Public Records

Real Estate: What’s your neighbor’s home selling for?

St. Clair County


  • 1027 Olive St.; from Bonnie Jo Laurion; to Beverly K. Harvey; $158,000.
  • 244 Harmony Ridge Drive; from Tracy Schellingberg; to Tina R. Sieferman; $155,000.
  • 2008 Reserve Walk Way; from Warren Jackson and Tracy Jackson; to Benjamin Cook and Juliet Cook; $180,000.
  • 934 E. Main St.; from Bouse Properties LLC; to Ronald Morgan; $5,000.
  • 1020 N. Douglas; from Mark A. Tissier and Cathy Tissier; to Justin Ian Heath; $101,000.
  • 312 Garden Blvd.; from Janet K. Kuehn; to Aimee Cernik; $184,500.
  • 683 Landolakes Circle; from McBride Orchard Lakes LLC; to Ralph Forbis; $260,000.
  • 205 Union Ave.; from Daniel Allen and Alaina Allen; to Dahm & Schell Incl; $105,000.
  • 324 S. Douglas Ave.; from Steven R. Head; to Steven Ray Wilkerson; $134,000.
  • 1615 Westhaven Drive; from Steve Young; to Lauryn McCoy and Zachary Smith; $169,000.
  • 1558 Orchard Lakes Circle; from McBride Orchard Lakes LLC; to Michele Wedeking; $219,500.
  • 1600 Mascoutah Ave.; from Gregory Sheldon and Brenda Kay Sheldon; to Kristir Pashia; $94,000.
  • 325 N. 11th St.; from Wayne C. Herling; to Milton Bergman and Rosanne Bergman; $32,500.
  • 1500 Progress Lane; from Sabre Investments LLC; to Elkhorn Properties Inc.; $7,500.
  • 1305 West Boulevard; from Charlotte A. Mabry, Charles J. Franke Jr., Deborah K. Schnur, Mary Beth Porter, Patricia A. Meers; to Justin A. Wood and Amanda K. Wood; $60,000.
  • 1109 West Boulevard; from Jack Walker; to Lori Samson; $110,000.
  • 3560 Lebanon Ave.; from Antoinette L. Trolard; to Brian Longust and Sandra J. Longust; $80,000.
  • 1900 West Boulevard; from Steven D. Short and Susan A. Short; to Ellen Thieleman; $64,000.
  • 25 Highwood Court; from Johnathan T. Loesche and Lisa Loesche; to Ronald Anderson; $144,000.
  • 1912 E. B St.; from Kent Kackstadt and Amber Kackstadt; to Pamela Loftin; $64,500.
  • 2408 Richard Prairie Blvd.; from Secretary of Housing & Urban Development; to GMW Assets LLC; $68,500.
  • 2 Northland Drive; from William Keeley and Patricia Kievlan; to Kia Gunter; $114,000.
  • 1501 & 1503 LaSalle St.; from Bouse Fiudo LLC; to K & G Property Management Inc.; $87,000.
  • 2301 Centerville Ave.; from Lucille Ritson; to Richard L. Ingram and Patricia J. Ingram; $122,000.
  • 305 St. John Drive; from Dennis Reinard and Nancy Reinard; to Audrey Phifer; $108,000.
  • 17 Coral Drive; from Lenon Maguire and Angela Maguire; to Glenn Foran; $107,500.
  • 600 St. John Drive; from Sukhuma Tangtrongmit; to Zachary Schoning; $124,000.
  • 40 Coral Drive; from Lilly Tinker and Wayne May; to Donavan McCrary and Jessica McCrary; $85,000.
  • 2670 Brookmeadow Drive; from Steven Medina and Amanda L. Median; to Tara Kleinhoffer; $165,500.
  • 13 Highwood Place; from Cynthia R. Stason; to Chrystal Weaver and Bryan Weaver; $105,00.
  • 6301 W. Washington St.; from Mabel D. Grogan and Patrick L. Grogan; to Timothy Hasenstab; $68,000.
  • 2149 Llewellyn Road; from Brad Walker; to Scott D. Moore; $215,000.
  • 966 Hidden Cove; from Trevor J. Herderhorst and Tiffany S. Herderhorst; to Raul A. Ferrer and Erika Y. Ferrer; $156,000.
  • 5909 Memory Lane; from Ronald G. Dill and Carol J. Dill; to Seth A. Kreuger and Leah K. Kreuger; $87,500.
  • 6112 Leo Drive; from Mary L. Heiman; to TGG Properties LLC; $20,000.
  • 511 Bernard Drive; from Donita Dobbelare and Ronald Dobbelare; to Victoria L. Presswood; $119,000.
  • 113 Longview Drive; from Andrew J. Mathis; to Justin Harris and Julie Harris; $113,000.
  • 4104 North Belt West; from Willard Johnson and Nicole Morgan; to APNA MAKAAN LLC a Utah Limited Co.; $22,000.
  • 18 N. Cape Court; from Thomas J. Zakszewski; to DAvid Collier and Suzanne Collier; $156,500.
  • 4719 Ruth St.; from Jason Robert Hamilton and Kimberly Hamilton; to Jedidiah H. Church and Carrie V. Church; $93,500.
  • 101 & 103 Chase Park Drive; from Rodney Miles; to Bouse Fiudo LLC; $93,000.
  • 3520 Sheridan Ave.; from James F. Dahm, Mary Dahm, Michael J. Dahm, Ashley D. Dahm; to Anthony Brown; $87,500.


