Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 37 Country Club Acres; from Michael Curtis and Judith Curtis; to Thomas Bates and Kathleen Bates; $172,500.
  • 1 Debby Lane; from Wayland Keith Sizemore; to Anthony King; $126,000.
  • 117 Churchill Drive; frofm Robert R. Riley and Tarayn F. Riley; to Aaron N. Bauer; $102,500.
  • 4202 Woodfield Place; from Craig A. Cheatham and Deborah M. Cheatham; to Heather Jarke and Michael D. Rogers II; $225,000.
  • 1816 W. Main St.; from Rebekah Dyan Nichols; to Yellow Dog Properties LLC and Illinois Limited Liability Co.; $70,000.
  • 205 Elizabeth Drive; from Charlotte M. Hammel and Steven Carl Hammel; to William Lelly; $36,000.
  • 608 Devonshire; from Michele L. Lucero POA Amerlia F. Poff; to Hannah M. Neumeyer; $16,500.
  • 221 Bourdelais Drive; from Jonathan Woodrome and Jamie Corbier; to Clarissa L. Williams; $181,500.
  • 2000 Caseyville Ave.; from William Knobeloch and Susan Knobeloch; to Davis Real Estate LLC; $59,000.
  • 26 S. 20th St. and 15 S. 19th St.; from Apex Home LLC; to Johnathan G. Junge; $95,000.
  • 61 Bedford Drive; from Gladys M. Moore, surviving joint tenant of James B. Moore; to Lisa L. Yates; $75,000.
  • 3339 W. Main St.; from Main Street Redevelopers LLC; to Noel N. Reeves Jr.; $288,000.
  • 1913 N. Charles St.; from Richard E. bonn, Jeffery A. Bonn; to RDS Development Corp.; $29,500.
  • 13 Bourdelais Drive; from Janet G. Van Loo; to Courtney L. Roby and Francelle A. White; $190,000.


  • 2259 Loren St.; from Paul K. Chang and Joanna W. Chang; to Julio C. Garcia; $5,000.
  • 46 St. Ambrose Drive; from Money Train Properties LLC; to American Estates; $43,000.
  • 13 Dora Drive; from Improvement Homes LLC; to A&R Property LLC; $41,500.
  • 722 St. Paul Drive; from James Stalling; to ERic Knaust; $12,500.
  • 2317 Cynthia; from Larry Haley Living Trust and Pauline Haley Living Trust; to Yolanda D. Wiley; $55,000.
  • 14 Helen Court; from Improvement Homes LLC; to American Estates and Trust; $46,000.


  • 124 Forest Oaks Drive; from McBride and Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Steven Michael Goodnick and Patrick Wade Henershot; $270,000.
  • 1011 Caseyville Road; from Vicki J. Ashton; to Nancy Courtaway; $33,000.
  • Winter Drive; from John G. Smith III; to Stephen W. Heinrich and Ingrid J. Heinrich; $70,000.
  • 280 Oliver St.; from E.J.S. Custom Homes Inc.; to Sammy J. Shafer Jr.; $261,500.
  • 908 Thornridge Court; from McBride & Sons Residential Illinois LLC; to Tommy J. Criner and Sabrina M. Criner; $263,000.
  • 124 Tuckington Court; from McBride & Sons Residential Illinois LLC; to Nancy J. Heap; $323,500.
  • 908 Thornridge Court; from McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC; to Mrquitta Thigpen; $313,000.
  • 7829 N. Illinois St.; from Michael R. Murphy; to David Hackler; $137,500.


  • 220 S. 88th St.; from Kyong Suk Kipilla; to Antonio Anthony; $5,500.


  • 6968 Bluffside Road; from Brian Hill and Deborah A. Hill; to Dennis L. Gilbreth and LIsa P. Gilbreth; $375,000.
  • 840 Autumn Rise Lane; from Victor Gilpin; to Thoams N. Curtis and Gretchen E. Curtis; $357,000.
  • 733 Autumn Rise Lane; from Craig A. Schnaak and Bethney L. Schnaak; to Amanda Tinney; $328,000.


