Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 32 Aaron Drive; from U.S. Bank NA; to John E. Weidemann and Mist A. Weidemann; $41,000.
  • Schmidt Lane; from Deanne Bauer; to Gary T. Hogopian and Allison L. Lauf; $105,000.
  • 116 Rivermeade Lane; from Tina Kearney; to Marva Crawford; $143,000.
  • 802 N. Church St.; from Matthew G. Kountz and Amy Kountz; to Paul and Jeanne Rentals LLC; $52,000.
  • 420 S. Church St.; from Main Street Redevelopers LLC; to Brian Burton; $273,000.
  • 2904 18th Fairway; from Robert E. Hill and Kathleen A. Hill; to Kelvin White and Shana White; $500,000.
  • 1146 Lilac Drive; from Zakary Cook-Isaacson; to J2 Real Estate Holdings LLC; $29,000.
  • 444 Tailfeather Drive; from Zahmill Manuel; to Denise Hunter; $159,000.
  • 616 Bristow St.; from Randy Bertelsman and Tara Bertelsman; to Christopher Hoolihan; $3,000.
  • 507 Sherman St.; from Michael E. Robinson and Nancy G. Robinson; to Artistry on CAkes LLC; $85,000.
  • 2864 Fairway Drive; from Dennis M. Elbe an dDonna K. Elbe; to Allison Brown; $255,000.
  • 6 Notre Dame Hills; from David L. Paul; to Danny A. Parker Jr.; $128,000.
  • 227 Hazal Ave.; from John A. Young; to Nicholas Toth; $83,500.
  • 106 Blue Ridge Drive; from Jashua Hardt and Renae Hardt; to Elgin C. Bailey; $126,000.
  • 28 S. 78th St.; from Stephen R. Santner and Karen Santner; to Rachel Flake; $90,000.
  • 104 Eiler Road; from Christopher Billingsley, Ebony Johnson aka Ebony Billingsley; to Jessica A. Anderson; $103,000.
  • 100 Sandra Drive; from Clifton F. Burch and Rhonda Burch; to Michael A Turner and Ann J. Turner; $117,500.
  • 10 Dorchesterer Drive; from Paul E. Schweiss; to Dennis S. Rickert and Sharon A. Rickert; $128,000.
  • 32 Oak Knoll; from Sky Blue Development Inc.; to Alesia Harris; $155,500.
  • 7305 W. Main St.; from Kelly Arnold; to Ronald Weaver Jr.; $85,000.
  • 640 Devonshire Drive; from Illinois Corporation; to Abby M. Fischer; $51,000.
  • 101 Friendly Drive; from Alliance One Solutions LLC; to Victor Barnhill and Debba Barnhill; $59,000.
  • 221 Brian Drive; from Mark Nicholson and Barbara Nicholson; to Robert Faith and Stacey Faith; $145,000.
  • 4108 Shirley Drive; from Alejandro Martinez; to Vincente Martinez and Alicia Maldonado; $79,000.


  • 1924 Florance St.; from Nancy B. Myer and Nancy S. Silas; to Arnold J. Silas; $2,500.
  • 1414 Dorris Ave.; from Associated Bank NA; to Zenobia Y. Briggs; $23,000.


  • 300 E. James St.; from Jamie R. Kirby; to Robert Hayes; $102,500.
  • 2750 N. 89th St.; from Linda S. Basnett; to Amanda Nemec; $54,000.


  • Columbia Quarry Road, from Joseph A. Bannas; to Greg Cueto and Chasity Cueto; $105,000.


  • 1237 Columbia Road; from Cori R. Scott and Cory D. Scott; to Jamie L. Vaughan; $130,000.


  • 1827 Lawrence Ave.; from Marquis D. Wren; to Ella M. Hastings; $65,000.


  • 28 Debra Drive; from Helen Walder; to Carol Tucker and Freddie Tucker; $60,000.
  • 340 Frey Lane; from Heirs at Law and/or Legatees of Bernard S. Vahlkamp, Deceased; to James R. Lynch, Bryan R. Burrow, Karin J. Burrow; $65,000.
  • 9341 Marbarry Drive; from McBride Summit Springs LLC; to Daniel Polahar Jr. and Barbara A. Polahar; $205,000.
  • 898 Wilshire Drive; from Patricia W. Miller; to Anthony Stephany and Crystal Stephany; $66,000.
  • 22 Monticello Place; from Michael Lee Hornacek and Michele Sue Hornacek; to Christopher R. Swagler; $100,000.
  • Edding Lane; from Donald R. Brewer; to Cerebral Palsy of Southwestern Illinois; $44,500.
  • Edding Lane; from Donald R. Brewer; to David M. Hamsik; $7,500.
  • Edding Lane; from Donald R. Brewer; to Cerebral Palsy of Southwestern Illinois; $44,500.
  • Edding Lane; from Donald R. Brewer; to David M. Hamsik; $7,500.
  • 7034 Conner Pointe Drive; from Treva D. Smith; to Kyle Gatewood; $142,000.


