Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 301 N. High St.; from Bobby D. McDonald; to Main Street Redevelopers LLC; $18,500.
  • 2041 Celebration Park Circle; from Michael E. Treece and Jessica Honness; to Angela Wieland; $85,000.
  • 1314 Rose Del Drive; from Barbara A. Edwards; to Westin Walker; $10,000.
  • 602 S. 11th St.; from Amie J. Worley; to Amber L. Blake; $65,000.
  • 1311 Lou Ann Drive; from Melissa K. Gentillello; to Kenneth S. Hampton; $50,000.
  • 1521 N. Charles St.; from Jacob Kopriva; to Jeffery Conroy; $107,000.
  • 3445 Langford Lane; from Sandra Longust, President; to Jonathan L. Birdsong and Ann M. Birdsong; $257,000.
  • 2625 Lebanon Ave.; from David Jenner and Elizabeth Jenner; to Killin Bertke; $146,000.
  • 35 Winchester Drive; from Estates of Inez Bratton; to Lester W. Schweppe; $76,000.
  • 4 Carson Drive; from Martha Stankus Lewis; to Abigail Kerkhoff; $78,000.
  • 119, 128 Fox Creek Road; from Mtthew W. Crook and Jennifer L. Crook; to Bobby J. Cole Sr.; $185,000.
  • 7616 W. Main St.; from Karelaine Apartments LTD; to Erica Szewczyk; $30,000.
  • 101 Green Oaks; from Clayton Forsyth Realty LLC; to Ronald V. Buss and Mary H. Buss; $20,000.
  • 4107 W. Main St.; from HSBC Bank USA; to John Demos; $15,000.
  • 1727 Laurette Lane; from Sara E. Thomas-Dietrich; to Timothy Worley and Amie Worley; $114,000.


  • 39 Helen St.; from Crinvestments LLC; to Improvement Homes LLC; $43,500.
  • 39 Helen Court; from Improvement Homes LLC; to DeyZi LLC; $47,000.
  • 531 St. James Drive; from Interactive Homes LLC; to FOCWL LLC; $52,500.


  • 447 S. 4th St.; from William T. Warhoover and Robert S. Warhoover; to Andrea D. Sullivan and Sharon Sullivan; $90,000.
  • 1103 Bethel Mine Road; from Margaret B. Ashmann; to Jerimi M. Savin and Angel M. Savin; $300,000.


  • 317 Clarence St.; from Allan Kelly; to Jeanette Valenzuela; $5,000.
  • 2907 Harvard; from Allan Kelly; to Jeanette Valenzuela; $7,000.


  • 532 McBride Ave.; from Dupo Property LLC; to SD Tavern LLC; $25,000.


  • 134 Moneside Drive; from Danielle Adduci; to R.E. Solo York Trust; $1,000.
  • 2735 McCasland Ave.; from Danielle Adduci; to R.E. Solo York Trust; $500.


  • 9430 Marbarry Drive; from First Clover Leaf Bank; to McBride Summit Springs LLC; $13,500.
  • 9409 Marbarry Drive; from McBride Summit Springs LLC; to Brandy N. McDowell and Keith A. McDowell; $188,500.
  • 15 Marilyn Circle; from Deborah Sinn; to Heather D. Clarry; $140,000.
  • 14 Hyde Park Road; from John K. Rose; to Betty L. Martz and Ann M. Barnum; $44,000.
  • 30 Potomac Drive; from V Mortgage REO 1, LLC; to BVGM LLC; $20,500.
  • 236 Liberty Road; from Marilyn J. Bennett; to Bridgett Mercer and Michael Pannier; $53,000.
  • 1422 1st Ave.; from Improvement Homes LLC; to Provident Trust Group LLC; $48,500.


  • 609 W. St. Louis St.; from Margaret Godwin Bergmark and John Godwin; to John T. Wright Realty LLC; $90,000.
  • 10966 Upland Terrace Drive; from Dustin Sellers and Lauren Sellers; to Thomas Frierdich II; $105,000.


  • Engelmann Road; from Gene J. Mattern, Carol L. Mattern, Virgil J. Mattern, James Mattern, Thomas Mattern, Gary Mattern, Barbara Klearman, Alvis E. Mattern, Keith J. Mattern, Catherine E. Keilbach aka Kay E. Keilback; to Aaron Lands; $136,000.