  • 308 Lime St.; from Tifani Beshear; to Edward G. Knight; $59,000.
  • 211 Louisa Ave.; from Erica Lynn Donnell-Ragsdale aka ERic Lynn Ragsdale and Kari Donnell-Ragsdale; to Dana A. Wilkerson; $64,000.


  • 2025 4th St.; from May Ann Mikesell aka Mary Ann Koziacke; to Angel J. Whaley; $14,000.


  • 1524 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis; from Kimberly Lincoln Walker; to Lincoln Walker; $12,500.
  • Maryland Avenue; from Lee McNatt and Barbara McNatt; to Temple Consolidated LLC; $5,000.
  • 2001 Lynch Ave.; from Excalibur Realty Co.; to Amerien Illinois Co.; $112,500.


  • 4200 Cookson Road, from Lisa R. Garcia and Vincente Garcia; to Ranulfo Benitez Juarez and Leticia Balderrama Angelito; $85,000.


  • 616 Traubel Drive; from Vitor J. Vaccaro and Dona M. Vaccaro; to Benjamin E. Hanley; $110,000.
  • 104 Chateau Drive; from Brian W. Banks and Gabrielle A. Banks; to Aldo David Flores Castro and Hannah E. Wrigley; $132,000.
  • 9311 Camfield Drive; from McBride Summit Springs LLC; to Elliott R. Green and Bernice M. Green; $206,500.
  • 119 Monticello Place; from Ginger F. Hickey, Deceased; to Robert W. Collins; $25,000.
  • 5 Irma Lane; from Wilfred A. Holzinger and Jean S. Holzinger; to Susan N. Mosby; $50,000.
  • 52 Potomac Drive; from Quality Homes LLC; to Brian P. Bejma Jr.; $90,000.
  • 608 Lenora Drive; from Jonathan Houpt and Jessica Houpt; to Hesrin Mendy; $122,000.
  • 44 Concord Drive; from John R. Schmieding and Susan K. Schmieding; to Tucker Quality Homes; $25,000.


  • 2119 N. Fourth St.; from Kent Nordhaus; to Derek Brandt; $5,000.


  • 11 N. Monroe St.; from Jessia L. Tribout; to John H. Bowers; $125,000.
  • 4056 First St.; from Kimberly S. Clark; to Tyler Rueter; $65,000.
  • 202 E.Temple St.; from Patricia I. Price; to Sandra K. Peterman; $116,000.
  • 4411 Lone Star Road; from Lynn M. Griffith; to Nathan Wolf; $118,000.
  • 3221 Sleeping Indian Drive; from Rosa Developers LLC; to Willard E. Boydte and Vickie L. Boydte; $36,000.


  • 1229 Fired Brick Drive; from SMR LLC; to Jacob E. Frazier and Cynthia M. Frazier; $420,000.


  • 11512 New Athens Darmstadt Road; from Robert Young and Rhonda Young; to Joel Edward Wesseling; $75,000.


  • 618 S. Borders; from Patrick J. Jones Jr.; to Owen P. Brenning and Kymbre L. Brenning; $25,000.
  • 310 N. Park; from Connie A. Hodges, Neil W. Harris, Don A. Harris, Donna F. Wilfong; to Keith Henson and Angela Henson; $10,500.


  • 1150 Illiniwek Drive; from AKS Developments LLC; to Jason Elbe and Mykale Elbe; $90,000.
  • 9600 Winchester St.; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Eugene C. Munier Revocable Trust; $285,000.
  • 1146 Whimbrel Run; from Innovation Construction Services LLC; to MASA Massenburg; $234,000.
  • 182 St. Christopher Court; from JLP Homes LLC; to Dorothy M. Forster; $227,000.


  • 500 W. Adams St.; from Jason Robert Mueller and Jaime Nicol Mueller; to Charles J. Klein III; $135,000.
  • 4103 Upper Saxtown Road; from Christine A. Ruess; to Joel J. Mueth; $30,000.
  • 4111 Upper Saxtown Road; from Christine A. Ruess; to Joseph G. Drennan; $48,000.