  • 164 Sunrise Drive; from Douglas N. Kassing and Dina A. Kassing; to Ronald J. Dill and Judith A. Dill; $240,000.
  • 934 Bay Point Drive; from Kenneth G. Biekert and Debra A. Biekert; to Michael Bahan and Andrea Bahan; $310,000.


  • 202 S. Cherry St.; from Kaitlyn Nicole Hursey; to Kristin Stauder and Sean Reime; $92,000.


  • 322 Sunrise Drive; from Robert O’Rear and Shirley Blaine; to Donna F. Sprange; $145,000.


  • 910 W. Poplar St.; from Richard P. McDonnell and Elizabeth M. Mcdonnell; to Loretta F. Jones and Dennis L. Jones; $138,000.
  • 220 W. Main St.; from Myron Renth and Sandra J. Frerking; to Main 220 LLC; $255,000.


  • 603 W. Oak St.; from Roland Karcher Jr.; to Kevin A. Hoemer and Mary Morton; $75,000.
  • 17 E. Harrison St.; from Bradley Quirin; to Lauren Weilbacher and Jacob Fowler; $99,000.


  • 7326 Calamus Lake School Road; from Janet Voegtle; to Huber Farms Inc.; $262,000.
  • 208 S. East St.; from Marsha Harriss; to Jerry Harriman; $80,000.


  • 720 Marrifields Drive; from H&L Builders LLC; to Michael Henrichs and Lori Henrichs; $311,500.
  • 931 Bridgeway Drive; from H&L Builders LLC; to Michah Michael and Stephanie Michael; $218,500.
  • 1030 Thornbury Place; from Martin Ercoline and Abigail Ercoline; to Robert Hughs and Jennifer Hughs; $265,000.
  • 933 Jenna Lee Lane; from Shane D. Flaar and Nicole Flaar; to Mark R. Haeffner and Romula R. Haeffner; $155,000.
  • 1192 Hearthstone Drive; from SMR LLC; to Thomas M. Jacobson and Peggy A. Sebastian; $649,500.107 Ruth Drive; from Chamberland Family Trust; to Chad Townsley and Brittany Townsley; $110,000.
  • 1431 Gambier Terrace Court; from Walter Baron and Barbara Baron; to Jonathan Wiltsie and Donna Wiltsie; $186,000.
  • 107 Countryside Lane; from Patricia H. Sheehan; to Kevin J. Rickmann and Connie A. Rickmann; $130,000.
  • 611 S. Vine St.; from McGess LLC; to FYP Property Management LLC; $90,000.
  • 312 Nancy Drive; from Mary Jane Raymond; to Thomas J. Zakszewski; $186,000.
  • 932 Victoria Lane; from William S. Latimer, Mariana Latimer aka Mariana Cronin; to Kimmel Family Revocable Trust; $215,500.
  • 707 Parkview Drive; from Charles P. Stepleton; to Andrea M. Gratz; $87,000.
  • 1503 Princeton Drive; from Linwood Blount and Sandra Blount; to Scott Stevenson and Sherrie Stevenson; $138,000.
  • 704 N. Smiley St.; from Casey Douglass and Sarah Douglass; to Amber Meluso and Anthony Meluso; $151,500.
  • 105 W. Brittany Lane; Michael Dulaney and Jamie Dulaney; to Kendrick Bell and Chaney Bell; $265,000.


