Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 4912 Turner Hall Road; from Dean R. Dintelmann and Lisa J Dintelmann; to Aaron Johnson and Jada Johnson; $60,000.
  • 29 Sandwedge Drive; from Allen J. Honor as Trustee; to Robert A. Southworth and Patricia S. Southworth; $147,000.
  • 529 Garden Blvd.; from James A. Behrmann and Nicole Behrmann; to Timothy A. Merten and Cynthia S. Merten; $136,500.
  • 1605 Mascoutah Ave.; from Kevin W. Webb and Mary Webb; to Christopher J. Conaway and Amanda J. Shobert; $84,000.
  • 509 Portal Ave.; from Jaime L. Sarka; to Brandon Hess and Margaret Nunn; $59,500.
  • 2587 Wintercreek Drive; from David Howe; to Luke Ostrander; $162,500.
  • 2721 Rentchler Road; from Dong Ha and Lan Kim; to Gerald Ripley and Tracy Ripley; $150,000.
  • 1036 Five Forks Drive; from Milburn Kurt and Leigh Ann Gardner; to Steven Wright and Mary WRight; $102,500.
  • 7 N. Douglas Ave.; from Avery Holdings 1, Inc.; to Tygracon Properties Inc.; $240,000.
  • 3 Lindergh Circle; from Bouse Properties LLC and Illinois Limited LIability Co.; to Bouse Fiudo LLC and Illinois Limited Liability Co.; $297,000.
  • 3112 Cedarbrook Drive; from Lionel N. Rondeau and Hilary Rondeau; to Aimee Smith, $202,000.
  • 501-503 Lucinda Ave.; from Clara Lickenbrock; to Carrie Leller; $60,000.
  • 2954 Carlyle Ave.; from George Charles Schuetz; to Thomas H. Renner; $1,000,000.
  • 2020 Lebanon Ave.; from Annette M. Hoffeditz; to Erin L. Hesker; $40,000.
  • 360 Breckenridge Drive; from Lowell J. Odle and Mary Kathleen Hardin-Odle; to David O’Brian and Sharon O’Brian; $125,000.
  • 2631 Pipers Court; from Jay Fargusson and Kimberly Fargusson; to Cathryn Kennedy; $203,500.
  • 2877 Smokehouse Way; from Flora E. Williams; to Tracy L. Sanders; $173,500.
  • 2037 Camrose Green Court; from Southern Specialty Properties LLC; to Colin Fox; $85,000.
  • 31 Glencoe Drive; from Daniel P. O’Sullivan; to Keisha L. Perry; $88,000.
  • 1709 Page Ave.; from Robyn G. Paschke; to Thomas J. Pavlak; $35,000.
  • 1414 Loop Creek Court; from Lawrence E. Lorentzen and Elaine M. Lorentzen; to Luther W. Woods; $88,000.
  • 11 Narcissus Drive; from Patricia M. Hoeffken; to Raymond Monte and Deborah Monte; $80,000.
  • 2435 Plum Grove Drive; from Cordell C. Richardson; to Jeremy Daenzer; $176,500.
  • 326 N. 45th St.; from Joshua Biffar and Melanie Biffar; to Chris Dee; $96,000.
  • 864 Wilshire; from JCS Acquisitions LLC; to Rebirth: East St. Louis; $48,500.
  • 313 Fredericksburg Drive; from Hilpert Trust; to Jonathan T. Vandever; $110,500.
  • 24 Kingston Drive; from Earl R. Guss and Margaret W. Guss; to Komell Butler and Shenita Hutson; $141,500.
  • 7915 W. Main St.; from Virginia L. Wylie and Cathleen M. Wylie; to Michael Cotton and Mary Cotton; $113,000.
  • 6902 W. A St.; from Cameron Ketrow; to Adam Vick; $72,000.
  • 208 Eller Road; from Clarence Osborne; to Richard E. Ruhman; $35,000.
  • 336 Penn St.; from Debbie McIntyre; to Rosemary Gaskin; $43,000.
  • 6913 W. C St.; from Marc Girgenti; to Alex Bessert; $62,000.
  • 2940 W. Main St.; from Thomas L. Kammler; to Elder Care Matters LLC; $10,000.
  • 121 Chevey Chase Drive; from Mary Teresa Starwalt; to GMW Assets LLC; $60,000.
  • 18 N. 42nd St.; from Charles Kadlec; to Homegrown Properties Inc.; $750,000.
  • 218 North Belt East; from SSA Investments LLC; to Michael W. Anderson; $35,000.
  • 216 North Belt East; from SSA Investments LLC; to Michael W. Anderson; $40,000.
  • 3339 W. Main St.; from Mary Obermeier; to Main Street Redevelopers LLC; $60,000.
  • 44 Rugby Drive; from David Dobkowski and Mary Christine Newell DOB; to Brian Howard; $111,500.
  • 111 Wyndrose Estates Drive; from Wyndrose Estates LLC; to Thomas J. Trautt and Amanda M. Trautt; $36,500.
  • 18 Marlo Drive; from Mary L. Mareshie; to Scott Harris Construction Inc.; $25,000.
  • 16 Stratford Way; from Kimberly R. Lauf; to Kelly R. Lien; $94,500.
  • 3000 W. Main St.; from Thfomas L. Kammler; to Law Offices of Greater St. Louis LLC; $5,000.
  • 119 S. 37th St.; from Lena M. McCarthy; to Midwest Property Resources LLC; $42,000.