  • 505 S. Tyler St.; from Bradley Conrad and Erin Conrad; to Kaityn Hermmer and Kenton Parkman; $130,000.
  • 600 W. Oak; from Roxy R. Collins; to Ryan N. Collins and Melissa A. Collins; $140,000.


  • 222 Shoreline Drive; from Truman Properties LLC; to Christy Budt; $65,000.
  • 103 Countryside Lane; from Sean Turner; to James A. Horn and Jennifer L. Horn; $126,000.
  • 330 Dewitt Court; from David Pazdernik and Nanette Pazdernik; to Stone Financing LLC; $185,000.
  • 1003 W. Madison Drive; from Linda O’Dell and Lawrence O’Dell; to Keith Kehrer; $71,500.
  • 7053 Millbrook Lane; from James W. White and Angela M. White; to Ronald L. Schaffer; $215,000.
  • 523 Glen Oak Drive; from Robert Eisenhardt and Amy Eisenhardt; to Eric Andrew Daugherty; $215,000.
  • 624 Titan Drive; from Jill M. Hibbert and Garth A. Hibbert; to Anthony S. Jones, Jill Jones, Jordan Schwankhaus; $145,000.
  • 718 Highcliff Drive; from Michael D. Anderson and Kathryn L. Anderson; to Todd C. Osborne and Elisabeth C. Osborne; $192,000.


  • 1020 Lincoln St.; from Daniel Thomas Otten; to TOP Ag Cooperative Inc.; $50,000.
  • 1016 Lincoln St.; from Taylor Wagner; to TOP Ag Cooperative Inc.; $165,000.


  • 3514 Ashford Ridge Court; from Julie M. Bream; to Darryl Shawn Dane and Stephanie Faye Dane; $172,500.
  • 3227 Cloverridge Drive; from Michele Wedeking; to Matthew Lossos; $172,500.
  • 33 Christine Drive; from Audrey J. Sudholt; to Petra Investments I LLC; $58,500.


  • 5434 W. Fork Club Road; from West Fork Club Inc.; to David Sheets and Michele Sheets; $70,000.
  • 4680 Heartland Oaks; from William H. Bridden; to Brett M. Winleler and Jennifer Winleler; $350,000.
  • 4180 Knab Road; from Douglas Lopinot; to Innovation Construction SVCS; $34,500.


  • 6863 Tanbark Drive; from Phyllis J. Buehler; to Sally Elizabeth Scannell; $119,500.
  • 613 Leighigh Drive; from Darlene Caviness; to Adam Peters and Anna Peters; $140,000.
  • 3412 Piney Court; from Homes by Design Inc.; to Terrence Kelly and Laneta Kelly; $385,500.

Madison County


  • 413 College St.; from Patrick L. McSperritt and Whitney McSperritt; to Gena Boner, Wayne Stille, Alice Stille; $113,500.


  • 2710 Bloomer Drive; from Goshen Real Estate LLC; to Rachel A. Lomelino; $115,000.
  • 3847 Horn Ave.; from Leon E. Bowen Jr. and Linda D. Bowen; to Kelly E. Smith; $53,000.
  • 905 McKinley Blvd.; from Greg A. Vanwyk and Jennifer J. Vanwyk; to Cheryl D. Coyle; $108,500.
  • 1221 Central Ave.; from Improvement Homes LLC; to American Estate Trust and Sandra Swanson Schmitz; $64,500.
  • 820 Albe St.; from Paul Schwendeman and Nancy Schwendeman; to Jason E. Brooks and Robert A. Cook; $76,000.
  • 531 E. 7th St.; from Aaron Agne; to Andrew J. Pfleger and Lacy L. Pfleger; $22,500.
  • 2420 LaSalle; from S A McNeill; to Robert J. Baker Jr.; $55,000.


  • 133 Gabrielle Circle; from Jay R. Johnson; to CA Jones Inc.; $200,000.
  • 4438 Chrisland Lane; from Gary D. Wells and Cathie Wells; to Marko Sajich and Julie A. Sajich; $294,000.