  • 3408 Dakota Drive; from Homes by Design Inc.; to Jason L. Holzum and Karen R. Holzum; $279,500.
  • 2638 London Lane; from TTW LLC; to Elizabeth Frost; $269,000.
  • 909 Calista Ridge; from Donald Ray and Regina E. Ray; to Alan Schilling and Nicole Schilling; $255,000.
  • 2834 London Lane; from Ryan Williams and Hailey Marie Wiggs; to Kenneth V. Overmil and Patricia A. Overmil; $185,000.
  • 327 Berwick Crossing; from TTW LLC; to Evelyn Hernandez to Michael Hernandez; $249,000.
  • 517 E. Waters Edge Drive; from Bulent Dincer and Tulay Dincer; to Madison Garrett and Andrea Garrett; $599,000.
  • 26 Archview Drive; from Gabriel Black and Kelly Black; to Jashua S. McDowell and Brook C. McDowell; $155,000.
  • 1600 St. Andrews Drive; from Thomas O.P. Sweeney and Jennifer M. Sweeney; to Kevin E. Sullivan; $192,000.


  • 4825 Brockledge Trail; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to Sean P. Hill and Angela Hill; $261,000.
  • 5588 Cornerstone Court; from Steven Hug; to Daniel Schobert and Amanda Schobert; $233,000.


  • 1522 William Lane; from Annette Williams; to Levicy Crawford; $303,000.
  • 2888 Keswick Court; from Phillip Johnson and Deborah Johnson; to Christian Hettenhausen; $218,000.
  • 4108 Bassen Drive; from Preeston L. Drane and Stephania Y. Drane; to Chrisopher Billingsley and Ebony Billingsley; $210,000.
  • 3882 Michael John Drive; from Eric Fryman and Jamie L. Fryman; to Cory D. Scott and Cori R. Scott; $224,000.

Madison County


  • 2712 Bostwick St.; from Jason R. Krankel and Jason M. Krankel; to Alyssa Smith; $63,598.
  • 322 Langdon St.; from Stephen L. Hawkins, Steve Hawkins, Alicia Hawkins; to Hugh T. Halter and Cheryl D. Halter; $228,000.


  • 956 W. Corbin St.; from Patrick J. Lyons and Ellen S. Lyons; to Andrew S., Meyer and Maureen E. Meyer; $155,000.


  • 2111 Appomattox Court; from Bobby W. Masters; to Nathan J. Schumacher and Beth C. Schumacher; $240,750.


  • 1189 Lola St.; from Kristsine E. Null; to Mers/Mtg. Electronic Registration Sy Broker Solutions INc. & New American Funding; $58,913.
  • 2128 Dawn Place; from Billy Brimm; to Joshua Thomas and Kayla Thomas; $70,400.


  • 6732 Oxford Lane; from Christopher Allen and Kimberly Allen; to Matthew Ryan Call and Emily M. Call; $224,200.


  • 7321 Graythorn Court; from Villas of Windsor Way LLC; to Resource Construction Co. LLC; $80,000.
  • 1416 Martin Drive; from Tony L. Manley and Lisa A. Manley; to First Clover Leaf Bank; $232,448.
  • 100 &102 Thorp St.; from Cynthia Hoppes and Warren A. Spencer; to Bruce E. Bullard, Terri L. Bullard, Samantha J. Bullard, Emily Bullard; $80,000.

Monroe County


  • 901 High Ridge Drive; from John M. Hannon Jr. and Toni K. Hannon; to Michael L. Heep and Chisina M. Mowery; $326,000.
  • 1009 Lexington Drive; from Marlene M. Buillermo and Richard A. Guillermo; to Timothy R. Wittenberg; $179,000.
  • 523 Giffhorn St.; from Rachel R. Baur, Catherine E. Evans, Dorothy L. Hoffman, Carolyn D. Nobbe; to Adam W. Nobbe and April M. Nobbe; $130,000.
  • 6 Grandview Bluff Estates; from Innovation Construction Services LLC; to John R. Ambuehi and Karen A. Ambuehi; $378,500.
  • 124 Country Ridge; from Brent P. Nissen and Elizabeth Nissen; to Alison N. Garleb and Keary J. Laurent; $381,000.


  • 9043 Range Drive & 9103 Range Drive; from Jeffrey W. Buehler and Mary E. Buehler; to David W. Zimmerman and Sarah Zimmerman; $25,000.


  • Trout Camp Road; from Jennifer E. Birk and Matthew R. Birk; to Huebner Landscaping Inc.; $36,000.
  • 441 Mockingbird Lane; from New Tradition Homes LLC; to Joshua R. Frank and Sarah J. Frank; $220,000.
  • 5237 Kaskaskia Road; from Dale L. Walsh and Luanne R. Walsh; to Walsh’s Inn Inc.; $130,000.
  • 711 Pheasant Run; from 62298 LLC; to JLP Homes LLC; $39,500.