  • 906 Belsha St.; from Joan Rickert; to John Merlenbach and Michelle Merlenbach; $66,000.


  • 617 Angela Court; from Bank of O’Fallon; to Amanda S. Ferris; $69,000.
  • 110 White Oak Drive; from Melody Corbin; to Margaret S. Hinkle and James L. Hinkle; $52,500.


  • 114 Pierce Blvd.; from Leroy F. Gruber; to Michael Marques; $110,000.
  • 503 Joy Drive; from Brian Evans; to Mark Clayton; $105,000.
  • 700 Marrifields Drive; from H&L Land Trust LLC; to Andrew Rose and Alisha Rose; $308,500.
  • 212 Whitehall Drive; from Beverly A. Broyles and William E. Broyles; to Jennifer L. Langley and Lance J. Langley; $152,000.
  • 116 E. Jackson St.; from Nancy L. Holly; to Dolan M. McKelvy; $50,000.
  • 1125 Woodgate; from Jeremy M. Davis; to Jennifer Carril; $115,000.
  • 301 Tamarack Lane; from Kim Littlefield; to Casey Properties LLC; $800,000.
  • 925 Briar Meadow Court; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Tyrone Wilkins and Debralle Wilkins; $265,500.
  • 1076 Chapel Hill Drive #16; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC: to Marilyn Arnold; $266,000.
  • 308 S. Hilgard St.; from Gary B. Bidwell; to Dan Morgan; $80,000.
  • 701 Dustin Lane; from Karen Osuchowski and Arline E. Fohne; to Edward K. Collins, Trustee of The Edward K. Collins Trust; $196,500.


  • 1456 Manchester Drive; from Richard Davenport and Mary Ann Davenport; to Timothy Douglas Black; $190,000.


  • 4838 River Rock; from Joseph R. Winchester and Catherine M. Winchester; to Paul Brough, Hollie Brough, Jon J. Brough Sr.; $245,000.
  • 5614 Seasons Ridge; from David L. Jones and Katherine A. Jones; to Ashley Feazel and Lance Feazel; $180,000.
  • 520 N. Lincoln St.; from Landon Branch and Mackenzie Branch; to Robert Tedesco Sr. and Lori Tedesco; $225,000.
  • 5421 Live Oak Drive; from Richard L. McDonald; to Tammy Clark; $337,500.
  • 4800 Lone Rock Lane; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to LF & Son Construction LLC; $53,000.
  • 4826 Ledgestone Drive; from Kyle J. Rensing; to Mark A. Rensing; $215,000.


  • 1804 Kinsella Ave.; from William R. Boden; to Ricky Lee Hug; $140,000.
  • 213 Mimosa Ave.; from Denise Burns; to Richard Ireland; $100,000.
  • 1000 Lyonshall Blvd.; from Antonio Webb and Marletta Webb; to Teirra Lorraine James and Paul Anthony James; $377,000.
  • 21 Fullerton Road; from Alton E. Futrell III and Dawn R. Naemi aka Dawn Futrell; to Trevon Yates; $65,000.


  • 10525 Summerfield St. St. Jacob Road; from Robert Wilcox; to Daniel R. Braymer and Tara L. Braymer; $89,000.


  • 2849 Ranch Trail Road; from Thomas M. Carrco and Janet M. Carrico; to Jerry R. Dell Jr.; $73,000.
  • 4114 Celeste Estates Drive; from Thomas MAx Aud and Barbara Brundage; to Craig Yoch and Sara Yoch; $47,000.

Madison County


  • 549 E. 9th St.; from Juanita E. Scheer; to Vernon G. Shafer and Patricia A. Shafer; $78,000.
  • 407 Brentwood Blvd.; from Matthew Malone; to Daniel J. Erwin; $90,000.
  • 4708 Snow White Terrace; from Daniel Hopkins and Amanda Hopkins; to Debra Meyer; $121,000.
  • 3502 Omega St.; from Denis P. Reed and Shelly A. Reed; to Angela Grundmann; $64,000.


