Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 3209 Mill Springs Road; from Christy A. Thurig; to Kent Fulton; $120,000.
  • 417 N. 40th St.; from Mary E. Pegues; to Rebekah L. Coulson; $54,500.
  • 21 Dale Allen Drive; from U.S. Bank Trust National Association; to Day Mark Master Trust; $30,000.


  • 351 Brookside Drive; from Amyh Vinson; to Lisa A. Pickett and James L. Pickett; $73,000.


  • 10911 Upland Terrace Drive; from Tami K. Wilkinson; to Stephen S. Broida and Jennifer L. Broida; $117,000.


  • 216 E. Glenn St.; from Douglas R. White and Connie Mae White; to Tony Stoddard Jr. and Christine Stoddard; $132,000.


  • 1193 Cromwell Lane; from Kevin Mykanen and Kimberley Nykanen; to Loren M. Freppon and Melissa L. Freppon; $239,000.


  • 25 Village Drive; from Joe Largent and Sarah Largent; to Michele Barnes; $105,000.
  • 728 Leighigh Drive; from H. Virginia Miller; to Timothy Scott; $137,500.

Madison County


  • 113 Wall St.; from TAd Green and Yvonne Green; to Jesse Sauls; $45,000.


  • 4822 Shadowbrook Lane; from Michael P. Hilgendorf and Terri Hilgendorf; to Ricky D. Cox and Stacy S. Cox; $570,000.
  • 210 Mather St.; from Zada N. Berghoff; to Sandra K. Hallifday and Edward A. Hallifday; $58,000.
  • 202 Wisconsin; from Korin R. Fisher and Steven E. Fisher; to Ralph G. Paslay and Mrsha K. Paslay; $61,000.
  • 245 Ladd St.; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Courtney Goforth; $70,000.
  • 4714 Storeyland Drive; from James R. Lyone; to David B. Toler and Ashton M. Toler; $142,000.
  • 2663 N. Rodgers Ave.; from Jeffrey E. Rains and Derek Jason Esparza; to Ricahrd D. Coyle; $90,000.
  • 4627 Wisteria Drive; from Matthew R. Lopez and Courtney L. Lopez; to Angela M. Ross; $180,000.
  • 702 Lampert St.; from Frank D. Humphreys; to Emily A. Potts; $34,500.


  • 325 Bertmer St.; from Ricky L. Mettler; to Jacob M. Trimm and Haleigh M. Jenkins; $87,000.


  • 320 Northfork Drive; from Margaret Erthal and John D. Erthal; to Craig A. Schnaak and Bethney L. Schnaak; $190,000.


  • 3201 VFW Lane; from Robert Lee Warren; to William Warren Jr.; $10,000.
  • 21 Pine Valley Drive; from Larry J. Baudino and Nancy E. Baudino; to Maximino G. Gomez; $210,000.
  • 109 W. Juda; from Homefront Properties LLC; to Jeramy T. Wallace; $96,500.
  • 721 Hi Point Ave.; from Alice L. Massey; to Jennifer J. Obernuefemann; $103,000.
  • 727 St. Clair Ave.; from Lois M. Lane; to Darren Holsapple and Melinda Holsapple; $80,000.
  • 230 Woodridge Court; from David W. Wilbur and Justina Wilbur; to Krystal R. Landfried and Jason S. Landfried; $147,000.
  • 4 Holloway Drive; from Ben P. Simkins and Maria D. Simkins; to Lindow Properties LLC; $160,000.
  • 297 Harding St.; from Kimberly D. Moss and Rocky Moss; to Mary C. Spogus and Eric P. Kempfer; $120,000.
  • 10 Pineview Lane; from Eric Zaber and Susan Zaber; to Marco A. Lozano and Kimberly J. Lozano; $164,000.
  • 211 E. Juda Ave.; from Phillip L. Bethard and Michelle R. Bethard; to Brooke Thomas and Christopher Thomas; $112,000.
  • 853 Summit; from William E. Blow and Eva L. Blow; to Laura A. Jackson and Steven R. Atteberry II; $130,000.


  • 9135 Huette Road; from Richard Coyle and Cheryl Coyle; to Brfandon Heidersheid; $215,000.


