $340,000.


  • 132 Savannah Court; from Stuart A. Medlin and Kelly J. Medlin; to Kyle C. March and Tiffany L. March; $332,000.


  • 4702 Brecht Lane; Corlis G. Foley and Michelle R. Foley; to Christopher R. Clark and Natasha R. Clark; $155,000.


  • 2248 Wildwood Drive; Hunters Point Homes LLC; to Bablibile S. Birhame and Kekeli A. Mensah; $153,000.
  • 140 Emerald Way; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Sarah Burch and Zachary Burch; $168,500.


  • 105 Derby; Michael B. Hartmann and Mindy R. Hartmann; to Deborah C. Carney and Richard T. Carney Jr.; $197,500.


  • 500 Riggins Road; Steven F. Reynolds; to Kristen Reynolds; $142,000.
  • 103 Parkview Court; from Adam J. Lofton and Christine E. Lofton; to Jamie K. Myers; $136,500.
  • 621 Buckingham Drive; from Kevin Byrne and Linda Byrne; to Glen Sprankle and Kimberly A. Sprankle; $197,500.


  • 418 S. Seventh St.; TR Ayers; to Lyndsey Cleamer; $85,000.



  • 1924 N. Rodgers Ave., from Dennis A. Franke; to Cory Waterbury; $113,000.
  • 406 E. Third St.; from Kyle R. Brown; to Rodney J. Kalina and Carrie L. Kalina; $69,000.
  • 1050 Washington Ave.; from Carrel E. Trail and Bonnie L. Trail; to Charonda R. White and Sondra Harrell; $72,500.
  • 3506 Ohio St.; from Michael R. Mazrum; to Rebecca S. Basden; $33,000.


  • 130 Terrace St.; Tile More Inc.; to Jordan Griffin; $135,000.
  • 132 Garrettford Drive; from Schreiber Farm LLC; to CA Jones Inc.; $25,000.


  • 880 Malibu Way; from Donna K. Crain; to Rex Pratt and Norma Pratt; $300,000.
  • 335 Shea Court; from Piedmont Development Corp.; to Joshua C. Ross and Jamie M. Ross; $375,000.
  • 6481 Old Carpenter Road; from Nicholas J. Tarpoff; to Scott Hammock and Christina Servedio; $231,000.
  • 497 Chancellor Drive; from Sandra Harper; to James Behrmann and Nicole Behrmann; $231,000.
  • 7016 Monday Court; from Neil S. Faulkner and Sharon Faulkner; to Travis Wilke and Molly Wilke; $544,500.
  • 3707 Merkel St.; from William J. Killon; to Glenn Stoltz and Rebecca Stoltz; $224,000.


  • 324 Aberdeen Drive; John L. Payton and Kendra D. Payton; to Matthew D. Shearer and Allison C. Shearer; $250,000.
  • 10 Bear Creek Court; from Amy Vance and Samuel Vance; to James Marchino and Jane Marchino; $389,000.
  • 409 Westchester, from Kenneth Pape and Rhonda S. Pape; to Christopher F. Wolfe and Ruthann B. Wolfe; $429,000.
  • 17 Oakdale Lake Circle; from Betty L. Krumeich Revocable Living Trust; to Robert A. Aebel; $91,500.


  • 417 St. John Drive; from Rachel Sinclair and Adam Sinclair; to Thomas Rhanor and Allison Rhanor; $138,000.
  • 7801 Meadowlark Drive; from Anthony J. Kuebrich and Leah D. Kuebrich; to Cara Abernathy; $96,000.
  • 5007 Eiffel Court; from Jerome W. Dietrich and Linda K. Dietrich; to Jeffrey L. Joyce; $152,000.
  • 47810 Clifton Terrace; from David C. Bromaghim and Ann H. Bromaghim; to Herbert L. Cofer; $105,000.
  • 204 Redwood Drive; from Eddie W. Inlow; to Garlen E. Hankins III; $107,000.