  • 113 Butcher St.; from Nicholas A. Bland and Sarah Bland; to Kristen E. Gust and Elizabeth Cooper; $68,000.


  • 219 Woodridge Court; from US Bank Trust; to Arthur Nash; $124,000.
  • 13 Cherry Hill Drive; from William W. Rowland and Suzanne P. Rowland; to Christopher B. Glynn and Tara M. Glynn; $204,000.
  • 13 Susan Court; from Benjamin P. McNamara; to Doris M. Widdows; $120,000.
  • 421 Johann; from Angela Carol Tomic; to John P. Muci and Carol R. Mucci; $127,500.


  • 215 Neunaber St.; from Dustin A. Ernst; to Jay R. Braodwater; $67,500.


  • 9345 Stieglitz Road; from Cheryl A. Sullivan; to Nathaniel J. Hartley and Andrea L. Hartley; $292,000.


  • 263 Oakley Place; from Charles T. Knippel and Donna M. Knippel; to Gregory J. Bamert; $52,000.
  • 6 Beatrice Court; from Terry A. Lowe; to Justin Falloon and Erin Falloon; $149,000.


  • 3911 Stone Hollow Lane; from Retail Place LLC; to Kevin M. Robbins and Katherine J. Robbins; $85,000.
  • 1319 Eberhart Drive; from Joshua N. Ariana and Stacey M. Ariana; to Randall E. Moore and Jancie M. Moore; $133,500.
  • 920 Ruskin Ave.; from Jason R. Burian; to Adam L. Hall and Amy L. Hall; $127,000.
  • 5091 Old Carpenter Road; from Deutsche Bank National Trust, HSI Asset Securitization Corp Trust; to Mathew W. McCrea and Joanna L. McCrea; $112,000.
  • 222 Woodland Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Arron Dewerff; $80,000.
  • 417 Grandview; from Bank of New York, CWABS Inc.; to Eve Perlman and John Drueke; $125,000.
  • 1318 Gerber Woods Drive; from Steven E. Bauer and Karen S. Bauer; to Michael Garrett and Amy Garrett; $262,000.
  • 1307 Gerber Woods Drive; from Andrew D. Kohler and Carol A. Kohler; to Joshua L. Wedel and Christina L. Wedel; $222,500.
  • 221 Country Club View; from Alfred L. Hemings and Eileen L. Hemings; to Paul A. Hemings; $180,000.
  • 739 Hillsboro; from Tyler E. Enloe and Zhanell N. Enloe; to Andrew Ahlers; $100,000.


  • 39 Glendale Drive; from Thomas E. Ross and Beverly S. Ross; to Aaron M. Levi and Amanda M. Levi; $153,500.
  • 3017 AshRoad; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Thomas Druhe and Emily Wood; $236,000.
  • 105 Meridian Oaks Drive; from Osborn Homes Inc.; to Scott M. Peters and Angela J. Peters; $291,000.
  • 512 Brairstone Drive; from Remington Properties LLC; to Leland C. Roider and Talisha M. Chambliss; $358,000.
  • 3016 Huntsville Drive; from Ganeshbabu Venkatasubramania and Latha Vishnampet Sundaram; to Daniel A. Brynildsen and Erika J. Brynildsen; $195,000.
  • 34 Gaslight Lane; from Dale P. Kesler and Susan J. Kesler; to Tony Moore and Shanna Moore; $213,000.


  • 5225 Elmwood Drive; from Julie A. Berlingeri and Julie A. Davis; to Kristine E. Young; $94,000.
  • 5116 Williams Place; from Country Home Builders of Southern Illinois Inc.; to Jacob T. Fields and Amanda L. Fields; $160,000.