  • 604 Monroe St.; from Cynthia D. Lee; to Joshua A. Hancock; $58,000.
  • 624 School Ave.; from GMAT Legal Title Trust, US Bank; to Nicholas Hobbs; $140,500.
  • 704 Willoway Ae.; from Christian E. Cranmer and Lauren A. Cranmer; to Charles D. Keshner; $ 116,000.
  • 113 Riverwoods Cove; from Marvin Littleton Jr. and Helen Littleton; to Christian E. Cranmer and Lauren A. Cranmer; $115,000.


  • 651 E. Vandalia St.; from Mark C. Klaus and Karen R. Klaus; to Laura Salyer; $169,000.
  • 8775 Gall Road; from Penn Builders LLC; to Daniel J. Mueth and Jennifer Mueth; $281,000.
  • 8307 Cass Drive; from Kenneth E. Wysocki and Amy Wysocki; to Lisa A. Smith; $280,000.
  • 5314 Fox Circle Drive; from Quinton J. Raab and Vicki M. Raab; to James M. Cox and Erin K. Carson; $507,000.
  • 1226 Oakland Ave.; from Timothy W. Couch and AManda Couch; to Luke Hughes, Loren Hughes, Anne Hughes; $132,000.
  • 1027 W. High St.; from Timothy Jenkins and Michelle Jenkins; to William Link; $142,000.
  • 202 E. Schwarz St.; from Antyhony M. Gabriel; to KMRM Properties LLC; $112,500.
  • 6800 Quail Walk; from Daniel R. Turman and Alana F. Turman; to Meagan M. Hackmann and Stephen A. Hackmann; $210,000.
  • 638 Tamarach Drive; from George R. Payne and Tracy L. Payne; to Leroy David John Tweedy III and Penny Denise Tweedy; $175,000.
  • 950 Catlina Drive; from Bob A. Stroehmer and Christina M. Stroehmer; to Patricia P. Petrosky; $139,500.
  • 102 3rd AVe.; from Gerri L. Chappell and Donald L. Chappell; to Sean P. McBrien and Allison M. Jones; $78,000.
  • 1904 Stanford Place; from Joshua Allison and Elise M. Allison; to Christina Stroehmer; $150,000.


  • 163 N. Meridan Road; from Andrew D. Sanders and Jennifer A. Sanders; to Chadd Haselhorst and Sarah Haselhorst; $165,000.
  • 516 Briarstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Bradley E. Riechmann and Megan A. Riechmann; $315,000.
  • 145 Smola Woods Court; from Lerch Musec Inc.; to ERick M. Gill and Lauren E. Gill; $329,000.
  • 23 Fox Meadow Lane; from Philip A. Liles and Pamela B. Liles; to Henry M. Holt and Julie Z. Holt; $208,500.
  • 13 Timber Bluff Court; from KEvin Kretzer and Heather Kretzer; to Michael L. Cook and Susan J. Cook; $379,000.
  • 6819 Middlegate Drive; from Thomas Brooke Properties LLC; to Christopher D. Milton and Elle D. Milton; $332,500.
  • 34 Oakshire Drive West; from RyanD. Anselment and Sara J. Anselment; to Zachary Joiner and Ashlee Joiner; $288,500.


  • 1526 W. Delmar Ave.; from Paul Aholt and Jacqueline A. Aholt; to Kyle Gutierez Sr. and Mindy Gutierez; $140,000.
  • 3123 E. Delmar Ave.; from Justin D. Hartmann and Tiffany Hartmann; to Ewing E. Baldwin; $68,000.
  • 1817 Tomahawk Lane; from Charles J. Heitz and Maryella D. Heitz; to Laura Wickenhauser and Josh Pollard; $166,000.
  • 4811 Dadrian Drive; from Carla L. Wainright; to Robert C. Wainright; $75,000.
  • 2303 W. Delmar Ave.; from Tina Marie McCord,Donald E. Vitale, Mariann Vitale, Leonard A. Vitale; to Gerard J. Linker and Deborah A. Linker; $82,000.


