Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 2914 14th Fairway Drive; from Michael D. Evens and Rhonda L. Evens; to Jason Poulter and Marissa Poulter; $202,500.
  • 3004 Celebration Park Circle; from Jennifer Upton; to Kaitlin Kautz; $92,000.
  • 5 Nob Hill; from Richard Westerheide and Emily Westerheide; to Rebecca Smith; $136,000.
  • 1172 Dawn Drive; from HOB - E Properties LLC; to Barbara E. Smith; $52,000.
  • 420 S. Illinois St.; from David E. Vinlove and Somjia Vinlove; to Salinas Property Management Inc.; $60,000.
  • 2868 Fairway Drive; from Geoffrey N. Norton; to Andrew Wilson and Amanda Wilson; $252,500.
  • 402 Park Ave.; from Thomas A. Jackson; to Seth Ozee and Victoria Wenke; $76,000.
  • 3316 Seven Oines Road; from Trever L. Mosley Sr.; to Brandon Jerel and Elise Lynette Connors; $129,500.
  • 1717 Spruce Hill Drive; from Leslie A. Eckert; to Koji Butterbaugh; $159,000.
  • 1933 A&B N. Church St.; from Clifton Smith; to Derek Smith; $80,000.
  • 316 Weatherstone Drive; from Jeannie Vanderkruik, Trustee; to Timothy McCoy and Melanie McCoy; $130,000.
  • 7506 Sedona Circle; from Cody Milleni Inc.; to Graig Schwartz; $33,000.
  • 2544 Winter Creek; from Phyllis Moore; to Elizabeth M. Bland; $168,000.
  • 640 White St.; from U.S. Bank National Association; to Melinda Virga and Daniel S. Virga; $27,500.
  • 1636 Eleventh Fairway; from Dolan Heard; to Vic Hayes and Francine Hayes; $270,000.
  • 2625 Cedar Grove Drive; from Daniel Beckmeyer and Jessica Beckmeyer; to Michael Gutherie; $175,000.
  • 2659 Piper Hills Drive; from Wayne Martin Tucker Jr. and Teresa Tucker; to Virgil Perkins and Keturah Perkins; $182,500.
  • 6321 Mine Haul Road; from Nancy S. O’Donnell, Marge M. Wolfmeier, Kyle M. Gilbertson; to Timothy O’Donnell and Nancy O’Donnell; $135,000.
  • 7709 Myrtlewood Drive; from John Bondi; to William R. Meredith; $62,000.
  • 220 N. 74th St.; from Matthew Blair and Jessica L. Blair; to Lindsay M. Snow; $134,500.
  • 47606 Baxter Drive; from Lois A. Schmulbach and Linda M. Schmulback; to Lance Eric Peterson; $95,000.
  • 30 Dunn Drive; from Jeffrey S. Mitchell and Sarah K. Mitchell; to Brittany A. Heinen; $134,000.
  • 1001 Brentmoor Drive; from AFG Investment LLC; to Matthew R. Valdez and Victona Peters; $118,000.
  • 22 Signal Park Lane; from Victor Callado and Mercedes Callado; to West End Redevelopment Corporation; $34,000.
  • 2 Woodhaven Court; from Brandon Connors; to Ramona J. Marks; $70,000.
  • 320 Julia Place; from Laurie Ann Frillman and Christian Frillman; to Alex M. Gaboric; $155,000.
  • 1935 Cedarwood Trail; from Craig E. Galloway and Kathleen A. Gallowa; to Eugene A. Morisani and Bambi N. Morisani; $315,000.
  • 5 Elizabeth Drive; from Resi Reo Sub LLC; to D. Taylor Edwards; $32,000.
  • 112 & 200 Wyndrose Estates Drive; from John Dean and Diane Dean; to Brey Cumback and Lindsay Cumback; $25,000.
  • 3405 Roland Ave.; from Caroline Marie Busse; to Kaleigh Keck; $46,000.
  • 1213 N. 17th St.; from Brigit L. Jenson aka Brigit L. Boivin; to Scott Krause and Sheri Krause Trust; $40,000.
  • 535 Bernard Drive; from Citizens Community Bank; to Jamie L. Yon; $8,000.
  • 4005 Memorial Drive; from Taylor Investment Group LLC; to Joseph Arendell; $20,000.
  • 2308 Fairview Circle; from Mickie L. Erb; to Scott Walcott and Katherine Scales; $28,000.


  • 809 Wesley Ave.; from Summit Property Group Inc.; to CAC Investment LLC; $2,000.
  • 828 Elizabeth St.; from The Ruthanna M. Bryant Trust by Angela D. Mali, Trustee; to Michael J. Mance and Nichols J. Mance; $25,000.
  • 1705 Andrew Drive; from Improvement Homes LLC; to Otta Spann and Amber Spann; $13,500.
  • 1303, 1305, 1307, 1400 Richard Drive; Drexel Drive; from Bradford D. Hornbostel; to Duck and Dog LLC; $125,000.
  • 1225 Julie Ave.; from Ronald D. Labbee Jr.; to Scorpion Homes LLC; $15,000.
  • 88 W. Adams Drive;f rom Karen R. Pearrce; to St. Louis Investments LLC; $9,500.
  • 110 Lazarcheff Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Preferred Trust Co. LLC; $32,500.
  • 107 Dorcas Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Preferred Trust Co. LLC; $35,000.
  • 302 St. John Drive; from Eric Knaust; to Preferred Trust Co. LLC; $28,500.
  • 512 St. James Lane; from Mark A. Hausmann and Maria E. Hausmann; to Ketan Patel; $30,000.