  • 137 St. Thomas Lane; from Joseph E. Vavak; to John R. Williams; $18,000.
  • 2388 & 2386 Carol St.; from Kimberly A. Musskopf; to 1323 West Main Inc.; $47,000.
  • 140 St. Dorothy St.; from Bluestrem Properties LLC; to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $13,500.
  • 111 St. Thomas Lane; from Bluestrem Properties LLC; to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $12,000.
  • 146 St. Thomas Lane; from Bluestrem Properties LLC; to Saint Louis Investments LLC; $11,000.


  • 1116 Hollywod Heights Road; from Shawn D. Massa and Jamie L. Massa; to Kenneth Walton and Michelle Walton; $65,000.
  • 435 S. Fourth St.; from Zachary A. Penny and Jessica N. Penny; to Mallory Smith; $61,000.
  • 39 S. 87th St.; from Southwestsern Illinois Properties LLC; to Vicki S. Doetsch; $71,000.


  • 928 St. Clair Ave.; from Zachary Bilyeu and Kynda Bilyeu; to Mario Veliz and Chasity Veliz; $108,000.


  • 902 & 828 Kaestner Drive; from Southern Illinois Development LLC; to CA Jones Inc.; $41,000.
  • 101 N. 17th St.; from Richard Buesking and Crystal Buesking; to Thomas DeClue and Deborah Ross; $157,000.
  • 521 S. Main St., from Jimmy Hearren and Lenora Hearren; to David Merrell; $86,000.


  • Imbs Station Road; from Lillian M. Jackson; to The Hrman & Carolyn Watts Family Trust; $4,500.


  • 622 St. Louis Ave.; from Jerome A. Coldon; to Christian Activity Center; $11,000.
  • 817 N. 38th St.; from Corey Garrett and Alexander Garrett; to Mohammed Salama; $28,500.
  • 478 N. 25th St.; from Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc.; to Morris Hobson; $1,500.
  • 56 Four Corners Lane; from Estate of Edward A. Komorek Jr.; to Theodore E. Zehner and Crystal M. Zehner; $7,000.


  • 119 Frey Lane; from Charles A.Sizemore; to Jenna Gripp; $90,000.
  • 70 Wilshire Drive; from Primestar Fund TRS LLC; to Daymark Master Trust; $45,000.
  • 38 Stacey Drive; from Excel Land Development Inc.; to Umija Cviko; $90,000.
  • 5213 Loyola Court; from Martimiano H. Ramirez and Luz Arzalia Barrios; to Joe Huerta and Dolores Huerta; $132,000.
  • 200 Newcastle Drive; from Daniel Schweizer and Angelica Schweizer; to Tyrone Barnett and Ruby R. Barnett; $144,000.
  • 8 Keelan Drive; from Patricia M. Schmidt; to Ronald Peterson; $145,00.
  • 9732 Old Lincoln Trail; from Dennis Rickert and Sharon Rickert; to Danielle Thrush and Teresa Cochran; $100,000.
  • 30 Willow Drive; from Patrick H. Durbin andChristine Durbin; to Thomas Kolosieke; $275,000.
  • 638 Ember Crest Drive; from Karen S. Palmer; to Janet Schwierjohn: $195,000.
  • 8112 Wild Horse Creek Drive; from Matthew Nyberg and Brandy Nyberg; to Cynthia Andrews; $220,000.