  • 2237 Cleveland Blvd.; from Peter Bacon; to Charlie G. Blair; $111,500.
  • 4845 Danielle Court; from Daniel Winkle and Laura Winkle; to Adam P. Meyenburg and Stephanie L. Meyenburg; $168,000.
  • 2308 Terminal Ave.; from Jeffrey A. Thomason II; to Donald Pikesley; $60,000.
  • 3165 Jill Ave.; from Cynthia D. Bridges aja Cynthia D. Row; to Travis R. Fletcher and Lillie C. Ahlin; $61,000.
  • 2725 Ralph St.; from Elizabeth O. Williamson and James Williamson; to Mark W. Hutchins and Jenny L. Hutchins; $59,000.
  • 5120 Stephanie Drive; from Carrie S. Wallace; to Steve C. Suddeth and Rhonda L. Suddeth; $85,000.
  • 2816 Edwards St.; from Alma J. Becerra Estate; to Jassy Properties Inc.; $32,000.
  • 2619 Carolyn Blvd.; from Joni L. Miley and GAry B. Miley; to Percy A. Dace; $128,000.
  • 2213 Dawn Ave.; from Arthur T. Suzuki and Naomi E.Suzuki; to David K. Mouser and Shelly Mouser; $100,000.
  • 2803 Warren Ave.; from Bobby E. Kuehne and Kay A. Kuehne; to John A. Kopchak; $92,000.
  • 2824 Ralph St.; from Dawn M. Yeager; to Larry S. Wilson and Helen R. Wilson; $79,500.
  • 2437 Illinois Ave.; from Jennifer Noble and David Noble; to Marquarius C. Hall; $50,000.
  • 3840 B St.; from Jeffrey F. Mirth and Jeff Morth; to Leonard Anderson; $48,500.
  • 2240 Jefferson Ave.; from Dennis Bradley, Jacquelin Bradley, Angela Collins, Joyce Combs; to Debra Ortiz and Mark Knox; $20,000.
  • 2308 Ohare; from Regions Bank, Regions Mortgage; to Ashley Wilson; $67,000.


  • 12539 Silver Lake Road; from Daniel S. Sickage; to Andrew T. Qualls; $90,000.
  • 20 Northwest Manor; from Susan Mainridge, Anthony F. Mainridge, Mark C. Mainridge, Michael J. Mainridge; to Zachary Hewitt; $105,000.
  • 80 Wren Drive; from Bradley G. Baxter and Tammy M. Baxter; to Lawrence Baudino and Nancy Baudino; $170,000.
  • 11759 Highland Road; from James V. McMahon and Patricia A. McMahon; to Jason W. Nash; $112,000.
  • 1351 28th St.; from Jared J. Haselhorst; to Kayleigh N. Emmerick and Dustin A. Clemons; $90,000.
  • 1205 21st St.; from Steven E. Frey; to Jason R. Eeten and Stacy E. Eeten; $119,500.
  • 75A & 75B Crimson Court; from Bonne Terre Construction Inc.; to Rajvinder K. Tut; $255,000.
  • 2637 Villa Park Drive; from Amy Watts and Devin Watts; to Christopher M. Burch; $50,000.
  • 265 Brentmoor Court; from CP SRMOF II Trust; to Jason Hardas and Amy Hardas; to 188,000.
  • 25 Sunfish Drive; from Adam M. Hanebrink and Kelli R. Hanebrink; to Tammy L. Dugan; $162,000.
  • 65 Field Crossing Drive; from Bradford National Bank Greenville; to Jesse W. Overby Jr. and Stephanie R. Sullivan; $105,000.
  • 235 Baneberry Drive; from Jesse W. Overby Jr. and Lynn P. Overby; $224,500.
  • 190 W. Pocahontas Road; from Randy L. Navin and Tiffany Navin; to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; $147,000.


  • 720 E. Oak; from David Royer and Rachel M. Royer; to Joseph L. Bartony; $80,000.


  • 315 S. Duncan St.; from Tyler Eaton; to Dustin R. Clary and Laurin Clary; $135,000.


  • 6818 Hampshire Court; from Travis M. Morgan and Randall E. Morgan; to Martin J. Hiles and Ladonna J. Hiles; $137,000.
  • 9 Ashworth Court; from Stephen R. Pingel; to Kelly N. Williams and Joshua D. Williams; $204,000.
  • 2051 Briarbend Court; from Remington Place LLC; to Osborn Homes Inc.; $32,000.
  • 6 Hickory Drive; from Delbert J. Henderson and Diana M. Henderson; to Caitlin J. Chellios and Kurt W. Unger; $214,000.
  • 6816 Hampshire Court; from Shawntile M. Wolf; to Nancy A. Heitz and Richard F. Heitz; $151,000.
  • 2924 Cambridge Point; from David C. Barzoff and Amy L. Barzoff; to John D. Clagg and Andrea L. Clagg; $295,000.
  • 400 Copper Bend Road; from Donald L. Patton and Shirley D. Patton; to Jill E. Baahlmann; $166,500.
  • 803 Westwood Road; from Melissa Delassus; to William Wydra; $76,000.
  • 6854 Kensington Drive; from Zachary Joiner and Ashlee L. Joiner; to David P. Hutt; $204,000.