  • 419 S. 7th St.; from Pamela S. Ninness; to Brett Edward Newton; $38,000.


  • 618 Florence Ave.; from Floyd L. Dixon; to Trioy Crase; $115,000.
  • 556 McBride Ave.; from Loretta Ann Hopson aka Loretta Ann Hall; to Susan Settle; $27,000.
  • 125 N. 4th St.; from Donald B. Schanuel; to Brian Duck and Hannah Duck; $65,000.


  • 3200 Ohio Ave.; from Alonzo Monigan Sr. aka Alonzo Monigan and Barnara A. Monigan; to Johnny E. Campbell; $25,000.


  • 9972 South Road; from Anthony Kunkel; to Brandon Pratt; $86,500.
  • 37 Weslake Drive; from Shane E. Naue; to Terry Lee Gilmore; $165,000.
  • 100 Richmond Drive; from Leroy Heinrich and Delores Heinrich; to William C. Simmons; $86,000.
  • 112 Monticello Drive; from Charles J. Swarts and Ashley A. Swarts; to Gary Grzywacz and Paula Grzywacz; $56,500.
  • 216 Lawrence Court; from Donald Krause; to John S. Zimmermann and Patricia M. Zimmermann; $153,000.
  • 919 Columbia Ave.; from Ellen M. Miller aka Ellen M. Huson; to Dennis Wagner and Susan Wagner; $185,000.
  • 9770 Ridge Heights Road; from Ohio Investments LLC; to Carol K. Smiley; $30,500.
  • 229 Americana Circle; from Mehendra Patel and Niru Patel; to Ramakrishna Yedla; $140,000.
  • 11 Brown Drive; from Shane Huckabbe and Debra Huckabbe; to Nicoles R. Alvarez and Megan N. Nebgen; $102,500.


  • Silver Creek Road; from James D. Moye and Kari A. Moye; to Timothy W. Hagrty and Laura A. Hagrty; $62,000.


  • 10962 Kentfield Drive; from Timothy Wilhelm; to Jessica Wagner and David Wagner; $103,000.


  • 729 E. Spring St.; from Dave Pfeifer; to Dustin G. Weekley; $79,000.


  • 4936 State Route 4; from Daniel Bishop and Kallie Bishop; to David J. Dicenso and Jacquelyn C. Dicenso; $274,000.
  • 1128 & 1132 Lear Lane; from Straqr Properties LLC by Strategic Advisors LLC; to New Tradition Homes LLC; $56,000.
  • 321 S. 5th St.; from Norbert Matthew Friederich; to Scott Battas; $142,500.
  • Illinois Route 161; from Barbara Ann Edwards; to Brant Kehrer; $552,000.


  • 6837 Franken Strasse Drive; from John Daab and Kathy Daab; to JLP Homes LLC; $33,500.
  • 349 Shad Lane; from Jeffrey Hayden; to Beller LLC; $70,000.
  • 3311 Diamond View Court; from Gattet E. Johnson and Herschel E. Johnson R.E. & Development; to Alexandria Elbe and Paul D. Tschudin; $209,500.


  • 5 S. Clinton St.; from Gene P. Tepe; to Wilmer J. Seibert; $139,000.


  • 110 E. Madison; from Truman Properties LLC, Dave Witter, Managine Member; to Dick D. Cox; $81,500.
  • 714 Winfield Drive; from Jason Dunn and Samantha Dunn; to Mark Casey and Amber Casey; $208,000.
  • 316 W. Madison St.; from Scott Manning and Robert Wiegmann III; to Cody Palermo and Erica L. Palermo; $130,000.
  • 1142 Hearthstone Drive; from Patrick Dunnells and Cherly Dunnells; to Alexander Lovshin and Leslie Lovshin; $445,000.
  • 803 Black Hills Drive; from Mary L. Ostertag; to Deborah L. Hall and Kevin J. Leball; $18,000.
  • 258 Mary Lu Drive; from Randall E. McCormick and Sonia F. McCormick; to Ranae Call; $262,000.
  • 403 E. Third St.; from Alexandria Elbe and Paul D. Tschudin; to Barbara Jean Elbe; $110,000.
  • 725 Carol Ann Drive; from Adera Brooks; to Cartus Corporation; $208,000.
  • 725 Carol Ann Drive; from Cartus Corporation; to JoVAn P. Fisher; $208,000.
  • 206 Willow Drive; from Lucille A. Kaiser aka Lucille A. Schmidt; to Sheila Roberts and Donald Phipps; $75,000.
  • 904 Briar Meadow Court; from Kristen Ruppert-Leach and James Leach; to Denise C. Burns; $235,500.
  • 305 Weber Road; from Teresa K. Hillingworth; to David M. Schlicher; $152,000.
  • 1425 Victoria Court; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to Jacob Edwards; $298,500.
  • 624 Longfellow Drive; from Justin D. Rains and Jennifer N. Rains; to Richard Gibson and Susanne Gibson; $325,000.