  • 113 Tall Maple Court; from Leslie D. Norman and Jamie Norman; to Mark E. Johnson and Tammy L. Johnson; $193,000.
  • 407 E. Mill St.; from John P. Burklow; to Allen Pace; $130,000.


  • 612 W. Center St.; from Richard S. Wilken and Mary C. Wilken; to Ian C. Wetmore and Catherine J. Wetmore; $129,000.
  • 400 Hillcrest Drive; from Arlp Reo II LLC; to Paul and Jeanne Rentals LLC; $66,500.
  • 9923 Debentroy St.; from Jon T. Robinson and Cary E. Robinson; to Norman Atchison and Beverly A. Atchison; $154,000.
  • 602 S. Herman St.; from Karla Goodhouse; to Tylea Wilson and Jonathan Wilson; $12,500.


  • Schaller Road; from Herman E. Smith, Brian K. Smith, Donna L. Graves; to Corey D. Sudja, Meggan E. Sudja, Francis W. Sudja; $35,000.


  • 701 N. Main St.; from Gary Thorton Jr.; to George A. Krause JP; $51,000.


  • 205 N. 6th St.; from Kyle J. Mensing and Kandi Jo Mensing; to Kevin Quayle and Wendy Quayle; $185,00.
  • 9595 Mallard Drive; from Innovation Construction Services LLC; to Lachon Cunningham and Dawn Cunningham; $309,000.
  • 10211 Jefferson Road; from Michael A. Amici and Anne M. Amici; to Todd J. Kimmle and Jill M. Kimmle; $229,500.


  • 2810 Zingg Road; from Clark C. Wilhite and Robyn Wilhite; to Brian Triska and Barbara Triske; $275,000.
  • 14 Coach Lite Drive; from Anthony J. Matecki, Michele L. Matecki, Charles A. Green, Mary L. Green; to Daniel L. Lepere and Chalsea N. Sheffield; $157,500.
  • 520 W. Oak St.; from Darell E. Chamberlain Jr.; to Neil Pettijohn and Jessica Pettijohn; $80,000.


  • 200 N. Benton; from Karen Laumbattus; to Matthew M. Preusser and Rebecca M. Preusser; $41,500.
  • 200 N. Benton; from The Village Bank; to Matthew M. Preusser and Rebecca M. Preusser; $41,500.


  • 976 Carnegie Knolls Drive; from The Parcs at Arbor Glen LLC; to PBBF LLC; $42,000.
  • 957 Stone Briar Drive; from McBride Stone Briar LLC; to Larry D. Ward and Sylvia Ward; $270,000.
  • 6814 Cabot Court; from Joseph C. Lionbarger and Dawn M. Lionbarger; to Johnnie M. Jones and Herbert D. Jones; $315,000.
  • 1217 Tanglewood Trace; from Alan K. Schorfheide and Marilan Schorfheide; to Christopher Eric Beizer and Andrea Jean Smith; $240,000.
  • 109 Robert Drive; from Christine Auld; to Tammy J. Keller; $173,000.
  • 1133 Hightower Place Drive; from Kenneth C. Holifield; to Jeanine Farnen; $315,000.
  • 1701 Taylor Road; from James Ansley; to Kenneth Kreidell and Jacqueline Kreidell; $245,000.
  • 8536 Armsleigh Place; from Spencer Kent and Jolynn S. Holt; to Eric W. Mills and Beverly J. Mills; $430,000.
  • 1502 Peach Orchard Lane; from Larry D. Ward and Sylvia K. Ward; to Michael R. Hodge; $174,500.
  • 215 Evergreen Drive; from Danny E. Edwards and Jill L. Edwards; to Ryan Holland and Stephanie Holland; $170,000.
  • 617 Somerset Lane; from Ian C. Wetmore and Cynthia J. Wetmore; to Douglas Mennerick; $174,500.
  • 758 Granite Drive; from Tamara A. Schultz; to Laura E. Nicol; $135,000.
  • 1588 Turn Creek Court; from Justin M. Wallor and Heather L. Wallor; to Frederick K. Devore and Sandra V. Devore; $268,000.
  • 694 Janeita Court; from LF & Son Construction LLC; to Roger G. Richter and Joyce J. Richter; $230,000.
  • 849 Cheasapeake Junction Lane; from Jess C. Houk and Melissa M. Houk; to Joseph Biberston and Gretta Biberston; $220,500.
  • 1129 Creekside Court; from Joshua J. Imme and Amy M. Imme; to Gerod M. Bonhoff and Catherine A. Bonhoff; $218,500.
  • 617 W. Adams St.; from Christine Briguglio; to Venitrice Long; $112,500.
  • 112 Famous Ave.; from Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob; to Nathaniel D. Voelkel and Jessica M. Dascotte; $114,000.
  • 215 Pierce Blvd.; from Hamilton S. Stewart and Yu Hua Stewart; to Gillian A. Harrel; $177,000.
  • 726 Winfield Drive; from David Q. Swaney and Robin R. Swaney; to Thomas R. Gibson and Lisa M. Thompson-Gibson; $217,000.
  • 1234 Ruppel Lane; from David Pritchett and Cassidy Hote; to Arun Kashyap and Sunanda Kashyap; $340,000.
  • 1009 Ramblewood Drive; from Kevin James and Kathleen Gaudette; to Casey Johnson; $226,500.
  • Stone Bridge Estates; from Stone Bridge Estates Development Company LLC; to McBride Stone Bridge LLC; $157,500.
  • 1206 Southview Drive; from Allan Killingsworth; to Roberto D. Calderon and Miran K. Calderon; $120,000.
  • 120 Pierce Blvd.; from Shane T. Harmon and Jamie L. Harmon; to Larry J. Seipp and Theresa J. Seipp; $132,000.