  • 2345 Emert Ave.; from Nathan Verning; to Mark Hale; $115,000.
  • 2216 Bern Ave.; from Justin Gehrs; to James A. Nanna; $100,000.
  • 2533 Reveres Route; from Harvel S. McElroy and Pearl McElroy; to Lisa D. Sharp; $69,000.
  • 2634 Mathew Court; from Adam Spiroff and Katherine Spiroff; to Anthony Turner; $130,000.
  • 4817 Karen Drive; from Jonathan L. Birdsong and Ann M. Birdsong; to Roger Brewer and Sandra Brewer; $212,000.
  • 5417 Evergreen St.; from Timothy Stafford Jr. and Andrea Stafford; to Keelan Muckensturm and AManda Muckensturm; $88,000.
  • 3204 Carlson Ave.; from Dorothy V. Veach and Sandra S. Kirksey; to Kim Gower; $56,000.
  • 444 Old Rock Road; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Diana L. Lynch; $45,000.
  • 764 Chouteau AVe.; from Mark Jung and Tabetha C. Jung; to Jeff L. Jones Jr. and Katie M. Jones; $143,000.
  • 5583 Old Alton Road; from Shannon Mick and Sean Mick; to Robert Hunter Jr.; $169,000.


  • 901 2nd St.; from Phyllis A. Wiedner Estate; to Holthaus Properties LLC; $160,000.
  • 480 Pike Drive; from Steven A. Korte and Deborah K. Korte; to Brandon J. Lee and Sara Lee; $140,500.
  • 1316 13th St.; from Matthew L. Jenkins and Jackie L. Jenkins; to Elizabeth A. Irby; $97,000.
  • 13456 Michael Road; from Willene Fehrmann and Paul Fehrmann; to Angela M. Smith; $98,500.
  • 55 Lincoln Lane; from Dwight D. Rutz Revocable Living Trust; to Ray Guerra and Jeff Gross; $99,000.
  • 38 Cardinal Lane; from Colby D. Schrumpf and Lindsey J. Schrumpf; to Dana L. Bivens Pasley; $150,500.
  • 2450 Becker Road; from Kane M. Freeman and Jennifer R. Freeman; to Richard J. Koerkenmeier Jr. and Kathryn V. Koerkenmeier; $420,000.
  • 20 Liberty Lane; from Darlene M. Coyle and Thomas F. Coyle; to Christopher S. Paskach and Mary A. Paskach; $295,000.
  • 801 Broadway; from Wilken Development Group; to Alec Hebenstreit; $115,000.
  • 2113 Easy St.; from Corey E. Manuszak and Holly A. Manuszak; to Kevin S. Cates and Elizabeth N. Cates; $125,000.
  • 4601 Elim Road; from Douglas Strasser and Jacqueline Strasser; to Jerold Winter; $260,000.
  • 110 N. Elm St.; from Gloria Winning and Melinda Winning; to Joseph Mott; $22,000.


  • 2041 Rhodes St.; from Large Senior Properties LLC; to Timothy Sternau; $22,000.


  • 1943 Wellington Lane; from Raymond L. Cranmer and Donna J. Cranmer; to Raymond Bonell and Tamara Bonnell; $220,000.
  • 2433 Field Point Drive; from John W. Marshall; to Paula A. Ramm and Candice L. Allcorn; $180,000.
  • 6132 Keebler Oaks Drive; from John A. Bukovac and Kathryn Bukovac; to Bernard J. Firnkes and Sally H. Firnkes; $255,500.
  • 36 Wexford Green; from Tony A. Moore and Shanna M. Moore; to Joshua D. Langley and Jenny M. Langley; $132,000.
  • 1924 Crimson Oak; from Osborn Homes INcl; to Michael B. Hoxsey and Jennifer R. Hoxsey; $220,000.
  • 7351 W. Main St.; from Troy D. Stanford and Stacy D. Stanford; to SRT Properties LLC; $32,500.
  • 133 Stoneridge Crossing Drive; from David R. Juyette; to Kelly Suellentrop and Ryan Fischer; $291,000.


  • 7358 N. State Route 159; from Alan F. McCalla and Brenda W. McCalla; to Alex J. Kolakowski and MElissa D. Kolakowski; $210,000.