  • 1993 Mapleleaf; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Jarrid Carlyle and Jessica Carlyle; $160,000.
  • 34 Rickhaven Drive; from Ricahrd E. Brinson and Betty N. Brinson; to Joseph J Kolo and Laurie Kolo; $100,000.
  • 2103 Golfview Drive; from Larry Rea and Ronda Rea; to Gregory Perkins and Susan Perkins; $172,500.
  • 6932 Loyet Road; from Justin D. Deluca and Jennifer K. Deluca; to Cahd E. Hepner and Michelle J. Hepner; $420,000.
  • 6 Huntington Court; from Mary J. Charney; to Larry A. Rea and Ronda A. Rea; $168,500.
  • 5744 Sugar Loaf Road; from Susan Perkins and Gregory Perkins; to Gary Box; $250,000.
  • 7 Oak Leaf Circle; from David D. Nichols and Kristi L. Nichols; to Maria T. Blake and Roger Jones; $240,000.
  • 1966 Banyan Tree; from Michael J. Mowe and Beverly R. Mowe; to Jessica Honness; $187,000.
  • 1807 N. Keebler Ave.; from Christoperh Duff and Rebecca Duff; to Jonathan L. Flores; $121,000.


  • 7254 Renken Road; from Robert Knight and Casey Knight; to Kathryn A. Blumberg and Tyler Admire; $115,000.


  • 400 Washington Ave.; from Joe M. Aldridge, Kim M. Aldridge, Ramona Aldridge; to Jennifer Vonbergen; $70,000.
  • 302 Goulding St.; from Kenneth C. Mothershed and Katie Mothershed; to Victoria E. Mclain; $48,500.
  • 405 W. McCasland Ave.; from Karen S. Hecker and Donna J. Meyer; to Donald J. Lowery; $14,000.


  • 1423 Grand Ave.; from Michelle D. Stremmel; to Lisa M. Mersinger and Richard J. Mersinger; $126,500.
  • 10 Jennifer Lane; from Cindy L. Dutton and Joshua Dutton; to Rick Kuykendall and Lori Kuykendall; $330,000.
  • 300 Alexander Drive; from Dennis R. Hessel and Virginia S. Hessel; to Aaron Barr and Sandra Barr; $264,000.
  • 2810 Cabin Creek Court; from Lina Ma and Chen Rui; to Tariq Rizvi and Uzma T. Rizvi; $226,000.
  • 318 W. Park St.; from Michael Wartick and Alisa Wartick; to Jennifer Kelly; $158,000.
  • 5953 Quercus Grove Road; from Terri Dunn Snowden Revocable Trust; to Thomas E. Beavers and Susan K. Beavers; $53,000.
  • 441 Tamarach Drive; from Joshua A. Richie and Rebecca A. Richie; to Michelle Cummins; $150,000.
  • 5100 Kay Drive; from Greek MHP LLC; to Quail Run MHP LLC; $400,000.
  • 7824 Sun Ridge Court; from Sun Ridge Development Inc.; to Jelani T. Jackson and Angela M. Jackson; $51,500.
  • 429 Hanser St.; from Christine Velloff, James Velloff, Diana Adams, Mark Adams, Adams Velloff Properties; to Jarrell S. Keen and Suellen E. Keen; $171,500.
  • 603 Home Ave.; from James M. Groesch; to Jill L. Cummings; $120,000.
  • 3851 Plymouth Drive; from Fulford Homes LLC; to Walter D. Williams and Christine L. Williams; $300,500.
  • 6 Stonehill Court; from Eric Carlson and Tammy L. Carlson; to Thomas G. Seiffert and Lorraine A. Rosenthal; $418,500.


  • 24 Glen Ridge Drive; from Kevin Siatkowski and Rachel Siatkowski; to Gregory N. Larson and Catherine R. Larson; $180,000.
  • 22 Jennifer; from Leeann Horan and Brian Horan; to Christopher D. Sobrino and Amy J. Sobrino; $184,000.


  • 1013 Koenig Drive; from Fulford Homes LLC; to John D. Goodwin and Kathy D. Goodwin; $168,000.
  • 2708 Grovelin St.; from Bradley C. Andrews; to Andrew Barbier; $80,000.


