Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 1101 E. A St.; from Gloria M. Hoff by Jean E. Cudney; to Alexis D. Ruhl; $55,500.
  • 1330 Klee St.; from Sharron Gass and Larry Gass; to Ryan Michael Buxton and Jory T.K. Buxton; $69,500.
  • 307 Union Ave.; from Vincent Reed; to Kevin Pons and Malorie Pons; $70,000.
  • 835 Wabash Ave.; from Justine Peterson Housing; to Jason J. Cook; $50,000.
  • 401 S. Jackson St.; from Main Street Redevelopers LLC; to Pamela J. Mills; $248,000.
  • 137 Huntleigh Drive; from Cheryl A. Veile; to Marc Potts and Lyn Potts; $110,000.
  • 1101 Wabash Ave.; from Nicholas Condit and Natalya Condit; to Edward Collins and Linda Collins; $58,000.
  • 12 Maple Drive; from Andrew L. Ramsey; to Joseph Sinovic; $132,000.
  • 2865 Brookmeadow Drive; from James Steven Hartrich; to Melissa A. Gray and Melissa N. Nichols; $146,000.
  • 3553 Harbor Way; from McBride Eagles Landing LLC; to Christopher W. Simpson and Hsinh Yi Simpson; $265,500.
  • 114 Wild Rose Drive; from James Bruyneel and Bonnie Bruyneel; to Theodore Dress and Tammy Dress; $275,000.
  • 1415 N. Church St.; from Kyle Kruger; to Ronald Morgan; $79,500.
  • 19 Log Cabin Road; from Barry D. Dix and Karen G. Dix; to Jeffery Deboer and Angelle Deboer; $282,500.
  • 2004 E. C St.; from Mary Keller; to Cheryl Winter; $67,500.
  • 7542 Sedona Circle; from Huschle Joint Revocable Trust; to Douglas Kassing and Dina Kassing; $335,000.
  • 233 Eastbrook Drive; from Darrell Beals and Karen Beals; to Patrick Wagner-Ruch; $145,000.
  • 2029 Lebanon Ave.; from Paul H. Rels; to Richard Raymond and Jennifer Raymond; $153,500.
  • 1710 West Boulevard, Unit B; from Glenda C. Wyatt; to Lynda Lou Ziegler; $130,000.
  • 17 Wesley Drive; from Matthew Young and Anna Young; to Steven Grimes; $152,500.
  • 205 Hickory Ridge; from John Burnworth and Linda Burnworth; to Rick Stauder and Dana Stauder; $200,000.
  • 363 N. 66th St.; from Kelly ARnold; to Bobby Rains and Dolores Rains; $145,000.
  • 517 S. 74th St.; from Westland Limited Partnership; to John David Shannahan and Sandra Shannahan; $71,000.
  • 420 N. 74th St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Ronald Huckaby; $31,000.
  • 12 Kingsway Drive; from David Weber and Lynda Kay Weber; to Arlando Lusk and Arfanchalis David; $33,000.
  • 20 Exeter Lane; from Gregory NOrkus and Breanne Norkus; to Donna Culkin; $98,000.
  • 206 Elizabeth Drive; from Paul Beeler and Marcia Beeler; to Josephone M. Ellicott; $85,000.
  • 34 Lillian Drive; from Lucille Fox as administrator of Estate of Marcella R. Rehg, Deceased; to James Jr. Jacob, Jacob and Sumitra Jacob aka Jacob Properties; $30,000.
  • 208 & 216 Frank Scott Parkway East/4460 N. Illinois St.; from Threlkeld Investment Fund; to Oak Mesa Properties LLC; $2,000,000.
  • 2799 South Belt West; from Alberto Merchiori and Barbara Merchioro; to ABM Marking Services LTC; $134,000.
  • 3023 W. Main St.; from Randy Grass and Rhonda Grass; to Landon S. Young; $118,000.


  • 1745 Parklane Drive; from VI Inc.; to St. Louis Investments LLC; $13,000.
  • 1131 St. Michael Drive; from Mercantile Capital Inc.; to AZA Properties LLC; $6,500.
  • 2007 Delores St.; from Mercantile Capital Inc.; to AZA Properties LLC; $10,500.
  • 1702 Theodore Lane; from Improvement Homes LLC; to Marlanceia LLC; $51,000.
  • 1126 St. Michael Drive; from Eric Knaust; to The Entrust Group Inc.; $27,000.
  • 1157 Jones St.; from John Thomas Hagans, Richard Allen Hagans, Theresa Ann Hagans; to St. Louis Investments LLC; $16,500.


  • 914 Thornridge Court; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Andrew S. Kantner and Nereida Kantner; $322,500.
  • 325 Forest Oak; from Richard S. Washburn and Martha A. Washburn; to Michael P. Mahoney; $60,000.
  • 1113 Lucca St.; from Mar-Kell Group LLC; to Sean Turner; $86,000.
  • 1121 Lucca St. & 1149 Pisa Drive; from Marl-Kell Group LLC; to Brian K. Rader; $57,500.