  • 505 Raven Grove; from Shanna Brown and Bobby Brown; to Daniel Bishop and Kallie Bishop; $285,000.
  • 2286 Birmingham Drive; from William Trogdon; to Michael B. Runge; $238,500.
  • 44 Acorn Lake Dive; from Richard A. White and Janet A. White; to Kim Turner; $164,500.
  • 135 Bobbie Drive; from Jennifer M. Stroot; to Stephen Wells and Mary A. Wells; $38,000.


  • 10 N. St. John Drive; from John W. Hefferman Jr. and Amber K. Hefferman; to Theresa R. Scully, Trustee; $157,000.
  • 536 Stonefield Drive; from Mary L. Abernathy; to Joshua P. Clodfelter and Amanda Clodfelter; $165,000.
  • 4800 Lone Rock Lane; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to Mary M. Oloughlin; $349,000.
  • 4812 Lone Rock Lane; from Byron J. Hendrix and Eleanora E. Hendrix; to Jesse D. Fulkerson and Kim D. Fulkerson; $255,000.


  • 1461 Etal Owl Creek Lane; from Dennis Prindable and Laura Prindable; to Davis Real Estates LLC; $640,000.
  • 605 Deerfield Drive; from Dennis J. Grainger and Carol S. Grainger; to Ross Q. Glueck and Amanda R. Glueck; $182,000.
  • 4100 Woodland Park Drive; from Delaine L. Teery and Jason L. Teery; to Randy J. Truttman and Cindy J. Truttman; $258,000.
  • 2 Schulte Drive; from Audra M. Halla nd Audra Hall; to Tyler Smith and Samantha Smith; $95,000.
  • 6 Fawn Meadows; from James A. Tipton and Kay E. Tipton; to Agustin C. Martinez and Kimberly S. Martinez; $206,000.


  • 11726 Old Highway 50; from Michael J. Hatten; to Douglas W. Wood; $71,500.

Madison County


  • 5562 Seminary Road; from Phyllis Johnessee and Richard W. Johnessee; to Gary A. Liley and Sue A. Liley; $285,000.


  • 2 Huntington Court; from FCB Collinsville Bank; to Mary L. Fedder, Mary L. Fedder Trust; $204,500.
  • 817 N. Center St.; from Lois R. Viliocco and Louis A. Villioco; to Linda Robertson; $91,000.316 Garesche St.; from 1st Tennessee Bank; to Steven Odom; $70,000.
  • 151 Pine Hollow Lane; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; to Brett M. Erlinger and Shauna M. Gardner; $132,000.
  • 808 Maple St.; from Jose Huerta; to Katelyn M. Cross; $82,000.
  • 104 Westbrook Court; from Health Sourcer LLC; to Sean Gregory; $90,500.
  • 1500 Valley Forge Drive; from Diane L. Childers and Robert E. Childers; to Victoria June Simmons; $116,500.
  • 609 Arrowhead Drive; from Six Elw Inc.; to Ricky L. Poindexter and Jenna M. Poindexter; $114,500.
  • 402 Westwood St.; from Vicki L. Hurst; to Kelsey Weissman; $125,000.


  • 4 Warlick Park Lane; from Musec Homes Inc.; to Majid Molki and Afach Molki; $520,000.5168 Springfield Drive; from Gary D. Schulze; to Diondra N. Horner; $235,000.
  • 7012 Goshen Road; from Christina F. Beard Trust; to Ryan R. Watson; $890,000.
  • 3421 Manassas Drive; from Jeffrey T. Bash and Erica Bash; to Kevin Ruzicka and Laura Ruzicka; $375,000.
  • 3709 N. Arbor Lake Drive; from Carrington Homes Inc.; to Gregory M. Doyle and Dana L. Doyle; $562,000.
  • 1810 Meadow Lane; from Douglas A. Carney; to Terry W. Draper and Deanna W. Draper; $166,000.
  • 3841 Ember Court; from Remington Properties LLC; to Janna Sidwell and Benjamin Sidwell; $375,000.
  • 13 Nickel Plate Drive; from Infinity Land Group LLC; to Elite Development LLC; $70,000.
  • 36 Nickel Plate Drive; from Infinity Land Group LLC; to Spencer Homes LLC; $70,000.


  • 7571 Lake Heights; Larry D. Gueldener and Kay L. Gueldener; to Susan Cloninger; $127,000.


  • 360 Bowers Road; from Dan Porter and Shelly Porter; to Jason W. Henderson and Jennifer R. Henderson; $270,000.
  • 514 Wren Hill Drive; from Mod Co Inc.; to Alfred L. Evans Jr.; $16,000.
  • 8962 E. Mill Creek Drive; from Laura L. Wise; to Daniel T. Porter and Shelly L. Porter; $152,500.


  • 1513 Rock Hill Road; from Comfort Homes Inc.; to GR Properties LLC; $60,000.