  • 2503 State St.; from Michael K. Harris; to Jacqueline M. Harris; $81,500.
  • 3209 Rodger Ave.; from Edward J. Schmitt; to David W. Trokey and Kelly L. Trokey; $78,500.
  • 1759 Venice; from Jody E. McCracken; to Renee Pieper; $95,000.
  • 3865 Lake St.; from Jaclyn Harper Browning, Jack Frances Harper Special Needs Trust; to Michele Hill and Larry Hill; $53,500.
  • 2648 Benton St.; from Larry Diak and Janice Diak; to Eadie N. Schillinger; $106,000.
  • 2820 Dale Ave.; from Steve M. Reed and Heidi L. Reed; to Nicholas Bladdick; $63,000.


  • 1 Geneva Drive; from Raymond Kahroff and Amy M. Kahroff; to Kimberly M. Taylor; $108,000.
  • 1000 Beech St.; from Christopher M. Smith and Erica L. Smith; to Tanner C. Search and Kelly J. Search; $131,000.
  • 3103 Lake Ridge Drive; from William F. Wehrle; to Chad Klostermann and Courtney Hochuli; $235,000.
  • 110 Falcon Drive East; from Chad Klosteramann and Courtney Hochuli; to Jason D. Maue and Ashley D. Maue; $186,500.
  • 345 Sunflower Drive; from Leonard J. Gall and Lucinda Gall; to Paul M. Bickline and Audra L. Bickline; $180,000.
  • 7 Sunshine Lane; from Roy W. Hormann III and Paula Hormann; to Mary L. Williams; $148,000.
  • 1518 12th St.; from Selene Finance; to Ashley Weis; $45,000.
  • 55 Independence Drive; from Wellen Homes Inc.; to Christopher Wiegand and Kara Wiegand; $325,000.


  • 281 Livingston Ave.; from Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association; to Matthew J. Wise and Katie N. Bush; $83,000.


  • 1863 Edwardsville Road; from Improv Ement Homes LLC; to American Estate Trust, Raul Croll; $47,500.
  • 213 Booker St.; from Joyua J. Spencer and James W. Spencer Sr.; to Demetrius Buntyn and Kaytra Buntyn; $56,500.


  • 2910 Maryville Road; from George M. Schneider and Mary C. Schneider; to Embrich Properties LLC; $175,000.
  • 1212 Jacquelyn Court; from Jacob Frazier and Cynthia Frazier; to Ethan Donsbach; $132,000.
  • 32 Wexford Green; from Theron L. Hutton and Sarah E. Hutton; to Robert A. Lee Jr.; $121,500.


  • 3435 Pierland Drive; from Rebecca L. Kollack and Mark D. Kollack; to Gary A. Sharp and Carol J. Sharp; $167,000.


  • 231 W. Main St.; from James Tech and Dawn Tech; to Kyle Alan Boeser; $180,000.


  • 744 Sundance Trail; from Kristy L. Turbevilla, Kristy L. Wells; to Trista M. McWilliams and Brian J. Borah; $174,000.
  • 112 Reagan Drive; from Construction Solutions 4 U Inc.; to Ryan M. Cunningham and Megan E. Cunningham; $260,000.
  • 120 Reagan Drive; from Devinitive Home Design Inc.; to James Lombardi; $215,000.
  • 13 Zachary Court; from Jeffrey Smith; to Jennifer A. Schultze and James A. Schultze; $350,000.
  • 13 Pinebrooke; from Lee R. Jiles and Tracy R. Jiles; to Dale Walls Jr. and Marley Walls; $180,000.
  • 500 Pike Lane; from Gary Box; to Cheryl Kaye Friedman; $205,000.
  • 425 Parkside Drive; from Daniel Muench and Phyllis Muench; to Brenda C. Whiteley; $38,000.


  • 330 Summit St.; from Ricky L. King; to Tim Davis and Verva Davis; $52,500.
  • 1075 Harrison St.; from William J. Stapleton; to DCMTB Properties LLC; $292,500.
  • 232 S. 9th St.; from Darrell L. Ottwell and Pamela S. Ottwell; to Meachan N. Wilson and Christopher D. Wilson; $280,000.


  • 224 Kansas St.; from Robert Gusewelle; to April Wilson; $121,000.