  • 1129 Lincoln St.; from Matthew Knake and Kristen Knake; to Joshua L. Pryor and Amy L. Pryor; $38,000.
  • 7223 State Route 15; from Shaen Scott and Jessica Scott; to Christopher Morgan and Michelle Morgan; $109,500.
  • 832 Roman St.; from Edith B. Otten and Katherine L. Burke; to Timothy L. Voso and Terrie L. Voso; $68,000.


  • 12 Arlington Court; from Wingo F. Smith II; to Alan D. Killingsworth; $140,000.
  • 4632 Broadwalk; from Kevin Quayle and Wendy Quayle; to Warren A. Jackson; $300,000.
  • 4826 Rockledge Trail; from Smithton Construction Inc.; to Steven G. Meyer and Dana M. Meyer; $40,000.


  • 1262 Pheasant Ridge Court; from Kevin Smith and Tina Smith; to Galen Perry and Miranda Perry; $215,000.
  • 2662 London Lane; from TTW LLC; to Telithia R. Lewis-McClinton; $285,500.
  • 2721 Meridian Lake Drive; from Kevin P. Wade and Beth A. Wade; to Jeremy A. Harrell; $207,500.
  • 63 Indian Ridge; from Brian A. Maszka and Gail J. Maszka; to Kevin E. Kaler and Megan L. Kaler; $242,000.
  • 9 Tribe Court; from Gregory M. Jackson and Stephanie M. Jackson; to Daniel M. Newgent and Lisa N. Welleritter; $212,000.
  • 2595 London Lane; from Kyle Jenkins and Brittany Jenkins; to John Gremminger and Hilary Gremminger; $252,500.


  • 1848 Carrington Way; from Dallas Plastering Compnay; to Cheryl Ann Mathews Revocable Trust; $295,000.
  • 1401 Harliquin Point; from Brad Daubach and Angela Daubach; to Kevin Smith and Tina Smith; $405,000.
  • 2 Manas Drive; from Velma R. Schrader; to Ellen Thieleman; $45,500.
  • 204 St. Sabre Drive; from Wesley A. Taylor and Daisy K. Taylor;f to Philip Magreevy and Kelly Magreevy; $195,000.
  • 4381 Redfield Drive; from Linda Clinton; to jack Muehlfelt and Paula Muehlfelt; $260,000.
  • 9 Fawn Meadows; from Joseph Hooten; to Scott Becker; $170,000.
  • 1717 Baxston Court; from Christopher Junger and Andrea Junger; to Jason S. Chang; $158,000.
  • 2608 Old Caseyville Road; from Lindauer Family Trust; to Marcus Mosley; $34,000.
  • 878 Kendra Ann Drive; from Ryan K. Harres and Krysten N. Harres; to Jerry L. Flowers and Jessica Flowers; $163,000.
  • 5 Village Drive; from Wilhelmina Y. Cromartie; to Alexander W. Hugo; $120,000.
  • 208 Timber Drive; from Robert Kai and Sherri Kai; to Christopher M. Lombardo; $144,500.