  • 8476 Heinz Road; from Timothy J. Denney and Lindsey Denney; to David Finessa Rosson; $280,000.


  • 701 Missouri Ave.; from Debbie Stacy, Jacqueline Upton, Gwendolyn King, Leroy T. Hill; to Christopher L. Zeller and Jennifer Zeller; $22,500.
  • 601 Biltmore Blvd.; from Lorelie L. Mahanay and LIsa A. McManus Turner; to Zachary Melcher and Emma Wood; $37,000.


  • 26 Lake Terrace Court; from JOseph S. Wooters and Marylyn Wooters; to Robert Heer and Sonya Heer; $338,000.
  • 5 Meadowbrooke Drive; from Lindow Contracting Inc.; to Sherry L. Anderson and Dan J. Anderson; $250,000.
  • 615 E. Brentmoor Drive; from Edwad A. Minton and Theresa L. Minton; to Ryan Schneider; $185,500.
  • 2011 Formosa Road; from Evansville West Hotel Ventures LLC; to Troy Illinois Hospitality LLC; $401,500.
  • 8800 Wheat Drive; from Shadow Wood Development LLC; to Construction Solutions 4 U Inc.; $65,000.
  • 1244 Chalmers Drive; from Charleston of Troy LLC; to Askew Builders LLC; $59,000.
  • 419 Eagles Way; from Amanda S. Crews and Brandon Crews; to Adam Kirkover and Lindsay Kirkover; $109,500.
  • 502 Canterbury Drive; from Randall D. Storey and Deyona Storey; to Curtis D. Osborne; $138,000.
  • 104 Elmer St.; from Andres S. Jaime and Sarah A. Jaime; to Susan E. Newby and Brooks Newby; $132,000.
  • 410 Riggin Road; from Jeffrey S. Ramaker and Brenda L. Ramaker; to Andrew T. Moll; $99,000.
  • 8312 Burlington Drive; from Thomas P. Severit and Myra K. Severit; to Amanda S. Crews and Brandon W. Crews; $243,000.
  • 1945 Gliddon Blvd.; from Resource Construction Co. LLC; to Keith A. Brodie and Brenda D.Brodie; $236,500.
  • 347 A Jarvis Court; from Wanda F. Watson; to William K. Bone and Rose M. Bone; $138,500.
  • 2665 Staunton Road; from William K. Bone and Rose M. Bone; to Michael S. Meshey and Jennifer R. Meshey; $247,500.


  • 110 Eaton Ave.; from Robert A. Yungck; to Kyle Stickler; $110,000.
  • 233 8th St.; from Christopher D. Wilson and Meaghan N. Wilson; to David W. Owens II and Krista L. Owens; $150,000.
  • 110 Shawnee Drive; from Schmidt Lantz Development Group LLC; to Matthew Edwards and Angela Edwards; $220,500.


  • 7570 Sherry Creek Road; from Scott B. Reller and Linda S. Reller; to Nicholas R. Patsaros and Sarah E. Patsaros; $325,000.
  • 350 N. Lincoln St.; from FRank Greenwald; to Joshua Stogner; $74,500.
  • 328 James St.; from Joshua L. Wedel and Christian L. Wedel; to Michael H. Green and Esther S. Green; $122,000.

Monroe County


  • 476 Wernings Drive; from Monroe Homes Inc.; to Brfadley Dunnigan and Jenna Dunnigan; $255,000.
  • 271 E. Mulberry St.; from Debbie K. Riebeling and Mark P. Riebeling; to Robin Waddington; $135,000.


  • 6423 Ole Still Drive; from Charles K. Barton and Kathryn M. Barton; to Daniel J. Carten Jr. and Sarah E. Mitchell; $270,000.
  • 4862 Bushy Prairie Road; from Catherine I. Hoffmann and Marvin A. Hoffmann; to Coley L. Hoffmann and Jeffrey A. Hoffmann; $140,000.
  • 525 Mary Drive; from James C. Bradley Sr. and Mary F. Bradley; to Polly B. Muehlberg; $162,000.