  • 501 N. Main St.; from Nathan B. Roberts and Tonya B. Roberts; to Clifton K. Graves and Guylene R. Graves; $90,000.


  • 3404 Highron Drive; from Casey B. Adolph and Catherine R. Adolph; to Aaron A. Roach and Jaime L. Roach; $159,000.


  • 411 Elm St.; from Faith M. Eck; to Rachel Cain; $155,000.
  • 8928 Wendell Creek Drive; from Elite Homes Inc.; to Joseph Vaughn and Janet Vaughn; $385,000.


  • 2 Rosebud Court; from Stephen Marr and Marchia E. Marr; to Errol W. Rottman Jr. and Laura Ann Rottman; $306,500.


  • 53 Arbor Springs; from Thomas J. Daniels and Tricia E. DAniels; to Jacob M. Halde and Candace B. Meyer; $172,000.
  • 7 Stonebrooke; from John E. Baker IV and Tammy G. Baker; to Todd A. Dodson; $225,000.
  • 111 Wayland Ave.; from Michele A. Sheahan and David Sheahan II; to Rebecca Grossmann; $114,000.
  • 94 Sugarmill Road; from Richard Engel and Kathleen Engel; to Anthony Denap and Dawn Denap; $178,000.
  • 425 Briar Creek Road; from Donald P. Osborn and Joseph E. Osborn; to Lindow Contracting Inc.; $43,500.
  • 30 Meadowbrooke Drive; from Gregory L. Quillen; to Patrick Sears and Katie Sears; $232,000.
  • 30 Ellington Drive; Osborn Homes Inc.; to Gerald Cardinal; $295,000.


  • 354 N. Lincoln St.; from Robert N. Parker and Diana S. Parker; to Lori Ann nIkonovich; $99,500.

Monroe County


  • 408 S. Riebeling St.; from Jennifer R. Huebner and Ross A. Huebner; to William A. Lowe; $139,000.
  • 361 Carr Creek Drive; from Melissa D. Lowe and William A. Lowe; to James F. Lunk and Jessica R. Lunk; $257,500.
  • 3505 Rosewood Lane; from Dennis W. Streif and Mary E. Streif; to Benjamin D. Demond and Molly E. Demond; $338,500.
  • 837 Eckert Lane; from Kathleen S. Crews and Ronald J. Crews; to Andrew P. Urke and Michelle R. Urke; $182,000.
  • 113 E. Jefferson St.; from Chris L. Browne and William E. Browne; to Michael M. Sobol; $129,000.
  • 1534 Centerville Road; from Lawrence J. Pope and Sharon M. Pope; to Scott Bieber; $217,500.
  • 459 Terry Drive; from Amy S. Klauck and Ryan D. Klauck; to Darren Hambacker and Kelsey Roseman; $273,000.


  • 101 E. Harrisonville Drive; from Sandra D. Davison; to Allison K. Haller and Adam C. Prange; $148,000.
  • 1036 Mitchie Road; from Connie S. Wittenaure, Dlebert W. Wittenauer, Gerard P Wittenauer, Sandra M. Wittenauer, Bros Wittenauer; to Aaron R. Scheibe and Mary K. Scheibe; $110,000.


  • 1521 Rachael Lane; from Vogt Builders Inc.; to Christopher K. Erickson; $218,000.
  • 3438 State Route 156; from Brittany N. Adams Werts; to Danielle R. Collman and Jonathan D. Collman; $145,000.
  • 945 Creekside Drive; from JLP Homes LLC; to Jessica Williams and Keith Williams; $240,500.
  • 432 Sunset Drive; from Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association; to Mary Free; $116,500.
  • 506 N. Moore St.; from Ann L. Thorburg; to Hayley B. Bode; $139,000.