Madison County


  • 2705 & 2700 College Ave.; from Vernon Carver; and PSKT Partnership; $500,000.


  • 5 Linden Court; from Richard S. Mann and Donna Mann; to Jason A. McGuiggan and Andrea L. McGuiggan; $207,000.
  • 174 Gabrielle Circle; from CA Jones Inc.; to Darrell L. Ottwell and Pamela S. Ottwell; $199,000.


  • 106 Julia; from Kinda K. Dee, William P. Hylsky, Thomas N. Kylsky, Kenneth J. Hylsky, Helen L. Hylsky; to Brandon Beckemeyer; $106,000.
  • 5504 Old Camp Graham Road; from Cheryl A. Hustedde; to Ben William Jarrett III; $17,500.
  • 207 Yorktown Drive; from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc.; to Matthew Bakay and Arica Bakay; $109,000.
  • 328 N. Aurora; from Brandy Lee Richardson; to Benjamin D. Watson; $88,000.
  • 2028 Scott J. Kiefner and Sara J. Kiefner; to Derek Lipp; $142,500.
  • 203 Windridge; from Colin Fuhrmann and Taylor Fuhrmann; to Marybeth Modlin; $103,500.
  • 6874 Lebanon Road; from Home Federal Savings Loan Collinsville; to David Miller and Angela Miller; $168,000.
  • 440 S. Chestnut St.; from Jason A. Olds and Ashley Olds; to Lindsey A. Kochanski and Matthew T. Barra; $97,500.


  • 1145 E. Airline Drive; from Fabritech Development LLC; to MWKW LLC; $840,000.
  • 210 Northmoor Place; from James Groesch; to Eric G. Hawaroth and Rebecca A. Jones; $119,000.


  • 7364 Kindlewood Drive; from Carlos M. Delgado and Lisa R. Delgado; to Michael B. Raschen and Sarah D. Raschen; $380,000.
  • 4902 Indian Hills Drive; from Joseph L. Schreiber, Nancy L. Schreiber, Gregory A. Kelly; to Anne R. Jones; $150,000.
  • 334 S. Benton St.; from Kurt Ackerman and Gretchen; to Robert W. Barrett and Lucas Barrett; $92,000.
  • 1110 N. Oxfordshire Lane; from Daniel L. Underwood and Mary J. Underwood; to Panayiotis A. Ellinas and Desdemona Ellinas; $558,000.
  • 719 Hilda St.; from Clayton R. Chitwood; to Adam Hanne; $82,500.
  • 1312 Randle St.; from Jesse L. Elmore and Catherine R. Elmore; to Kyle Gray and Juliet M. Gray; $179,000.
  • 649 Tamarach Drive; from T. Brandon Parsons and Keisah N. Parsons; to Jennifer Grimm; $198,000.
  • 32 Country Club Drive; from Ingrid U. Maussalli Trust; to Jennifer B. Faulkner and Steven Faulkner; $485,000.
  • 2944 Indian Meadows Lane; from John M. Leitschuh and Angela M. Leitschuh; to Ryan Frank and Sara Frank; $290,000.
  • 416 Harvard Drive; from Eric W. Leslie and Amanda L. Leslie; to John E. Pinneo, Teresa J. Pinneo, Paul M. Pinneo; $164,000.
  • 308 E. Lake Drive; from Ross J. Dever and Victoria L. Ahlers; to Matthew R. Goldman and Caitlyn M. Goldman; $185,000.
  • 1557 Lewis Road; from Robert Johnston; to Leopoldo A. Killingbeck and Kimberly J. Killingbeck; $70,000.


  • 14 Bittersweet Drive; from Theodore J. Schott; to Elsie M. Jackson and George Jackson; $5,000.
  • 5 Charles Drive; from Robert J. Schneider Jr. and Joan E. Schneider; to Timothy R. Kanallakan and Kristina Kanallakan; $186,500.
  • 106 Jamie Lynn Drive; from Rory Schneider and Rita C. Schneider; to Scott Szymula and Aimee Szymula; $234,000.
  • 6037 Cherokee Ave.; from Scott Szymula and Aimee Szymula; to Angela McReynolds and Barbara Cook; $137,000.
  • 150 Cedar Lane; from Erika Kohoutek; to Amber Kutz and Patricia Grotefendt; $249,000.
  • 47 Foreman Drive; from Steven T. Schoeber and Amelia A. Schoeber; to Elisabeth R. Holding and Jason B. Holding; $194,000.