  • 225 Forest Oaks Frive; from OCR Inc.; to Preston K. Johnson V and Kristin M. Johnson; $70,000.


  • 109 Schiller Drive; from Neil G. Shope and Betty J. Shope; to Marion L. SMith and Bobbie J. Smith; $149,500.


  • 528 Main St.; from U.S. Bank NA, as Co-trustee; to Mark A. Creasy and Kathleen Creasy; $7,000.
  • 800 N. Main; from Richard Sutter; to Nannetta R. Mick; $25,000.
  • 400 Miranda Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to C.A. Jones Inc.; $20,500.


  • Lone Star Road; from Wayne Linder and Jean Bush; to Charles Ellett and Elizabeth Ellett; $12,000.


  • 11725 Richwood School Road; from Jerome L. Reilmann and Susan D. Reilmann; to Nathan Hustedde and Ellen Reilmann-Hustedde; $70,000.
  • 922 Belleville St.; from John C. Gruniee; to Mark S. McCarthy; $230,000.
  • 515 W. Deer St.; from Bradford Monroe; to Jeffrey Streif; $82,000.
  • 11276 Fox Lake Drive; from James Mamino; to Christopher Donner; $66,000.


  • 221 E. 8th St.; from Susan Hake; to David G. Scheidewind; $15,000.
  • 920 Bess Ave.; from Paul Milam and Jillian Milam; to Dale K. Metcalf and Valerie S. Metcalf; $62,500.
  • 801 S. Euclid Ave.; from Paulette F. Shubert and Steven W. Coke; to Timothy D. Richards; $17,000.


  • 202 S. Lebanon St.; from John Dethrow and Heidi Holtgrewe; to Sara Parry; $105,000.
  • 463 Falling Leaf Way; from Jerod Stephenson and Theresa Stephenson; to Charles L. Hageman and Leah M. Hageman; $154,000.
  • 524 Falling Leaf Way; from Lachon Cunningham and Dawn Cummingham; to Nathalia Martinez and Daniel Martinez; $187,000.
  • 1126 Whimbrel Run; from John Krystyniak and Cameran Krystyniak; to Michael Jacobs and Kara Jacobs; $255,000.
  • 9655 Winnebago Way; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Angela Gretzinger and Michael Gretzinger; $345,500.
  • 217 N. 9th St.; from Dorothy K. Linck Trust; to Danette A. Blades and Paul D. Blades; $117,500.
  • 711 N. 1st St.; from Jeremiah Orcutt and Jennifer Orcutt; to Brian Kaulling; $169,000.
  • Fuesser Road; from William Michael McDaniel; to DI IT MY WAY LLC; $1,008,000.
  • 309 N. Bernard St.; from Michael P. Gretzinger; to Myton Miller; $121,000.


  • 3221 Beare Lane; from Randy Beare; to Frederick Schwartz and Jean Schwartz; $105,000.
  • 162 Lexington Drive; from Ronald F. Snoke; to J.L. Schaefer Construction Co. Inc.; $130,000.
  • 201 Benham Drive; from Great Southern Bank; to Timothy Rule and Sara Rule; $12,000.
  • 5743 Clubhouse Lane; from Charles T. Kolb aka JC Auto Rentals; to John Dani and Linda Dani; $65,000.
  • 14 E. Mill St.; from Kenneth L. Brown and Sherry A. Brown; to Derek R. Schuett and Lindsey A. Schuett; $129,000.
  • 3319 Village Green Court; from David Oelrich and patricia Oelrich; to Ricky Hembree and Harold Schwartz; $175,000.


  • 109 S. Market St.; from Ronald P. Hausman and Christine M. Hausman; to Amber Gregory; $60,000.
  • 601 S. Market St.; from Jamie Mattern and Darin Mattern; to George Crunk; $119,000.