  • 3139 Keim Road; from Ronda L. Latina; to Thomas G. Carley II; $20,500.


  • 310 Louisa Ave.; from Gina M. Hughes; to Timothy C. Stansch; $107,000.
  • 905 Kaestner Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C. A. Jones Inc.; $20,500.
  • 200 S. Main; from Southwestern IL Properties LLC; to Virginia Freeman; $14,000.


  • 942 N. 86th St., from Crown Jewel Properties LLC an Illinois Liability Company; to Chris A. Word II; $21,500.
  • 1 Hilltop View; from Millie J. Whitten; to Malik A. Garrett; $23,000.
  • 515 N. 48th St.; from John Melvin Harris and Savannah Harris; to Deshone Reynolds and Essie Reynolds; $5,000.


  • 9336 Marbarry Drive; from Matthew Schramm; to Heather MacConnell and Joseph MacConnell; $172,000.
  • 1134 Stonewolf Trail; from Edward J. Kionka and Terri K. Kionka; to James Dejong and Amy Dejong; $90,000.
  • 830 Harbor Woods Drive; from McBride & Sons Residential Illinois LLC; to Karlotta Allen Grinston; $153,000.
  • 245 Lakeland Hills Drive; from Juliene M. Carter aka Juliene M. Brown; to Frenita L. Hall; $175,000.
  • 329 Bayberry Drive; from Tiffany A. Turner by LuGene Ryan, her attorney in fact and LuGene Ryan; to Kelley Trigg-Norrell and Cheryl Norrell; $199,500.
  • 9858 Old Lincoln Trail; from V Mortgage RE; to Kevin Andes and Karen Andes; $42,000.


  • 2122 S. Fourth St.; from Kindra S. Bell Procasky; to Dennis Price and Kathryn Price; $35,000.


  • 610 Phil Kate Circle; from Richard I. Fohne and Kathy J. Fohne; to Michelle N. Miller; $140,000.
  • 7619 Jacks Run Road; from Glen Herbstreith; to Charles Sittner; $168,000.
  • 101 Pine Tree Lane; from James Blaies and Mary Blaies; to Zachary Brandt and Kelly Brandt; $171,500.
  • 222 Alamosa Drive; from Valerie Heil; to Susan B. Huntley; $123,500.


  • 11342 Hagemann Road; from James Kinser; to Paul McCleery; $99,000.
  • 10380 Strack Lane; from CNR Inc.; to Shawn C. Dow and Jessica L. Dow; $281,500.


  • 224 W. Lyons; from David W. Geralds and Virginia Geralds; to Marc S. Sabo and Stephanie J. Sabo; $117,000.


  • 11 N. August St.; from Stephen R. Grodeon and Michelle A. Grodeon; to Paul J. Knipp and Carrie L. Knipp; $57,500.
  • 417 N. Jackson St.; from Charles Deter and Catherine Deters Trust; to Yong H. Kim and Jennifer R. Kim; $175,000.
  • 9221 Beller Drive, Lot 2B only, Hayden Petroleum LLC; to MBR IL LLC; $95,000.
  • 200 N. Jefferson St.; from Jeanette M. Rakers; to Jarroed L. Zwetow and Melissa A. Zwetow; $36,000.
  • 9633 Pheasant Bend Drive; from Paragon Building & Development LLC; to Edward J. Schieberl III and Margret A. Schierberl; $193,500.
  • 548 Bluestone Court; from Paul McNally and Kimberly J. McNally; to Gary (Jr.) Donald and Amanda Kay Suoela; $239,000.
  • 1117 Beechcraft Blvd.; from Elisa Vela and Esteban Vela; to Kip A. and Julie A. Schneider; $160,000.
  • 332 Salem Ave.; from Tammy Pokorney; to Michael Owen; $136,000.
  • 412 W. Mail St.; from Steve Greere; to Lindsay M. Greere; $75,000.
  • 848 Topaz Court; from C.P.R. Properties LLC; to Andrea Hughes; $136,000.


  • 12 Morgan Lake Drive; from Debra Joshu; to James F. Bereitschaft; $3,000.
  • 413 W. Elm St. & 409 W. Elm St.; from Lynn N. Rohwedder, Corey A. Rohwedder, Amande L. Bayer; to Tom’s Building and Repair Inc.; $40,000.
  • 6712 Augies Way Place; from Coy Mullenix; to Jared W. Keck and Jamie L. Keck; $381,500.
  • 225 E. Laurel St.; from Terry L. Ollis; to David L. Kock Jr.; $104,000.


  • 607 S. Johnson St.; from Matt D. Espenschied and Stefanie A. Espenschied; to Cody Everding and Stefanie Everding; $105,000.