  • 2121 Hamilton Drive; from Lisa K. James; to Richard Watkins and Cynthia Watkins; $134,000.
  • 228 W. Emerald Way; from Dvid S. Reeves Sr. and Diana L. Reeves; to Corey Kessler and Bethany Kessler; $217,000.
  • 139 Vincent Court; from Jeffrey E. Tretter and Colleen M. Tretter; to Joshua Wagener; $122,000.
  • 5056 Lakeview Drive; from Wendy McIntosh, Melanie Russell, Bryan K. Harris, Donald N. Harris, Linda K. Harris; to Kristyn N. Taylor; $62,500.
  • 2900 Boston Place; from Randy G. Christy; to Samantha York and Alexander York Jr.; $83,000.


  • 2405 Liberty Drive; from Christopher Garcia and Anne Garcia; to Robert J. Schneider Jr. and Joan Schneider; $246,000.
  • 2133 Tuscany Ridge Court; from Lerch Musec Inc.; to Annis H. Hopkins and Nancy D. Marti; $240,000.
  • 2145 Tuscany Ridge Court; from Hunziker Homes Inc.; to Dustin Shoemaker; $240,000.


  • 20 Lake Drive; from Deanna Walter, Michael Clark, Charlotte J. Hasquin; to Percy J. Wilkinson III; $200,000.


  • 411 Main St.; from Joseph Milliken and Brenda S. Milliken; to Larry Martin and Kristie D. Mueller; $143,000.


  • 8923 Wendell Creek Drive; from Penn Builders LLC; to Donald Baumer and Gina Baumer; $303,500.


  • 1520 Main St.; from Randall K. Settle and Joy L. Settle; to Gregory Roy Adams, Tammy R. Adams, Gregory N. Adams, Tommy Lee Adams; $112,000.


  • 319B Jarvis Court; from Carole McCarty, John McCarty, Emma Mills; to Janice L. Barlow; $167,000.
  • 129 Turtle Creek; from Jamie L. Askew and Craig L. Askew; to Thomas L. Carril and Stephanie A. Carril; $168,000.
  • 1424 Dale Drive; from Rosemary Ledbetter and Daniel N. Ledbetter; to Brett Hill and Brittany N. Averbeck; $250,000.


  • 695 Leslie Ave.; from Patrick Brown; to Dwayne K. Deshotel II and Abigail J. Mizerski; $88,000.
  • 469 Tipton Ave.; from Sara Lister and Ryan Lister; to Lindsey Lister; $75,000.
  • Catherine Franke and George F. Franke; to Daniel J. Emerick; $152,500.

Monroe County


  • 520 Pfeffer Drive; from Barbara Goshen and William Goshen; to Joseph W. Balee and Charity Hickson Balee; $545,000.
  • 338 Kahlua Court; from Andrew D. Walter and Cathlene Krueger; to Monte Krueger III; $283,500.
  • 16 Ritter Road; from Carla S. Edwards; to Matthew Kendall; $175,000.


  • 102 Gardner St.; from Gary W. Grob and Stephen J. Miller; to K & G Property Management Inc.; 76,500.
  • 130 Kurken Drive; from Alois Apenbrinck Deceased, Mary C. Apenbrinck, Michael J. Apenbrinck, Jeanne C. Soctt, Linda M. Simon; to Craig R. Eugea and Rhonda M. Eugea; $235,000.
  • 477 Mary Drive; from Steven O. Menke and Dawn M. Menke; to Ryan M. Reams and Lindsay J. Reams; $164,000.
  • 212 Main St.; from Gregory T. Kipping and Heather M. Kipping; to Vintage Wine Bar Inc.; $113,500.
  • 1506 Jamie Lane; from Silvercreek Crossing LLC; to Vogt Builders Inc.; $29,000.
  • 8479 D Road; from Richard D. Calvert and Gladys Jean Calvert; to Ivan Mercado and Meghan Mercado; $220,000.