  • 1425 Arley Drive; from D&F Construction Inc.; to Jason Riley and Natasha Riley; $254,000.
  • 713 Thoreau Drive; from Huntington Chase Land LLC; to Phillips Custom Builders Inc.; $47,500.
  • 103 Virginia Ave.; from Brian H. Reynolds Trustee; to DCMTB Properties LLC; $115,000.
  • 103 Center Grove Drive; from Julie A. Lentz and Wayne W. Lentz; to Kevin J. Sawyer; $135,000.
  • 621 Longfellow Drive; from Lara Beth Morrison; to Kevin W. Jamie Hayden Cadieux; $343,500.
  • 617 Willowbrook Way; from Milburn Road LLC; to PBBRF LLC; $32,000.
  • 1425 Winchester Grove Court; from Southern Illinois Investments LLC; to Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; $37,000.
  • 310 Thorne Creek Court; from Tricia L. Phillips; to Ralph J. Schaller and Lynn Schaller; $220,000.
  • 104 Eden Park Blvd.; from Sean Paul Pierce and Calandra Anne Pierce; to Tricia Phillips; $356,000.
  • 1072 Chapel Hill Drive 15-A; from Stone Bridge Villes LLC; to Leveling Family Trust; $294,000.
  • 910 Timber Creek Lane; from Jay W. Barnett and Barbara Barnett; to Christopher Dickey and Tracy Dickey; $151,000.
  • 1401 Victoria Square Court; from Christopher McIntire and Sandra McIntire; to Relo DDirect INc; $324,000.
  • 1195 Tazewell Drive; from Christopher D. Amenn and Nicole R. Amenn; to Melanie Grayned; $166,500.
  • 5112 Cheltenham Court; from Chad R. Lee and Arlene Lee; to Johnnie Jackson; $284,500.
  • 416 Eagle Terrace Drive; from Michael B. Dougan and Sharon M. Dougan; to Shirley A. Baugh; $134,000.
  • 765 Newport Lane; from Mohamed Salama and Nazik Abouhuzaimah; to Stacey A. McKinny; $235,000.
  • 451 Bandmour Place; from Barnes Properties Inc.; to Elain L. Huschle; $265,000.
  • 117 Keats Way Court; from Douglas C. Buchholz and Kimberly Buchholz; to Jorge Leon and Brenda Leon; $372,000.
  • 902 Woodlake Court; from Timothy R. Seipp; to Howard Hamilton Living Trust; $216,000.
  • 1113 Merriam Parkway; from Joshua Biggs; to Jamie T. Shirley; $220,000.
  • 210 Obernuefemann Road; from Mississippi Valley Properties LLC-O’Fallon; to HCV LLC Park Place O’Fallon Series; $128,000.
  • 1145 Ashfield Glen Court; from Leonard P. Surina and Kaaren E. Surina; to Joshua Niebruegge and Elisabeth Niebruegge; $387,500.


  • 10 Eagles Landing Drive; from Lee Ayers and Martha L. Ayers; to Gary J. Gasawski Jr. and Amanda A. Gasawski; $228,000.
  • 3206 Fox Hunters Court; from Gary J. Gasawski Jr. and Amanda A. Gasawski; to John C. Schuhardt and Nancy Schuhardt; $170,000.
  • 3216 Tanglebrook Drive; from Robert Norman; to Anthony Castellano; $179,000.
  • 2231 Glenfield Road; from Vanessa Pruitt; to Louise Ashford; $122,000.


  • 5747 Horseman Ridge; from Sandra L. McClelland; to Daniel O’Sullivan and Melissa O’Sullivan; $180,500.
  • 5610 Seasons Ridge; from David Jones and Katherine Jones; to Patrick Jackson and Kristin Jackson; $35,000.
  • 4180 Water Oak Lane; from Edin Spahic and Amela Spahic; to Andrew Pfeiffer and Jessica Pfeiffer; $46,500.


  • 201 N. Camp St.; from Janet L. Linkey; to David A. Cochran; $66,000.


  • 200 Service St.; from John Budde and Lynn Budde; to Wilson’s Landscaping and Lawn Service Inc.; $50,000.
  • 2301 Caseyville Ave.; from Jeremy Daenzer and Morgan Daenzer; to Erica H. Tiemann; $92,000.
  • 3412 Barrett Crossing; from Heirs & Legalees of Marilyn J. Gula; to Vernon Jenkins and Rosie Riley; $183,500.
  • 516 Crestwood Drive; from George Sharos; to Saundra Sininger; $150,000.


  • 4501 Orlet Road; from Jamie Karban; to Bryce J. Karban; $150,000.