  • 319 Edna Drive; from Abran F. Ellis and Marilyn E. Ellis; to Clifford M. Sanchez and Kathleen Sanchez; $148,500.
  • 731 Erics Run Drive; from Matthew A. Sadler and Julie A. Sadler; to Joseph D. Hart and Rene N. Hart; $257,500.
  • 1167 Red Hawk Ridge Lane; from David M. Lienard; to James I. Speakers and Sarah Speakers; $285,000.
  • 908 Pacific Crossing Drive; from Ashley A. Stephens aka Ashley A. Dunning; to Andrew B. Hall; $173,500.
  • 108 E. Jefferson St.; from Ryan M. Frazer and Dana Frazer; to Brian Gass; $77,500.
  • 404 Larkway Drive; from Jonathan R. Welzbacher; to Justin Reno and Andrea Stout; $190,000.
  • 624 Macon Court; from Joel Powell aka Joel A. Powell and Sara Powell; to John Jacob Fife and Ana Marie Fife; $312,500.
  • 1018 Thornburg Place; from Robert C. Cosand and Kathleen Cosant; to William Theismann and JOanna Theismann; $265,000.
  • 1325 Winding Creek Court; from Larry Luz Vawter; to Kurt Merckel and Amanda Merckle; $207,000.
  • 713 S. Vine St.; from Chad Doyle; to Bruce Roberts; $114,000.
  • 807 Dale Ave.; from Kaz Kruszewski and Kimberly Kruszewski; to Robin Crowl; $115,000.
  • 1206 Applewhite Road; from Thomas J. Grenham and Susan M. Grenham; to Gordon L. Gale, Billie R. Gale, Patricia Natvig; $250,000.
  • 424 W. Third St.; from Michael Jones and Saundra Jones; to Travis L. Craig and Ashley M. Jones; $80,000.
  • 617 Heritage Crest Court; from Christopher Antos and Fatma Antos; to Timothy Dockins and Jennifer Dockins; $221,000.
  • 1343 Terrace Green Lane; from Timothy Dockins and Jennifer Dockins; to Carol Leary; $147,000.
  • 1209 Waldam Court; from Brookfield Relocation Inc.; to Clifton Kendrick and Kimberly Kendrick; $240,000.


  • 5 Ramona Drive; from Ambrosia Land Investments LLC; to Jeffrey W. Marler and Peggy S. Marler; $97,000.
  • 216 Archview Drive; from Nathan Kreke and Cortney Kreke; to Joanna Dardeen; $225,000.
  • 1116 Chatham Drive; from Donna Hubbard; to Ronald Sams; $245,000.
  • 962 Holyoke Drive; from Steven D. Stewart; to Matthew Baton; $128,000.
  • 225 Shiloh Station Road; from Judith K. Seres; to Raymond Kelly; $59,500.


  • 5236Wild Oak Lane & 4219 Cypress Oak Lane; from Michael Baldwin John B. Becker, Betty Jo Arendell, Executor of the Estate of Daniel E. Arendell; to Dustin Brueggemann and Lindsay Brueggemann; $70,000.
  • 318 S. High St.; from Wilbert A. Fritz and Calliopo Fritz aka Kalliope Fritz; to Bradley J. Bruns and Jennifer F. Bruns; $120,000.
  • 5181 White Oak Drive; from Stonemark Developments LLC; to Joseph M. Hubbard; $43,000.
  • 4929 Granite Drive; from Timothy Bouas; to Amber Weiss; $148,000.
  • 2116 Jan; from Curt Whitworth and Jacqueline Whitworth; to Kellye Zeiger; $163,500.
  • 4834 Rockledge Trail; from William Fink and Nancy Fink; to Betty Story and David Story; $230,000.


  • 102 E. Looking Glass Lane; from James Levi Hart; to Julia A. Biggs; $88,500.
  • 103 N. Mill St.; from Lonnie D. Yates; to Paul A. Watkins; $6,000.


  • 1010 Fox Trotter Drive; from Curt McMahon and Kristin McMahon; to Lance Taylor; $227,500.
  • 1425 Merganser Blvd.; from Joseph C. Looyd III and Kelly A. Lloyd; to PLT 09 LLC a Missouri Limited Liability Comp; $355,000.
  • 50 Lake Lorraine Drive; from John Gerard Mol and Julie Ann Mol; to Brett R. Boxwell; $150,000.
  • 109 Bobbie Drive; from Ruby Mae Coleman; to Nathaniel P. Eacho; $60,000.
  • 436 N. 39th St.; from Kyle W. Lauer; to Ronald Huckaby; $57,000.
  • 2009 Caseyville Ave.; from Jeffrey C. Woodson II and Rachel Lynn Jones; to Jesse Lucio and Sylvie Lucio; $82,000.